Monday, December 03, 2018

Shipping drama lama GO AWAY!!!

Not only is my dress in customs (note I don't live anywhere near Cincinnati) but this beauty of jem pops up in my feed the Post office!  
Is going to be closed on Wed. ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG!

I feel like Charlie Brown I tell you. DHL generally ships to the post office for delivery. I could use a break. GOOOOOOOD Grief!

Friday, November 30, 2018


Remember all the debate and dilemma over what dress I would pick? Well Poof that was a pipe dream even though I ordered the dress almost one month before hand (there days shy of 30) its not ready and from what they are saying it's not going to be here. Y'all I dish out or rather hubby dished out 70 bucks for nothing. Maybe I"ll have an event for new year maybe not. sigh. I give to to you the dress that will never be (unless God hands me a break on this). I'm ready to start the new year hopeful a better year next year. I keep thinking Beauty for Ashes.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Earring tree.

The Earring Tree was the name of the mall shop where my young ears were pierced and thus was my most significant outward stepp into womanhood. I'm not a huge earring wearer however I've never been re pierced so that says something.

Back to "The Party Dress Post"  if you have a party dress the earrings must be perfect. I have found a few contenders however not made my final selection. Where is a good Paparazzi rep when you need her? photo crews to Amazon for making my earring journey so... silly.

From the Queens Royal Jems I give you the classic dangles.

Again from the Royal palace I give you the candelabras that went missing last week.

I give you the tree missing its partridge. 

The swans that swim.
Now we question. Why only one Flamingo and why RED?

Its substantially sparkly

Get your Flash dance ready we are flashing back to the 80's

Tall Towers of Tassel!

Drip, drip, drip, drop.

Dancer holding the sunset

Our feathers friends might be fond of this frolicking freaky foray. Or Bird of a Feather flock together on your ears and neck.

I think someone somewhere is missing a chandelier.

You could bet on this winner at the World Poker Tournament.

Oh Deer these are cute!

Multiple choice daggers or cross?

I'm wondering if these could arrive on time. I give no explanation when it comes down to temptation.

I believe a curtain is missing its tassels somewhere.

I think something fishy is going on I'd better gold fish it out.

Lots of balls if you were in a hall at the mall.

I like these too. 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

The force is with you.

Its Thanksgiving day and my pre-bought meal from Bob Evans is in the frig, the dog show is over (whippet fyi) and so is the parade. A few movies have been watched and my body says go to bed but my head is up and ready to spurt out words and wordy words.

We had dinner it was good and bonus I didn't cry until about an hour ago. I had sat a picture of Mom and Dad on the hutch so I could have them with me in a way.  I wasn't able to look at it while we ate but it was comforting.

Its cliché to say but an old country song is running through my mind its about spending one more day with the ones you love but then then again it only leaves you wishing for one more day.  Something like that, its not legal to post the lyrics or I would have. Today I'm wishing for that one more day, one more time.

Since I didn't go home this holiday I hear the good stuff second hand. Luke my very youngest nephew (not yet in school) walked into Mom's today and she wasn't sitting in the living room in her chair. He was unprepared for that and he went to his Mom and Dad and told them he was mad at God for her not being home.

My grief is an undefinable noun sure you can define it by saying "sorrow caused by death" but it doesn't come close to really covering this huge disconnect between your head and heart. I am not mad at God because my parents aren't living but I am very lonely especially for Mom. I have this want to be thankful every time I think of them because I most always had a wonderful relationship with them. I don't want to pass on the sadness that pulls me into regrets and wishes. I know I went to see my parents at most every opportunity I had for the past 15 years, I know I helped them when I could and most of all I know I told them I loved them every single time I could.

Yes I think often how do I live a day without them because until now I hadn't but moment by moment I'm surviving. So for this holiday I have survived! I am not mad or angry! I'm just me pushing through to the next day or when I see them again.

Monday, November 19, 2018


I really am wondering about turkey being on the menu this year after all the recalls however I'm going to do it anyway. So I ordered Bob Evans they have dinner for us, I need to pick up Wednesday I think thats better at this point since we are not traveling. I'm sure this weekend will be filled with late nights and home improvement and food. I must go clean out the frig now so I have room for the turkey feast.

My favorite part of the usual meal? Cranberry sauce... it all about slathering it on everything you can. It goes with mashed potatoes, turkey and bread its a multi purpose food!  That is saying a true compliment says the lady who eats one food at a time on her plate.  Did you know cranberry's contain a natural gel or pectin? And that they are Native to the U.S.?

Ok now I'm hungry off to go clean out the frig!

Beading hearts

Beading alert this is as crafty as it gets today.