Monday, November 12, 2018

Forgotten scraps

Did some scraping! Menu's for a dinner.

Its snowvember..

Its November 12 it has snowed twice and winter is more than a month away. At this point I'm worried I won't get to go home for Christmas and its important I go, I need to buy a headstone for Mom and Dad's grave. At least I only need to do that once and have done it before for my Aunt Jane. I bet we have had 3 to four inches of snow I dread driving in it tomorrow.

Tonight at midnight Stephanie Plum 25 comes out. I didn't order the book because I've been disappointed the last say ten books so I ordered the audio
. It's no where as good as it once was (like everything else). I'm hoping to hear from my fellow Ranger friends that its unbelievably wonderful.

Hubby has been home for three days I've enjoyed it and I'm going to be lonely tomorrow not having my Pumpkin or Mom to talk to.

Turkey shepherds pie is going in the oven tonight perfect for a very cold and snowy night.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Dressy Betsy

I just ordered two dresses one for a Christmas party and one that might preform double duty I'll need it for a Gala and or the theater (we are going to Shun Yun for our anniversary). I love dresses thats no new news but the party dresses are another kettle of fish they are more about price because they are so dang expensive.

Oh the contender dresses they were truly swirling in my head. I'd thought I'd share (the contenders not what I ordered) and go totally girly on y'all.

Friday, November 09, 2018

What's Up? Or should I way that's down?

Fist snow fall of the year or well last or November? I've lived out west of the Mi...ssi...ssi...ppi for more than 6 years and I've never seen seen snow before Thanksgiving. We had about a quarter inch of heavy wet flaky fluff late last night. Very thankfully we had covered the patio table just Sunday.

As I harness the enthusiasm of a child hoping school will be called off I'm sorta scrapbooking I'm preparing table menu's for a black tie dinner we will be attending in December. It's fun I've never made a table menu so there is that.... for lack of better words.

Might I add my first successful photo load... Woot Woot!
Stay warm!

Monday, November 05, 2018

Busy daze but she is home

We brought Pumpkin home today and for the first time in her life she gets to get on the mantle she would like that because its not a high mantle she was not a cat who loved heights. And now I get lost in thought while trying to continue.

Today I made a painting.... If I ever figure out this photo thing I'll share its one of those easy sip while you paint kind of things except no sipping wine thing and truthfully it would have added a level of difficulty that would have not been for the better.

I'm spending tonight printing out our voter ballot and preparing for tomorrow sixteen pages later I'm thinking I'm in over my head. Having only lived her for a few years complicates things but I will forge on. Hubby started voting again last year and I'm shocked he is staying with it.

This is a busy week I feel like I'm running a race and a bit nervous about a Doctor appointment to I'm worried about test scores as we all do as we get older.  Cross your fingers for me say a prayer my lung capacity has been drastically down hoping for good new this time around as my health has been more in control this past six months Asthma sucks y'all.

Ah the clock has struck eleven and I should have been in bed a half hour ago.. but this time change has me all wide eyed and energetic. Sigh. I hope this is not the case for you as I don't wish sleepless nights on anyone.

Go Vote tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Na No Wri Mo

November first begins Na No Wri Mo (AKA) National Novel Writing Month. I have several published friends who find this extremely helpful and I'll admit I've participated and it does have a tendency to nag at you to accomplish your goal.  Any way its a cool web page if your thinking about writing the great American novel or the great American romance novel. Lol


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Saying goodbye

Not long after I wrote that last post on Thursday my beloved cat Pumpkin passed away in my arms. It was quick, so quick I had no time to call for help or even call my husband. I am grieving her and it has also made the passing of Mom seem more deep more real because Pumpkin was a great help in the grief department. I could cry all I wanted and she would just sit and purr she didn't mind if a few tears got on her.  Nothing like your fur baby in your arms. My heart is so broken because my daily schedule revolved around her and hubby and the unconditional love for more that eighteen years. I know I could not have gotten her to a vet on time and for that I'm thankful. I didn't need to put her to sleep Im thankful for that as well and that it was so quick for her.

Now I wait on her ashes and her urn will be here tomorrow via amazon. I don't know how I'm going to put her in that little urn but at least if we move again I will be able to have her with me. I have an entire case of food I need to donate and new toys I'd not had the chance to give her, some kitty needs to enjoy them. I hope one day hubby and I will get a new pet, maybe a dog... maybe not we have an over population of hawks, owls and bald eagles out here as well as a no fence policy.

Hug your fur babies tight, realize the unconditional love they bring into your home and the playful side of life they help you experience.

Forgotten scraps

Did some scraping! Menu's for a dinner.