Monday, October 15, 2018

Four weeks.

Today marks four weeks since my Mom has passed. I miss her I know I always will. I have Thank you cards to send out but its extremely difficult to do the tears get in the way for some reason. The cards have been folded and now the face needs cut that will be todays task decide on a die for the front then cut them out .......and get my chrysanthemums for frost tonight .........and plan dinner.

 I woke up with a scratchy throat and made myself some tea took Rod to work because he went back to days. Its an odd feeling going back to a long lost routine.

 I  hope you all are safe and sound and warm its 43 burrrrrr!

See y'all later.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018


Proof of life post. Lol Sort of joking. Life has been unusually cruel this past year I've lost my Gallbladder, My Dad passed March 3 and my Mom September 17. My world will never be the same again. As for scrapbooking I find it extremely difficult to up load pictures to the blog its a very long process since my camera is old school no bluetooth and no ports on the mac. Thats right y'all I went mac aint goin' back. So that means I need a special drive to plug my usb port then down load the picture and then process the pics into the blog and I have no ideal how to do that these days. Learning curve! This life is about the learning curve. So I have no ideal but its a possibility I may just close the blog up if I do I'll give some notice (but would anyone really notice? I think not).  I hope life finds you well, happy and content. I hope you have made peace in your heart. I hope you know know love and have found the root of it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ha! surprise! not dead!

Well its been quite some time I am alive and well and remembering mooooost of my passwords!

I am currently not doing much as far as scrapbooking goes just card making and very little of that.

We are once agin preparing to move but this time hopefully into the same city and into a house. we recently sold our Kentucky home it was very very hard to do.

thats all for now just playing upping accounts and seeing what if anything i want to do with this page...aandddd others.


Friday, August 28, 2015

Late summer 2015

So end of summer season so lets look at some nautical cards while we can still see green on the trees.

The paper, and sticker is all HobbyLobby
spelbinders die too

Micro bead paper is from Jo Ann Fabrics
Dark Blue is from Hobby lobby
Wale of a punch circle punch
This is all Michaels' bow and card
Hobby Lobby Birthday Stamp
Michaels card and anchor


Thursday, July 16, 2015

sea scapes

Most all the items used are not horribly old but at least a year old and commonly sold at one of the three big craft outlets. Jo Ann's, Michael's or Hobby Lobby.
M's paper
K & Co Lighthouse epoc Sticker
Jo Ann's Starfish
Walnut ink Dolly
 6.5 x 5

   Q K Oval & frame
K & CO epoc sticker
cant remember about the drops??
6.5 x 5
Forever in our hearts and prayers
Martha S punch for the hearts
Fiskars punch clouds
KinderStampO  stamp
6.5 x 5

M's papers
Chalkboard ink
Hobby Lobby cling stamp
5 x 5

K & Co Seahorse frame
Jo Lees flowers
Hobby Lobby Birthday sticker
6.5 x 5

                                                                     same as above
Hobby Lobby stamp
ink a dink Party stamp
Tim Holtz paint on Dolly
6.5 x 5

Tim Holtz stamp
QK dies
Cuttle bug dry Embossing folder

Hobby Lobby Stamp
Walnut stain
K & Co epoc sticker

so much

Where Do I begin again? I. Have. No. Ideal. I'm going to hit the ground running here and just say the past few years has held a great amount of change for my husband and I. We have lived new places made new friends and started over again. We are movers and shakers I guess. Not really just doing what we can to make life feel comfortable as possible. so lets get off and running, I haven't had a scrap space for almost a year, its been well over a year since I've used a cricut but not the gypsy. The cards most fast and quick and not picture worthy. As some things stay the same I'm still into clean lines its still a timeless favorite. So much of what you will see is rockin it old school or cute and quick and a few Pintrest inspirations. I'm a girl on the run so more quick than anything. For the first time in three years I plan not to travel for a few months and that makes crafting, blogging, and everything else less complicated and room for relaxation and fun. Enjoy the blog re birth I'll try to update once a month. Maybe. Ha! I really have no ideal who am I kidding!

Four weeks.

Today marks four weeks since my Mom has passed. I miss her I know I always will. I have Thank you cards to send out but its extremely diffic...