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Napoleon Bonaparte xxiiv

The Pumpkin from the south Napoleon he was the kinda guy you remember from the history books. Napoleon did it "his way" and only his way no debating about it he was a stand alone man. IT seems as though we have a "little Napoleon" situation here at Chez Momola and Da. BB (short for Black Berry) does not take lightly to the invasion (from the south) of the Pumpkin. In fact ll'e Nat wants nothing to do with the great fur from the south.Now I ask you this why does a two pound cat think it can tell and eighteen pound one what to do? I have not ideal why BB thinks that Pumpkin will not harm her. Pumpkin has never participated in a cat fight so she lacks experience,however I think her numbers are in her favor. BB on the other hand has the "go get'm" attitude meaning yesterday when she saw Pumpkin for the first time she tried to climb the glass sliding door to get to her. Yes my friends I am involved in a real live cat fight. I will post a casualty report…

It's once again Friday

Well I've actually had a day this week to do something for myself. Yesterday I did a very small amount of shopping for clothing yesterday. Some of my summer tops just don't fit anymore. I had to buy a strapless bra and well lets just say It was 2 sizes smaller all the way round. I thought I was going to scream when I discovered I went down both in shirt size (for the second time) and bra size. As for the rear well it's a a bit ......behind smaller yes but not a size (yet). I'm not proportioned well. Oh in my shopping adventures I went to Beverly hills yesterday and they had those purses that Chellie is so nuts for, they were a bit pricey on clothes I thought. Ps the Vera's were all 13 and up.

(I have been trying to stay away from HL although I would love to have the acrylic sheets)

Mr Clipie gave blood yesterday and was feeling a bit woozy after so it's been all about him for the past 24. He is fine he had not ate or drank and he just need some rest and a good me…

well yes it has been a long time


AFTERI did clean the house as well, in all honesty it's the first time I've cleaned (really cleaned from top to bottom) since you all were over around Christmas. honesty is sometimes brutal is it not? So I've been way relaxed on the blog as of late..... what can I say a big dose of lazy has left the the blog in a neglected state. On Friday and Saturday Betty had a crop, I forgot to post about it. So my theme of being a slacker continues.... I was at the crop Friday and it was nice (As usual)and it was great to see everyone as well. I love the crops I'm so thankful that Betty has them.
Clipe got me a new phone this week I've been learning how to work it.... and figure out when it rings. It's in no way as cool or sophisticated as chelle's I phone, I can figure out how to use the basic functions so that's good and it's Pink. It has a camera, I've never had a camera phone so this is all very new and strange. Man I'm old new cell phone, new …

I'll show you mine... if you will show me yours....

Tuesdays post on Monday....

Well deb h had e-mail me a pic of some recent organizing she had done, I was so impressed (also greatly embarrassed) because she did a good job. I do truly admire her for having a cleaning streak my room/home is a mess most of the time. To say my scrap area is not in the least bit clean looking (at this time) would be an understatement. So by posting pictures of my room I was thinking I will need to immediately clean the room after, cause I can't just put my junked up room on the blog and then not clean it... so consider this my before pics and in a day or two I'll share the after.



the weekend update

Well my weekend was slow and relaxing. Today time has slipped away as I'm finishing cleaning the back bedroom (I dint get to cleaning on Friday as i had wished). Other than the same old things nothing is interesting of late it's just plain ole life. I found these two in my hedges, aren't they cute? Mama bird was very mad that I was poking my camera so close to the nest.


Someone tell me it's not Friday already....ugh well as for the week I've spent it part of it down town, a day cleaning the house (again today) and a day with Harmond Rab. Y'all remember him right, the JAG officer who is desperately in love with officer Mac or McKenzie. Not much going on as of late and scrapbooking well that's just on the back burner till the first of the week.

Have a great weekend!


Its far from Monday morning, baby buds

I know it's far from Monday morning but it's still Monday at this point. The past few weeks have been very busy for me. And this weekend was no exception I had a baby shower for Clipie's niece Raven. Raven is a beautiful strong intelligent young woman. She is a nurse and works in an icu step down unit, she is also a wife and now mother. Her husband Johnathan is currently at sea so he has not seen or held their beautiful baby boy named Talon Zander,who was born in late May. He is a very good baby, in fact Talon let me hold him for quite a bit on Saturday and on Sunday too. Sunday he was in good spirits at the baby shower. The baby shower went well and we had no problems except a butt ugly cake. I typically always order my cakes from Sam's club because they always do a great job. Not this time, it looked like a CRAZED clown made it! When I went to pick it up they had lost my order! They offered to make a new one, I said make it easy, make it JUST LIKE THE EXAMPLE IN THE …

ok all

OK I addedBetty's blog to the side bar
And it's very nice, I love the pink!
Everyone have a great weekend!

so sweet

Y'all are so sweet thanks for the Birthday wishes, I had a good day, your wishes made it better.

I did not get picked for the Grand Jury, but I did have yesterday off, so that was good. I'm Off today to renew my licence and serve my first day. And no I don't have Steve today it's the other one.....
Don't be surprised if I do not get a chance to update the blog till Monday or Tuesday. I've got a few busy days coming up.
Also I saw Sylvia Tuesday (the lady with albums as I call her in the back of my mind) and she says hi.
I also saw Barb yesterday in Wally world and she has stamping goodness news to tell us about, I believe you all will be getting an e-mail today.

this and that

First off I'll thank Betty for for the crop
secondly I'll thank dw, mt, and b for the Birthday cake and cards and balloon
I'll also thank them for putting up with my not noticing the b-day stuff for a while

I may or may not be on the blog this week much we will just wait and see
I know there is something I'm forgetting but I cant remember at the moment......