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It's Saturday

The lawn mowers are out in full force and the grass actually has a greenish tinge so here in desperate House wife suburbia men are required to show off there lawn mowing skills. Just as I am about to make my weekly trip to big lots to see if they have any new "finds".

Later today I plan to dig around outside and put up some new "teaki torches" and plant a clematis. As for the rest of today it will be filled with boring domestic duties that I will not waist time telling you about. Have a great weekend


the simpsons and vacation

OK so first I want to say a few things about Springfield wanting to become the home of the Simpson's. WHY? WHY WHY WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY!! Are they nutts?
We get enough bad publicity why do they want to encourage more? As if we went know for many problems one of them should not be Bart Simpson. Don't get me wrong I like Bart (his name would be a cute for a cat :) his "Icrumba" and "Don't have a cow man" phrases are very cute but I think this state has enoughnegatives I don't think Bart would be a positive. OK I'm done now

Belly button as I understand it there is a new kind of belly button ring out, I was thinking it would be cute but shortly after that y'all reminded me we would need to show it off and well I'm not up for showing my "button"at this point I think it would be somewhat neat cause it dose not pinch or pierce. So I'm killing the ring of belly ideal (for now).

And yes I am working on a small amount of bling for our …

blog log

Do you know how to wear and put on a "do rag"? cause I got the bandannas yesterday how many will we need? I bought 10 for now, they are black, white and gray camouflage and I'll be adding special touches! It's just that I'm not sure how one is supposed to wear the "do" so it makes it a bit difficult to work out. (If I go to Atlanta next week this will not be a problem one of the b-i-l's frequently wear a do rag when he rides his Harley so I'm sure if I promised him a motorcycle ride he'd fix me a "do" rag.)
And speaking of that does everyone have pierced ears and along with that does everyone have a belly button?(I had a friend who didn't have a belly button and not everyone has priced ears and no my friend was not kyle xy) I came up with another ideal! I just need to do some research first.
And if y'all have any problems booking your room for retreat ask to speak with Shirley and fyi I would book soon I know of three who hav…


you know that hugmungus post below this blogger ate all of it and thank haven above it was saved as a draft. I'm off to go work on the other blog make sure you tell me what you don't like about the other one and we will see what we can adjust and what we cant. So let me know about the good and bad points. (I know about the number thingie) blessings A

phone trouble, and a great dress

OK So yesterday was an un event full day until we go home at 7:30 or so. My phone line was clicking it was really like someone was picking up the phone listing in and then putting it down. (it dose not help that I have an overactive imagination) So after unplugging every phone in the house one at a time I found the culprit. It was one of the old plug in caller id thingies. Somehow it had went haywire and was trying to send out it's own telepathic signal who knew they could be so smart. So here I am recovering from phone adversity.

So as you all know grocery bill are going higher and higher and well the aren't handing out rises like they used to so that leave this girl to economise. So with not a lotta money i was looking for a dress for our maybe Atlanta wedding (it's maybe cause we have not yet decided if we are going or not) so I have a sickness for good dresses and I needed one cheep. I found a nice sleeveless dress for 22.00 at Dillard's. Yep I'm not joking i th…


i've been having phone line troubles so thats why I'm so late in the day posting. I'm going to write a long post so just chill a while while my fingers do the talking I'll have a long post up her in a bit. a

it's the little things

things making me happy this morning
sweet tea
4 twizzlers
Oh man this was so not the weekend I wanted it to be. That man I'm marred to well lets just put it real nicely I'm looking for a two story dog house anybody sellin? Cause I'll pay you a whole lot if i could borrow it for like the next year or so. Arf arf bwwwwww ohwrlll is the call of the husband this morning.

Moving on I finally found these $2. tape runners (at Big Lots)b keeps talking about. Oddly enough dog boy found them for me. (yes it was that bad) Moving on again they also had a Christmas 8x8 album and a Recipe 8x8 album for $5, however no refills and it was an off brand (I think) so it may be hard to get pages to fit.

Dog boy goes on a 16 day vacation starting Saturday so be warned this will be my last week of regular scrap happy blogging. I just hate starting out vacation weeks all pissed off this way can you tell I'm one pissed chick? Does it show much? As to our plans officially as of now at some point o…

the weekend

things that are good in the morning
mountain dew
tomato juice
caran-grape juice
sweet tea
and coffee

on the food side of things
bacon and eggs
my mom's gravy (I really don't like anyone else's)
grits- although I don't know how to make them
waffle house pecan waffles
cram of when or rice and raisins when it's cold

I'm thinking about going ahead and booking my room for Bonnie's retreat, I think it may be best cause I don't want to miss out kwim? Cause i figure this will probably be the last time I think about it until September.

Have a good weekend


so i was feeling creative this after noon. I was going through my scraps and every page is made out of nothing but scraps! the very first one needs to be turned to the right one time then you will see what I was going for 1 Jo's paper with left over brown card stalk 2 & 3 scrap works I think every person in the nation has seen this paper 4 basic grey with three different browns. I did not have enough of one brown to cover it so this is just sorta thrown together. 5 not sure who made paper or anything. Ribbon in the middle to hide where my two scraps would not meet 6 jo's paper with the ribbon trick again to hide where i was just a bit shy of having the paper meet. All of the l/o are 12x12 and at the moment have no matting. these were just random scraps that I reallydidn't want to get rid of so I just went for it. I have one other l/o but I'll post it tomorrow. I'm getting sleepy since I was up so early this morning!

the pool

cool pool pics


Well it's is truly an early morning even wbko is still asleep so it's no telling what I'll say this morning. Ive been up for a while and I've had no caffeine yet(one-very important word YET). Thanks to a fur ball and a husband. The fur ball well that woke us up about 4:50 or so the husband could not go back to sleep cause he was coughing. My poor Mr. I he is so sweet but is insisting he does not have a fever (even though he may be having cold chills) however he is extremely worried that he will pass it on to me. Last night before we went to bed he made me take air borne lets just say he was really getting his freak on about the germs and sharing them department, he got down right pushy about it. I keep telling him I don't catch the catchy stuff cause I was a daycare teacher for 12 years and I'm pretty much immune to the fast paced stuff, it's the strep and the sinus infection that gets me, along with a side of allergies, but Mr I is sometimes not so observa…

mid day update

wow 92 invitations (minus a few i messed up) and they should be in buckeye country by 3:30 tomorrow. Talk about a marathon that was fun I really enjoyed it. On the down side of things Mr I has a cold. A small one at the moment but I can count on one hand the number of times he's been sick in our 14 years of marriage, it unnerves when he is sick. ugh I hate it. Last night Mr I was wanting to be super superman sweet and take me out to dinner so he took me to Peppers. He absolutely loved it, I on the other hand was begging for tums and a cool drink afterwards. To say the least, I did not enjoy it, that's why I was at big lots last night (I love to go there) it was an "I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your dinner,I'm trying to make up with you" shopping trip. I found some more Hedi Grace paper along with some really nice red card stalk by remember when and a pack of cloud nine pink funky paper all at $2.00 a pack whoooo best deal in a long time. And being the posit…

raven part2

OK this is not the best scan but in will do
ravens invitations
c ya later I'm off to the post office.

scrapper allert

scrapper alert
where: Big Lots
OK you know the storage containers I'm nuts about like I keep my cricut cartridges in? and my ribbon. I think they are called snap and store anywho they have the
12x12 they had 3 (forgot to check price)
6x4 at least 4 or 5
and the small round lots $1.50
and the small square $ 2.00
ultra cheep these are great storage containers and the best price I have ever seen! Better than Christmas clearance.

Good moring sunshine!

"Good mornin sunshine" (now say again with heavy southern accent) is the phrase that my Mother teases me with when I have overslept and this morning I have indeed been sleeping in, in a overly fashion till almost 9. I make no apologies cause it was nice and I enjoyed it thoroughly. For some reason I was very tired yesterday and went to bed before midnight (unheard of around here) In fact I was in my room right around eleven. I think the weekend had caught up with me.
Here at wedding central I'm beginning the final assembly process I have printed and distressed everything and now I just need to add that cute little bow at the top that fastens the velum to the paper.
In other news the doctors in Nashville found out what was wrong with our niece she is having some lady problems. If things don't turn around by this afternoon then she will be having surgery at this point it's a wait and see kinda thing. So keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

As projects go my project …


don't freak if you saw the wedding invitation post and wondered where it went i took it down cause it had lots info on it so y'all understand.

busy bee

Busy bee that's me, lots going on here at the scrap happy girl house. Our niece Tarah is very ill and has been transferred to Nashville, she was visiting down in Tn with some friends when she started feeling sick (I think it's her Gallbladder but I'm not 100% on that). So were are hoping things get better for her in a hurry. I'm so excited yesterday we herd from some old friends (Hi Jeff dude and Amy) and they are coming down for a Mammoth cave vacation at the end of July so once again some of our Yankee friends will be invading the territory. I foresee a BBQ in my future, good times are ahead. Oh and I must say CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin and her hubby, he received a promotion to Technical Sergeant in the USAF, go Gary, go Gary, go Gary, oops, go Sergent, go Sergent, (OK I know that was over kill but I could not help myself). And today is invitation central as I start to finish up on those cute little bits and pieces so don't be surprised if i hi-jack the blog fo…

for those addicted

for those addicted I thought y'all needed a Sunday edition of blog so here it is. Yes it is technically Sunday it's 1:14 am. I am now clean and free from sweat and pool water. It has been a very good day (all except my emotional outbursts) and yes I have the pictures but I have no will to down load them at this point. I will later, promise. I'm heading off to bed and I'm going to sleep like a log. I have just a few thoughts to leave you with tonight.

If you all weren't special I would not have had such a good time today
If you all weren't special I would not have found such wonderful friendships
If you all weren't special I would not be writing on the blog at 1:24 am
And if you all weren't so special I would not want spend future weekends far away from Mr I.
So y'all are special, our time together scrapping together is special, and it takes special people like y'all to make a circle of friends like we have.



It's a red letter day I don't have much to say. So just stay as cool as possible, continue to debate weather or not to watter your grass (at least that's the debate around here) who can afford to watter their lawn all summer? If I start I can't stop and my lawn is just a brown as every one's so who knows what to do.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow
blessings a


Well first off this will be short today. I'm sad If you watch the local news you may remember that around the first of the month that there was an explosion at the Toyo plant and injured a very nice woman by the name of Tina Hall. Yesterday she passed away due to her injuries. I only had the chance to meet Tina a hand full of times at church (her husband works with mine) and she was supper sweet. Tina was VERY pretty has a few kids, three I think not sure, She and her husband are from Alabama, she was just a few years older than me and well just so nice that she was one of those few people you meet you don't ever forget. while I was not her scrappin buddy or anything I can't get her off my mind, so I'm going for a change of pace today I'm going to make wedding invitations for Raven our niece on Mr I's side of the family.

oh and who in all is coming Fri and Sat?

Angie me I'm there - I think I'll bringing some bbq
Betty will be in and out
djw crutches and…

yes i was very sleepy

Yes I was very sleepy when I wrote yesterdays post (could you tell?) So just so you know I went to the "parade of homes" which I never said oops. Not enoughcaffeine yesterday and One what? I think I meant once but at this pint who really knows what I was thinking, I did say I was tired : )
I am happy to say that yesterdays popcorn was great and I really enjoyed it. Speaking of enjoy has anyone been watching American Inventor? I can't wait to see tomorrow show, I like it and all but the stuffy britt he's gotta go, he is just down right mean with a lot of rude thrown in (he must be Simon's relation). I loved it when George Forman walked the little boy out it was so sweet it showed he really cared and had a heart I love that personal side of it. I also got a kick out of when Gorge said he let people eat in his RolesRoyce! Go Gorge, Hey will you buy me a double cheese burger meal at Micky D's? OK and speaking of TV I'm am so in love with the Haverty's co…


I went home this past weekend and I'm sooooooo tired. One the other hand it was worth it I had a great time. My sister and I love to go together when ever we can. We all went this year Carl and Mr I, it was in my home town this year, (a first) the houses were huge and hugely over priced. But I ask you what parade home is not over priced? So it was fun had a great time but amid all the furry that travel invokes and looking at pricey homes I have missed the PARIS saga so it's news to me, even my sister knew about Paris. So what do I think? I think it's another pop culture icon life being over exposed and special treatment all wrapped up in a package with a circus media for side gifts. We all know she is not your average girl, poor little Paris. Well thanks to Rosie leaving the View I'm going to watch Barbra Walters this morning (with popcorn) and see what the impoverished Paris had to say. This is a great reminder if they won't give Paris home jail what in the w…

checking in

Ok so If you didn't see dw post (below)
here is a repeat for you

GOOD NEWS!!! Tracey delivered a healthy baby girl yesterday afternoon. She weighed 6# 12 oz and is really cute. Mom and baby are fine. djw

And as Manny of you know Betty's hubby Bill was having surgery today, he is out of surgery and doing good. Last I herd he was in the recovery room and doc McDreamy was taking good care of him.

I'll probably not be posting till Monday, have a great weekend and
Dw best wishes on your surgery on Monday, we'll be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Blessings a

lost key caper

Yes I have been known to loose my keys on a sorta regular basis. but to loose someone else's keys that takes time crafted talent. while of course my story begins and ends in my own home I did not loose my keys (no sir e I'm multitallented) I lost Mr I keys). No I was not using them and I truly had no ideal it was me who caused the key caper. It all started this morning about 5 am when my incredible hubby woke me up asking me "Have you seen my keys"? " No" I replied in rumpled sleepy voice since I was awake I got up and helped with the search. We played decective for a good 15 min, then it was time for him to take off. Incredibly we could find my keys so he got to work on time. there were periodically call backs (to me) to have me search in another mysterious spot, spot after spot the keys remained missing. So my day went search for keys, do a chore, search for keys again, do another chore. At almost 5 Mr I sat down at the table after another through search …

we interrupt this blog.......

Thank you for all my Birthday wishes I have survived "35" officially
While the time in my life just goes a a faster swoosh rate I've been a bit overloaded lately. I promise I will not abandon the blog my comments may get shorter for a time but will persist.
And no with he interruption part I have had several graduates this year in my family and would like to give them another moment in the spotlight. I'm enjoying having just one more chance to say well done. So congrats to my family of graduates. Ill list names in the comment section.
Also I would like to send my deepest sympathies to Barb her mom passed away not much more than a week ago.
Blessings a


Have a great weekend
I'll probably neglect the blog till Tuesday seeing that Mr I is off Monday and we have plans for a road trip for the day.
Weekend Blessings A

PSDw is going to have knee surgery on the 11 th so start making those get well cards for her.

June crop

The good news is
The Crop on June 15 & 16 is on
There is a rainy day plan and that is my house same date same time. Why is there a rain plan?
Bill will be having surgery on the 8 th of June(Yes just 8 days away) Betty wants to still have the crop, she is just not sure if he will be in or out of the hospital by then so plan for the crop regardless and keep Betty and Bill in your prayers.

Anywho that leads us to
Drinks and Appetisers
Soups and Crock pot
I say we do Drinks and Appetisers and save the soups and Crock pot for the fall. I don't know about you all but I'm seriously starting to run into a time crunch here lately.
And you all have seen the "all about me" page I'm going to keep it the way it is but lets wait until after August/September and we will do something very special with it.
And again (as always) a big thank you to Betty for her arranging this crop night for us.

And a note about this blog as you all know we all need a better blog where my articles a…

yes more cards

what is a girl to do but share her cards even if it's after midnight enjoy early birds.