Wednesday, January 30, 2008

new beach

Ok so like most of you I spend to much time on boards but this may be helpfu
Beach things
on cc's
here you go: )

:Sand Castles - wb3, dc,dct, ppd
:Swim Ring- sorta gp,wb3
:Clouds- gp, dct,zb,wb3
:Sun -gp, wb3, ae, dc, dt, g, mf,oh
:Pail- dc, wb3, jos, hea
:Shovel- hea, ppd, dc
:Surf Board- wb3
:Sailboat- gp, na, mf, ppd,mc, mw
:Pineapple- ppd
:Seashells- si, dct, pd
:Margarita Glass- cu
:Dolphin- wb3,zb
:Starfish- dct
:Sand Dollar-dct
:Seagulls- 50 st
:Pelicans- 50 st
:Stuff for Picnics- ppd
:Waves gp,zb,wb3,dct,ps
:Footprints- mc, na
:Sail Boat- na,gp other boats mc,mw
:water ski- gp
:sea turtle- ak, si, zb
:palm tree- si, zb, wb3
:camera- gp:sea horse- dc
:seal- ak, zb
zb has octi, seal, walrus(sp?) clouds, waves, tropical tree and grass.


I'll be out a few days
see ya

beach stuff

Ok so like most of you I sepnd way to much time on message boards but this may be helpfu beachie things on cc's here you go:Beach Umbrella (umbrella hea):Sand Castles - wb3, dc,dct, ppd:Swim Ring- sorta gp,wb3:Clouds- gp, dct,zb,wb3:Sun -gp, wb3, ae, dc, dt, g, mf,oh:Pail- dc, wb3, jos, hea:Shovel- hea, ppd, dc:Surf Board- wb3:Sailboat- gp, na, mf, ppd,mc, mw:Pineapple- ppd:Seashells- si, dct, pd:Margarita Glass- cu:Dolphin- wb3,zb:Starfish- dct:Sand Dollar-dct:Seagulls- 50 st:Pelicans- 50 st:Stuff for Picnics- ppd:Waves gp,zb,wb3,dct,ps:Footprints- mc, na:Sail Boat- na,gp other boats mc,mw:water ski- gp:sea turtle- ak, si, zb:palm tree- si, zb, wb3:camera- gp:sea horse- dc:seal- ak, zb zb has octi, seal, walrus(sp?) clouds, waves, tropical tree and grass.And Yes I've been house hunting with my sister every day this week. with realtors and without. Continuing tomorrow and until Sunday. monday I entend to take a break and Tue back to the regular schedual. According to my home scales I have gained 4 pounds, if I have I'm going to quit ww. I will go weigh in next week and see. and yes I'm doing better with the watter and as for excersise well I've been very active to say the least their should be ont one reason for weight gain at all. Ugh let us hope not. I'll catch up with you all later It will not be thursday or Saturday so I'll see you in blog land when the real world slows down a bit.I also wanted to say I'm pleased that everone participated in the poll this time I'm going to leave that one up for a while.blessingsaIf I dont get back before the weekend have a good oneand yes I'll sign up for the canser crop in the morning.And Yes I've been house hunting with my sister every day this week. with realtors and without. Continuing tomorrow and until Sunday. Monday I entend to take a break and Tue back to the regular schedual.
According to my home scales I have gained 4 pounds, if I have I'm going to quit ww. I will go weigh in next week and see. And yes I'm doing better with the watter and as for excersise well I've been very active to say the least their should be ont one reason for weight gain at all. Ugh let us hope not. I'll catch up with you all later It will not be Thursday or Saturday so I'll see you in blog land when the real world slows down a bit.

I also wanted to say I'm pleased that everone participated in the poll this time I'm going to leave that one up for a while.

If I dont get back before the weekend have a good one
and yes I'll sign up for the canser crop in the morning.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

house on the hunt

So the past few days have busy for me. I have not had tome to open the new cartridge or look at my sbv purchase, let alone finish my album. Sis has been house hunting pretty hard mostly only taking food breaks for now. I spent the better part of yesterday at the courthouse trying to get licences for my vehicle. No I still don't have them (just one more form to go!) and yes they expired today but the good news is they inspected the vehicle so I don't need to take it back down town. So as I type I wait for the phone to ring and the faxing to begin, I blog. We had dinner at the El Maz last night and again I loved it and so Did Clipie. We did see Pastor Jamie while we were there. And after the food I introduced sis to the Dollar Tree.

OK so today's question is yes acrylic stamps show do you store the larger sheets? I know about the base ball book and the cd cases but what do you store your larger sheet acrylics in?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I now return

Ok so after a small mini vacation I'm back. My days have been full and my brain and the rest of my body are happy and tired so forgive all my usual colorful and creative usage of the English language and remember it's 12:37 am Saturday night.

All start with today and if I can think back a couple of days I'll tell you those adventures as well.
We went to Bonnie today and yes it was absolute fun. I did learn how to emboss and I don't know, I must have discovered some other cool technique but it escapes me at the moment. We made an album of techniques, each page features a different technique. No I did not finish mine I ditched it for great conversations. Me talk? could you imagine it? However I will say I did not apply my self as usual. I messed up part of it when my flower cutting went wonky. I'm also ashamed to say I did not like some of the other pages (just 2) so....... I have an unfinished album and quite a few great ideals and a great day in my pocket. Afterwards my day was even better when I and djw and I ate at EL MAZATLAN (I"m sure I butchered that) And that my dear friends was absolutely yummy. I can't wait to take Clipie cause he loves the Mexican food (we had our first date at a Mexican restaurant, and he has crossed the border in his younger years, not that has anything to do with what I'm talking about but I feel the need to rattle on).

In other news the Stamped cartridge jumped in my cart today... I had no ideal it was on sale until this afternoon. I also bought a "were moving stamp" and gave it to my sister.
Which leads me to tell you all I have my sis with me, she decided to pop in for a visit! Not that I have seen that much of her she went house hunting most of today and I didn't get back until late.

Last Saturday (at the crop) was the first time I had backed my "Suvie" (nick name for new car) into a parking area. And yes I was scared, but very glad I had the practice come yesterday. It was cold ( who wants to unload grocery's in the cold) so the only solution to unloading the car was to back it into the garage. I'm happy to report that I have successfully navigated my vehicle without crashing into anything (so far knock on wood) and say tuned for Monday when I will be parallel (did you know I can't say the word "parallel"? let alone spell it)parking when I take the vehicle to get licenced. And that's a very long story in it's self that I will save for a more boring time.

Good night all I hope you are having restful weekends and fun with family.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Like everyone else I have days that are full.
So with that thought I think we all need a break for a few.....
So get ready for another


This vacation is free
I'm going to take you to the east coast
Martha's Vineyard

link to your vacation is

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

84 rows later.....

It's so nice to see Mr Sunshine again!

It's not so nice to keep having the same darn pesky telemarketer call at 7:30 in the freaking morning again and again. I just may turn off my phone at night and I'm not joking(its currently off the hook fyi). Who do they think they are and, why in the world do they keep asking me if I'm Philipino? (sp?) Do I sound Philipino? Do I sound like a Yankee with southern roots, maybe, that's a possibility but the Philipino mmmmm no.

Now that I have vented my anger I can return to my regular Scrap Happy Girl self. I have no scrap projects in the works and I also do not have any for show and tell. As of late I have been the slacker scrapper (except for this past weekend) and the slacker e-mail checker. I know not grammatically correct however I am the slacker none the less. I really don't have anything interesting to say other than I loved the movie "The Ten Things I Hate About You" and I loved his song " I love you baby" which is currently stuck in my head and making me want to dig out the vcr tape of the recently deceased Mr Ledger. Vcr what is that? How long has it been since I said vcr? I have no ideal, I feel yesterdays old post creeping up again.



Tuesday, January 22, 2008


You know your no longer young when they release Oscar nominations and you only know three of the total nominees. To top that off they are all of the older set like Tommy Lee Jones, Johnny Depp who is not old, but not young either, and an old lady who's name you cant remember at the moment. When is it that you become older? Is it the moment you quit going to the movies? Or is it the moment when you watch tv have a buagillion channels to choose from and find yourself watching re runs of your favorite child hood show like The Fresh Prince of Bell Air, just joking irl it's Silvers Spoons. When was the last time I went to a movie ? Please don't snicker it was to see the Princess Diary's 2, yep no lie. And before that ? It was the second Star Wars in the prequel series. I do know that since Christmas we have been trying to go see National Treasure 2 but still have not made the total effort to get to the theatre. If we don't I'll probably get another chance when they release the official "Stargate move" (do you see a si fi pattern developing? Guess who picks the movies?) is launched this fall.

I hope you all are safe and sound after our "weather event" last night. I know it was sleeting here at the house, I woke up about 2:30 am to the familiar ping of sleet hitting our bedroom window.


Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm now back to my regular blogging

OK so seeing that I have about three programs on my computer today's work is clearly cut out for me. oh the joys of computer ownership.
Yesterday was an interesting day I did hibernate in my jammies until late in the day then I found my self is a sea of people looking at the Henson homes. It was crazy, I never would have imagined that their would have been so many people. I also visited the Cracker Barrel and a working scrapper. Then did some errands around town. At target this week the white shelving is on sale. I'm sad to report they do not have much and it's mostly the larger piece's that are on sale. They seem to have a run on the maple color, not much in white. I wanted the white cube that was on sale (9 cubes in all) but as usual Target did not have white in stock. And me being me I bought the maple one and had to turn around (before I got home) and take it back. The Target girl did say they get a truck in m,w,f, so there is still hope they would get more in sometime this week.

As usual thanks for the crop B it was great as usual. And I'm off to register for Bonnie's class so I'll chat with y'all later.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

ok I'm back

I'm back
Rod cleared my hard drive and I gave everything up. E V E R Y T H I N G I have no ideal where to start at this point. I have two programs on my computer a virus protector and an Internet connection all else has been lost. My photos should be OK I generally copy all to disk and I'm pretty religious about it so I'm not worried about them its just other stuff. I will be changing my e-mail so I'll let you all know what that is when I get signed up for some new. For now its 1 am and it's off to bed for me, so I can crop with all of you tomorrow!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

ode to the hacker

**** the hacker who invented the virus that is now on my computer.
I have a virus that is making me nuts,I can not check my e-mail, I can not surf, without 4 or more popups coming up every time I go to another page. I also can not access the comment page on this blog. This post will half to do until until my virus is eradicated.

Just fair warning do not open any e-mails from me.
You never know what these stupid virus things can do or what in all they effect.
I'll announce on the blog when everything is fine again, then take my e-mails, until then ignore them, like I said you just never know.

I'm signing off now for a while or until Clipe can fix the thing cause it's way out of my control at this point and don't bother sending me an e-mail cause I can't read it.
I'm currently running the computer in safe mode so posting is a huge pain
I'll be at the crop tomorrow about 5 and bring some type of food I have no ideal what I'm bringing at this point, I only hope it's not a duplicate.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I need some rest

Man I tell you I've been so busy the past few days, hardly anytime to do the fun stuff like blog. I had an aunt pass away, one who I had only met once or twice that I can barely if truthfully remember. And this morning Donna my cousin who is very close to my heart is having surgery for cancer removal. It's very serious and she was told she my not make it through it. So If you have some time say a prayer for her, she is a sweetie.
Yesterday I barely had time to breathe and ww went well except they keep taking points away from me. I know that's good thing. I have no ideal if my tea experiment is going well or not. I'll let you know in 2 weeks, I seem to be on a three week cycle when it comes to weight loss.I Also picked up a great ideal about the watter an older lady suggested I get a very small juice glass and before I have a glass of tea, drink the juice glass full of watter, so I may try it.
And yesterday was my knitting day as well and it was good. I'm knitting my first sweater so I'm very excited about that, I have about 1/12 of it done. It's a panel sweater where you knit the panels, then put it together.
So far my project for this weekend is making a very simple Christmas card book. I'm putting this years important Christmas cards in it. And yes I did throw away a few cards, just not all of them. I also am working on something for my nice.

I'm watching the weather man who is saying we are going to get snow tomorrow. So the question is......
If we do get an inch of snow are we still having the crop? OR can not even snow keep us croppers down?
I'm for it as long as I don't get stuck in the snow (and getting stuck would take way more than a couple of inches)
I want to crop (even if it does snow) what do you all think?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hey bidder bidder

I hope everyone had a great weekend
I did
We were alone again this weekend! Saturday we went to an auction. I'm so sorry I did not take pictures of this. I know trivial to some of you but this was my very first auction and yes I saved the number. I'm a kid at heart and kids love adventure so this was one for me. We got a number because Clipie intended to bid on a pool table #608. So we browsed around looking over everything and decided on how much to bid for the items we wanted, then just stood there until it began. I'm sure this was not your ordinary auction cause they were flipping burgers and selling them, I would say well over 100 people were there so it was pretty large. When the auction first began I could not tell what the man was saying ,it truly sounded like gibberish. It took a while but I did figure it out. There were mass of farmer type men, big tall burly men who were in groups, and it made me feel short and small : ) and as for women there were so many decorators and that type that is was insane. One decor lady and another got into a bid off (is that what you call it?) and the lady ended up paying 160 bucks for an up light. Nuts I tell ya, just nuts, hasn't the lady ever heard of Kirkland's? They had to have sold about $50,000 worth of stuff in the first 15 min, it was truly an experience. Wondering about the pool table? Someone else bought it for well over 1000 and that was way to high a price for our pocket. We had went earlier in the week and priced new vs used (pool tables) and Clipie will probably end up with a new one unless we find ......another auction.

Friday, January 11, 2008

dear kodak your g6 is not desirable

Whew what a day yesterday, every time I went to blog a thunder storm would pass over. I'm jittery with the thunder and lightning my Mothers home has been struck not once, not twice but three times! So I know the effects of a lightning strike. Naturally the first thing I did was unplug my cricuts (they are not on surge protectors most everything else is). I hope none of you or your family's had any damage yesterday it was a bit intense out here at my place mostly with the rolling creepy thunder.

In other news I'm very sad and mad at the Kodak company. I have a portable printer that I simply love. I like Kodak because of it's layering process over the other brands. My printer broke back in the fall or rather I broke it cause it was not working properly. I have looked forward to getting a new one and having my portable printer back up and running. That was just a dreamland world where I thought that all things Kodak were interchangeable NOT. The new printer is not compatible with the old camera the boot that connect the two are completely different. Dear Kodak I know you want to sell more cameras but I am in Love with my old one and do not want a new big screen battery sucking 10 mega pixel camera. I want my small compact 5 mega pixel 4 year old camera. Why cant they make it easy for us?
I have no answers at this point, Only questions said the upset scrapbooker.

This weekend I'm not going to Bonnie's but the class does sound good. I think we all could use good ideals when it comes to storage and organization. I have no ideal what I'm doing this weekend other than trying to cook with out meat because my bil is on a Daniel fast and eating around here is getting complicated. I can't have any milk products or cheese because I have a sinus infection (I take Zyrtec to curb the problem but now it's bad because my insurance will no longer pay for it, and it is not available to the public yet, so I am not medicated and lets just say that my allergy's are running wild.) and since cheese is a food group in my house its hard. With his fast its no white flower, refined sugar, pasta, rice, meat, it's a difficult fast. I've participated in Lent but never something so strict. So I have one chilly recipe and that's about it .
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

15 years ago

I was 19

Clipie was 32

and today 15 year ago

we took vows and became married

It's been a good 15 years.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday to My MoM who is 76 Today!

Love you Mom very much, miss you too.

Ok since just about everybody is on ww I thought I'd list a few out to eat goodies.
Wendy's small Chili 4
plain baked potato 5
jr bacon 6

Mc Donalds
hamburger 5
Grilled Chicken (no mayo) 7
one of my favorites is
grilled chicken snack wrap 6
small fries 5

Taco Bell
crunchy taco 3
grilled steak 3
soft taco beef 4
Martha's Vineyard salad (no almonds or dressing) 5 (raspberry vinaigrette is 5)
Arbys melt 7
fruit cup 1
ham and Swiss melt 6

a great site (deb h recommended this) I like is Dotti's weight loss

I hope that is helpful!


Monday, January 07, 2008

blame it on the angel food cake

Oh my goodness Terri's Angel food cake was like eating spun silky cotton candy Clipie ate 1/2 of the cake yesterday. And yes it was good I just did not eat 1/2 the cake! So Thanks for the wonderful fluffiness.

It was great to See Sylvia (sp?), Barb, and Lisa at the crop, I was surprised and glad to know they were all doing great.

Calender project :

Today I'm beginning to make a 08 scrappy calender. One 12x12 page for every month and no pictures on it at this point. Maybe after the month is over I'll take my favorite picture from that month and put it on the calender. But here is the start

supplies needed:
Accent Essentials and Alphalicious
white and black paper and a small 3 inch strip of color paper
snowflakes were cut at 5 1/2, 3, 2, and 1 inches
January was cut at 2 1/2 inches in regular and in shadow
You can find snowflakes on: Accent Essentials, Doodletype, Christmas Cheer, Going Places, Joys of the Season and Stretch you imagination.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

7:30 In the MORNING

For the past two mornings at 7:30 a telemarketer has called. This morning on my way out of the house (I was searching for the paper ....... that's another story) the phone rang and I answered cause who calls tat early in the morning? It's been my experience that the only important calls I get that early are Clipie on break or my mom with family news. And this particular morning Clipe was in bed so I'm thinking something is wrong when I answer the phone. Do you want to buy a wireless phone.....?
(he asked)
my retort
How about not calling on a Sunday morning at 7:30! Then I hung up
Who or what company thinks they can sell me anything on the phone at 7:30 AM. Would you not think this was simple logic? Who would not find this extremely irritating? Most of you who read my blog have figure out that I love a quiet morning but I know nobody I know
1. buys things from telemarketers. And
2. wants them to call that early.
IF you have read the blog for any length I'm sure you can figure out I'm not a happy morning person. I'd rather be sleeping in but seeing that I woke up to kitchen noises every morning I'm up so I blog. But I do not get up and talk to people cause I'm crabby. If I have not had my first cup of sugar watter I mean tea, then you can forget it you good to get a sentence out of me.

And the stupid paper why have they not delivered my paper for 2 Weeks in a row? I have no ideal.... actually I have had a huge love hate relationship with them from day one. I only take the dog gone paper for my brother in law and to look at the the sales adds which thank goodness i can now look then up on line.

Well I have vented all my grumps out I want to say that I had a good time cropping this weekend with the girls at the big girl table. I finally got some scrapping done. I must say I was amazed how quickly the rolling shelf's packed up and was ready "to roll" ( ha ha) That is a great ideal.
I'm going to post the crop dates on the side bar and I'll and Chelles blog to the link list.
blog link

Thursday, January 03, 2008

It sorta looks like snow......

It's Live from frost land aka my backyard
As you can see things are frosty here I'm sure where ever you are things are frosty.
I just so want that little bit of white but for now this must do.
And the 7.9 oh yeah that's temp.
I never expect it to get this cold here below the mason Dixon line. It is truly shocking when just in july and August ago we were 107. What a swing in weather we go from drought to extreme cold with no snow and if it's going to be cold (in my only lonely opinion) their should be benefits like a snow that melts away quickly.
I must report that Clipe man has been Incredibly nice over the holidays. Since he had been getting in to trouble last year I feel I must give him a fair shake and say we had a very nice Christmas break together. So much so that I really did miss him when he went back to work yesterday. It was so quiet in the house I could hardly stand it. And on top of it all I miss my Mom and Dad.
Bak what do you want us to bring? Same time 5 ish?
I would love to make potato soup on Saturday if that's ok with every body.
It tastes like liquid gold to me but I'll let y'all tell me what you think of it.
And I have not scraped in so long.
I did get to load my ds on my lap to but can not use it cause my computer is about 1/2 of what the requirements are but I can view the cartridges. I guess It just wont be as portable as I thought it would be. UGH I'll be using it mostly on my desk top so it's not all bad just frustrating that it did not work out.
Well I gotta go figure out what to bring this weekend I have no current projects so I'll need to come up with something.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

busy as a bee

Wow I'm glad to back to my regular schedule at home. I'm a bit tired who am I joking I'm exhausted. With a to do list that would impress mostly anyone on the plant. One comforting thought is that other people do this to just like me and survive. I assure you none of my domestic chores are glamorous or all that fun or worth talking about at the moment.

News well I made a great discovery while I was home I discovered Irish Breakfast Tea. Need a jolt in the mornings? Wow this stuff will knock your socks off. Good morning Irish people! Who needs coffee when you have the equivalent to jolt in your cup.

My final designer project is up and posted on the bitten by the bug site and by the way thanks for putting up with my little burst of "look at me, look at me" this past month. Sometimes feel like I should reward you all with putting up with me.

I still have not had a chance to play with my design studio I'm hoping I can at least load it on to the computer today.

The one thing I wanted for Christmas was to see some snow. And wouldn't you know it a few hours after I left home the they finally get some white stuff. 5 inches in a couple of hours. I'm so bummed I wanted some snow. When Clipie called this morning he said there was snow on the ground at his work. I know you all don't want to the snow but i just want a little bit not a lot just enough to cover the grass for a couple of hours and if it melts away by noon I promise I wont complain.

Beading hearts

Beading alert this is as crafty as it gets today.