Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Monday is his first day back at Corvette!

its weeeee day

Still no news the Labor Relations Manger said it would be Tuesday - Friday that's the cycle so I'm waiting on the cycle. So as packing goes I'm doing OK I wanted to pack more but someone was very sweet last night and let me sleep (i wanted to take a cat nap and get back up) but a good 7 hours of strait sleep is better than caffeine. Well I've got to go clean the frig and mini freezer so off i go to clean and pack some more. I guess I will be coming to the Halloween thing so I've got to start thinking something up!


Monday, September 19, 2011


Still waiting for a date as soon as I know I'll post. Packing and working away just incase his fist day back is next
Monday. Sunday we reserved a u haul and I think I'm well set with boxes. I've boxed up the better part of the
Kitchen and I'm working on the bedroom closet today as well as changing addresses and canceling services.
Wheeeee this IS fun!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Happy Birthday to Terri!

Yes to thoes who won I'll be sending out e-mails tonight.

And we are moving back home!!!!!!!!

When I have no clue?
More when I know!


Friday, September 09, 2011


Lets go to the hop
o baby
lets go to the hop
o baby

Danny and the Juniors sing that...I think

I'd like to Thank everyone for stopping in and apologise for my goof of not publishing on time. I have no ideal what happened, I had it scheduled to publish at 6:30pm cst. It just didn't launch regardless (excuses are useless), I'm responsible for it.

Now I get to suck up to everyone for the rest of the year! So I'll be keeping a lookout on every ones blogs and I'll be directing some traffic your way when you have neat project.

I'll be making a top tab for Kinder StampO so I'll be posting your link on it for the next year. I'll get that up soon for y'all.

Soooo I have no craft for today of as of yet today regardless of the fact I need a sympathy card before 4 pm today I still don't have it done!

well what else ohhh that thing
the card set
the winners are..........

Quilt for fun (I have your e-mail)

Scrapfaire (need your e-mail)

Card Maker (need your e-mail)

and Bobbi Jo will get some kind of paper flowers because I apologise yet again.

emal them to


Thursday, September 08, 2011

Kinder StampO

Welcome to Scrap Happy Girl and the Kinder StampO Guest Designer Blog Hop!

I'm Angie Gaa and I'm very happy to say I've been chosen to be a Guest Designer for Kinder StampO!

Now for the good stuff!

For a chance to win some blog candy from Kinder Stamp O go to

Stop by Kinder Stamp O Facebook page and let them know I sent you! Leave a comment on each of the Guest Designers blogs (it will make them smile). One lucky person will win a prize from Kinder Stamp O.

Before you hop over to the next blog

Bobbi Jo Henke

Leave a comment (bellow) if you would like to win a set of three fall cards I created! I'll pick a random person and announce that name tomorrow!

The Kinder StampO motto is
Live. Craft. Inspire.

Sometimes my life is a fast paced blur and other times its a turtle turned upside down just rocking back and forth in that small shell. I have roots in Columbus, Ohio and Bowling Green, Ky and I nest some in Kansas City. My husband of 17 years puts up with me and a fourteen year old cranky pants cat. I've been a Day Care Teacher, Girl Scout Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Nursery Coordinator and H.O.A. volunteer. My favorite color is pink and I don't like banana's or the smell of broccoli.

Most of the time I like clean lines and I like things that are happy, never sad. I'm a huge fan of Doodle Bug, Bo Bunny and Making Memories. I'm addicted to a bug that is called a Cricut and love the versatility it offers.
I almost forgot I love Kinder Stamp O stamps!

I started scrapbooking when I put a fiftieth wedding anniversary album for my in-laws about seven years ago. Since that time my scrap supplies have increased considerably. Every day life inspires me.
from recipe pages

To my Sunday dress that inspired this card

Nature, clothing, food, travel all add fuel to my creative side. I hope I inspire you to explore your own world and let the world around you color your art.

Thanks for hopping!

Here is a list of all the blog hop participants

Alina Coronado

Amanda Tibbits

Angie Gaa

Bobbi Jo Henke Http://

Corina Daily

Daphne Shreiber

Irit Shalom

Jessica Baker

Karen Christiansen

Karey Jeans

Kathy Torres

Monica Lawrence

Sylvia Solario

Tanner Bell

Teresa Savage

Wee Choon Bin

Zoe Aparicio

Zeni Pradel

I have an announcement
(no moving involved or baby so settle down)
I'll make it at 6 : 30 tonight on the blog!
see ya then

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Didn't Johnny Cash sing "I've been EVERYWHERE" ?
well I have
all in the past 12 days

Scrapping is very hard to do on the road I'm missing my lovely desk and my wonder chair. You know the chair you are attached to because it doesn't hurt your back when you are on the computer or scrapbooking. Yeah you know that chair, you love it and maybe it has a name like "old faithful".

So here you go, some treats!

* when I wasn't on the the road*



Four weeks.

Today marks four weeks since my Mom has passed. I miss her I know I always will. I have Thank you cards to send out but its extremely diffic...