Thursday, November 29, 2007


Pumpkin is recovering from her fur balls/ or whatever made her under the weather, she is feeling much better today. I have been busy with last minute details for the party (I'm so behind) but wanted to take time to say hi. I promise to eventually post some scrapbooking things hopefully after this weekend I'll get some scrapping done.

I also wanted to share some great news my mother continues to have great doctor check ups and is Cancer free.


on Saturday

who is coming on Saturday?
mh's friend?

dw no
chelle no

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wednesday november 28

Getting kitty with it

I'm up to my ears in crafts project for Christmas, I have no ideal how or when I'm going to finish them all. I have several scarfs and one huge s/b project. And on top of it my submission for guest designer is due at the end of this week. I'm going to need to stop and finish one project at a time at this point. And in the mist of all this Christmas craftyness I'm trying to do the normal day to day things like take care of my Pumpkin who was not feeling well yesterday.

The Christmas rush I love it. Being so busy you can hardly breathe and having so much fun in the mix of it. Its hard to remember from year to year the rush of things, but what I do remember is the fun and enjoyment I get from all the hard work.

My body can also hear the call of the holidays I have lost my first 10 pounds thanks to much help of ww. And with that I will be eating less cause every ten pounds they take away points, just in time for Christmas may I add. It's as if my body was tuned in the the holiday food, she must eat less of our goodness. So bye bye ten pounds please go away and never come back and hello less points and a smaller me.

-Ten pounds think about two 5 pound packs of sugar and if your wondering yes it's worth the struggle with the point system.

That's it for now

Monday, November 26, 2007

back to the holiday rush

So after a very rainy trip back I'm no worse for the wear. I'm not worn out this time which is very nice. We took a few pictures I'll share some of them later when I can sit for two hours a wait for them to down load. I'm behind on my e-mails this morning I'm cutting this short to go answer them. And then there is all the laundry and unpacking for me to do so with that I need to say:

I changed the number of the party to 9 (including me) My sister is coming.

here is an article on Anastassia (yes the real one) It appears her ending was not the one we wanted for her. I was un acquainted with legend until the children's move was made.
here is the link

Saturday, November 24, 2007


1 gray cat with black stripes Wednesday night
cat was wet, crying in the rain.
cat is good, uses litter box, very scared.

Missing: Raggs the cat
Residence: Next door

This was an adventure I'm thankful it's over.
( I wrote this earlier today and when I came back tonight to read it made no sense. While I was writing everyone was yelling for me to come to dinner so this is revised from this afternoon.

Wednesday night when we were unpacking my sisters car we found a cat (see George). The cat came to us wet, upset and lost (or so we thought). It went into the garage for the night, the next day was Thanksgiving so we knew we would put off doing anything about until the holiday. Thursday and Friday the cat would not come out from hiding (in the garage) we truthfully thought it had somehow got out of the garage. This morning it left behind some "evidence" that it was still around not to mention it had finally ate the food I had left for it. Obviously the cat had just been scared and hiding. This afternoon after several rounds of "here kitty kitty" she came out from behind the freezer we retrieved the numbers from her tag (rabies tag) and had no luck with them. At this point I had checked Craig's list and all the local papers not knowing what to do my mom was trying to find the next door neighbors phone number- their daughter is vary familiar with all the neighbors and she thought she may know who the kitty belonged to. However she could not find the number so I had basically gave up for the day. Rod and I had went out to the garage fix the garage door and put the cars away for the night when I happened to see the neighbor girl(who we were trying to call) outside walking with her sister. I asked her to come over, I said to her "We found a cat Wednesday night" I didn't even finish telling her the rest and she said "It's mine" (I was going to ask her if she knew who it belonged to) she had obviously been crying and was holding a picture of the cat in her hands. We went into the garage and she called the kitty and it came out from it's hiding place as soon as she called it's name!
I'm just so thankful this turned out good! I am a lover of cats but I did not want another at this point. It's just a happy ending to a great Thanksgiving weekend.

Hi gobblers

Well after a day of shopping I'm exhausted. I'm headed out again this morning for another find and a few more things. Michael's had carts for 44.89 and you also could use a 25% coupon with them. Yes I did get the na my mom got her a few but hey did not have a great selection. My favorite buy was a red wool coat for myself and the best holiday buy was Mr incredible will get a new razor (electric) for 16 bucks. Other than a memory stick and some movies that was all we found interesting. We will be doing a bit of shopping with mom today and then we will be putting some Christmas trees up for her (we put my mil's tree up yesterday).
I'll be back to regular bloggin soon
I hope you all have had a great weekend with family & friends

oh I forgot I need a number for Friday night is this right?

MH + friend
and Chelle is not (but we don't want to leave her out)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

George the cat

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
I hope you are able to spend the day with family & friends
and I hope you all have a safe and fantastic holiday

I have so much to be thankful for
My parents
and so much more in my life
I am also thankful for all of you who read the blog and I'm thankful for all the wonderful women I have meet at the big girl table....(ps M H you are now a part of the big girl table). One day I'll explain that on the blog but for now I'll just keep others guessing ; )

And like aways I'm typically on an adventure, as we were unpacking my sisters car I herd a cry. It scared me I knew that cry I thought it was Pumpkin and she had got out but it was not it was..... we will call him (I think) George. George was crying because he was wet and it's obvious George is not used to getting wet. So he is currently sleeping in the garage. On Friday I will call the county he does have a rabies tag but no other tag and he has the most annoying bell ugh. Pumpkin(a very long time ago) had a bell, and after they quit making the type of bell she wore, she quit wearing the bell because it was driving us and her insane. Getting back to George ..... in the morning I will ask around at the neighbors house but it's to yucky out to do that now.

So go eat some turkey and have a great day

the day before turkey day

I would like to think that everyone is as busy as I am especially these past few days. Last night I was cooking and I came with this little bit O wisdom

I am tired
I am sweaty
Shouldn't this be over with already?

The food I'm making smells so great
I could have some more, if I weren't watching my weight
As the wee hours stretch in to the night
My pizzelle making is almost finished they came out just right!

As you can tell I did get to sleep about 2 am this morning only to wake again at 5, drink caffeine and be un able to go back to sleep. So in short I'm in need of a nap, tired and grumpy (if I keep it up I can be all seven dwarfs)! Just joking all things aside I love it, I love the results of working so hard and in the end everyone enjoying that hard work. Especially when it tastes so good. I'm going to go take a nap have a visit with Regis and Kelley this morning.


Monday, November 19, 2007

bazzill bonanza

In my mind world the Christmas season has began. This weekend I started hearing the familiar Salvation Army bell ring at many stores. I also find myself in deep water when it comes to making Christmas gifts like knitting and scrapbooking. I'm also listing to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies already (Deck the Halls and yes it was great). And naturally Christmas cards are in the mix. For the past three years I have made my cards, this year due to high postage I'm going to make half and the other half are going to receive a Christmas post card. I also thought about sending e-cards but I'm just not that much of an Internet lover. I don't want to lose lmy passion for hand made cards however the price of postage is sucking the joy right out of the fun of sending them.

Q K - at H L if you did not get a chance to see them. they have a chick, duck, three different flowers, a file folder tab, a lady bug grass, heart, and plenty more that I can't remember. All the ones I just mentioned are 6.99 to 12.99, the dies range from 6.00 and up. Debbie H pointed something out to me that they were made in America! That really surprised me and I wanted to highlight that because with all the recent problems in product safety it really makes you glad to see one product made here in the U.S.

Also thank you to everyone who made cd's and/or made there pictures available. I appreciate that because I did not have many pictures this year due to loosing my memory cards (yes cards) and low batteries.

Bonnie's Class was so wonderful I just still can't believe she gave us an album and 3 pages and 1 12x12 she is so great!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

for the curious

I have-mailed QK and asked them if they would tell me the specific dies that H L will be carrying cause y'all know I'm a QK fan.... They would not tell me, so I'm going to e-mail H L and see what they say. I really want to know the dies they are going to have, are they old or are new or a special HL line? Any who getting back to... I guess I'm glad I didn't get rid of all my QK alphas yet. I hope soon to try them in the cuddle bug, but much going on here at Christmas central today. Yes, tomorrow Clipie and I are going to start decorating for the season. He is off this weekend and I'm going to take advantage of his tallness and have him help me fill the house with Christmas cheer. I'm not sure if we will get to Christmas lights outside, but I do know we will deck the inside halls. This also leads me to think of our Christmas party

On Friday November 30, I will host our Christmas party and I was thinking I should be making some plans of what to do. So we have already decided bring a ten dollar Christmas gift right?

Food would be the next natural thought so how about we all bring a dish, I'll make punch and a veggie tray maybe some pizelles. If you don't know what a pizelle is it is an extremely fragile, very thin like wafer/cookie that has more butter in it than I will ever admit to, and is flavored with vanilla goodness. Ok I'm hungry now moving on.........

Ps M H please come if you are able!

I'm thinking after one or two Christmas games there will be time for some time for a bit of cropping : ). I think it sounds great how about you all?

I'm not sure if I will be updating the blog this weekend due to decking the halls so

Have a great weekend!

Yes I know it's Thursday



Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mrs tired

Yes I am tired here me roar.
The class at Bonnie's was one of the best I have ever taken. Oh my we received $45. worth of product and the pages are so beautiful! I've taken some classes and I'm telling you this is better than most of the the cku-master classes I have taken. Lots of cutting and measuring but so worth it, lots of paper left over. I bought an extra sticker packet and the cat's eye she used. The supply list you need to bring is long but again you wont mind in the end. Thank heavens it did not rain on the way there and on the way back, oh and long, we did not get back until 10. Make sure you are on time you will need every second of class, and try not to talk even my usual talkie self had to be quiet to follow along. (I know gasp I was quiet)

Yesterday was my busy day I had a whole 45 min between activities. So last night after I was home I fell asleep while I was knitting (thankfully it was at the end of a row) and woke up to the "cops theme" about 1 am. I'm still recovering from our weekend of scrap.

The butter finger bar was from Terri.
And that's it for now


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

it's Christmas music time

Hi all I'm just stopping by to say good morning. A hi and bye kinda thing, I'm going to be at the Christmas Tea today. Actually I'm seeing how much you can possibly cram into one twenty four hour period. Not much to say just have a great day.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Bonnie's blog

Here is the link to Bonnie's new blog. I will be adding it to the blog links on the side bar.

re cap

Where should I start?
I'll just re cap day by day with as few words as possible
Thursday night-
the quiet crop, relaxed, low key. got lots done.
Friday- most of our group arrived just after breakfast and a full day of scrapping was had by all. and the best part was I discovered Honey's BBQ.
Saturday- we discovered that MH's hubby can cook like a chef. All of the t-shirts fit, some of us took classes.
Saturday night we discovered we were good sports when we lost the costume contest, MH had the privilege of becoming a part of a royal court. And some people are allergic to "do rags" and that the swelling does go down eventually after two Benadryl knock you out cold for about 8 hrs.
Sunday morning was met with a final rush of scrapping. Terri was sad to see her babysitting job end. And we learned that DH wont let all of her 43 oops 23 or 21 children say a few nights away at the sitters house.
I also learned that crocks watter and unloading the car don't mix (I fell in the garage).


We could have not asked for a more beautiful weekend. Everything was at peak color and the days were warm and the nights were cool.

the cool chicken

I think this picture of Bonnie doing the chicken dance says it all .......

Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's here it's here

Well today is the day Retreat is finally here!

I have a few things to wrap up before I can come and start the scrapping goodness.

For those of you who didn't get a chance to go or read from afar I'm sorry about the laps in blogging till Monday. I hope you have a great weekend and "come Monday" I'll be back to blogging just like usual, and I'll probably be able to share a few great stories.

blessings a

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

more of sam the turkey

more sam

here he is Strutt'in Sam

as you can see Sam was down right friendly so I had to roll up the window cause I don't know if the is a nice turkey or a not nice turkey.

Turkey lurky

2 days!!!!
Sam's club was the place to be yesterday.
I went to peruse the isles of bulk when I had an encounter, Sam the turkey. According to employee's Sam's home is in the wood thicket just beside the store. Sam is a huge thing and also my first close (UFTE = Unidentified Friendly Turkey Encounter) encounter with a real live turkey. However this big chicken was in her car not wanting to touch the Turkey goodness of Sam. I was at Sam's club twice yesterday once early morning (see a visit with Sam) and then again late to pick 87 pictures off of cd's, cause my printer is dead. Now usually I learn from things that happen in my life but not yesterday. I could have kicked myself for not having a camera so I could capture Sam the turkey on film, but my second visit I had yet another encounter. "The van of free speech" I believe it was a mini-van with bumper stickers covering the entire vehicle, including the roof. It was a radical type of thing, downing mostly the theory of smoking and that democrats are liars and raise taxes and so forth. Now we all know that just like most attorneys to be a politician you have got to be able to "bluff or aka lie" So it really makes no difference, who trusts any politician? (I may trust the gov-a-nater but you can chalk that one up to lots of movie watching). Getting back too.... "the van o weird" also had Christmas lights lighting up it's various bits of "wisdom". Yep My camera is going in my purse here in a bit I'm not going to take the chance to miss Sam the turkey today when I go to pick up my photos :)


Monday, November 05, 2007


I made this for a swap on line Ijust thought I'd share

Christmas is here early

3 days
I can't believe it is just three days away
I'd better work a bit more hard towards getting things wrapped up.

Christmas had come early once again at H L they are offering again this week a 40% off coupon. Link so if you missed an "deals" you can take a quick trip.

And in other news, wait there is on other news, I'm going to scrap this weekend.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be once again my busy day so in advance if I don't get to the blog I'm sorry.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

a bunch of stuff

so its
4 days left
panic! not totally packed and my printer broke yesterday ugh
so no I don't have the photos I may go do this today

I'm pretty much going to just over view the past few days cause they have been crazy

I'm alone with clipie this weekend
Yuck I've had a small bug that I cant seem to shake in the mix of all this
Friday we went out on a real date and we ate a Red Lobster (who's strawberry daiquiris are Delicious fyi)
Then later that night we stopped by chucks and I got carded!
That makes a girl feel young I tell you and yes I thanked the man who carded me
he also said "a, uh, OK" when he read my licence.
It's been a while since I haven't been called mam makes you feel a bit old after a while kwim?
All week I have been in debate on weather to buy the hobby lobby tote and passed it by, I'm hoping this was not a mistake, still debating.
We also ended up in the worlds longest traffic jam close to the post office.
Brown wants 13. something to send a bubble envelope- no way- yes way- going to fed ex today
We watched Licence to Wed it was great.
We went to the the Chinese buffet on the by-pass it was good.
Last night I finally got my knitting project back in shape (like you care about my knitting) I'm just sayi'n.
Today I fully intend to say home from church (today) for the third week in a row (is it row that does not sound right?).
Christmas music started playing on xm this weekend I'm starting to get in the mood.
AT this point there is much to do to be overly chatty (ha ha ha ha)
more updates tomorrow.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

a week

First off only
7 days till retreat
one week until our scrap vacation!

And secondly
Happy Birthday to my sis
who is turning 50 today.

Also chelle how much do we owe you?

yes I am still working on our poster ( I actually for got to buy the poster it's self)

And for those of you who don't know this week is H L 40% coupon so if you need supplies now is the time.

I'm off to go start printing out photos for retreat.

Beading hearts

Beading alert this is as crafty as it gets today.