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more Merry Christmas

If Ranger had a card it might look like this but since none of us have that high of a security clearance we will never know.
Obviously this is Rex's house (aquarium). Who knew Rex was Jewish it was a surprise when he was found playing with a Dreidel. He's not at home right now, he's probably at Temple wrapping up Hanukkah.

Who could this card belong to? Why Helen Plum of course! It comes complete with a recipe for orange cake.

L is for ... Laverne? not in this case its Lula. Inside Lula wishes everyone Lots of Love.

The moon man is really into Star Trek so he thought it would be best to express his creative side this Christmas.

So I didn't make Christmas cards this year but early this month I didn't make some for another Janet Evanovich card contest. So hear they are. I've provided back story's for those of you that know the characters. Enjoy!
Y'all travel safe Have a Merry Christmas! Love, Angie

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I hope y'all are keeping warm. Not much excitement going on to tell y'all about. Pretty much it snows every Tuesday about three inches. Since Thanksgiving we've had precious few days about 40 yesterday being one of them. So I've been apartment bound because my asthma's has been persnickety in the cold air.

Most days you'll find me just surfing the web and making Christmas gifts or something of that nature. I've been watching Jerry Springer as well. Yeah things are just that exciting around here.

Getting around is weird y'all know I'm used to our snug little town hidden away from traffic and high crime rates. Well welcome to the big city where you experience everything when you live inner city. The freeways are very confusing and had we not purchased a Garmin I'd still be lost on some Kansas freeway some where.

Rods work is supper, it could not be any better. I'm going to be contacting all of you in the next few days I'd li…


This was take at the twins Christening. Also the bushes are in myback yard.


one of the ponds here close to the apartment

a boat car we had seen at the B.G. Wal mart

I don't have an explanation. what can I say she likes to play in the clothes basket.

the view from our balcony

they carry the NYT daily here

I had no ideal that brussel sprouts grew on a stalk

I'll put up a few more later!

Up Date!!!

Ok so its Wednesday and I'm here in the good ole U.S.A. OK so y'all can understand my reluctance to tell y'all where I'm at at the moment. I've been there, I've also been here. Rod started his new job on Monday and starts his new job tomorrow. He will be working four days a week for now. However this week he will work Friday yep he will be getting in some much needed overtime. He will be making the Buick la Cross or Chevrolet Malibu. The plant is large and will be staffing very close to 4000 people come next year.
So here are a few pictures of the past few weeks. We are doing well we have a nice apartment out here. I'm starting to find my way around but man the freeways are very confusing so we have a garmin to help out with all the spaghetti junctions. Pumpkin has had trouble adjusting but gets better every day. The pond that our apartment faces has ducks, very loud ducks. When the ducks quack it scares her and she dashes off for the bedroom and climbs und…
News can be fickle. It can be very good, it can be bad, it can be bittersweet.
I'll go with the last one.
The wonderful news is is that my husband has a job again yeah! It pays a bit more than his last job because it's third shift. After living on unemployment since March we can use it, has been rough let me tell ya.
The bad news is that his job is in Kansas City Kansas. It starts November 2.
Yes we have relocated once before and I' m familiar with the process but it doesn't make it easy. We moved here for a variety of reasons. The plant back home was failing, Bowling Green was hiring cause and effect. Similar situation they keep laying off, Kansas is hiring 900.
Yesterday afternoon we signed our life away in paperwork. We took the option to transfer out in 6 months if we want to. This means if the plant here ever goes back and expands we could transfer back also that we could transfer to wherever in six months if we don't like Kansas City.
It was a very somber day, Rod …

som cricut stuff

I had recently entered a book cover contest I thought I'd share on of the entry's y'all haven seen. unfortunately I forgot the bow tie on the tux but I'll fit that before I put it down in my book!

End of Summer update

In my mind Summer starts Memorial Day weekend and ends Labor Day weekend. Regardless of the temperature, regardless if the pool is still open, regardless if the kids are in school or out. That train of thought sticks in my mind. I'm sad summer is over. Its been a cool, nice, pleasant summer. All of the summers we have experienced here (the past 6 years)have been hot and harsh, dry to the extreme except this one. I really hope we wont be barreling into fall without an Indian summer. I love leaving the doors open, with screens in, I enjoy the breeze that blows across the house. I love grilling out on the patio sitting at the picnic table and having dinner, breathing in the heavy air that has the "backyard grill smell".
Have a Good Weekend y'all! I know its been forever since I've updated the blog sorry I took so long.


Free Stuff

OK an article about free stuff I found its interesting...

The coffee wars are heating up, and that’s a good thing for us coffee lovers! In an attempt to hook more customers on its new McCafe coffee offerings, McDonald’s is offering one free 7-ounce iced mocha or 8-ounce hot mocha every Monday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. until August 3. No coupon needed, but the offer is at "participating locations" only. Here’s hoping your nearest McDonald’s is one of them! By the way, Daria (and her discerning taste buds) loves the new McDonald’s coffee so even hard-core coffee lovers should give this a try!

Happy birthday to Michelle!

Michelle H
Happy Birthday!
a day late..... sorry.

anyone want another Marcheta?
: )

Happy birtthday!

Happy Birthday!

So girl tell us how was your day?

And some changes.......

Class Aug. 28&29 - Tech. Class & Crop @ Deb W
September 11&12 - CKC Convention
18&19 - Crop
25 - Tech. Class @ Potter's
October 2&3 - Crop
16&17 - Tech. Class & Crop @ CH
6-8 - Barren River Retreat
November 13&14 - Tech. Class & Crop @ CH
December 4&5 - Crop


Sept. 11&12 - CKC Convention
Sept. 18&19 - Crop
Oct. 2&3 - Crop
Oct. 16&17 - Crop
Nov. 6-8 - Barren River Retreat
Nov. 13&14 - Crop
Dec. 4&5 - Crop

A huge Thank You to Betty for getting the club house!

Talkin bought last night.....

OH man did I have some serious fun yesterday! I've missed all of you soooooo much and was so sad when it was over. I love y'all so much! OK so I will post some pictures for Deb.H soon (next day or two) and I've got to say we must do this again. Right now I'm going to go get ready for church so I gotta go.

Love ya
Happy Fourth Everyone!
have a safe and Happy time this weekend!
love ya! A

JULY .......

So should we make our July crop a tribute to Mr. Jackson? We could do a page challenge in his honor, the page with the most glitter should win! I'm usually not into scrapping celebrity's but I think I'll be doing a page on him. I think in the future he will be compared to ELVIS. Poor Elvis he is going to loose his King status and poor Memphis Tenn less visitors.

Well with the heat index I think I guess what all of you have been doing.... I feel like I'm going to melt.......


SO July 18th is On!
Crop at my house after the card class.
I usually have plenty of room so don't be shy about wanting to come join the fun.
Betty had tried to get the clubhouse but it was booked so plan B
Most of you have been out to the house so if you need directions just e-mail me.

I currently have not been doing much scrapping other than 2 fathers day cards. I don't have my cf card handy or I would post them but the are ocean oriented. I did clean off my desk yesterday and stamp but I not happy with the result so back to the stamping.


One More!


Bethany's wedding

I must Thank Clipie for the photos I truly am lost on my file conflicts. He uploaded the photos to his computer and well then I was able to post them. I missed capturing Chelle, Brandy, Darla, Emily, and Jason. UGH I should have made a list! Maybe eventually I'll learn to do that. Let me just say that every one looked spectacular! And some of the music on the play list was at the wedding, I could not remember it all so some weren't. Darla sang and let me tell you it is nothing but an honor to hear her sweet voice, she truly is an artist with a God given talent. Everything was beautiful, a wonderful time was had by all. I feel privileged to have been invited to share such a special moment in Debbie's (and Bethany's) life.






I have the wedding photos but still having MAJOR file conflicts I'll try but later I didn't forget!

Movie Star!!!

Check out our "movie star"
She is standing in the back ground!
OK I know the cards and sheet are extremely lop sided it bugs me but as much as it bugs me I'm not going to scan them again (its a long story). Just so y'all know your not special I'm late with every card I send (as of late, ha, ha, hardy, har, har, har!) These are the mother day cards that are going to be LATE ! I want my Mom to see her card so, Mom yours is the top one! Mil is the bottom. Now I know we did both of these in cards in class. I did adapt the yellow card so I didn't need to pay extra on the postage and I added a extra petal. I find it odd yet amusing that I also do not own a "Happy Mothers Day" stamp. I thought I did in my stash of $1. stamps but no such thing as a md stamp exists in this house! Happy Mother Day! To all my dear friends and family, I hope y'all have a wonderful day! And are surrounded by those who love you. Blessings A

Did I miss something?

I'm thinking we had a birthday that needed to be on the b-day list? Someone this month Melinda maybe?
Also I wont be attending the the next card class (apparently I planned something else oops!) I'll be in town but I have no way to sneak away and join in the fun: ( Unless it rains cats and dogs then I may be able to come.

So whats up with all of you?

The fun is now over : (

Well NSW weekend was once again great.
Betty is a wonderful hostess, she puts up with all of our tiny little scraps falling on the floor ; ) (um hay I'm the messy one : ) All I can say is the food was just out of this world AMAZING. The companionship was even better. However the days were not nearly long enough. The rain was not a big deal but it would be nice to see the sun even if its only for two hours. I'm so sorry I forgot my sd cards to take pictures. Thank you to all who gave treats and such, you ALL made it a very memorable weekend.

This was my favorite page that I did it will be in my Plum novel book.


I think I'd like to call this
instead of weekended. I've not even started to pack anything and don't plan to today or tomorrow. I hope y'all are enjoying this wonderful weather we are having. We have been waking up to the sound of lawn mowers non stop around here. Blessings A

I'm in love with........


Card Class

Is it Friday already?
OK SO BEFORE I forget Card Class is Saturday
Easter was good I burnt the ham but it worked out in the end
yes I forgot to take pictures but it was well lets just say it takes talent to do what I did.
Other than that every thing is low key here not much interesting going on.
I have a few things to post but I'll wait till next week cards and such.

wishing you happy

Happy Easter!
I hope you all have a great weekend. I'm really looking forward to it. I have an Easter story but will hold on to it for now because I'm pressed for time. I'm off to make Potluck Potatoes, Mexican Cheese Cake (oh man that was wonderful I made it earlier this week), my special applesauce and a few other goodies.

My Peace be with YOU and your family this Easter!

Sweet Shower

A sweet (and very large) Bridal shower was held for DW's baby girl this weekend. As you can see scrappers were represented at the shower. However some very important scrappers didn't get in the photo (sorry). I just was not thinking(as usual, at least I'm consistent) I missed DW, Rhonda and her daughter as well as Chelle who was sporting a very good looking her. The shower was held for a beautiful, bright, young, enthusiastic woman.

As you can see we really do own clothing that doesn't have scrapping phrase on it, or is not some type of pj. Good looking ladies if you ask me. Even if I was the only one to uhhhh..... wear jeans and wrinkled shirt : ).

Rhonda's card was OUT OF THIS WORLD BEAUTIFUL. My photo does not do it justice (stretch your imagination for the bride and groom she said) it was layered, had been glittered and was embossed and I'm sure I'm leaving out details.

Lisa made her a set of cards that are awesome in there own right.

In the back parking…