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OK girls just a small update.
things are being said by weathermen that scare me things like possible "blizzard"
8 inches at least. More like 8 to 12.
Terri I hope your family up north is ready.
In St Lewis they have the National Gard on stand by.

The last "large" snow I've been in was Valentines day 2003. Hometown Ohio, 18 INCHES overnight.

At least I'll have interesting pictures to start February with.


A card a day keeps the 12 x12 away, Maybe?
OK so I haven't started on my January page but I did take some pictures
hows that?
Now the story I'm about to tell you is true, the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent......

Once upon a time in a land far far away
A house wife hummed a little tune that went like this.....

The washing machine goes swish swish swish, swish swish swish, swish swish swish. The washing machine goes swish swish swish all day long.

The things in the the wash get clean clean clean, clean clean clean, clean clean clean. The things in the wash get clean clean clean all cycle long

The drying machine goes round and round, round and round, round and round. The drying machine goes round and round all day long.

All of the items are soft and clean, soft and clean, soft and clean. All of the items are soft and clean and small????????????

Humming paused

Humming still paused.


With a little picture cropping every thing looks good, every thing looks good,…

Non burn

Sometimes I don't totally burn dinner and it actually doesn't suck.
cod, edamame (soy beans), rice and salad.

Shock and Surprise


January snowfall (not my January page just extra) fyi that is a sticker sneeze page....

yes these are 12 x 12

Yes I did here you gasp

They are not done and wont be until the month is completely over, but this will make it easy to add as I go along . I'm going to try to do one page a month (inspired by Deb H), I should have been doing this for a while now with all the changes we have experienced over the past two years. January I'm stuck on but will get to it next week, I need to dig info up on snow fall and stuff.

Winter blues

Maybe these cars will be able to chase away the winter blues.....

Blessings A

yes it did, not it has not stopped

Yes Pumpkin has scary glow eyes. But she is mad mad at the snow. I agree it's not the most pleasant thing in the world. Even my duck friends have flown the coup.

So Saturday we were very blessed not to receive another eight inches. About 40 miles north of here they did St. Joesph if you were wondering. Believe it or not this is a picture of the pond. Here is what it looks like in summer.

Well I'm off to go, nowhere......... Later! A

Carts carts carts and more carts

Just Because" Cards Cartridge,
A Child's Year Cartridge,
Accent Essentials Cartridge,
All Mixed Up Cartridge,
Alphalicious Cartridge,
Animal Kingdom Cartridge,
Ashlyn's Alphabet Cartridge,
Base Camp Cartridge,
Beyond Birthdays Cartridge,
Birthday Bash Cartridge,
Calligraphy Collection Cartridge,
Celebrations Cartridge,
Christmas Cheer Cartridge,
Cindy Loo Cartridge,
Country Life Cartridge,
Create a Critter Cartridge,
Cricut Boys Will Be Boys Cartridge,
Cuttin' Up Cartridge,
Daisy Chain Cartridge,
Designer's Calendar Cartridge,
Destinations Cartridge,
Dinosaur Tracks Cartridge,
Don Juan Cartridge,
Doodlecharms Cartridge,
Doodletype Cartridge,
Everyday Paper Dolls Cartridge,
Fabulous Finds Cartridge,
Forever Young Cartridge,
Freshly Picked Cartridge,
From My Kitchen Cartridge,
George and Basic Shapes Cartridge,
Give a Hoot Cartridge,
Going Places Cartridge,
Graphically Speaking Cartridge,
Happy Hauntings Cartridge,
Heritage Cartridge,
Jasmine Cartridge,
Joys of the Season Cartridge,
Jubilee Cartridge,


June 24 Melissa

July 22 Katina

Link to Scrappa Delta on side bar its by its self.

Betty's scrap dates:

Jan. 28 & 29 - CH

Feb. 12 - Cancer Crop

Feb. 25 & 26 - CH

March (not yet scheduled)

April (not yet scheduled)

May 6&7 (NSD) - CH (maybe the 8th?)

..........out of office memo........

I'm sorry I'm currently out of the office
I have a very important meeting with Harmon Rabb

: )

SO ya know.....

Y'all know how good Deb W was to me this past weekend. She let me borrow her cords because someone could not remember to bring hers. So on Saturday I remembered and everything was fine.
I left it at home when we traveled once again.
Thank God for Jackie and express mail.

weekend fun

Good Food, Good Friend, Good Times!

tap tap tap

5:15 pm

3:15 pm

2:30 pm

1:30 pm

tap, tap, tap
their's no place like home, their's no place like home, their's no place like home!

January pages

SO let me just say I had the best time at Betty's over the weekend. let me tell ya I did not want to call it a night when I did.
"Its just another day in a big city" was what the guy at CVS said yesterday and i could not agree more.
January plans...... I'm going to do a 12x12 page for January, yep one of the first pages I've done in a year. I hope I'm not completely allergic to the large page now.
New Year Blogging plans I'd like to get back to reviewing cartridges so I'll try to review one a week or month this year. I'd also like to feature a stamp a week I don't know if I'm that creative we will see......
Its a sad day my dancing snowmen are getting boxed and put away for another year. sigh. I love the little freaky moving things. Just to be sure though I'm going to take out the batteries after all we would not want an unauthorised snowman party in a box. This will happen as soon as my sneezing fit passes its lasted while I've writte…


I'll post later tonight or in the morning its been busy betting back into the swing of things...
Later gaiters!


Y'all know where and it's Friday!


For "some" of us its playtime and for others we are cleaning, cooking (I cooked twice yesterday) and washing clothes and in general working around the house. Its not exactly playtime but I'm enjoying being at home and doing all that so it all counts as fun right?

I did have some real fun when I was in my home town not to long ago. I spent a half day with the boys and let me tell you I'll make time the next time I go home to do it again. They are so sweet and if you think they look sweet here you should try in person. Clipie and I walked away with hugs and kisses and great big huge smiles. Blessings


So this is after paint And before
I know the photo above is much better than the top but its really hard to get a good late at night when your tired and cranky and ready for bed. Thank you for all your happy wishes. I will say I've learned one thing after 18 years of marriage we both have learned how to paint and I've learned how to order what I want at Red Lobster without guilt on special days.Can you say Lobster tail and crab legs? yummmm yes they were. Just so you know I did apologise to the lobsters in the tank on my way out the door. I did tell them its been at least twelve years since I've had lobster tail. I promised not to eat lobster frequently. Its those sad eyes just staring at you in that tank and with there little pincher's bound I feel as though it would be taking advantage. I usually don't splurge on lobster because I always have a side of guilt. May you all have a guilt free week I'll be out until next week..probably. Blessings A


Hi there bloggers Mom asked me to take her place today so If you don't know I'm Pumpkin the wonder cat. Lots of things have been going on around here lately. Mom has got back to our old schedule, I wake her up with the most pitiful "Meow" I can find and tell her I'm hungry for canned food and she gets up, eventually. I love on her some and pur then flop over show her my "pretty kitty" roll and then she smiles and gives me a treat.
Today I'm in search of the curtains she washed last night so I can curl up in them. They are soft all that dust is gone they smell all clean and they aren't gunked up with cat hair. So naturally I cant let that happen I must spread my DNA some how right? Time to nap.......

Unfortunately I chose to nap in the wrong room.

I wake up to find my humans have trapped me in a room with with creepy rolly thing. Mom calls the creepy thing a ladder, Dad says its not a ladder its a "scaffold". I pray the the magic in m…


Painting is a real *joy*

This will be my eighteenth anniversary card to Clipie this weekend. Shhhhh dont tell!
Nothing I got nothing for today. Please excuse my absence while I go paint!.
PS. Just getting to Christmas goodies from y'all and let me say you out did yourselves on the bookmarks and the extras were amazing. Y'all are the best ever! A

say what have u been up 2?

Today is test painting day
um yea?

Use it or loose it from the pantry shelves

Yesterday the pantry became clean and not far from empty we have enough tea and sugar for a month as well as pancake/waffle mix, caned tomatoes, and baked beans.
Clean empty storage containers now replace my (invaded) wheat bugged flour.

And last but not least a clean cabinetshelf's that pretty much hold tea and a a few other small things.

The next few days will involve a paint brush (fun?) and lots and lots and lots of cleaning. Thankfully the trash man runs today and will pick up all our defrosted freezer goodies. That is all...... for now........

Its sooooooooo cold

I thought we needed some frosting!