Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ok this is for J who has never seen my Clipie.
I took it this past weekend so it's current.
I know he is not smiling, but I love him anyway!

Is it Thursday?

Man this week has had wings it's going by so fast.

I am currently knee deep in my room so I'm cleaning today. I'm tired of once again wadding through the mess to get to the computer. So the cleaning girl I am today.

Don't forget Tomorrow is a crop night.

I have had no scrapbook time of late so this will be very welcome for me.

Monday, May 26, 2008

welcome back to the real world

I have had a good weekend, I wish it was not over. Friday we spent the day running around town and grocery shopping. Saturday we spent half the day here and we also went to the lake walked out to the beach, then we went to have some good bbq, and a brief sbv visit. Sunday was Sunday we went to church and grilled out and had dinner on the patio and had some rather bad tasting Champagne. Today was spent pretty much lazing here and there in between meals.I'm counting every second until July vacation......

Friday, May 23, 2008

have a good one.....

I hope all of you have a safe
Happy Memorial Day weekend
take care and enjoy the start of the summer season!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

yes it's been quiet

ok I know I've been on the Qt but I just have been busy and uninteresting of late. Here is (future) l/o . It's fancy pants stamps with versa magic inc. This is the first time I have ever used my Fiscars huge stamp block, so I'm thinking its a good thing that I have used it once.

Like all scrapbook things, things come and go I think I'm just about tired of my fibers (all but the ribbon) so I'll be bringing lots of my fibers to get rid of at the next crop.

June 23

the day will celebrate the color pink and I promise to provide you with a perfectly pink layout.



Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So whats up with you all?
I have had no time to scrap so nothing to show you all
I hope you all are well

Friday, May 16, 2008

it the weekend!

clipie has 4 day weeks for the next 4 weeks so I'm having an early weekend yeah. We are off to get haircuts and buy dirt for my flowers this morning. Tomorrow is planting day and if any is interested garage sale day in the huge neighborhood across the street. It starts at 7 am. Everyone have a great weekend!

ps yesterday i bumped into Nancy she said to tell you all "hi"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

it's done

and drum roll please..........
they are done and on the way......

so sad

Ok this is a sad day
first off no I have not found the pics and thanks for asking deb.
secondly I've been on a benadryl high I have had an allergic reaction to lip gloss! For the love of Pete why lip gloss i have no ideal, my lip upper lip has been swollen giving me "model lips" or botox lip injection it does not look that bad or maybe it's just the benadryl talking I don't know.
and thirdly I am so sad a bout sbv that I just cant stand it. Yes I did ask clipie he said no, but I did ask. Oh I just hope we don't get to be without a scrap store. ugh......
gotta go get these invites in the mail.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i'm searching

I'm searching for my wedding photos. ugh I took them out of the album cause it was not acid free and put them up. Well I put them up good. I have decided it's time to scrap those suckers but i need to find them first.

Monday, May 12, 2008


I know I've been a slacker blogger of late so.......sorry about that lots going on here
We had the weekend alone so all I did was enjoy it we also have been working on our patio and that has just taken time.
As of this moment (while writing this) I have taken a break to listen to the news about the earthquake and tornado's. How very sad, how very scary, and how much it makes me think I'm glad I believe in Jesus Christ. My mom called saying she is sure this is end times, I don't know but I do feel like I've have a lot of living to do, but I'll go on record and say I'm ready should something happen. I hope all of you are ready too. I want to scrapbook in heaven we can have gold embellishments.

Moving on from the sermon (and that's just cause I love y'all fyi) I have not been scrapping a lot so not much to show you. Betty announced crop dates and here they are:

May 30/31
June 20/21
July 25/26

As usual these will be listed on the side bar for you all to look at any time you need to.
Betty I'm not sure about the May or July ones. July we have company, and I just will not know until the last minute about May probably I'll find out the day before.

Monday, May 05, 2008

nsd 08

I want to start with saying Thanks to

Betty for this great weekend and for all the weekends before, I so appreciate all the time you put into scheduling and all the work you do for our crops.

Barb and Lisa for getting our thank you project together.

And everyone else for the food and the make and takes, the soup, the pie, the salad all of the food so was great.

If I have left anyone out I'm sorry I could not remember, so if i missed you, thanks to you too.

And just a side note somehow I missed getting a picture of deb h just so you know she was there to share in the fun.



the food was great

thanks to all for the make and takes


and a few more smiles

more smiles

Thursday, May 01, 2008

it's not, is it?

Please tell me it's really not Thursday cause if it is this week has just about flashed before my eyes. On the other hand I'm happy that scrapping is less than 36 hrs away.My days have been filled with searching through every thing I own,(well almost everything)for the garage sale. Debating on do i want to sell the dining room chairs or keep them over and over again. Clipe has been right along side of me doing the same. Last night we we so hot and tired I just gave up the attic was sweltering. I'm glad tonight everything goes to the garage and this will be over soon.

In the mean time I'm working on baby shower invitations, make and takes, cooking and packing up for this weekends crop. I'm tired and the weekend has not even started, but I'm ready and at this point in time that's what counts.

Today I'm headed for the store and hl and finish all packing for this weekend so I wont have much to do tomorrow but price gc stuff. So no cards or l/o's this week but I'll get back to it soon.

Beading hearts

Beading alert this is as crafty as it gets today.