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Not bad a bad looking couple!
OK so I'm not the kinda of girl who generally paints her nails,(basically because my nails are very short) but since I've become a southernner (in training) I have so noticed that all the southern women paint there toe nails. AM I wrong? Now I'm not saying do as the Romans do in this case, but I must admit it does look better than my naked toe look. And with that I must ask myself, am I being cheesy when I say I really like toe rings with the painted toe? Are they still somewhat fashionable(toe rings)? It all comes down to time (do I have it, do i have the time to paint my little pigs) and will I look like a total dork? I mean I'm not in my early 30's anymore I'm (on Monday) thirty something... and holding (officially) and I feel that its my responsibility to not look shlumpy (did I really just say that?) let me retract. I don't want to look like a 35 year old wanting to appear like she's 28 or younger. kwim?
So I'm goi…

as requested

here is a close up of the stamps


Ok So I'm going to trust you all know the cow story about when I first moved here. I was out front hanging a wreath and herd a peculiar sound and got "spooked out". It was just a cow yes I actually got spooked by a cow's moo.
Side note: city girls often do not not hang in the pasture.
Well the moo's are back at it this morning I can here the thing through my window (I'm secretly afraid to look, maybe one got loose and if I look at it directly it would maybe charge the window or something equally dramatic) So Mr or possibly Mrs cow is being noisey and sounding like a cat who was not happy. This is probably one of the few times I've heard (ha ha) the cows since my grand adventure way back four years ago. I guess you could say that the sound gets to me because it's not and actual moooo, it's more like a guttural low moan, than the moo I was taught as a child. It's still a bit freaky is what it is. Cow's mooi'n freaky I tell ya just pla…

stamps anyone?

so I was at Micheal's and picked up a few things like the 1 dollar stamps!
I bought ONE extra of all they had the even better news is Dh bought some to (don't know how many) but she did - Isn't she so sweet? So there will be extra : )

Also I've signed up for a type pad blog soon as I get that going I'll post the address and we will try it on for size. I hope you all had a great weekend we did (but I'm exhausted). I'll share some photos and stories later in the week. blessings A

all about me

here it is some all about me questions. My cousin and I do this all the time. I've been waiting for a good one so here it is. I have a few to add (I'll do that after we whittle this list down). Some of the numbers are out of sequence because I edited the list already, but not enough so I'll ask for some help. I like it the way it is but I don't think it's going to fit in my recipe book we may need this to be our summer project or small chip board book later. Maybe we could call it circleof friends or something.
4. What is your favorite TV show?
7. What is your middle name?
8. What food do you dislike?
9. What is your favorite CD at the moment?
11. Favorite sandwich?
13. Favorite item of clothing?
14. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?
15. What color is your bathroom?
17. Where would you like retire to?
23. Favorite saying?
24. When is your birthday?
25. Are you a morning person or a night person?
28. What did you want to be whe…

sizzix and reasons not to celebrate my birthday early

Have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!
Start summer off right, eat plenty, play games, spend time with your family and enjoy that summer is here.


Manny scrapers on places like 2 peas and such would say that the sizzix is pretty much dead and I disagree. I recently purchased a clearancedsizzix die and this it is one of the cutest things I have seen for a while. I love the window not only does it remind me of my own home but it's one of those shapes that are timeless. Arched windows have been around for a couple of years right? So I'm sure I'll use it in more ways than just on my greeting card. I'm also sure that I'm not going to quit using my sizzix any time soon. I must admit since I started using my cuttle bug I have thought about getting rid of my side kick.

While this weekend promises to be filled with the first taste's and smells of summer and way to many activities than I can count on, my loving sister has decided that the family should celebrate my birthda…


Like all projects I look at them after I'm done and want to revise them (I know I've got to stop doing that) I felt like something was missing on this card so I went back and added an insert inside the card as well as a few words on the outside.


This is my niece's graduation card. A bit of a story to it, she still rides the bus she does not have a her Dl's yet and hates the twinkie (bus). So i thought one last look at the twinkie with a no sign would do better than your average mortar board. a ps the red is just background



i made this card for my aunt Betty. I'm going to send it to her after my nice graduates (Sunday) and send her pictures of her in her cap and gown. I'm also making a graduation card for my niece and I post it later.

If you didn't read the post below dw dad is in the hospital. I hope he gets well soon.

blessings a


instead of cleaning here are some card ideals! i added a pom pom to the reindeer nose to make it stand out
I have no ideal when I decided that this paper would help me scrapbook. Or why I bought some thing that said "Christmas is for kids" cause (most of you know)I don't have any (maybe it was wishful thinking ; ) As I am committed to my cleaning (this week)I had no ideal that I was going to clean this good, to find the once attractive, in style and oh so cool. As it is I have several of these. I'm thinking I could cut them apart and put them on a card or, they could be garage sale fodder. Hmmmm the choices, it's all about the choices in life. Do I start another project (when I have recipe pages to do) or do I keep cleaning? Well that's a no brainier, to me of course I'm going to be ecological friendly and not wast paper, go visit my scraps and embark on yet another project that I may or may not finish. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow! blessings a

the cave of clutter

I'm dubbing my scrap room the cave of clutter for now. I hate to admit it but it has become much worse since I put the cricut in here (I'm now constantly using it) and I also have developed a trash problem as well (also from cricut). So this clutter bug has got to clean today. I thought I'd share one of my storage ideals. I'm storing my cricutcartage boxes, so I'm scanning/enlarging the back of the boxes and putting them on a ring so I can just look at an enlarged version instead of squinting at the boxes themselves. I will trim off the bottom of the page but you can get an ideal what I'm talking about anyway. I hope you all had a great weekend. Blessings a

made with love

OK here is the page that goes with the game
(I just may have 2 extra)
I figure you can use it as a back page for your recipe book if that's what you want. I will be putting "made with love" on the page but seeing that I'm out of the color of paper it will need to wait until I get some. so that's your page enjoy. a

What would you call it

So tell me what would be a good title for this page?
I was 12 don't know exactly where or why I was wearing my"special occasion" dress but I was. It could have been a number of things from school to dad (volunteer) credit union work. I do know it had to be after May and before September, I had no coat on so it was summer and that dress was silk (do you remember when silk was in style? ouch it's getting to be a long time ago my friends) so it had to be warm with a coat in the winter. And I had just had my hair cut, funny I can remember everything but why I had the dress on. So now you know all the facts what would you call it?

blessing a

PS I'm still working on finding a new blog home and
I'll post the pg you get for playing the game here in a bit

whats in your bag?

Ok the purse game,list what you have in it, just do the best you can if you can get your message to post just e-mail it. (don't worry about it) first few to post get a special page for there recipe book.

I'll start, here is what is in mine

billfold -cards, receipts, a few green backs
a small flashlight
tape measure
a zip lock bag with my change in it (I hate it when my change makes the inside of my purse dirty)
(ahem) girl things
pressed powder
and a scrapbook charm (I wonder how that got in there?)

fun blessings

blog tragedy

Well I am happy (sort of ) to announce it wont be blog (no spell check ) and it will not be word press (it ate my document and has a very strange spell check) My space offers a blog so I'm going over there to check it out so doesxanga. I'm looking that's all I can say about the blog at this point. If you have any blogs that you like to visit and are easy to comment on let me know it would be helpful at his point. a

acid free/ fat free

I ran across this little cutie while cleaning this morning. I never knew that paper could be "fat free" check out the cut off strip and what it says. It's good to know I can eat fat free paper while I crop. Dose that mean the m&m are fat free too? (as long as I'm eating them while I crop of course)

Is it possible it is an abbreviation for something? you may need to enlarge picture to see the fat free a


So yesterday posting was nothing but pure torture especially the pictures I have no ideal what was up, program conflict? who knows? So in light of the many problemed blogger I went blog shopping and found 2 I'm going to try for now. One is just simply called "blog" and the other is "word press". At this point it's looking like word press the "blog" one is not so user friendly, as soon as I'm a bit familiar I'll post some links. I need to learn how to post first and how to edit and so forth (I cant find spell check on one of them). If not then I may be going to something more advanced like type pad, we will just need to wait and see what works best for all of us. This should be fun not a hassle.
I'm up late tonight cause I had an afternoon nap and I know not to repeat that tomorrow. I have a nervous energy tonight, the kind where you cant sit still, however I also have two men sleeping in the house so I must tip toe and it's hard to…

the rest

I have no ideal what is up with the blog today posting took way to long and I had to re boot my computer to finish it off. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


sorry the pics started doing weird things so here is one more I'll try to post the rest later. a

week number # 1817 of my life

I hope you all had a great Mothers day, we stayed at home and I ambled and he never sat down for more that 20 minutes at a time. Mr I seems to be suffering of the I cant sit still syndrome of late. I have no problem with settling still in fact I'm sure that I do way to much of that. Today I'm going to commit my self to some light cleaning in the scrap room, aka I need to find thee scanner cords.

So Saturday night I went to crop at B's and it was great (as usual). Had a good time and good time was not induced by the box (tree photo for more information).

so you have

woke the living are ya gonna wake up the dead now? Was a comment I made about 5:30 this morning to the man I am married to. I was woke up by some one doing dishes and slamming the microwave door open and closed. I do believe I growled at the both of them. There is no reason to clop around the house like a moose in the morning Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. And to think last night I made cheese cake, no more cheese cake for you or your friend!

It is now time to go take my Midol and go huddle in the corner.

The pink books are dead but long live the High Heel

oh hum everyone I'm a bit blue today cause at this point well I think my pink books are dead. A woman by the name of Stephanie Feagan wrote a three books about "Pink", Pink is a CPA who has or (had) lotsa spunk.
Show her the money
She's on the money
Run for the money
but alas it appears as though there will be no more new pink books. And it sucks because Pink did not ended up with the man I wanted for her. Such a good book the but man she picked was a major disappointment to me.

So I'm hoping that a lady by the name of GemmaHalliday can continue to weave through the publishing world. So I'm hoping that Gemma can continue her series of books at his point. She just released her second book and is getting ready to release a third (can you tell I like series books). Her books are about Maddie Springer who is a fashion forward sorta girl who designs shoes (mostly spider manflip flops) who seems to find trouble and adventure along her path. She also keeps running int…

our midnight shipment inclueded

This one of a kind silk knee length scrapbook room special of the nightThis can be yours for a limited time I'll I need is all of your credit card numbers so when we max out one we can go to the other of course there is not a satisfaction guarantee but It is guaranteed to satisfy me. Notice only pink items are available, Come visit us next week when we add our new line b&p's.

just in

wow did we get a special shipment today

check it out

Wecome customers

customers welcome to Victoria's of Angiewood we hope your shopping experience is pleasurable

We specialize in clothing for the domestic godice
we have
cotton night gowns with or without holes for the new trendy warn look
please check out or closet daily
we have a great assortment of flannels ,pj , mismatched slippers as well as chemises and priceless pink night gowns that hang way below your knee.

Please Enjoy your walk through our house wife special clearance bin

This weekend and messy Marvin

Remember messy Marvin? I think the boy advertised Hershey's chocolate he was about 8 or so always getting into things, never clean, that sorta thing . Well I feel like I'm related to him, My scraproom is just so bad I can hardly move. I have one pile that is in the middle of the room at this point and various others all over. So just wanted to share the mess and make everyone feel like they are
A. good house keeper and well organized B. My version, organized piles of mess C. or some where in the middle of both of those worlds
Since I won't get a chance to crop with B for a very long time I went to Pam's and cropped on Saturday (for the first time in more than 2 years). Not easy but I really wanted to spend some time with her,(bk) I guess if she had been cropping in China I would have went, If I had the time and the money for the ticket. Bk has been hell and back lately and since I didn't send her flowers or chocolate I figured some crop time would due. Some of the hi…


OK so let us know about the shower Friday night.

Hi my name is Angie
(hi angie)
I must confess I am a sifi fan/addict, I trade in nice Friday nights(when I could crop) to watch the final 13 of my favorite sifi show that is ending forever this season.

I was watching TV when I could have been cropping (home alone but still it's cropping) What was I thinking? Of course I would not have anything to do today but still. Today I hope to add the finishing touches and have them ready for next week. and finally dig out my scanner cords that are still trapped beneath the scrapper rubble.

Today is national scrapbooking day so I'm sending you all happy scrap vibes.
blessings A


Recipe pages
Sides and Salads due the 12th
They are currently seeing if T's shower can be at the crop the night before (11th) cause she works this weekend.
so everything else will be some time later.

blessings a

not so much

So uh I didn't get the scanner all wired up and ready to scan cause it's wires are all berried under a table that is currently covered it wonderful scrap stuff. I'll be digging in here shortly (sigh just another cleaning related project can you tell I don't want to clean? not so much ). I also have some Martha paper I have wanted to "show off" but I cant seem to get the energy to take a picture of it. Of course it's pink and 18x18.

We don't take no coupons
I meet a real nice clerk at Mikes when I was checking out I was buying the Martha paper and she was admiring it so it started up a conversation ( y'all know I cant pass up a conversation) I was asking if the1.99 Martha paper was ever going to go on sale and she said probably not, most of the future adds she had seen didn't have any Martha on sale. And that led her to say that years ago she seen Martha on an interview and someone had asked her what she did for relaxation and did she play video…

sneek peak

I'm going to try to hook up my scanner and scan in some pages later today so with me luck. I thought y'all may want sneak peak at some recipe pages.

Those who have been blacklisted if you would like Pam's last send out just e-mail me and I'll send it on over. She has really staying current on her blog Bonnie needs to do that as well dh tell her to get a blog going. link to Pam's blog

So what about t baby /out to eat shower?
and the due dates for the recipe pages?
Blessings a