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I'm sliding in at the last few hours to say
Happy New Year!
May the new year Bless you and your family's in every way

Yes I'm still hiding from the food

Hiding out is my name
not eating eggs, sausage, biscuits and syrup and all the other stuff is my game
and my little rap it a bit lame
but you like me any way
and I'm done rapping today

Ok I'll stop, is that better? Not much going on today just hanging out with clipie. Tomorrow at an un earthly hour of 7:30am est we will put the car in the shop. So that translates into I will probably wont blog early. What is it with mechanics why do they get up before the sun?
Moving on not much to tell you about other than snow we may get to see some today 20% chance! And tomorrow the same, nothing says Christmas like snow.

Happy New Year too all of you!

we now return to our regular blogging

We have been on the car hunt. A so not fun car hunt that turned into an suv hunt that has turned into a" Oh my Lord do they really expect me to pay this much for a thing with wheels"? Seriously I'm way out of touch when it comes to car pricing. They pretty much want 20,000 for anything will seat 4, I'm just shocked. So that has led to can we keep fixing the car for a while? I what I really mean is can we use it till the wheels fall off? Big mama is staying in the family for a while but it looks like the "other woman" is going to be seeing greener pastures as we pre pair and save money for a new car. Be praying for Clipie he has decided to sell her (the vette)....I'm shocked and don't really know how to react. I guess it's time to do those car pages of him and her.

I have absolutely no projects to share with you of late. I haven't done a project since Saturday. I'm itching to use my ds but there is no time to spare with all of the Chris…

how was it?

So how was your Christmas?
mine was great no snow for the second year in a row so I was a bit disappointed with that. Other than that Santa was good to me. I did get the design studio for the bug and quite a few clothes. I have a couple of things to take back today for my mom and later we are going to put my car in the shop it is very sick we may need to go look at new cars..... ugh I wasn't wanting to do this for a while. But you can only sink so much into a car that had 109,000 miles on it and it's 8 years old..... yes big mama is getting up there in years and I may halfta giver her up. Since it's only the second car I have ever had in my life it's sorta big.

Other than that things are same ol same o kinda thing.


Finding your place

Finding your place is sometimes easy, like when you are at a wedding reception you don't decide where to sit they have a seating arrangement and you sit, no choice in the matter, you just automatically you have a place to be. We also have our favorite places to sit whether they be in in your lazy boy chair or on the arm of the couch its comfortable to you and you alone. Not many will ever understand why I love sitting with one leg tucked up under me at the end of the couch, (just like my Aunt Jane) . We all have a natural place's in our own families youngest, oldest, tallest ,smallest.
Finding your place in the world outside of family and work sometimes is challenging. In December of 03 I had a place in this world, it was in a small suburb of a large Midwestern city. It was not a large life but it was full and one I had spent 30 years in building. I was a daycare teacher for 12 years, I was active in Girl Scouts, had wonderful neighbors/friends, I was a sitter for the Mops…


tick tick tick tick tick tick
Welcome I'm Angie Wallace
and this is
60 seconds with a scrapper

Do you remember the beginning to 60 minutes? I do, when it came on, it meant it was time to turn the channel to the Muppet show. I feel like the past few days all I can hear is that clock tick tick ticking away counting down till Christmas. At last I only have cookies to make, still need to make the cranberry sauce and cinnamon bread. I'm playing the part of the chicken on the sauce, I'm a bit intimidated by the cran, how do I know that 1/2 of them have popped?
I'm all done shopping although that may not stop me from wondering out into the madness to go over to Kohl's later to check out the Rachel ray knife set that is on a huge sale. Cause my Chicago steel knifes keep rusting and my Henkels (sp??) are never very sharp and yes I know how to sharpen the knifes.

In other exciting news Mr Cippie is in the dog house. It all started when he asked me why I had to go to walmart in …

cran apple

Cranberry sauce

2 bag o cran
some cran apple or cran grape juice
1/2 cup of sugar
1 tbsp of honey
1 can mandarin oranges drained and cut at least in half

Do y'all know how to make cranberry sauce? ( I know probably a silly question) I have made it twice the first time it went in the trash, the second time... well lets just say it was ok but not great. This is a new recipe I sorta put together after looking a many recipes on the food network a mish mash of every one's ideals. The big changes are boiling the cranberry's in juice not water and adding honey. Wish me luck! I'll report back soon, lets hope the third time is the charm.

I have been making cheese balls and will be cooking at least two dishes a day for the next few days until Christmas. I will mostly freeze the goodies to keep the clipie from eating all of the tasty foods. Which is my of telling you I must end my blogsession to go cook!


6 days till Christmas
3 gifts left, to get! I can see the end of the wrappi…

Hi all

this is my card for knitty friends and ww

Just stopping by for a quick visit with you all today
I'm very tired after a marathon visit with walmart yesterday. I believe it was one of the longest trips leas it felt that way. Today I'm in the mists of Christmas goodness, cards and a crock pot that seems to be used daily due to my lack of time to cook. I'm printing coupons off the net to save on the last few gifts I have to get and thinking I want to have a nice nap. (been up since 5 b/c clipies car (the other woman) is acting up) I'm also knitting an alpaca (itchieknitty - must be allergic) in the mix. Gotta go Blessings A

the daily knitter

Not that any of you are that interested in my ambitious knitting frenzy of Christmas 07
I'm going to blabber on about it for just a bit cause I have a need to.
I finished one of my 5 scarfs yesterday
This morning I got started on another and I think I'm half way
My clipie scarf I have no ideal.... Will it get done? That is the question. I'm doing his scarf on size 4 needles (0 is the smallest size in needles if you are wondering) but extremelysimple and no real pattern.
I have two more I have yet to start! One is for a cousin hers will be a sloppy scarf (just name of pattern) and the other will be for me to match my coat I will be getting for Christmas.
ugh will I ever learn I'm in to deep?

I have a small amount of shopping to finish and no real good gift for clippie yet
ugh morning frustration
I have cards to get out today (mine)
and cards to finish making for my knitty pot luck
not to mention my a couple cards for some ww people.

And I need to decide what to make for dinner toni…


^ ^^ ^^^

Do you think Santa ever took a course in time management? When he was taking Clause classes did they show him the busy lives of wife's and mothers and let them explain multitasking? I think we all feel the need for a time management class's except we don't have time for the class, or the time to think about something like that. Most of us don't have the time to read our favorite blogs and attend to our favorite hobbies in fact most of you are probably feeling guilty about taking the time to read this. We all are in the same boat so busy that you are multi tasking your own thoughts, and multiple lists being made at one time. My mother who knows I get overwhelmed quickly taught me to start small. Lets say you need to clean the hurricane oops I meant house, start with the smallest room and work your way to the largest. Start in the corner of the room, not the middle, so you can look back on your cleaning and think …

do you

do you need a vacation?
do you need a break?
how about this
I'll give you a few minutes to mentally pack
ready to go
how about the Hampton's
I know it's a bit cold but you will love it it's beautiful
have fun
link to a mini mental vacation

Free Santa

I wanted to share my screen wallpaper it's free at
The Santa is so cute! So is Susan Branch's site check it out!

Christmas lights

My outdoor Christmas lights are red and white,with candy cane accents. (My angel I had out the night of the party quit working so I had to replace her) The hearts are 2 candy canes strapped together with those plastic twisty like things. Well if you haven't noticed our usual sunny weather has headed south, so to speak. I'm missing my vitamin d from the sun. No I'm just tired of the grey, I'm used to it yes, just tired of it and ready for some Christmas sun.
Bear with me these next few days I have some big projects going on and big decisions, part of the reason my blogging is behind. I'm thinking I may need to change my e-mail it would make it tons easier for me. I may be doing that as well as trying to transfer all my old message and favorite files to the new net home.
I'm off to work on Christmas cards today mine and my mom's (she still has no glasses) so it will be a joint venture this year to the better part of the family. blessings A

I should be....

I should be at ww weighing in
I should be having the chicken Mandarin salad after that class
And I should be going to my knitting class after that
but I'm not
I think it was all the greasy food I ate yesterday
I don't know but today is going to be a couch day!

cards Sea sons Greetings

you may want to enlarge the picture so you can see the details


On Saturday I installed the Internet my self! And after a phone call to tech support I was up and running. And the very best part was the only help I had was the tech guy that's right Clipie didn't help (he was at work).

I wanted to take a picture of my outdoor Christmas lights however since we are in the middle of a torrential down pour it's not going to happen. I spent the better part of yesterday (after church) working on the outdoor lights. The lights were very hard to work with this year we only did the bushes by the door and around the door. We also spent much time trying to repair the angel that is still not working I'm very sad to say.

I also should have another card on the bitten by the bug site some time this morning.

On Saturday my sister went back home, she was feeling better, her cold was just about gone and it had stopped snowing more that 4 inches at a time making it much more easy to travel. My Mother said she h…


Ok well as you can see it took me about 3 min to upload a 12 megapixil immage as opposed to 30 to 45 a huge improvement. Also my phone works while I'm on line as well, hmmmmmmm I'm liking this.



the internet and other things

Ok first I'll explain the Internet
yes it is high speed but not true dsl- no I do not understand it
he told me if I don't like it, or if it's not fast enough he will change it
I have no ideal how it works other than it is something about compressing???? on the regular phone line
and I can use the phone at the same time like dsl so I will not have a busy signal anymore
only draw back is I don't have free long distance
and it should be here today or tomorrow and he will try to hook it up as soon as we get our unit.

And I'm waiting to post scrappie things until then, my last down load took 45 min for the card for the bitten by the bug site and that my friends is too long. As for my life I have a house full of people and I'm told two good apple pies. I think they had to much flower in the apple part but I was told I was wrong, who knows. I'm counting down to December 22 when I may have almost 48 hrs alone with my husband.

I received my pd cart yesterday I'll up da…

apple pie

It's as easy as apple pie
To some, not others like me.
Today I made 2 apple pies and it took the better part of 2 hrs. Not exactly easy to this person who has only ever made 1 pie in her life. How is it that I never have? You ask well..... I don't really have an answer to that other than it's just life getting in the way of the pie. Now I'm not a ultra talented cook I can make most of the basics and I only have about one bad dinner a month. I'm defiantly not from the school of ultra talented like Emerald or the Barefoot Countessa (sp???) nope not me simple girl, simple cook. It really helps out that I have not been doing a lot of cooking of late, less cooking = less bad dinners. How did that first pie turn out you ask (or maybe you don't want to know the crust on the bottom did not get done enough for me it was editable) it was ok the guys ate it and well I don't really know how much that says most guys will eat it if you put enough cool whip on it kwim? …

so much

So much for regular blogging my sis is sick and decided to stay seeing that she would have been driving home in about 7 inches of snow. And speaking of snow it is extremely rare that it snow's 7 inches before Christmas back home. After Christmas it's nothing to start with a 9 inch snow or more but before it's all dusting's and by dusting I mean 2 inches or less. One year I can remember having flurries in June (a few years ago just before we left home) and the earliest was 1 week before Halloween and that was just a dusting back in 91 (the same year I graduated high school).
Now down here in the south when you say snow you mean " THE SKY IS FALLING" everyone is in a virtual frenzy and runs to the store for the southern basics (which are) Bread, Beer, Milk and eggs. Back home we scoff at this preparing frenzy the only frenzy we ever witnessed was y2k and yes I did participate in the silly ness, but not in an extreme manor. I had a case of diced tomatoes, a case …

Happy Hanukkah

Yes I'm going to order the stamp! let me know what you want to do

Mr I will be working my Internet today (I is for Internet today)hopefully we will be seeing the digi net in my home soon. Wow I cant wait to upload and put all my pics and projects on the blog.

As for me as usual Today is full of ww and knitting while Mr I checks out price plans and runs his fingers throughcyber world learning about the dsl.

And speaking of stamps have any of you seen the doodle bug stamps they are cute here is a link.

Scrap happy girl will return to regular blogging tomorrow when hubby goes back to work


Today I'm spending the day with Mr I. He is using up his final two days of vacation he has left this year. While he sleeps I blog. I did promise something scrappy a few days ago so I promise to eventually get to it.

So what do y'all think about the stamp? I was surprised, I never have heard of Peachy Kean stamps and they seem to be very nostalgic. And an interesting fact if you get published using their stamps they will actually pay you -interesting concept. if anyone wants to order let me know we will do a group thing.

And in the news I'm being published on the Internet! I'm going to be featured on the bitten by the bug blog as Decembers guest designer with my Santa card. My card should be up sometime today here is the link:

I may periodically have work on her blog this month so stay tuned for future work on her blog. This is my first time ever being published for my work!

I'm truly a Scrap Hap…

ginger girl

I found it
This stamp the "ginger girl" yes the ginger girl is a stamp! Was referred to me by the bitten by the bug site, someone suggested I should enter their contest so when I found this ginger girl I was so shocked.
Oddly enough this image was the topic of conversation at our Christmas party last night. I had been in a swap on the cricut board and received a swap tag with this girl and I had no ideal where it came from. I'm glad it was found here is the link


National Geographic
at 1:00 pm cst
the ultimate factories
The corvette plant is being featured and Mr I and my bil will be on. Just a glimpse of my dream boat but Carl gets a full screen shot he will be putting in door windows.

We have had a great Christmas party, Chelle we missed you.
More later.......


Pumpkin is recovering from her fur balls/ or whatever made her under the weather, she is feeling much better today. I have been busy with last minute details for the party (I'm so behind) but wanted to take time to say hi. I promise to eventually post some scrapbooking things hopefully after this weekend I'll get some scrapping done.

I also wanted to share some great news my mother continues to have great doctor check ups and is Cancer free.


on Saturday

who is coming on Saturday?
mh's friend?

dw no
chelle no

Wednesday november 28

Getting kitty with it

I'm up to my ears in crafts project for Christmas, I have no ideal how or when I'm going to finish them all. I have several scarfs and one huge s/b project. And on top of it my submission for guest designer is due at the end of this week. I'm going to need to stop and finish one project at a time at this point. And in the mist of all this Christmas craftyness I'm trying to do the normal day to day things like take care of my Pumpkin who was not feeling well yesterday.

The Christmas rush I love it. Being so busy you can hardly breathe and having so much fun in the mix of it. Its hard to remember from year to year the rush of things, but what I do remember is the fun and enjoyment I get from all the hard work.

My body can also hear the call of the holidays I have lost my first 10 pounds thanks to much help of ww. And with that I will be eating less cause every ten pounds they take away points, just in time for Christmas may I add. It's as if my bo…

back to the holiday rush

So after a very rainy trip back I'm no worse for the wear. I'm not worn out this time which is very nice. We took a few pictures I'll share some of them later when I can sit for two hours a wait for them to down load. I'm behind on my e-mails this morning I'm cutting this short to go answer them. And then there is all the laundry and unpacking for me to do so with that I need to say:

I changed the number of the party to 9 (including me) My sister is coming.

here is an article on Anastassia (yes the real one) It appears her ending was not the one we wanted for her. I was unacquainted with legend until the children's move was made.
here is the link


1 gray cat with black stripes Wednesday night
cat was wet, crying in the rain.
cat is good, uses litter box, very scared.

Missing: Raggs the cat
Residence: Next door

This was an adventure I'm thankful it's over.
( I wrote this earlier today and when I came back tonight to read it made no sense. While I was writing everyone was yelling for me to come to dinner so this is revised from this afternoon.

Wednesday night when we were unpacking my sisters car we found a cat (see George). The cat came to us wet, upset and lost (or so we thought). It went into the garage for the night, the next day was Thanksgiving so we knew we would put off doing anything about until the holiday. Thursday and Friday the cat would not come out from hiding (in the garage) we truthfully thought it had somehow got out of the garage. This morning it left behind some "evidence" that it was still around not to mention it had finally ate the food I had left for it. Obviously the cat had just b…

Hi gobblers

Well after a day of shopping I'm exhausted. I'm headed out again this morning for another find and a few more things. Michael's had carts for 44.89 and you also could use a 25% coupon with them. Yes I did get the na my mom got her a few but hey did not have a great selection. My favorite buy was a red wool coat for myself and the best holiday buy was Mrincredible will get a new razor (electric) for 16 bucks. Other than a memory stick and some movies that was all we found interesting. We will be doing a bit of shopping with mom today and then we will be putting some Christmas trees up for her (we put my mil's tree up yesterday).
I'll be back to regular bloggin soon
I hope you all have had a great weekend with family & friends

oh I forgot I need a number for Friday night is this right?

MH + friend
and Chelle is not (but we don't want to leave her out)

George the cat

Happy ThanksgivingEveryone
I hope you are able to spend the day with family & friends
and I hope you all have a safe and fantastic holiday

I have so much to be thankful for
My parents
and so much more in my life
I am also thankful for all of you who read the blog and I'm thankful for all the wonderful women I have meet at the big girl table....(ps M H you are now a part of the big girl table). One day I'll explain that on the blog but for now I'll just keep others guessing ; )

And like aways I'm typically on an adventure, as we were unpacking my sisters car I herd a cry. It scared me I knew that cry I thought it was Pumpkin and she had got out but it was not it was..... we will call him (I think) George. George was crying because he was wet and it's obvious George is not used to getting wet. So he is currently sleeping in the garage. On Friday I will call the county he does have a rabies tag but no other tag and he has the most annoying bell ugh. Pumpkin(a v…

the day before turkey day

I would like to think that everyone is as busy as I am especially these past few days. Last night I was cooking and I came with this little bit O wisdom

I am tired
I am sweaty
Shouldn't this be over with already?

The food I'm making smells so great
I could have some more, if I weren't watching my weight
As the wee hours stretch in to the night
My pizzelle making is almost finished they came out just right!

As you can tell I did get to sleep about 2 am this morning only to wake again at 5, drink caffeine and be un able to go back to sleep. So in short I'm in need of a nap, tired and grumpy (if I keep it up I can be all seven dwarfs)! Just joking all things aside I love it, I love the results of working so hard and in the end everyone enjoying that hard work. Especially when it tastes so good. I'm going to go take a nap have a visit with Regis and Kelley this morning.


bazzill bonanza

In my mind world the Christmas season has began. This weekend I started hearing the familiar Salvation Army bell ring at many stores. I also find myself in deep water when it comes to making Christmas gifts like knitting and scrapbooking. I'm also listing to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies already (Deck the Halls and yes it was great). And naturally Christmas cards are in the mix. For the past three years I have made my cards, this year due to high postage I'm going to make half and the other half are going to receive a Christmas post card. I also thought about sending e-cards but I'm just not that much of an Internet lover. I don't want to lose lmy passion for hand made cards however the price of postage is sucking the joy right out of the fun of sending them.

Q K - at H L if you did not get a chance to see them. they have a chick, duck, three different flowers, a file folder tab, a lady bug grass, heart, and plenty more that I can't remember. All the…

for the curious

I have-mailed QK and asked them if they would tell me the specific dies that H L will be carrying cause y'all know I'm a QK fan.... They would not tell me, so I'm going to e-mail H L and see what they say. I really want to know the dies they are going to have, are they old or are new or a special HL line? Any who getting back to... I guess I'm glad I didn't get rid of all my QK alphas yet. I hope soon to try them in the cuddle bug, but much going on here at Christmas central today. Yes, tomorrow Clipie and I are going to start decorating for the season. He is off this weekend and I'm going to take advantage of his tallness and have him help me fill the house with Christmas cheer. I'm not sure if we will get to Christmas lights outside, but I do know we will deck the inside halls. This also leads me to think of our Christmas party

On Friday November 30, I will host our Christmas party and I was thinking I should be making some plans of what to do. So we have …

Mrs tired

Yes I am tired here me roar.
The class at Bonnie's was one of the best I have ever taken. Oh my we received $45. worth of product and the pages are so beautiful! I've taken some classes and I'm telling you this is better than most of the the cku-master classes I have taken. Lots of cutting and measuring but so worth it, lots of paper left over. I bought an extra sticker packet and the cat's eye she used. The supply list you need to bring is long but again you wont mind in the end. Thank heavens it did not rain on the way there and on the way back, oh and long, we did not get back until 10. Make sure you are on time you will need every second of class, and try not to talk even my usual talkie self had to be quiet to follow along. (I know gasp I was quiet)

Yesterday was my busy day I had a whole 45 min between activities. So last night after I was home I fell asleep while I was knitting (thankfully it was at the end of a row) and woke up to the "cops theme" about…

it's Christmas music time

Hi all I'm just stopping by to say good morning. A hi and bye kinda thing, I'm going to be at the Christmas Tea today. Actually I'm seeing how much you can possibly cram into one twenty four hour period. Not much to say just have a great day.

Bonnie's blog

Here is the link to Bonnie's new blog. I will be adding it to the blog links on the side bar.

re cap

Where should I start? I'll just re cap day by day with as few words as possible Thursday night- the quiet crop, relaxed, low key. got lots done. Friday- most of our group arrived just after breakfast and a full day of scrapping was had by all. and the best part was I discovered Honey's BBQ. Saturday- we discovered that MH's hubby can cook like a chef. All of the t-shirts fit, some of us took classes. Saturday night we discovered we were good sports when we lost the costume contest, MH had the privilege of becoming a part of a royal court. And some people are allergic to "do rags" and that the swelling does go down eventually after two Benadryl knock you out cold for about 8 hrs. Sunday morning was met with a final rush of scrapping. Terri was sad to see her babysitting job end. And we learned that DH wont let all of her 43 oops 23 or 21 children say a few nights away at the sitters house. I also learned that crocks watter and unloading the car don't mix (I fell in…


We could have not asked for a more beautiful weekend. Everything was at peak color and the days were warm and the nights were cool.

the cool chicken

I think this picture of Bonnie doing the chicken dance says it all .......

It's here it's here

Well today is the day Retreat is finally here!

I have a few things to wrap up before I can come and start the scrapping goodness.

For those of you who didn't get a chance to go or read from afar I'm sorry about the laps in blogging till Monday. I hope you have a great weekend and "come Monday" I'll be back to blogging just like usual, and I'll probably be able to share a few great stories.

blessings a


1 day left

Until the fun begins!

more of sam the turkey


more sam

here he is Strutt'in Sam
as you can see Sam was down right friendly so I had to roll up the window cause I don't know if the is a nice turkey or a not nice turkey.

Turkey lurky

2 days!!!!
Sam's club was the place to be yesterday.
I went to peruse the isles of bulk when I had an encounter, Sam the turkey. According to employee's Sam's home is in the wood thicket just beside the store. Sam is a huge thing and also my first close (UFTE = Unidentified Friendly Turkey Encounter) encounter with a real live turkey. However this big chicken was in her car not wanting to touch the Turkey goodness of Sam. I was at Sam's club twice yesterday once early morning (see a visit with Sam) and then again late to pick 87 pictures off of cd's, cause my printer is dead. Now usually I learn from things that happen in my life but not yesterday. I could have kicked myself for not having a camera so I could capture Sam the turkey on film, but my second visit I had yet another encounter. "The van of free speech" I believe it was a mini-van with bumper stickers covering the entire vehicle, including the roof. It was a radical type of thing, downing most…


I made this for a swap on line Ijust thought I'd share

Christmas is here early

3 days
I can't believe it is just three days away
I'd better work a bit more hard towards getting things wrapped up.

Christmas had come early once again at H L they are offering again this week a 40% off coupon. Link so if you missed an "deals" you can take a quick trip.

And in other news, wait there is on other news, I'm going to scrap this weekend.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be once again my busy day so in advance if I don't get to the blog I'm sorry.


a bunch of stuff

so its
4 days left
panic! not totally packed and my printer broke yesterday ugh
so no I don't have the photos I may go do this today

I'm pretty much going to just over view the past few days cause they have been crazy

I'm alone with clipie this weekend
Yuck I've had a small bug that I cant seem to shake in the mix of all this
Friday we went out on a real date and we ate a Red Lobster (who's strawberry daiquiris are Delicious fyi)
Then later that night we stopped by chucks and I got carded!
That makes a girl feel young I tell you and yes I thanked the man who carded me
he also said "a, uh, OK" when he read my licence.
It's been a while since I haven't been called mam makes you feel a bit old after a while kwim?
All week I have been in debate on weather to buy the hobby lobby tote and passed it by, I'm hoping this was not a mistake, still debating.
We also ended up in the worlds longest traffic jam close to the post office.
Brown wants 13. something to send…

a week

First off only
7 days till retreat
one week until our scrap vacation!

And secondly
Happy Birthday to my sis
who is turning 50 today.

Also chelle how much do we owe you?

yes I am still working on our poster ( I actually for got to buy the poster it's self)

And for those of you who don't know this week is H L 40% coupon so if you need supplies now is the time.

I'm off to go start printing out photos for retreat.

a tribute to Joe

a tribute to Joe.....
I'm not sure when I met Joe and his wife Kathleen but it has most certainly been a while ago probably to the tune of about more than 15 years ago. Joe is my sister-in-law (Janet's) father, she is married to Clipie's oldest brother Rick. I don't remember the first time I met them but I do remember the last time I spent time with them. In July we went to Atlanta to their grandson's wedding and we shared a dinner table as well as one of the last dances of the night. Clipie and I and he and Katleen were the only couples dancing to the tune of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville.
Joe was always quick to remember me by name and greet me with a hug and kiss, even though we are not that related, I was always treated with lots of love and as a member of the family. He was always smiling and ready to tell a joke. He was the A typical "Dad like" figure. My memory is so odd sometimes, I can remember giving him our typical hug and kiss when they le…


almost down to a week!
Well today is shaping up to be another busy day. So with that I'll wish you all a Happy and safe Halloween.


joy challenge

joy challenge

paper is doodle charms

a punch was used for the diamonds

and the snowflakes were standouts and inked my me




9 days

buffet pricing (I called myself and spoke with Namoi (sp??))

Breakfast Monday -Saturday 6.95
Sunday 7.95

Lunch Monday- Saturday 7.95
Sunday 12.95

Dinner is 12.49 daily



Just 10 days!


Wow what a surprise waking up to 33 degrees on the back porch. I'm not complaining cause it's much better than a hot 100 that we had not much more than a month ago. I may need to pull out the old Columbia coat cause that's a bit chilly. And yes I'm up early this morning.

In other very sad news Porter Wagner has died, now if you will recall Clipie and I did see him at the Grand Ole Ory in August of this year. If you don't know who he was he was the one who invented the very flashy country and western sequined suit and back in the older days he would open up his suit jacket and it would say "Hi" or something like that.

And the weekend brought another scrapbooking scandal and yes again it centers around the Scrap Smack Blog, who have been the industry whistle blowers of late. According to one smacker the garden girls at 2 peas have a private message board to converse on, and these garden girls don't like scrap smack especially when they start telling the t…


Days from now we will be basking in retreat goodness. We will be safely tucked away in a secluded and remote area filled with scraphappyness. We will glance at the natural beauty around us as we use un recycled paper in the name of archiving and giggle when we spread the best glues hobby lobby has to offer. We will love the sound of the cricut and call it the best bug ever. We will rejoice in a scrap happy sisterhood and eat at lest three times a day. We will not shy away from Chocolate or sweet, or greasy snacks we will embracethem by chewing the love out of them. We will dress up and act silly and have a great time I'm looking forward to it!


oh joy

just a sample of joys of the season and cricut markers

more pj stuff

OK I may have found something

these pants I'm pretty sure they come big enough and should be packaged like t-shirts in the t-shirt section I'll check this weekend, If I find them you all may just get a phone call. I'll also take look at the scrubbs see if they fit at walmart.

In other news favorite colors
a pink
bak red I think
dw pink
dh green
and new m?

pleas leave me best guesses

I will have our poster done this weekend or Monday when it is finished I'll e-mail you the results but do to "keeping things a secret" I will not post it.

in the fish bowl of life

I find this very cute


so since this is a scrap blog I thought we may want some scrapping on it
the Autumn card is alphalicious and the tree is zoo balloothe city card I don't like at all it is covered in glitter and the font is plantin schoolbook?

this just in

This afternoon I received our retreat letter......

I have a few things that I would like to bring up

1.first does anyone know the cost to eat at the lodge? the buffet
2. who is making the flag?
3. pj's - after reading the letter I think we clearly need pj's

I really didn't think it was to important until I read the letter.
I really don't know what to do at this point. Like I said early today I feel mostly responsible cause of my big behind. It would not be a problem for me to wear something different. And yes I have lost weight but I don't think it's enough. Also I'm not opposed to trying on anything or helping look. I think at this point you all should decide what to do? You all get matching pj's and I'll try to match them up as best I can or something, I'm really at a loss here. If you want me to help look just list where you have looked (including online) the prices and possibilities. That way we are not all looking in the same place. I'll post…

did i say

lands end, wal mart, are other places I have checked they have nothing on line.....
kmart did have lands end soft stretchy pants that look like pj's for 9, bucks online I can go to the store and see if they fit, not a problem.

I do think the fashion bug pj's are just to high in price

You know if you all want to go ahead and do the stripe pants that's ok. (I'm not opposed to wearing somthing diffrent). I feel bad at this point and I feel like I'm mostly to blame cause my butt is so darn big. a

how about

for the slender

for the fluffly

it is only fate that is has a pink bow. yes I know we would need to hide it I'm just sayin its pink it could be fated to be with me cause it's pink and that's how I roll. pink

and the rain continues

I'm not excited to tell you that fashion bug does have black pjbottoms but they arr 28 bucks a pair, what is up with that? Looks like fashion bug is pretending to be Dillard's. So I was thinking by the weekend if we could check Goody's and K-mart, I really can't think of any other store we haven't looked at.

That's it for now
blessings a


We have finally received some rain!
Yesterday and today it's been wet and when you get wet you actually get cold. Now cold is something we have not had the pleasure to feel all summer long and I'm so lovin our rain filled days. (you get wet and cold when you step out on to your patio to put your mums in the rain so they will keep living and do not need to use the city watter to keep them alive. You sacrifice getting wet and cold b/c you are trying to conserve watter and be kind to your environment, seeing that your in a drought and don't want to become the city of Atlanta and not have drinking watter and all ) And News flash my mums have lived through several week in my care and I am amazed at this fact I have kept plaint life alive my grandma would have been some what proud. Ok moving on

How about glue? yesterday I did go get some sale glue there were only 4 packs of glue star herma left and there were bunches on Saturday. So we all must be stocking up for retreat or it cou…

paper dolls

take a look at what this scrapper did with her paper dolls cartridge.

more updates

First lets thank Betty for once again getting the club house for us.

Second let me know if i need to go to old navy

Third adhesive is on sale at hl go get some for retreat soon

Fourth retreat is officially 19 days away!

Fifth OK so about Grey's it was on tonight after the local news. I have and update if you want it. Do you? I would not want to spoil it for anyone and yes it was great.

Sixth sorry no posts over the weekend I just have had a busy weekend

Seventh that's a nice number isn't it?

Eighth I hope everyone had a great weekend I did and I just cant wait until retreat.

also if you have been reading the message boards they have been saying that un do is no longer available try Lowe's so I'm told

and another thank you to dh's hubby for taking care of the bug for us.
Blessings a

happy birthday to the blog

blog birthday

While I have been working on many things yesterday (my home has been a flurry of activity of late) my blog anniversary slipped away from me. As of the 17 my blog is a year old, can you believe it? It in no way seems like a year, since then I've had more than 7,500 page viewings. Wow that's a lot. So I just want to say thanks to my best friends and family for stopping by and participating and in truth it's that participation that makes this blog interesting. Y'all give me ideals and topics to wright about and always coming up with something new to say or share. So here is a big fat Thank You from me to all of you for reading, participating, overlooking my creative spelling as well as crazy posts.

just a few things
chelle would be proud..... I have cleaned one whole bin of stuff out of my sbr closet, as well as put paper on the shelves in there. Also the back bedroom is some what looking better.

I'm also bringing some tags and stuff to get rid of I hope…

ok this is neet

The Trippiest Optical Illusions on the 'Net
Posted Oct 15th 2007 3:31PM by Terrence O'Brien

This silhouette wins the award for coolest thing we've seen all day -- and it's not just because the tiny dancer above is in the buff. This is a little test that will tell you whether the left or right hemisphere of your brain is more dominant.Instead of concentrating on her chest, concentrate on the woman's movement. If you see her spinning clockwise, that means you're using the right side, or more creative side of your brain. If she appears to be moving counter-clockwise, then that means the left side, or more logical side of your think muscle is superior. At the Switched office, some of us see her going clockwise, others see her spinning counter-clockwise. At least one of us claims to see both, while another one of us opened this animation in Adobe ImageReady in order to isolate the frames to see if there's any direction-changing funny business going on. There isn&#…


Well this is my second attempt to blog this morning my electric has been going on and off all morning and it's only 6:30 am! It all started when poor clipies back up alarm went off at the wrong time ugh I felt bad for him cause he is moving to a new job (same place of work just moving him) and had to go in early today. Well he got in the car and the electric came back on
so he had to get back out and fix the garage door for me (making him about a whole 1 minute early for work). Then all was fine until I was sitting where I'm sitting now and the lights went out. yep me by my self sitting at my computer still typing and its dark. I'm so thankfully God let some very smart brain event cell phones cause the come in handy epically when you don't have a flash light. So my house smells pretty this morning a mix of differentscentedcandles and the hum of the computer and swirl of the cling fan.

Now that my smeller, humming and swirling is going on I can get my geek on with doing …


Since I went home this (past) weekend and didn't get back until late Monday I feel like I'm behind in the week. For example I only have 2 1/2 days till our crop on Friday, I haven't even began to think about what I'm going to do. I wanted to assemble kits for the retreat but I'm not sure that there is time to print up pictures and from what the news is saying I'm not spending the money in gas (I haven't been out this morning seeing that it's close to 6:30 am) to go see. So today I'll be project hunting and thinking up things to do. I did sign up for an on line swap so I need to get started on that soon.

I also need to say that Saturday morning I'll be late (i think) I'm supposed to take my sister out to breakfast cause she is coming down for a visit. I may leave early each night but I'm still going to crop, after all it will be my last chance until retreat. And speaking of retreat we are 3 weeks away as of this Thursday.
So it looks like I…

its in the bag


toot toot

so I did post my cricut l/o on the cricut message board
The prime reason I haven't posted anything before was i could not figure out how to make my file small enough to fit on there pg but found a way as of last night that involved cutting and pasting, I hope I can remember how i did it cause I want to do it again.

right now I'm working on a city snow scape. if it turns out I'll post it too but later after things settle down a bit. I have laundry to do at the moment so I'm off with a date with the washer and dryer (oh joy)

blessings a


I used Animal kingdom 3 inch owl

Christmas cheer for the house

George for the fence (number symbols)

Georgie circle for the moon

and the grass I did with scissors


I hope everyone had a great weekend
I wanted to remind everyone that the crop is Friday and Saturday @ the Club House
Also seeing that we are 4 weeks from retreat, this weekend (and this will be our last crop until retreat) would be a good time to get everything in order for it. So if you think of anything we need to bring let me know and I'll get the word out.

Also we will be planning a clean and crop/ Christmas party for my house on Friday and Saturday November30 and December 1st. White elephant gift $5.00 (same as last year?) sounds good? let's decide Friday and Saturday so you all will have time to think about it.If it's OK with you I'd like to do the Christmas fun stuff Friday and Saturday the clean and organize. To those of you who haven't read my blog long I have a great really wonderful set of Friends who happen to be scrappers and they are going to help me re organize my dysfunctional and unclean scrapbook room. See federal disaster area (I mean my messy scr…


I must give another shout out to the or aka GUESS WHO for linking over to me about the Creating Keepsakes HOF sweepstakes violations. I as I said in an previous post. (link: ) Her blog brings many fine points to this whole huge mess. I also think she has done a great job with hooking up scrappers with links to express there concerned scrapper voice's. As I mentions in a previous post I entered a page contest at cku m and did wonder why some of the top ten landed in that pile of winners. Not all of them were bad mind you, there were pages much better than mine (I did not place and in reality I probably would have not been in the top 50). What this blog bring to light is a multitude of other scrappers asking lots of questions like Was any ck contest ever fair? I've been left thinking I'll never know where I really stood in that contest, but it's for sure I'll won…


I forgot one thing
4 weeks until RETREAT


I know I did this picture on a l/o before however the pick I had on it I was not happy with. But I wanted to post it so I am.
In other news well .... there is not much other news right now other than I seem to be addicted to this smack blog thing.
Only other things is my knitting and I don't think any of you are really excited about my knitting.

blessings a

cave of clutter

ok after about 2 days of cleaning her is what my room looks like this afternoon.

The last pic is of the spare bedroom beside my room that has also been taken over by scrapboooking supplies. Soon we will have before and after pictures So November 30th and December 1st my place for Christmas party and cleaning we will work out the details later. Thanks for coming over. I needed to hear that I had a messy room and that I need to clean it up and in order to do that I can't keep everything that's in there now. And I really do need to be able to see my carpet. thanks and blessings a

top of the morning to ya

On Saturday my good friend was telling me about one of the many blogs she reads one of them just happened to be the scrap smack blog
Apparently most of the content is controversial or just plain nosey but they have brought and issue with Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame contest (HOF) to light. Makes me feel a bit squirmy cause I did enter the page contest when I went to cku masters and didn't to agree at all with some of the pages picked. So it does make me wonder was I judged on a level playing field? Who knows it was 2 years ago and you just cant go back and change the results now. But do go over some of them should get an a + in creative writing ; )

Moving on last night I did go buy a few totes and need to know what time are you coming over? And yes I have tried to clean some but I don't think it helped much. I may continue to try to clean until y'all get here.

And lastly It's is finally cold outside! I'm not sure I know how to act.…