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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 2011

I toast you scrappers may this be the happiest, scrappiest year ever!

Wow 2011

New Year Blessings Angie

The plan man

It was not part of my Christmas break plan to get a cold. It was not my intention to offer to be on the H.O.A. board but it is what it is, things have got to change in my hood. I'm taking a plunge with a few other neighbors who want change.

Later kids I have some cards to post I will get to things when the travel slows down.
Blessings A

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my friends Blessings Angie

Its time!

Way to furry

Kinda young Warm this is just to warm Just right

Blessings A

Are you ready?

No Joke at one time I had a suitcase that looked exactly like this (in blue) when I was a kid. i bought it with my allowance it was close to $20.00 if I remember correctly.
This looks exactly like my Grandmothers suitcase. I think it went to Goodwill a few years ago.
Need I say more about how I relate to this photo?

Blessings A

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps,

I'm thinking more and more with all this traveling I may need to trade in my beloved Buick for this

Or maybe this Or perhaps

the last one is overboard but still I'd get wherever I wanted to go.......Mostly........
You see in winter it would come in handy and I could just run over anyone who decided my turn signal was a Christmas ornament and I could most importantly glide ever so smoothly over the rivers and through the woods to Mothers house I go! Safe Travels everyone! Love Ya

Poinsettia Love

My to do lists are long my time is short! A cloud 9 ppr felt flowers mm gem brads

OOOOOOhhhh ahhhhhhh!

New carts for the new year
click "here"
I don't usually talk about new carts but I really do like these, (thanks for the heads up Debbie, I didn't even see the e-mail)
I'd post them and promote them on the blog but Provo's ever aggressive tone towards customers makes me frown.

I like the better part of the new carts although I was really again disappointed in Mothers day. I didn't like last years cartridge and this years leaves me saying "What huh, really, something new please!". I was also very disappointed in Mr. Incurables stance (we all know I have on occasion called hubby Mr. Incredible) it really wasn't usable for me.

Blog posting is going to be spotty for the next month I'll try to at least update weekly but I make no promises. Travel safe my friends eat lots of cookies for me (I"m currently sticking to my ww diet very strictly) and lot and lots of goodies.

Yes I'm counting the sweet tea, oh man is a huge pain.

no sew

The craft of the day is....... shhh lets keep things quiet we will make this a cover up. Sorry it was the best I had. I'm up to my ears in Christmas readiness so I'll chat with y'all later xoxo A


Dear Santa,

At times I have been good this year. Just incase your having trouble filling my stocking I thought I'd send you my cricut list this year......
Country Life
Toy story
Just Because
Paper Pups
deep blade
cutting mats
gypsy clutch
screen protectors

So whats on your Cricut list this year?

fyi if you have 8000 cricut points you can redeem them for an expression bundle.

Does anyone have Melissa's and Katina's birthday (days) so I could add them to the list?

Thanks A


I cant help myself You light up my life........
I'm wearing a green Santa hat that says:
May Your Days be Crafty and Bright (cricut hat)
I'm also wearing my nightgown, and pajama bottoms pink with hearts, and pink corvette sweatshirt.I decorated the balcony wearing that and answered the door, yes I really did.

So this weekend in 20 ish degree weather

we went for a romantic sleigh ride

It could have looked like this right before dark
(Lowe's if your wondering)

Yes I have been good
(at times)
this past year.......

Don't I look sexy in my boots?

Please what ever you do don't answer that.

Tie the weekend on

So this week it been all non scrapping I've been making no sew blankets (I will have a picture for y'all next week). However today is the day of secret no TOP SECRET planning. I plan to enter the apartment balcony decorating contest. I'm gonna lay down some Charlie Brown as you can see. With the help of Rod, a staple gun, and step ladder I will be tangled in lights this weekend. have a good one, take care.

Decorations of blue on a green Christmas tree.........

OK here you go snowmen, tree and yes the ever elusive wal mart lights I did find in BG.
I'm dragging a bit from the stomach thing that's why this is so short. Be back soon! A


So the ponds have fish who knew? Pretty
Your welcome I love y'all wish I had been home.

deal the cards sammy

Boot commitments

Commitment I have a problem with committing to a boot, any boot. OK we know I think its cold here in K.C. but the fact is we have snow in these parts lots of snow. Sigh. With that snow its cold and you need to wear socks. I hate to wear socks it is a foot affliction in my opinion. The up side to socks is they keep you warm and if your cold you must wear them. Sigh So when it snows you cant wear your crocks Sigh Really you just cant they have holes (yes I know they make ones without but they are way to hot and make my feet sweat) So we must result to the boot I've come to a decision I don't like any boot. Nope not really, its what one do I hate the least. So I will document my boot journey.

Do I look like the type of girl who is equine friendly? Did I go to prep school? Did I have ridding lessons? Your answer should be no.

Ha! Really? They must be functional

I lived through the 80's once it was enough. I also liked M.J. I also liked to see the moon walk but not now, not on my feet.


Just Ducky

OK so the holiday is over and so is the travel so everything would be ducky if I could twitch and twinkle my nose like Samantha on Bewitched. I'm up to my ears in stuff.
Later girls.

Betty & Terri I had a great time Thursday night we checked out about 3:15 or so I hope y'all grabbed up some deals.

T Day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

So about two weeks ago "we" (better known as "I" because he hid and mysteriously had something to do when I was scraping out the guts, conveniently) carved our first pumpkin in the life of our marriage. yeah we never had done that. Being the crafty girl I am I also baked the seeds

Umm...... yeah so even the ducks would not eat my burnt pumpkin seeds

In the end the pumpkin was great, I actually made the font on the cricut from pumpkin carvings and the words are from street sign. When you sit the pumpkin next to a wall it reflects the words "Give Thanks".

I'm VERY THANKFUL for ALL of you who take time to read the blog. I'm grateful for all of you who stop by and say "Hi" being so far from home it makes it less lonely in this big strange city. It also reaffirms how much I enjoy my friendship with y'all. May you and your family be blessed this season. Much Love,Angie
Albuquerque is a turkey
And he's feathered and he's fine
And he wobbles and he gobbles
and he's absolutely mine.

He's the best pet that you can get..
Better than a dog or cat.
He's my Albuquerque turkey
And I'm awfully proud of that.

He once told me, very frankly
He preferred to be my pet,
Not the main course at my dinner,
And I told him not to fret.

And my Albuquerque turkey
Is so happy in his bed,
'Cause for our Thanksgiving dinner...
We had egg foo yong instead. Thanksgiving blessings to you and your family! Much Love Angie