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clarification of gallon, pint, ounce

I don't mean it in literal terms here is a great example

the gallon in this case in the striped paper
pint is the blue
and ounce is the brown
did that help?
I'm sorry I wasn't clear it's been a while
we will save the color wheel for another day (I have know ideal how I managed to turn that picture sideways but I did, can you tell I'm not a techno geek? )

On another subject
Rod and I had a good visit with old friends last night (we used to be neighbors)
way back in like about 10 years ago we had some of the best neighbors in the world. Jeff and Amy (we also had other good neighbors Juanita and her family, but that's a story for later) and there children Kori, Trent and Jessie (Trent and Jessie are twins). It was great to see there happy family and there smiling faces.

That's all for now blessings a

it's color class part 1

OK so Friday and Saturday were great I'm ready for more!
I thought you all might enjoy a color class Heather taught most of this to me back in the day when she taught. most of this info is from her class so keep that in mind

color how much?
remember : Gallon, pint, ounce
think of it in terms of paint or like you decorate a room wall color, carpet color, molding(trim). Same thing just calling it something else, use your colors on your page in that order.
-neutrals are always white black grey and tan so you can always add them in the mix

remember this
the exceptions monochromatic and 2 tone
monochromatic paper schemes should follow a similar patter with a dominate color to start try to work in parts such as 3,5, or 7 but all in the same color family. Neutrals are usually just black and white in monochromatic themes (sometimes grey)

2 tone is just exactly what it sounds like 2 tones of color used equally. Neutrals can be tricky with 2 tone so just keep it as simple as possible

and rememb…

good morning

I just wanted to say good morning and I found this on post a secret
it's a web site that people send in there secrets on a post card and sometimes they share it some times they don't. But YOU Must check it out this week, the very last one. I think it may make you laugh! I have never tried it but it could be a new trend ha ha just JOKING


blessings a

I had a great time this weekend!

it is has come to pass

yes my dear scrappers today is the day I must ........
ask for a brief moment of silence while we morn for me I must CLEAN MY HOUSE
(we are having company Sunday or Monday). Seeing that I haven't done that for a a while well it's gong to take a bit of time so it's cutting to my extra curricular activities. I believe everyone else dreads "cleaning" too, at least its not one of those times where you know now matter how much you do it wont be enough. I just need to clear he tables, put a few scrapbooking things away and herd up all the dust bunnies. not horrible It's just that that darn cleaning woman asks way to much so I cant hire her to pick up after me and well I just wanted to whine a bit this morning (and thanks, but no thanks I don't want any cheese with my whine).

moving on i had no ideal about the paper dolls cartridge, so and I up with the trends or what? It's just scrapbooking intuition ; ) No not really just a plain old thought that someone e…

r u ready?

to crop?
I am
I still do not know what to work on
what about food who want's what?
I have some very nice plates ad napkins left over from Raven's wedding so I'll bring them.

On another note I have sort a found a cute companion to my going places cricut cartridge are you ready for this? the pakerkins people fit in with the cartridge so well it's just that at the moment I cant find any of them. I know I own them its just a question of where are they hiding? Who thought you would be able to (still) use them with something brand new

Well I must go for now I'm working on a b-day present at the moment and it needs my full attention.
so later gaiters.


This is Melissa my cousin who I have spent many childhood hours with. Melissa and I are the youngest in my mothers family so we were perfect playmates for one another. She was the only person to play with my age in my mothers family or my dad's. Every holiday, extended weekend, and summer vacation we had a chance to spend time with one another cause i was always in her neck of the woods. While we worked on our uno game my mom and her dad enjoyed re hashing there childhood. Yes it was a very important day Sunday I got to spend a bit of time with her and her family, it meant so much to both of us to be able to see one another it was the first time in a very long time. For a moment we we young again.


On the thing for Nancy I'm going use a not to old paper pack of ck paper. I want to use it up and this sound like a great time to get started. So that's what I'm going to go do here in a bit. I did 2 last night so hopefully more will follow.

I would have posted earlier but I was catching up on some sleep I have not slept well since Thursday night so it was great this morning I woke up at 9 and feel some what refreshed and some what caffeinated thanks to my tea. well scrappers I'm so excited about this weekend I cant wait and I'm already thinking what am I going to work on? have no clue at the moment I have way to many options. I must remember that back in January I declared this the "Finish" year where it's my goal to work on those forgotten and un finished pages (including groan and moan JOURNALING ugh). I also declared it the year of the "I'm going to try and use less paper" and "throw less paper away", the update is : I hav…


Also, Nancy is collecting 8x8 layouts for her church for creating albums for families who have experienced the loss of a child. Betty will deliver them to her on Saturday. Good way to use scraps! Dh and Bettymentioned this so it sound like a scrapper project if you ask me.


Happy Birthday to Betty, Happy Birth day 2 u, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday 2 u

18hrs later

I'm back and waiting for HL to open so I can go buy that trimmer!
So Officially today is Betty's Birthday so again Happy Birthday to one of my very best friends.

OK home was (I kid you not) lasted all of 18 hrs. We go in at 9 pm and left before 4 pm one of our shortest trips ever. It was great to my cousin, and yes while clipie is currently suspended from all brownie points he did do something very nice since he had to be to work at 4 something this morning, I'm willing to bet not many hubbies would do that without complaining. We would have been home very early yesterday had a semi not had us backed up in traffic for miles man it was bad we haven't seen an accident like that for a long time, (I was so thankful that there was a rest stop in the mix of traffic) the last couple of time we have traveled we have seen accidents and making for some scary travel. But all aside I had a great time I'll post some pictures later this week so you all can see my closest cousin …

I have arrived

I'm so glad I stopped by and had a visit with you guys. You should know it's killing me that I could not crop this weekend. So I just about freaked out when Bill brought in the birthday cake (what kind of good friend forgets one of her best bud b-day's?) So I added a new side bar for now with birthdays on it. I need a bit of help with it so it's time to give up the dates ladies. Didn't you notice I'm being supper nice and not asking for dates? All jokes aside Happy
Birthday Betty I hope it's your best year yet! with lots a love the big girl table and me

oops i forgot

Yes I forgot to post the crop dates my mind well it's just been elsewhere lately (I know it's on a vacation)
Crop at Betty's Saturday
and y'all are meeting a chick right?
and pages due is
Soups and Crock pot but I forgot what the next one is
breakfast? and casseroles I'm not sure?????

and crop at Betty's next week only Friday and Saturday

window in church


morning scrappers

did you or I should say do you know why some milk cartons are yellow?
I do I do I do!
it's cause down here in the south the uv rays are stronger and the vitamin d gets sucked out of the milk so they shield the milk and vitamin buy using a yellow container. And it keeps the sunlight from sucking up all that vitamin goodness. I just thought y'all need some science this morning : )

So as I'm sitting here typing away and drinking my chocolate milk and starting at my to list for the day I'm wondering how I'm just going to fit it all in. How am I going to find some time to get this list tamed I have no ideal at this moment but I do know I've got my recipe pages done. I will probably stop by sometime tomorrow morning just so I can drop off my pages.

my fur baby has decided i need a companion while i type so at the current moment I'm covered in cat hair and trying to convince her my lap is not the place to be at the current moment. Whats really wrong with her is she kn…

the wedding plannerher self

yes that's me holding a pew bow getting ready to stick it on hundred year old church pews. As you can see I wore sleeves but it was a nice day, I think the high that day was maybe 82 or close to that. and the dress I must tell you was a $15. special from Cato last year (I had never warn it) it has teenytiny polka dots of white green and dark aqua it's the kind of blue that's not teal or green but still a cross of the two. I'll post some more pics her in a bit but for now thebusy bee has gotta go do domestic things. blessings a

ravens flowers

OK i thought you might want to see Ravens flower arrangements (yes i did them)
they bought "vases" glasses form walmart and a very small amount of flowers this could be done easy but then again it would take the time to do the arrangement it took over an hour to do them.

pardon me

I'm hijacking my own blog to become a wedding planner once again. so enjoy the wedding theme of late ladies we will interrupt this scrappers blog only momentarily
so lets number these 1,2,3,4
1&3are the same
2&4 are the same

1 is from walmart and the bowl costs 3.97 and the pebbles cost 2.97 the pebbles can easily be split in half so you cost at this point would be 3.97 plus about 1.49 total cost (not including candles) 5.46

the pebbles in this bowl are my favorite I will be sending some home with your dad so you can get a better look at them .

2.the bowl is from hobby lobby and the pebbles as well, the pricing gets a bit tricky but is much better. the bowl is 4.99 however every other week hL issues a coupon for 1 item every day 40% off so it could possibly cost only 3.00 one dollar less than the walmart bowl. the pebbles were 2.49 and this week they were 1/2 off (also bowls could go on sale for 1/2 but i have no way of being sure about that I can only guarantee the 40% off cou…


OK so my travel plans have changed a bit I'm not going anywhere for a couple of days so I'll be here to pester you how would you like that? I thought you may like it OK I know I'm full of it moving on.....

So would you all like a sneak peek at my pages? well here you go I'm teasing you aren't I? heeheeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Yes I know, my mom has already told me to calm down once this morning these mood they just happen ya know? Well I've gotta go expel some more energy at walmart and the like so ttfn!

I'm back

Ok so it looks like i'll be here a few more days and this weekend I will get to see some family.

wedded bliss


It's early

Yes I have arrived back home in a current state of no sleep. Clipie had to be at work at 4:30 AM and I just could not go back to sleep. We got in at 9:00pm on the dot last night, there was a terrible accident on the main strip when we got off the free way last night, And a really bad one back home Saturday morning. I just don't like seeing accidents they just remind me of what can happen ugh.

So the wedding in the end was great, I really was so happy that Raven let my play Aunt and have a part. On the oops side of things the cake was late being delivered which ultimately caused a few snags like forgetting the brides bouquet and all the flowers for the wedding, (good thing the flowers were just a few blocks away) and nobody signing the guest book cause it was with thee m-o-t-b at the reception waiting for the cake. And the final snag was a 235 pound one, Rod's mom was supposed to take him to the reception cause I was supposed to open up the reception hall, and VERY UNFORTUNATELY…

dead on my feet

I'll bog later but just so you know everything went pretty well

rose bud

Well today I have made a bouquet, decorated a vfw (with help) and I did get to sleep in till 9:30!!! I also had one of my Dad's home cooked breakfasts with my mothers gravy (the only kind I like is Mom's).
Once again tonight I'm tired and ready to drop. Tomorrow I will be making fresh flower table arrangements, being the punch bowl girl and cake server, fluffing the brides train at the last minute, attending a guest book, picking up the brides flowers and bouquet, and I'm sure quite a few other things in between. I've had every minute of every day filled to perfection and I'll be glad (after we clean up the reception hall) to get to have a big glass of strawberry champagne and sit on my rear end for a while. I've had a great time used all my ribbon I bought (on sale of course at hl) and I'm ready to enjoy the fruits of my labor.
So lets give RAVEN and JOHNATHAN a great big ole
with much love from your aunt


well what is there to say i have had a greatmanyexperiences today I will list a few
went shopping with m-i-l and s-i-l at jc penny, Spencer's, Victoria's secret, watter beds and stuff, hobby lobby, Sam's, Kroger, and it was an experienceknow one should miss.
buying pretty underwear for your niece (that is missing certain parts) definitelyqualifies as an adventure. it's just to darn bad that they were out of tassel's) I had to settle for the more quiet scaled back Victoria's secret (You know she does not leave much to the imagination).
The bride arrived late this evening about 7. Tomorrow is full tilt on the wedding planning I will be making a bride and groom t-shirt and finishing off projects a begin decorating the hall starting at 4. So my good friends that translates into I'll probably not be blogging till super late tomorrow or late Saturday.

At the moment the bed is calling my name I'm very tired. Y'all would be so proud of me i was up and at my m-…

I'm here

I have arrived at wedding central and I'm tired and going to bed. Tomorrow morning I will be veggie chopping and pew bow making along with topiary ? making and wrapping a fake bouquet (for the bridal toss).

Holy smokes it was 90 when we left home and 67 when we got here at 10:00 pm I should have brought a coat! I know the break from the heat is going to be very nice.

And about my blog blogger has apologised for calling my site spam. According to what I read about spam someone must report you as spam. I know it was not my regulars and I'm not accusing my regular visitors But it had to be someone with not so nice intentions,
So to the person messing with my blog

blessings a

a quick hi

I'm busy to the extreme today and as if I needed anything more to contest with . Blogger is telling me one of my blogs is a spam blog I'm just a bit upset about that. I have no spam although I'm not quite sure about what spam is I know I don't have any I'm positive. As my bog continues to bleep and tell me it's out of memory I'm in protesting by writing continually every day regardless of what it wants.

any who I'm supposed to cross over the bridge to the other side of Yankee town later today(preferably before of after rush hour) so I must go. I have a wedding to plan, and many decorations calling me.


OK I did forget to tell you what happened to our vacation. We tried with all our might to book a hotel and could not everything was full up so we did go to a travel agent and see if she could help us but she could not. So we were not about to drive all that way and sleep on the beach. We did find a great place in Panama city that has a lot of stuff to do and I think we will be going in late September, if we can get a reservation and avoid the Harley fest that is that time of year.

part 2,3,4, & 5

The travel part was quick and pretty much painless. Did I tell you it was hot? cause when we were coming home Sunday we were passing through lower Nashville we were still on 24, and the car said it was 101. Ouch mid west girl was about to melt I tell y'all.

So with everything being uneventful we did have a good visit with the family, heat and all.
Today we are continuing in that tradition we are going to have family visiting this evening so I'm going to be going out to eat tonight. Yeah no cooking for me (insert evil laugh here mwhaaaaaaaaa).

Along with all this traveling I have missed my weekly BL trip so I'm headed over there this morning as well as HB cause I have some last minute wedding stuff to purchase. Oh and Y'all put your big girl panties on cause I'm just about done with my recipe pages, all I need to do is print and stick on my recipes! I will try with all my might to give you regular doses of blog the next few days. I may miss a day or two but I'll…

Part 1

The wedding
Shane and Shanna
they had the wedding in a very small Baptist church. The ceremony lasted about 15 minutes at the most. The colors were white and red. The reception just a mile down the road was at the rock barn (a historical building in which you need to be a member of the local historical society to rent) was a huge old barn fixed up for people to rent. There was finger food and two cakes (A grooms cake I had never seen a grooms cake before) and the wedding cake it was yellow and so so in taste. And did I mention it was hot? It was so hot parts of my body were sweating that I didn't know could sweat. Every one was dressed up I can only remember seeing 1 lady with pants on all the other women had on sun dresses (my self included) or skirt and top (minus the mother and grand mothers of the bride and groom). All the sun dresses looked strait out of southern fashion plate 101. Up north we just don't dress like that, of course it's not that hot and sun dresses are …


greetings from Atlanta! thanks to the friendly staff here at the hotel getting to bring you a 5 second blog log. We arrived in record time and no not to much speeding was involved. we have managed to be misplaced in the car a time or two. The wedding was great and I'll have more about that later but for now it's off to bed cause it's almost two eastern standard and we are tired.
blessings A


I have tried several times to post this i hope this works grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
On the road again
Oh I just cant wait be on the road again NOT
I so wish I were not chicken, I could hop in a plain and be where I need to be in under and hour but that is not the case. Since I have never flown or even been in an airplane (I know I live in a box but it's a nice one) I'm not about to start now I mean why break tradition? If there is a down side to vacation it's the driving (and the incredibly large zit that decided to pop out on my face this afternoon). Today we are headed south to the city of Atlanta for a wedding (we will be back tomorrow and yes Carl will stay here and taking care of Pumpkin). Yes clipie's nephew (Shane same last name) is doing the 7/7/7 thing. I have high hopes that I will not wilt seeing that the hotel has a pool.

As for Vacation we seem to have hit a road block now that someone has agreed to go we can not find a motel (well unless you count the 1 star that'…

On the road again

Oh I just cant wait be on the road again NOT

I so wish I were not chicken, I could hop in a plain and be where I need to be in under and hour but that is not the case. Since I have never flown or even been in an airplane (I know I live in a box but it's a nice one) I'm not about to start now I mean why break tradition? If there is a down side to vacation it's the driving (and the incredibly large zit that decided to pop out on my face this afternoon). Today we are headed south to the city of Atlanta for a wedding (we will be back tomorrow and yes Carl will stay here and taking care of Pumpkin). Yes clipie's nephew (Shane same last name) is doing the 7/7/7 thing. I have high hopes that I will not wilt seeing that the hotel has a pool.

As for Vacation we seem to have hit a road block now that someone has agreed to go we can not find a motel (well unless you count the 1 star that's all that's left hotels) so we are outta luck. I asked clipie if he wanted to stop in …

attenetion design team members aka all of you

attention design team members
So This being your first full day being on the "team" I feel you must have an official assignment of a considerable level of importance. I want a fancy b&w head shot of you before lets say fall. Of course today our official photographer (for the design team) is out with her husband headed towards the lake (the photographers hubby forgot that there is a scrap store that way whooo)but all of you can set up appointments with the photographer at her convince or at the next crop she attends. So get ready to flash those pearly whites for me and get ready to say "chow chow" just like that cute little red car from that cars movie.

And in international news (aka I have an ideal) What do you think about doing this after recipe and after all about me thing. Seasons or holidays or mix the two it would go something like this.
January- a winter l/o with room for a picture,
February- St. Valentin's l/o
March- Easter/spring/ St. patty, your choice…

It is time

All right scrappers I feel time is right for a serious scrapper meeting

items of discussion:
the state of the scrapping world

So before I go on I just want to make a DECLARATION that b, dh,dw,mt,lc and a few others who's initials I'm not sure of are now officially my design team members.

Since it seems to be the trend to have you own design team and sell your own kits I'm putting the design team in place, when I start thinking about selling kits (about never) I'll already have my trusty design teams members in place! Oh and I'm going to need a volunteer - oh thanks dh to help me put all this together, about 200 kits in 20 min! Just joking but seriously y'all are now official design team members, Congratulations you have something (not so) official to put on your scrap resume. And you are now and forever part of the scrap happins design team. So
Celebrate the Fourth of July but celebrate being a team member.

Ok so I wanted to take a few moments to say I'm wonderin…

I'm back

some how in my computer world my computer got way messed up and well a few dozed techno difficulties and presto chango I'm back.
Have a
Happy and
4th of July
blessings A

I want to live in Bexley

Of course you will not know this song however i must express myself

I want to live in Bexley
So I can drive a big car
I want to live in Bexley
So I can act like a big star

At least that's the way I remember the parody song in my head. This lovely song was composed by two male disk jockeys who hosted the pop music station in my home town. At the time Bexley was "the" place to live. So those who cant afford to live there naturally make fun of the people who do (do men really change as they grow older?) Today I was thinking about that song clipie and I went to Springhill Tn, drove through Franklin Tn, then we came to two little towns called Brentwood and Oak Hill. I must say I have seen some huge homes in my time I've been to parade homes worth millions and had more than 10,000 sq feet so yes I've seen big. However I have never seen a community of homes so big I would not be able to gander upon how big they were. Let my try to compare most of them, they made our old tow…

My life it's just so darn exciting

Well domestic chores have been done the greenish grass has been cut and a birthday cake has been made. I truly thought this was supposed to be VACATION so why am I cooking at least two times a day? Will somebody answer that question? OK I'm done ranting

Carl's b-day is tomorrow and since he has no family here, a cake was baked and a present was given. He is 53 so my birthday candles came in handy for once (in reverse of course) we did celebrate early, tomorrow is the actually day but clipie and I are headed south for a 1 day excursion. On the way home I'm hoping to stop at Olive Garden for lunch or early dinner. And if I'm a real real good girl I'll beg for a trip to jo's I want that mm trimmer dw has my provo craft one has seen better days.

And can I just tell you IT been super nice to be alone with clipie. My b-i-l is working 10 hrs a day and we have so much enjoyed sleeping in and other things like watching a movie together (my super ex girlfriend -which was c…