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week o St. Patrick l

Not really just some fun cards! I ummm have lots of cards this week so enjoy!

Oh my my Angie made her first pizza pie!

We have 4 to 5 fresh inches of yeah?

So this called for some serious fun and sometimes fun is cooking when you are stuck in a small apartment.
This is what was left of my very first hand made pizza!

This is what it looked like, not bad eh?

Let me just say I'm extremely thankfully today Rod was hit by another car but no damage to the SUV. YEAH today theme is Thankfulness. He's fine fyiHave a great weekend!BlessingsA

my assistant

I'm fresh out of ideals. I wish my assistant could help me create but seeing that cat hair cant be a card on its own she is fresh outta luck.
Am I really reading the date right is it the 25th? Man time really does fly. Blessings A


Happy Birthday to Deb!

See I didn't forget! OK I'll admit I did pre post so I would not forget but hey I did remember this year!
I hope you have a wonderful day!
Its a sticker! A


I'm Mr. Cuteness is back don't you love the animal skin background?


Wild thing

Sometimes things get a bit wild and out of control......

I wanted to post something that would moose (move) the blog along today.
OK I know that could have been better but its 6:30 am so I hope that explains it all.


Since Deb posted a Leprechaun....
I thought y'all would enjoy a live one.


I've got nothing for today.
so I'll bring you something very good tomorrow!

Suck it up Land Gods

Today is a very important day
The Land Gods will end there reign of terror on the lands of my home
I have one thing I'd like to say to one particular Land God but I should not because its not nice
so I'm going to say it here and now...
right now...
Suck rotten eggs bitter wicked witch! It's time for the good witch Glenda to give your old warn out ugly last season shoes to Good Will.

Y'all want to guess what I'm giving up for Lent this year? Its a special word that is multi purpose and I'm really really wanting to exercise the use of today but I'm not going to let an old hag bring me down! No way, no how.

Excuse me while I go dust off my pink ball gown and polish favorite tiara

Oh happy day!

Happy Valentines Day! So for y'all I'll post some Valentines enjoy!

Hlsparkle ppr, mm b&w ppr, ribbonhl.

Old Stampin Up stamp with whale of a punch corners ( I think dw has this punch) mm ribbon and again that Archivers ppr.

Same card as yesterday the hearts are placed differently. Enjoy your day I'm off line for a day or three! Blessings A

Need a tickle oops pickle?

For some reason I find Pickle in a Pouch funny.....

All the red sparkle paper is from HL. The flowers they are so old it would be hard for me to guess. The plant kindness is an old Hedi Grace sticker, I think.

The patterned paper is mm and the card stock is something Archivers carries. The ribbon is mm as well the buckle is from a scrap shop called Red Letter Journals back in my home town. I'll have more in the morning! Blessings A


I'm going to be out a couple of days.

but here is the link to Deb. H new blog... and she is on the side bar as well


Sixteen Plum

Lisa Spoiler for Sixteen FYI........ I Did this page a while ago when? I'm not sure but I'm not having any time to scrap this week with dog sitting so just go with me. This depicts ending of Sixteen my favorite heroin is trapped in a tower (to bad she doesn't have long hair right?) and the Calvary is on the way. I've said it before or rather asked before what are Hobbits? No I have not seen Lord of the Rings, its on my Net Flicks list FYI. Anyway rounding back on subject....... I wanted to put Hobbit hats in with the trees because they help rescue Stephanie but I'm not sure if they wear hats? Yesterday I asked for help on the bushes today its Hobbits go figure. So do they??????? And how would y'all make Hobbit hats if they existed? My Sixteen companion page as you can see I hate to journal but the page is done. 17 is on the back burner! Sorry I couldn't resist! Blessings A

Plum ocean

Another Plum book page
The house (just because cc) needs bushes I really don't know what to do. (any ideals? I'm fresh out) I want flowering bushes or grassy bushes because this is a "by the sea" type of home.Scrappers block I guess.
You cant see it but the water is the clear shimmer paper (remember the snowmen hearts?) over plain blue paper. The dolphins and sun are Jo's and the sail boats believe it or not are Martha Stewart. Yes I did hear y'all gasp.

Deb has a new blog I'll post a link in the next few days but right now its 1 am, I need a shower, I just noticed I have forgot Melinda's birthday, and I did not congratulate her on the birth of her son on the blog. I think I'm missing another birthday somewhere...... Sorry I will grovel tomorrow after I trek through the fresh inches of snow.
Blessings A

baby sitting

Baby's can some times be hard to take care of....
Like today.
I'm taking care of Bo's two labs while she is in sunny AZ,
Did I tell you it's 4 here?
Don't even begin to think they are friendly with Supper Kitty.

After unfortunately grabbing a hand full of dog crap and getting it on my shirt, we came home to cat puke.

Isn't life fun!
I wish you all an animal fluid free day!

weekend bookmarks

I made these for Bo she is going on a trip and wanted some bookmarks fro her Bible study books. Ohhhh and the Sunshine ribbon, her yellow Lab's name is you guessed it "Sunshine"!
Blessings & safe travels

hearts of snowmen

I thought that this card was finished but something kept nagging me I just wasn't happy. What did it need? After some work I discovered it needed ribbon and hearts. After all it was going to be a Valentines Day card it needed to be Valentinesish in some way. The problem was if I placed a heart in the arms of the snowmen you couldn't see the cute clothing I spent so much time on. I thought I had grabbed a sheet of iridescent snowflake paper but it turned out to be see through. Cool it was just what I needed. I know the photog is not the best but its hard to capture the "shimmer".

Don't you just love his tummy showing?

Add in some old old old Doodle Bug sticker letters and you have a card.

Inside I will say something like "people have all kinds of hearts but mine belongs to you".

Later! A


scrap hearts

made from lots of scraps

I found a sale

OKclick on hallmark scrapbook for the link

Gingerbread cart 11.99

Trim the Tree and Winter Lace 12.50

Cricut Sampler 13.99

I have no ideal how long the sale is on.

b mine


Picture overload

Things to do on a snow day Annoy the sleeping cat by taking her pic. She now plots my death.

You can make four fleece blankets.

Sleep while watching TV on the first snow day he has ever had in more than 20 years!

Break the ice on the sliding glass door that keeps you from going out to the balcony to take morning pictures.

Its morning well OK this was taken around 2 ish today

This was the last photo of the day yesterday about 5:30 pm ish

This was after 2:30 about the time Mr Incredible was headed back home from work. He said he had to choose between steering the car or maintaining enough traction to get up the hills. All side roads had not been touched until last night (no residential plowing until tomorrow). We are under a State of Emergency until Friday (the state declared emergency as well as our county).The National Guard is deployed in our area and even they got stuck. 70 was closed last night it re opened early this morning.

MO had 189 snow removal trucks for eight county's and sti…

more cards

I'm pre posting so you may see double posting the next few days Happy Ground Hog Day!

cupcakes are soft and sweet and good to eat

Isn't this a sweet b-day card? OK I'm off to take snow pictures (from our balcony) its a warm and toasty -4 windchill this morning. More to share later.