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Free Stuff

OK an article about free stuff I found its interesting...

The coffee wars are heating up, and that’s a good thing for us coffee lovers! In an attempt to hook more customers on its new McCafe coffee offerings, McDonald’s is offering one free 7-ounce iced mocha or 8-ounce hot mocha every Monday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. until August 3. No coupon needed, but the offer is at "participating locations" only. Here’s hoping your nearest McDonald’s is one of them! By the way, Daria (and her discerning taste buds) loves the new McDonald’s coffee so even hard-core coffee lovers should give this a try!

Happy birthday to Michelle!

Michelle H
Happy Birthday!
a day late..... sorry.

anyone want another Marcheta?
: )

Happy birtthday!

Happy Birthday!

So girl tell us how was your day?

And some changes.......

Class Aug. 28&29 - Tech. Class & Crop @ Deb W
September 11&12 - CKC Convention
18&19 - Crop
25 - Tech. Class @ Potter's
October 2&3 - Crop
16&17 - Tech. Class & Crop @ CH
6-8 - Barren River Retreat
November 13&14 - Tech. Class & Crop @ CH
December 4&5 - Crop


Sept. 11&12 - CKC Convention
Sept. 18&19 - Crop
Oct. 2&3 - Crop
Oct. 16&17 - Crop
Nov. 6-8 - Barren River Retreat
Nov. 13&14 - Crop
Dec. 4&5 - Crop

A huge Thank You to Betty for getting the club house!

Talkin bought last night.....

OH man did I have some serious fun yesterday! I've missed all of you soooooo much and was so sad when it was over. I love y'all so much! OK so I will post some pictures for Deb.H soon (next day or two) and I've got to say we must do this again. Right now I'm going to go get ready for church so I gotta go.

Love ya
Happy Fourth Everyone!
have a safe and Happy time this weekend!
love ya! A