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Gm gypsy

A day in the life of a gypsy...... 4:45 am. Alarm rings 5am I'm up 5:30 out the door 6:00 still fighting traffic 6:30 I've traveled about twelve miles and I'm back at the apartment. Pumpkin is waiting for her breakfast 10:15 leave if I have luch with hubby 11:00 ish back from lunch 2:45 spend quality time with the Garmin if I want to go some place special like Hobby Lobby ect.... 4:15 Mc Donald's sweet tea is in the cup holder fighting traffic along with my iPod. 4:30 to 5:30 hubby gets out of work time varies in traffic. Food most often is fast Naps are required Pictures to follow! A
My first card in The big D.....