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cricut board

A month or so ago the cricut board started having what I call "troubles" people kept complaining about post not being posted in the proper "categorie". A few days ago administrators announced that topics will be moved if they are placed improperly. And today (as if this were the ck{Creating keepsakes} board) posts have been pulled left and right including one that said "Happy Monday". Now that sounds a bit extreme pulling a thread that says Happy Monday don't you think.?

Of late (since this brouhaha started) I've been holding back from posting my work on that board. I have no ideal if I post in the right area or not, but it leaves me feeling un welcome and hesitant to post on the only mb that I visit. Sure I understand that if nobody followed the guidelines it would be a huge mess, however on the other hand I don't have time to go through 15 different categories to find an ideal or just see what today's "hot topic" is on the mb. …

: ( the weekend

Well I dont know about you but the weekend was not long enough for me.
I spent the better part of the weekend hacking with my lingering cough and cooking I got some QCT, quality cuddle time with Clipie. We did not cut the grass that is 6 inches high but the sacrifice was worth it.
I'm ready to skip this week and go strait to Friday night cropping, as soon as I find my glasses, I have not woke up enough to find them yet.

The card above are cards I have made for family and I used the backgroud paper to print a letter on. I have and Ohio the State not Ohio State page in the works i just need a branch and have been to lazy to make the branch. To much more to say other than the prayer for todays is Dear Lord, send some sunshine. Amen


baby talk

So sometimes it dangerous when Engineers think
as my life is so exciting I thought I would share this glimpse of my life here at home......
I was sitting with clipie watching the tv. Dirty Jobs you know the show with the guy with the deep silky voice, that does not mach his face. (at least in my opinion his voice and face are off) Moving on he was collecting poo at a daycare when the question was asked
"How log do babies stay in diapers?
And the reply was "2 1/2 years".
"Your joking?"
"No, very few can be trained before 18 mos and that's an exception to the rule" (in my best day care teacher voice I had) In all my years of day care I had only seen 3 before 18 mos.
"Well I'd make a device"
"blink, huh, what?"
"I'd make a device so that you could sit the kid to the toilet and train it early."
"You realize it has to due with muscle control right?"
"We could train the cat at the same time save money on litter…

I'm home

Yesterday I had a delivery
Yeah that's right
my mail box was full
Yeah it's sexy, it's crazy sexy,
It's my Easter gift from Clipie
One is so nice it could make you drop a tear
the other
Lets just say that there is 50 reasons to love it
My two new things are
Tear Drop and 50 states

the seat cuishion search

Yesterday was a very full day in which I'm still tired from.

At the current moment I'm just listening to the news hoping it will be as nice as it was yesterday, it was 65 here at the house and beautiful. I'm currently trying to track down a seat cushion for my swing on the patio. Yes I've tried Wal mart, Kmart, Lowe's, Home depot, and Target and no cushion. I'm trying Trees and trends, Big lots today and if un successful (someone start praying) I'm going to need to get material and sew. You all know I can't sew don't you? You all know that any scrapbook page with sewing on it is well....tainted with me. It's all really comes down to self confidence and I can't sew, I'm sewing challenged. The darn cushion is an odd size 52 inches wide and 20 inches deep that's the cause of the searching. When we bought the darn thing at Target they did carry replacement cushions for it, just not now.

All jokes aside it is truly frustration to try to kee…

one and a half scarfs later

Hi all I'm back from my Easter Vacation of 4 days. Wow it was just what the doctor ordered, I'm finally feeling pretty much like my self, sure I'm not going to to be going on any long walks just yet but I haven't had any need to sleep with my inhaler in my hand, so things are on the up swing. I was so glad to see my Mom. I have never been away from her this long (before) and let me tell y'all I needed some Mom time. Since I'm not speedy Gonzales just yet I actually got to sit and just have fun with her at home. Since sis and I are still having a bit of a cough we did visit our local Cracker Barrel (despite the fact my Dad wanted Arby's or McDonald's) and we had a good dinner. I did manage (with help from Betty crocker) to finally make my very first spice cake in a 13x9 pan with cream cheese frosting. I have only one thing to say Why have I not discovered spice cake more soon? I had made it because of late I have been the neglectful Aunt forgetting Betha…


I hope all of you have a great Easter. I wish all of you Easter Blessings and I hope you get a chance to spend the day the way you wish. I promise to get back to regular blogging soon I've just been very short on time and this was one of the many things that has become neglected the past week. I'm doing well just running out of time for the fun stuff. I hope some bunny is good to you!

job hunting?

If anybody needs a summer job let me know
you must be 18 and it's at Clipie's work just for the summer
I need to know by Wednesday........night


test test laaaaaaaaa


speaking of markers......

as I continue to indulge in the split coast stampers site I stumbled upon some one using the Markers of all markers. It just made me laugh, at least we know others like them to.


AN introduction

My introduction to you today is my other blog
as if one were not enough

I'm just going to post my work with out all of the blah blah blah bla. It will all be repeat posting. I did it so people who cant tolerate the spelling but like the work can just go look. No just joking I don't care about that. I did it so when I submit cards and stuff they have a site to go to and look at. I just don't want them to know how bad the spelling is ; )


There will be a new link on the side bar for it.

Easter cards

here are some Easter card for all you kids Top and Bbottom card sizzix die fence plantin schoolbook cc grass doodlecharms cc bunny with the bear body basket and eggs doodlecharms cc as well I still have a Name that will go on the empty spot at the top these will be place cards at dinner on Easter. Middle card cuttle bug embossing folder inked with brilliance ink ck stamps they are very old for the words for the Cross I riped strips down a deco ruler to get edging and also with background blue strip


GET something to drink this one is long!

I have thousands of thoughts running throughout my mind. I'm so thankful to be getting better, this really was a rough patch. I'm so depressed, and disappointed about not going to say good by to Aunt Betty. And on top of that I need to "be well" so I can go see my own mother this weekend. It's been since Christmas and one of the longer stretches of not seeing her so I'm excited to see her and Dad. Which leads me to be guilty again with the Aunt Betty thing because frankly it could be sis and I in there situation, we could be alone and need what small family we have. And with all that I have cooking guilt their is no way on this earth I will be able to cook Easter Dinner. Will my family be mortified when and if I'm able only to have a Stoffer's lasagna dinner from the freezer at Waly mart?
OK now that I have all that out........ I'm so glad at the last crop at Betty's that I had sat down and made a beautif…

What a week I'm glad a new one starts soon!

Well I am improving a bit more every day keep up the prayers though I'm not out of the woods just yet but getting better. Also as many of you know I have had a sick aunt for quiet a while My fathers sister Betty. She passed this morning I'm heart broken that I wont be able to go to her funeral. I'm even more upset because Sis and I are just about the only family my two cousins have left. I guess in the near future I'll be making a trip to Atlanta or S.C. what ever is the most convenient for my cousins Marry Beth and Susan. Maybe at our next gathering I'll try to make "congealed salad" it was a desert my Aunt Betty had made for me when I was young. pictured Marry Beth, Aunt Betty, Susan summer of 06, June


ok guys I'm just a bit under the weather
ok maybe a lot under the weather
be praying for me to get well so I don't end up having to stay at the local hotel med center.
I'll have clip call if need be. sorry but this weekend will be out as I and my new pal "nebbie" (my new nebulizer sp??) get cozy with one another.


Well as you can see it was a blast. I had a great time I had something like 17 pages done and enjoyed every minute of it. Coming home yesterday was like hitting a brick wall I laid down and was out for the night with only those annoying pee breaks to wake me up.

A quick summary of Retreat
Thursday night I arrived about 8 pm. Yes it was late but worth it not to drive in the sleet Friday morning. I didn't do anything but talk but it was a great way to start unwinding from day to day life.
Friday morning began with watching the tv and wondering if our beloved other scrappers would be able to make the trip through the winter weather. It turned out to be a lovey scrap day where I drank lots of watter.
Saturday was great as well a bit more busy with all the activities. I had a bit of a head ache but eventually it decide I was not going to put up with it and went away courtesy of Motrin. And I drank some watter
Sunday was a sad day I had to go home. And yes I again drank more watter.
Not tha…

the best part

and the most important part the friends


of course the dance was good and so was the music.......

and the winner is

we had mh win best costume, and Angie h won queen of advanced!


some of us had batter out fits than others........

starting off

lets just let some pictures do the talking this morning


I had nothing but a great time! So great i need some rest I'll be back in the morning...... blessings a
Thursday, March 6, 2008Alerting You First
Today will be the proverbial quiet before the storm as more wintry weather is poised to move in as the weekend approaches. High clouds will be on the increase today as a weak clipper system moves through. Thicker clouds will move in tonight ahead of developing low pressure in the Gulf. Sometime after midnight, precipitation will begin to move in as mostly rain with some locations seeing a mix of sleet or snow. Friday will start with rain in Southern Kentucky while further west will see a rain/snow mix. Temperatures will continue to slide downward Friday afternoon and evening eventually changing all the precipitation to snow Friday night into Saturday morning. If this storm continues on it's present path, we could see a couple of inches of snow across South Central Kentucky by midday Saturday. Continue to Stay Connect…


Hazardous weather condition(s):

Thursday: Mostly cloudy, with a high near 54. North wind between 3 and 8 mph.

Thursday Night: Snow likely, mainly after 3am. Cloudy, with a low around 31. North wind between 7 and 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%. New snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible.

Friday: Occasional snow, mainly after 9am. High near 39. North wind around 11 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New snow accumulation of around 3 inches.

Friday Night: A 50 percent chance of snow. Cloudy, with a low around 24. Saturday: Partly sunny, with a high near 35.
Saturday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 23.
Sunday: Sunny, with a high near 48. Sunday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 36.

-so if this is true maybe I had better come Thursday instead of Friday morning. I'll update you all in a bit.
be careful this weekend!
info from the noaa site

the weekend weather will be

TonightChanceRain/SnowLo 32°F
WednesdayMostlySunnyHi 50°F
WednesdayNightSlight ChcSnowLo 35°F
ThursdaySlight ChcRain/SnowHi 48°F
ThursdayNightChanceSnowLo 32°F
FridayChanceSnowHi 39°F
FridayNightChanceSnowLo 21°F
SaturdayPartlySunnyHi 35°F
SaturdayNightPartlyCloudyLo 23°F

from the noaa site

I'm getting ready!

Ok I'm so excited I'm back to 18 pnds! I lost 2.6 last week! whoo that will keep me thinking this weekend I'm sure.
My Sis is on her way down tonight and I am beginning to load the truck. Clipie filled up my tank earlier today so I'm getting there! I intend to wear my fall sbv yellow shirt and bring my pink something about cropping shirt. And of course my pj's.

Tomorrow I intend to be almost ready except for the final touches like to bring or not to bring my qk. I'm so excited and I just cant wait for this weekend to be here. I intend to leave pretty early on Friday morning. It may take a bit longer than I expected it is supposed to flurry ugh of all days of the year cant it wait until I get to the lake?

I have no ideal when I will bog next it may be a while so if it is have a good weekend and Happy Birthday to Deb H (the 9th)
and Zoe!

I was


Just 3 days for some and
4 for others.

I am half packed!
I am mentally ready to go.

Not much to say other than to Thank Betty for Saturday afternoon it was a great break for me. I do hope Mr b got his White Castles!

and Mh if I can bring anything to help out let me know!


5 days until Retreat!!!!
4 for some of you.