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Baby shower!!

Just in time ! That's a baby Bella stamp
Have a Safe and happy holiday weekend.

Please know It was killing me not being home over the weekend.


yes its similar to a prior post however this is hot pink not red and has bigger letters.


Happy Birthday to Melissa!
have a great day!

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ok so make it every other day.......


The bad news
I will probably be away from the blog for the next four to five weeks.

The good news
I will most likely have a post every other day. I will pre post and I will pop in when I'm able.
This week I'm making baby shower cards and hope to have them finished ans shipped by some time next week along with thank you cards and its not a little project Bo is helping every day with all the work I'll post some pictures later. I also have some other scrap commitments I'll show you as I go along (party stuff, birthday stuff).

OK so a card a day keeps the blogger happy so enjoy!

Be blessed and enjoy your summer
It's high time I post these

This is "High Noon" at the Fisher Body Corral.

This is the sweet spot for all mankind

Fathers day

What another holiday?
I'm not ready.....
I'll post later
after I priority mail my Fathers day cards: )

Mighty Mo

This is KAW point where the Mighty Mo and Kansas river meet. If you look closely you can see the Mo to the left and you also might be able to see its current is so strong its flowing back into the Kansas river a bit.

That's a headlight in the mirror and check out the train it has no caboose.

This is a sand bagging machine the sweet Army Core sent this to the little town of Parkville.

I know its a bit blurry but this wall of sandbags was very impressive 6 ft maybe

Mighty Mo

The call the Missouri river the Mighty Mo. The Mighty Mo is being ornery its over flowing and the currents in the river are amazing fast. Army Core of engineers are letting excess amounts of water out of the damns to the north of us. Nebraska or Iowa? Its all from record breaking snows so this "melt" is headed this way. The good thing is that the Army knows how long will take for all that water get here so this weekend was all about being prepared for the little riverside towns I live close to.

This weekend…

Importante Comarada

uber important!!!!

Cricut lite went on sale at my Walmart this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I have been a lousy poster of late. Not much going on but a little.
Sunday I had a bad day with my asthma. I had the kind of day that was spent with Rod my nebulizer and the couch. So needless to say for the next few days I kept my inhaler close to me and this is what my husband asked me....
So how many packs a day are you up to? I didn't realize it but it does look like a pack of cigarettes and lighter. My cell and inhaler.

This was a quick card......

The gas can is a card holder for a biker wedding my gf Bo is going to. You know instead of a wishing well they get gas money.

I tried to re create a Harley like feel to the card...... I like it.

I hope y'all have a great weekend!

Princess Diana

Clipie took a half day off on Monday to do a once in a lifetime thing with me. We went to an art exhibit of Diana. Lots of pictures but it also had two royal crowns, family jewelry (Spencer family), picture of her growing up, about 20 or more of her dresses, her condolence books from her funeral, and rose petals from her funeral. Unfortunately I can not show any of them to you, no photography was allowed. I've gotten used to the traffic cameras out here but this was ridiculous if you scratched the wrong way you were watched.

Rod's knee. Isn't it the most lovely knee you have ever seen? IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought it remarkably fitting that this spot light fell over cracked concrete. I think it symbolized her life very well.

Here I am I wore a lace top while lots of ladies wore dresses and ice pick heels. It lasted almost two hours it was in the basement of kck's Union Station (we could hear the trains pulling in and out!) It was a lot of walking for me because when…


Graduation well the temperature has finally graduated in the past two weeks. Its going to be 95 today and that's greatest an awesome temp for the pool however when you have humidity at 99. billion percent it makes breathing difficult even if you don't have asthma.

Wonder husband planted as few things on the balcony I'll get a picture out later this week. Remember my scrapbook kitty I had on my front door? Well the humidity made the glue un-sticky and kitty is now a memorie.

I have pics of new great niece Isabelle I'll put up later. We have Jackson on the way any day now so excuse me if I feel the need to cuddle.

Special edition

For the knitters in my life.........
How many of y'all knit? Two maybe three?
I ran across this the other day ago and I plan on making it. It will be my very first (complete) sweater. Yes I have several clothing items in mid make thanks to our gypsy life.

photos taken from crazy aunt pearl......

You can have a better look here at CRAZY AUNT PEARL
I'm knitting mine with ALP natural FEZA (bought it out here)
how I miss Starla......
getting back on track
If you refresh your Crazy Aunt Pearl page it will go on to tell you how to purchase a pattern if you wish. I haven't been in love with a sweater often so this is a rare moment for me, I'm a scarf girl.

I something to say


Take me out to the ball game.....

Bo and her husband Roy

It was perfect weather for a game last night. IT was also the perfect opportunity for Bo to have my upcoming b-day shouted over the loud speaker of the park. The announcer said "Happy 39th Birthday" (I'm thinking to myself hey I'm going to be 39) then he said " To Angie G..." ( Then I was thinking my name is Angie G..., hey that's me, then I promptly yelled at Bo : )