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other than the heat

Other than feeling like I'm going to melt, not much is going on right now. I ventured out of the house yesterday to go to knitting class and Logans. My inhaler is still getting a workout, I'm still sweating through my clothing when I go to do anything, and I'm hoping that this is normal in the heat. Clipe is even dripping with sweat when he comes home, yesterday he had lost all this color he was so hot, it worried me a bit. Well I've gotta go water my Flowers before they shrivel up and die or wilt.

well at least I'm consistent

well at least I'm consistent for forgetting birthdays.......
A big late Happy birthday to Michelle H

well as we begin the 5 season I'm thinking I'm ready for a taste of fall. What is the 5th season you ask? Well Clipe came up with that one, down south we have 5 seasons Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer and Hell. the last season starts in late
July and lasts however long it lasts (usually September). All jokes aside if the humidity would just go away it would be fine, in fact I prefer the hot dry heat especially for swimming and if I'm going to swim I want it 88 or more but seeing that i dot have a pool it's not a issue. So stay cool I'll try to post more this.


Well I'm so sorry
I totally forgot about Betty's birthday (some friend uh?)
So a Big ole
Happy Birthday !
from me to you

Does anyone know what M.H. is up to how are you girl?

our song

Well last night in a conservative effort I wanted to go out to eat but not spend 60 at Red lobster so we called in a carry out meal. 1 meal, two pounds of snow crab, baked potato, salad, and of course the ever wonderful biscuit they serve, it was a grand total of 27 bucks. Not bad we were full and got what we wanted at the same time. It was also a little romantic I lit drippy candles but the effort failed when it was to dark to eat ahhhh the hazards of getting older, you need 20 candles lit instead of four.

Tonight and tomorrow is Betty's crop, I'm gonna pop in tonight and hopefully be able to crop a small amount in the morning . We have family in so I need to work around that (a cousin for Louisville).

Martha has landed

well I'm gonna get scrappy with it today.
Last night I was at the cbl walmart and I found a strange addition to the scrapbooking section. Martha just play the background jaws music. Stamps, papers, punches, glitter, markers, and such. Far a person who does not like scrapbookers why keep pushing product? They also had cricut mat in both big and small and well as a few cartridges and well as the new vinyl sheets. And the last surprise was K& Company I had no ideal that they were going to bring big names to the walie world side of life. I'm just wondering how it's going to go over in this economy. I have not purchased many supplies of late just the stamps and a roll of brown vinyl last night. what have you all been doing scrap wise?


Well after a day on the couch, a day of ww and knitting I'm all rested up after two weeks of solid hard work. My mother is home, very tired but making a come back. My sister has been mostly taking care of her and seeing to her needs. So for the moment things have slowed down. We visited with family, had dinner alone (once), visited with some neighbors (hey Delta I had a great time) went to the dentist, but did not go to any scrapbooking stores just Mike's and I did get some more $1.00 stamps to add to my collection. We also had a garage sale, and Rod hung new outdoor lights, garage doors, installed a new phone and a few other odds and ends. A Realtor came over and I think it went well. All we have left to do is rent a storage space, put up mini blinds, de clutter, clean the house and keep it clean, and stick the sign in the yard. I will be going back home for a week to do most of these things. When ? I have no ideal soon that's for sure. Pumpkin and I are off to go have b…

well I'm back

Ok updates...
Mom is much better she should be getting out sometime this afternoon.
Yes for the moment I am home, I don't know if I'll be staying but for the moment I'm here.
I am exhausted and I'll get back to blogging in a day or so.

she has

she has a uti. it has e coli ?? some how. she is doing much better this afternoon.


My mom has became very ill she is in the hospital. We dont know what is wrong yet. This all started yesterday so pray for us I'll up date when I can.....

sights and sounds of home

This morning I went for a walk down town, taking in the sights and sounds of my home town. I parked at the library where I spent countless hours as a child and as and adult exploring the many wonders a library has to offer. I walked down Park to Broadway and took pictures of the old pharmacy, ice cream parlor, and the little theater. I heard the church bells chime on the hour (I greatly miss hearing them ring all the time), I listened to the traffic gently roll by, I heard the sweep of a straw broom as a waitress sweep a patio getting it ready for the lunch rush. I was alone and i enjoyed it immensely, it gave me time to think, time to remember all those childhood memories and relive them for a moment or two.
Do I miss home? sure I do
Do I long to go back ? at times
Do I intend to go back and live there one day? no I'm happy where I am
I do enjoy a good visit, that's basically what I've been doing this past weekend. Visiting with all the neighbors during the garage sale, Clipi…

to u

Have a safe and Happy
4th of July everyone!
The Peeking Pumpkin So as the saga continues peeking Pumpkin has made more progress as of this morning. She actually stayed out of her room for more than 5 min. Napoleon sill continues the campaign against The Great Pumpkin. Last night the dictator thought that is was necessary to paw at our bedroom door for 20 min. I'm sure the dictator thought that this would instill new type of terror in the fluffy one, when in reality all it did was piss off the humans. Who are a much larger adversary I might add. This morning I find myself worrying that Pumpkin will turn Farrel. I also find myself dreading cleaning the basement as well. I went to the dentist yesterday, no it was not fun, I had work done and I had gas and little pink pills that did not calm me so much. But (thankfully) it's over and done with for now. I'm off to go clean........ blessings a
As seen here Pumpkin is looking for guidance from a higher power. She has no ideal how to bond with dictator. Yesterday Pumpkin came out of her room for the first time this week. We took control of the hostile situation by separating the dictator and the Pumpkin. Ll'e Nat was quarantined to half the house while the scared kitty was allowed to roam the living room and bedrooms. The same routine is happening this morning as we speak Pumpkin has slithered into my mothers bedroom for some bog time with all of us.