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Happy New Year 2 u

Make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the other gold....

should Auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?
should Auld acquaintance be forgot and days of Auld Lang Syne
for Auld Lang Syne my dear, for Auld Lang Syne;
well take a cup of kindness yet for Auld Lang Ayne
And here's a hand my trusty friend, and give a hand o'thine;
We'll take a cup o kindness yet for Auld Lang Syne
For Auld Lang Syne my dear, for Auld Lang Syne,
will take a cup of kindness yet for Auld Land Syne
Auld Lang Syne by: Robert Burns

Happy New Year to my silver and gold (my friends and family new and old)
May God bless you as this New Year falls upon you

Happy New Year

I'm ready to scrap

So with tomorrow being New Years Eve I'm ready to start the new year off right. Who else is ready to scrap. B do you have any dates lined up? If not lets plan one for my my house soon!
Many blessing to you in the New Year, A

Happy New Year
Hugs and Kisses

roll out the barrel


A project

Cracker Barrel Gift card
so I took the ideal from Pam's gift card
I cut the cylinder shape on my "George cartridge" it looks like a barrel
l cut thin strips of paper to imitate the banding around the barrel and
placed brads in the strips to imitate those round thingies that hold the bands together
then i cut three octagon 1 an 1/2 inch in light brown and placed 5 brads so that they
would look like crackers
I made a place to slide card into behind the barrel by folding a piece of scrap paper in half and glued it to the barrel and card stalk

what did santa bring you?

So tell me what did the guy with a white beard bring you?
He was really good to me I received a 15 ' carl trimmer and a huge ott light along with my bug, my sister was way to great she got me a Cuttle bug! I'll try to again soon I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

So as you all know this time of year is extremely busy for all of us. So I wanted to take a few minutes now to say Merry Christmas to each and every one of you and your family's.
Where ever you spend Christmas may you Days be merry and bright.
May you rejoice with me as we all celebrate Jesus light.
May Hope, Peace, Joy and Love be with you through the up coming year.
And I hope we can scrap together even more next year!

Christmas Blessings to you!
Much Love
I'm just rappin with A today

some place to remember


If you didn't get to see it Pam was on W.B.K.O. today. She did a great card holder that was too cute. I'm sorry I don't have a direct link to the craft but I'm sure she will or W.B.K.O. will. check it out I love it. I suggest making it with stars and reindeer antlers for a "Star Bucks" gift holder.

another item of note I'm going to be changing the blog a bit. I went to a different format so if you see some different back grounds or something that doesn't look familiar know it's more than likely OK for now. And the biggest news is that i have finally figured out how to add contributors to my blog so it wont be long until we should have more than me giving out scrapper info and so forth. I'd better go get wrapping! Blessings A

The rock'in Rockettes

Ok The rockettes were so much easer to get to no bad traffic and not a horrible parking spot. At least it didn't cost twenty dollars to park this time. It was at the grand ole oppry house and it wasn't real packed because they didn't use the side wings very much. What supprised me first off was the age of the crowd they were like my Mom and Dad's age. I know I saw more canes that night than ever before, and they weren't white with red stripes, they were the kind that whack you over the head when you do something wrong. We definitely were the younger age group. We scored great seats, 8th row so we were pretty close to the stage. Ok so I admit I did have some pre conceived notions as to how the show would go. Well I was wrong on most counts. It was very much what I would expect out of a Broadway play. The Rockette's didn't make there entrance until a few scenes in. It was like the musicals I used to be in in High school but this was good and it had an intermi…

Back to Nashville part two

I first must apologize for being such a bad blogger and taking so long to tell my adventure. What can I say other than it's the Christmas season and I'm running out of steam every day, b/c well if I could manage to stay awake all 24 hrs then there may be a slight possibility I could get everything done. But alas I'm human hear me whine ( If you offer me cheese I prefer sharp cheddar to American). Off I go part two of the tie went on

I greatly enjoyed the concert while we were there she dedicated a song to our service men. They asked if all the service people would stand up we had three service people at our table. To make this short (and not make you cry because I did) I'm going to say that when I was done talking with the people at our table I held Mr Incredible's hand just a bit tighter and gave an extra prayer of thanks to Jesus for what I have. A couple beside us were getting ready to part, he is getting ready to take his third tour to Iraq, they have only been …



Nashville picks

Ok I've tried to load the stipid picture four times I'm going to bed I'll try in the morning

The tie went on

Congratulations to Dw with her new SUV! And thanks so much for updating us on pregnant gobbler I hope she has a wonderful vacation. Dh we need to know that you are still ok, so let us know! I forgot the other day to say hi to a few more lurkers L and I think gobbler T. If I left anyone out I'm sorry you'll just need to speak up and tell me. Now for the second installment of A's Holiday adventure.

Let's start with the tie. Well My tall and handsome dose not like to wear the one true male accessory the tie. And since he did snag the blazer he thought he could do without the tie because we all know "all the country and western stars don't wear'm". At least that was the argument, but in the end he wore it. Tim McGraw was the example used. We left for Nashville at least two and a half hours early, feeling confident that the traffic could not be ever be that bad. You know one thing I constantly learn over and over in my life is that I never quit learning. Se…

Mean while back at the ranch

First off Dh are you ok? (read her post below)did you call poison control? Did they have poison control here? Give us and update on you some time soon. And Dw how are your reindeer? And how's the Pregnant gobbler . So how is everyone else? Doing good I hope. As you may guess this is going to be as short as I can make it my eyes are still tender and I have strict instructions to stay of computer as much as possible until my specks are here (hopefully early next week_ so no surfing for me :(
Ok so Hello everyone I'm up this morning at 8 am because I received so much sleep last night that well I'm not tired. So like that Dr did not tell me my eyes would be this sensitive I'm still typing with sunglasses they are still are just not right. I have wore glasses on and off my hole life so not a huge biggie but not what I wanted to hear either. So Since I'm kinda backed up on my blog ill make it short as possible I'll tell you only the bare facts (I know that's a jok…

a new year change

I'm not very talkie b/c I went to the eye doctor and he dilated my eyes today so I'm literal typing with my eyes closed and wearing sunglasses ugh. With the new year I'll be sporting a new pair of specks, yuck, but yeah less headaches! Until tomorrow blessings to you.
Good vacation a
almost done Christmas shopping a
outside Christmas lights up and blinking a
yep It's been a few good days
I'll post more tomorrow sorry I'm outta time tonight

blessings A


^ .. ^

Merry Christmas Everyone

Well all I need to say is I'm so in the Christmas mood. I have two more days of vacation with Mr incredible and well so far it has been great. Our trips to Nashville have been so great they are really hard to describe. One thing I can describe is we have used every minute of every day and we are both sooooo tired so I'm off to bed for tonight. Tomorrow is Decorate the out side for Christmas (just a bit) so I'll make sure to take some pictures and post them later this week. Speaking of pictures well I must say we took a few this weekend I'll download them later and see what we end up with.

Only 14 days until Christmas!

Scrapbooking links

On the side bar I've added a few new scrapbooking links and separated my personal links. My only hesitation is you will quit reading my blog when you see how good some of these others are (I know that's an insecure statement) however some of the links are really great. Check out the Honest Scrapper she is great at bringing scrapper subjects to life and follows through with a compelling reason to keep you reading about each subject she posts on. Enjoy the new links and if you have any good links let me know I'll check them out and add them, you never know where the next great ideal will come from.
And with that I want to wish DH best wishes on her class tonight. And have a great crop, one of these days I'll join you all out there. Blessings A

ps if you see Angie High could you get her e-mail for me? I have lost it and had promised to give her the link to our scrap page. I would greatly appreciate it.


It's so quiet I can hear the cricut's chirping.

The scrappers protestests

Almost famous way to funny. I loved your post. Hope u found your Christmas cheer, little ones have a way of helping with that sometimes. Did you go to basil park ( I have no ideal how to spell basil) If you did you were extremely close to DW and my self. We haven't went this year but will probably go sometime this weekend.

I see that the doctors would like a check up. Lets see my bp is 140/78 and I have a normal temp. I was two weeks late last time. Of course you know that's normal with p/c/o/s. Oh the plan, what was that again? Get dressed by 4:30 and leave the house at lest once a week. Ok check. I'm fine you 2 worry warts. I did not make it on the 11 am thing yesterday (or any other day this week) because I didn't want to lay down with my clothes on. I wanted to cuddle& huddle in flannel. But I did get dressed and out of the house because we had to go pick up our pictures . I'm feeling much better this morning and promise to be dressed before 1pm and promise …

Ugh I think I got a bug

And it's not green. It's a sore throat and hot and cold and achey, general yuckieness. Hopefully this will pass. I have high hopes of that because I'm feeling better than I did earlier today. So why am I on the computer well I must confess I'm now addicted to my blog. And I had a few things to say. I know that I have some new lurkers (lurkers are people who read but don't comment) (and that's ok by the way) So let me give the family lurkers a big shout out today so Hay to my MoM and DaD who are new to my blog. And my other lurkers (that would be) Missy, Sis, probably Mary Beth, Bethany Ann and maybe Susan. I'm sorry if I left any lurkers out No need to speak up I know you are here. So that's it for today blessings 2 all of u

How do I know I have lurkers? Check out my ticker at the bottom of the blog I have officially had people view my blog over 500 times!

The scrapbookers adventure, yesterday and this morning

Well from Dh's post I looks like my testosterone sensor was right on not to drop by ( I had no ideal I was that close to you Sunday). It also appears I was being a very bad speller again (not that, that's unusual) but just for the record I'm going to see the Rockett's not the rockets. Yesterday was a shop till you absolutely drop day. Lets just say after a few stores I have one great no make that supper great (dark teal, floor length satin skirt and velvet jacket to match) outfit for this weekend. And in the mix I have bought a few Christmas gifts for that clipie person. Along with the adorable Hallmark snowman who is currently singing his own rendition of "Rock'in around the Christmas tree". Despite my best efforts I only achieved half my goal. I never made it to wal mart so that and another visit to J C Penneys and the store we all dearly love Hobby Lobby and I should be done for the now not the latter.
All that great fun shopping triggered my allergies …


You ask how did I get Clipie man to go see the Rockets well It's elementary my dear friends it's all about legs to him. To me it's about choreography, dancing and glittered girlie costumes. And with Pam Tillis it's about the food for him the Christmas songs for me. My one and only obstacle left is the tie and sport coat. I'm thinking of buying him a leather blazer and giving it to him as an early gift. Leather is much easer to handle than suit and tie. Don know what I'm going to do just yet but I will figure it out tomorrow now I need to sleep. I got up early and have ran out of steam. Thank goodness dinner was out not in or I would be in bed all ready. Blessings 2 u all A

Ok scrappers

Sorry for the grumpy post I'm not real good real early so now that I feel more human after my mid morning nap that fur ball and I took, we promise to be happy Christmas campers. So like I wanted to go on vacation next weekend right? Well I'm not going to be staying south of the border, the price was so high I thought I was putting a down payment on the hotel it's self. So we are going to drive down and see a couple shows instead. The radio City Rockets and dinner with Pam Tillis. I've never been either so I'm hoping it will be fun. So that = some shopping for real nice Christmas clothing today except it's freakin cold out so it sucks some of the fun out of shopping. I'm going to head out soon while the sun is out. I wanted to mention that yesterday we went for a drive Carl wanted to check out this town called AlvTON so we looked at this house that was up for auction it's a real small community out in the sticks and I say that because surly the trees out…

I'm up

It's seven thirty four, what more do you people want on a 15 degree morning?


Well I believe with all my heart this weekend is like the official start to scrapbook season. With that gust of cold air that has blown in you know we will all be staying inside. Well It's here and I find myself very ready to get out of the house and scrap with y'all. I'll show up about six (clipie man and Carl took my car because carol's would not start. You know as soon as it gets cold if you have a bad battery it spells instant death to the battery. It all worked out for the best I wont get griped at for lifting my bags. I need to make a run to Pam's and buy some of those green sticky mat's (I have no ideal what the real name is for them) I only have one and if I'm going to use that thing I'd better start stalking up for winter. Well I'll see ya later!Did I mention I don't half to cook for the next two days Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


pam's blog

Has anybody seen pam's blog lately? She has it up and running, I was shocked, It's nice so I wanted to mention it. I also wanted to ask who belongs to 'bonnie's" cricut club? I know DH anyone else?


Christmas alert

Wal mart has the Cricut cartridges "Christmas Cheer" at the Campbell lane store. A side note: you can't find it anywhere else (I looked for it at three different stores up north). And Hobby Lobby has the all my memories tote in pink, green, and purple for 25 or 29 (mental block)bucks and if you use your coupon, well that's one good deal! I paid 50 buck for that think about 15 mos ago ugh! That's it for today I'm working on some projects for Friday! Blessings A

Christmas crop at BK

When: Friday and Saturday
Where: at BK
Tag exchange
White elephant scrap gift ($5)


a Family of turkeys

Ok here it is. The second family photo that has ever been taken.

A bite of Turkey

So I thought y'all would enjoy seeing my turkey dinner
I hope y'all had a great turkey day, I did. As usual I'll be back in the swing of things by Monday. I hope the sales were good for you and you don't have any to crazed shopper stories. My shopping report is that a little green bug will be following me home :) And so it goes chirp,chirp. Bk did you get your computer? DH how did that turkey turn out? DW how was the family dinner? Chelle? Lisa? How were yours?
On Thanksgiving you'll find me where there is mountains of turkey and pie, sweet yams and potatoes piled high to the sky. Football being watched, football being played and long Christmas wish lists being made. Grandma's sneaking tastes of cool whip to her favorite grandkids, and dishes to be done less work to the highest bids. And surely you'll find me with the ones I love most. Talking and yes, eating and making a toast. To this meal To this day To the years yet to come. To my family and friends and to all of the fun. And of course to you my very good friends, I hope your Thanksgiving Day is wonderful to the very end.

found on alphabet soup a site for teachers

I wish you and your family's every Thanksgiving blessing!

Go ahead stuff your self silly

As my Thanksgiving day shirt suggest (stuff yourself silly) I fully intend to do just that tomorrow. But for the now I'm eating light. I think dinner will be a chicken wrap with a fat free strawberry fresh fruit drink from sonic. Can you tell I've had no breakfast? And it's 11 am. So much to do and so little time to do it in. I think I may need to settle for the mashed potatoes and rice that was left over dinner in the freezer. I have way to much to do to leave this house.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your family
enjoy your day, take lots of pictures, and count your blessings!
much love, A


Well that's the 360 tour of my little piece pink of heaven. This blog was being difficult so I again apologize for posting pictures one at a time. Well I've burnt to much time on computer for today and I need to go do some domestic stuff like wash clothes and find something for dinner so Turkey Blessing 2 u all!









One at a time

sorry to post one pic at a time but I have been experiencing blog difficulty

I have many questions

Ok I'm getting ready to work on Christmas cards and here's what I want to do:
a black and white photo with glitter on it
{I know it doesn't sound complicated}
however ever I'm not sure how to go about it here is my theory to getting the job done

1 spray picture with spray glue/adhesive

2 sprinkle glitter (ultra fine glitter that wont get clumpy so you can see the photo still)

3 spray a clear (hopefully matt) finish over the picture to keep the glitter from falling off photo/card?

what do you think? Have any of you tried any thing similar? Any tips or suggestions?
thanks A

in or out

So are you Going to Have you turkey dinner in or out (at home or restaurant) this year?

Pink perfection

Well it's official Clipie man is done painting in my scrapbook room and it is now pink. I'm so happy to have this over with, it's been a long project. Now all that is left is some trim work. Isn't he incredible how many other hubbies would paint a room they are barely allowed in?

DW asked why I haven't been shopping and I have, it's just been mundane things like a new Christmas tree and bulbs. No present shopping yet, I haven't even made a list. Santa is running behind this year, way behind. On top of everything else we had our pictures taken yesterday so hopefully after this week things will sing into full Christmas time mode. And in that spirit Merry Christmas!

The most marvelous event has occurred

Katie and Tom got married today!
Just joking
Were Number One, Were Number One, Were Number One
It's all about beating Michigan baby
The Bucks are the team of the year
best game of the year, everyone fought hard for a win
The Shoe was packed with the most people ever 105,000+
(the shoe is the nick name for our stadium b/c it's shaped like one)
not only that, did you hear the Best Damn Band in the Land?
(again I must clarify the Best Dam# band in the Land is a lovingly referred to phrase by locals

plus the one and only risky word I will ever post)
Ok I'm done with my gloat, you will hear no more until Rose Bowl.
I promise!

Top secret turkeys

So I've been thinking (I know a dangerous action) about the future. I believe that D.W, has came up with the next dress up theme (remember the green one?). I'm not at liberty to say more just in case, well just In case some one is reading and wants to be a theme buster. I have came up with a suggestion for next fall's retreat, its major league fun. I'll share in an email, just pass it around until everyone gets it or I can wait and unveil it at BK in a couple of weeks. All I can say is I shared it with D.H. and she liked it. I hoping you will too.

Happy scrappin

Well I'm excited to see you turkeys tonight. I've got some paper to find and I also need to use the die cut while I'm there. So I'll see you guy's later!

Play station 3 = they are not husband material

Yesterday I found the perfect Christmas tree so as a result Mr. Incredible and I went to stare at letter N and to eventually purchase it. I wanted him to see it, so off we went to Wally world. This was new experience for both of us, we never have bought a Christmas while married (we bought one before) I was sick as a dog and he asks "want a tree?" I said "I like the one at Hearts"( a k-mart like store that used to be up north) so our tree is like 15 years old and needs replacing real bad. So on the way he needs to take a quick trip to Best Buy.

Now I don't know if any of you bother to watch the local news, we usually don't. The news is usually two days old and a repeat of last weeks, if ya know what I mean. But apparently last night they had a clip on what was going down at BB, (so hubby tells me) . The play station 3 is due out (this mooring) tomorrow morning at 8:00. Well lo and behold there is a line of about 20 boys and I mean boys (collage years) camped…

News flash

Gobbler T is doing better and it's a girl
Thanks D.W. for the up date.

Bolgdity blog blog blog

So Happy Thursday to all of you.
Yes I am once again posting later in the day due to my addiction of sleep.
So if you guys are like me It's back to the regular grind of things. I once again I am planning a trip to Wally world to feed the starving and to try to sneak a peek at that Cricutthey have. Yesterday I received a call from a second cousin and they are looking for family photos, long story short -I've committed to sending her photos and a two page layout of our family. Funny how quickly things mount up isn't it.

Tomorrow is Free scrappin at SPTR stop by and see our fellow gobblers if you have a chance.

Snow? And X box in my cereal

Did anybody watch the long range forecast? It has dandruff in it,
I'm not ready for that, like hello I 'm getting ready to travel next
week. Ok that was a bit of a rant but I'm really not ready for that
type of weather. I'm ready for the thanksgivings of the past not
this new cold stuff I mean it's just like I'm living back home.

X box in my cereal? When I opened up my frosted flakes this morning on the top (not on the bottom) of the flakes was a miniature hand held X box game. What is up with that with cereal surprise going high tech? I think everyone should half to dig for the prize just like I did as a girl. Furthermore it certainly should not have circuitry. Get real if it's on top (when you open the box) what kind of surprise is that? And not in the cereal? What's that all about? I am total surprised I thought it was the kid who was supposed to be surprised.

Ok next subject I'm feeling a bit green How about …



Why did I post the butt pic?

Because we are all "buttes". Don't (in this case) kill the messenger, Mr incredible said that and I could not pass up the opportunity to quote him (you guys know how much I love corny jokes).

Moving on
Christmas crop at B.K's Details:
Friday December 1 and 2
exchanges? Tags, cards?
I still would like to do white elephant scrapbook item exchange!

check out the royalty above: Angie H


this is my favorite

pictures are here


The LebaNON road

Our scrapbooking retreat was all about the road. It was all about enjoying the relationships we have paved in the road of life. My road was smoothly paved this weekend, filled with stops of friendship and laughter along the way. I had a great time, I had one of the best times ever. I hope you did to. It's seven thirty and I can go no more, I am exhausted from having a great time. I must rest. I will post photos later (after I sleep) and maybe in the next day or so I'll post an "interactive" game for us.
Best blessings 2 u


It's here today is the day when we load up our
cars and travel!
I'm not quite ready (of course) but I'm prepared to do the mad dash,
I always do on traveling day. My only sadness about our girl get away
is leaving my Clipie man. Yes I have guilt about being self indulgent
while he is left at home with my fur baby. That aside I don't have all
day to sit here and talk I've got to go get ready to have for me serious
fun with some of my favorite scrappers! If any articles show up about
car maintenance you'll know Clipie man has invaded my scrapper blog!


day left
1 day to finish our packing
1 day until we start scrapping
1 day until all the fun starts happening

A word to the wise I will be taking pictures, anything you do could be captured on film and published on this blog! Remember Gobbler T & baby to be, in your prayers.


too, to ,TWO any way you say it ladies it's 2 days until retreat!


3 DAYS! Ladies just 3!

Beep, Beep, Beep,
We interrupt this blog to bring you an important message
A certain scrapper has found a floor in her scrapbook room.
Yes you are reading correctly I have found what looks and feels like a floor in my favorite room. Now don't be alarmed. It was found during excavation in preparation for packing and painting. The floor in question seem friendly enough and is without harm and it has something growing on it (it may resemble carpet).

Let me further explain. In my home I have a most beloved room that I say is dedicated to toward none other than scrapbooking. It is some what sacred, men may only enter when using the computer, or they do suffer coincidence. However if you looked at it you would question the sanctity because it looks more like (I need to think about this .......Hum how do I describe it) Have you ever seen the movie Yours, Mine, and Ours? (the new one) It looks a lot like her creative space (but worse) my floor is covered too. Until yeste…

We have a birthday alert!

Calling all scrappers to sing:
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you,
Happy late birthday to Lisa the most wonderful scrapper
Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and many more.
please submit your birthday dates below in the comment section so we can keep up with one another. Thanks


It's just four days until we take off. I'm so excited

On a serious note yesterday some one tried to gain access to my blog (who didn't have access). An alert was issued to me and well now I know. I really hope it's just some random hacker who is hacking there way through nice blogs like this one. So I want to issue a warning to all who read my blog on a regular basis if it suddenly turns funky than my normal cantor know I didn't do it. As for security I'll be changing the pass word every day for a while to keep it hacker safe sorry for such a not happy message I really like to keep it you know, like me, a happy, joy kinda place.

That's pretty much it for today and I'm gonna work on packing because Mr incredible is home tomorrow (he seems to be a distraction at times). Especially when he offers to help me paint another wall in my scrapbook room. So I'll go vote (so I can complain later) (thanking heaven that John isn't on the ballot) tomorrow. Toni…


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast off!
I know my blast off statement is kind dork (ish) but I could not resist. Ok so lets cover the basics are we all just taking what we want or do y'all want to coordinate this thingie. Some one taking quick cutz? Any body taking a side kick, xyron machine, mm tag maker old fashioned eyelet setter? Box of tissues. I know what your thinking your thinking I 'm getting nervous right? Wrong I'm an extreme packer when I go on vacation I forget nothing bwhahahahahahahahahah. No just joking I'm just a bit you know, not picky but a small pain in the butt when I pack. Ok so here is my master plan, by Wednesday or so why don't we all make a list of what each of us are bringing and post it in the comment section of the blog. That way we all can travel a bit lighter. IF any body needs an extra bag let me know, your more than welcome to borrow. I'm also going to put at least two of my old ones up for sale. I was supposed to work on my matching today but …


six days left!



Let me just say in one week from today I will be furiously getting ready and so excited that I'll need a tranquilizer drug of some sort. Sorry I didn't get around to answering posts yesterday but I went out last night and well ran out of that precious commodity called time. B.K. And I went to C.and C. And yes she had 40 off on mostly everything. I was out in the clearance building and found some of that ink I spoke about in a previous post and bought a few of them that were not on clearance. Other than that every thing I bought was. I got some turkey paper, some kitty paper that had the same type of food she eats, some relay cool license plate and vintage post card paper (got the last of that) and a cloth m.m. sticker sheet marked down to one dolla maya, and my favorite (I hope) will be the hedi swap paint! And one of those mask things by hedi swap too. All in all It was a good thing. I found a way to get there that made it supper close for me, so I enjoyed the short beautifu…


Eight days, my, my those numbers are getting skinny. I'm not packed but spent several hours trying my very best to cram everything I could into my tote that holds embellishments. My next "phase" is to try to match up the remaining photos with paper and then search through my embellishments to coordinate with them. That being said it's much more complicated to get done in the mix of the day.
Road trip- I think I'm taking a trip down south to see what's 40 percent off today. I hope that I can find paper to match my Nashville pictures and I've heard something abut this special kind of turkey paper. You guys wouldn't know any scrappin gobblers would ya? Blessings. A


I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9 days until retreat

Happy birth day to my sister, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to my sister, happy birthday to her. Happy 49 Sis!
So like you can tell It's all about family with me. I also forgot to say happy Birthday to
Colten who had his very first b-day this weekend. Unfortunately Colten lives on an Army base in a way off state and I've never got to hold him or hug him but here's to you kiddo!

Wow I bet all you are saying that's a lot of birthday's. True this is a popular time of year for my family and clipie man's family.

At 4:48 my first treater arrived and at 6:50 or so I had my last. All in all about 45 together, down form last years 62. My favorite was a three year old girl who took off running soon as she got in the yard,(left her mom in the dust) and made a b line for me and the candy dish. She was dressed with wings and a cute little shimmery out fit, buy the time she got to the door her mom had caugh…

10 days until retreat

First I must say Happy birthday to my Aunt Audrey (who probably will never read this but none the less) Happy 78 ish birth day to her.

So like in local news I hear that another scrapbook store is biting the dust. I personally only visited the store once. It was ok I didn't hate it and I know a lot of scrappers round here visited it frequently. It is so sad to loose a scrapbook store. It does make you come to the realization you do need to sport your local favorite store. With only two left I sure hope that they both can keep afloat.

Well to day is a busy day for me so this wont be long because not only of trick or treating but my b-I-l is due to return home tonight. And that means need to organize a dinner of some sort. And did I mention I need to clean a bit, my house looks like a disaster area. I have let everything go for a couple of days and well it looks like something exploded in here. No I'm not talking about the scrapbook room witch usually looks that way.

So enjoy giving…

here is half of a lay out

I cant seem to get the full thing on the page ugh please bear with me.


11 days!
R u ready? I'm not in fact I haven't scrapped all day I've been lazy today. I'm trying to perfect a relationship with my couch. You know when you have a leather couch you half to sit on it to break it in, so it will be molded to your body "specifications". My couch is only four years old so you know it's in it's toddler years yet (I hope) it needs pampering.
All fun aside I would like to give a shout out to my friend who works for C.B. As I was at church this morning they had a little slide presentation and guess who popped up on the screen her son (who I had never seen) How do I know it was her son you ask? Well I'll put it real nicely he was standing by some Notre Dame fan I know. (See I was nice I capitalized N.D.) Well I must go I know I'm posting on Sunday but I think all of you get up way before me so you'll have something new to read in the morning. I have became addicted to surfing and it's one of the first things I do i…


So you may ask what is this? Well it's two cards I recently made and the picture is sideways but any way they are a test run for photos. I intend to "Play" this week so that when we come back from retreat we can post some pics and eventually layouts, so bear with me while I experiment with a few things.

Happy, happy, happy, joy, joy, happy, happy, joy, joy,
12 more day's until retreat gobblers!
I had a great time scrapping this weekend with y'all. I was really happy to see some scrappers return that hadn't been there in a while. Cropping (like we did this weekend) is what makes scrapbooking so special to me. And I must thank my older "sister" for helping with a great breakfast. And I must say that thanks to my clip wearing man, we got a huge laugh at his expense, isn't he just wonderful, chip clips will never be the same again. What are you going to do with your extra chip clip D.W.? Oh and I cant forget to mention the spinach dip was wonderful, an…

It's to hot to be a Queen

I had the most perfect costume ideal I was going to be queen of the crop. But seeing that the dress was 100 percent polyester that would not work when it was 61 outside. So that's where my little girl costume came in to play. Speaking of playing I'm so excited I plan to try to get ready for retreat so I'll be playing with my scrapbook supplies today. I need to start counting down so lets see it's (not including today) 13 days until retreat!

Scrappin, Clipie man, and a Queen

What do they all have in common? Me and this weekend. I'm going to scrap with my favorite scrappin buddies this weekend we are gearing up for retreat so this should be the most fun since......Last week. And of course my favorite subject on the planet my Clipie man, yes that hunka hunka burning love is going to be alone with me this weekend (which would be even better if Aunt Flow wasn't here). But I'll settle for cuddling on the couch. And Queen what is that you ask? I'll let those of you who know me figure that out tonight or tomorrow. So have a good weekend and watch out for those trick or treaters!
blessings 2 u


So as usual I was surfing the scrapbook sites and ended up on 2 peas this morning. My favorite "article" was about how one lady nixed her ck magazine. I have recently ended my subscription to ck and was curious why this other pea did too. Apparently there is not a whole lotta ck love out there anymore. I got fed up with the doodling, I cant stand it ( I guess it's the toddler quality of doodling that turns me off). I was really shocked to see how many people had quit getting there ck magazines, I really thought I was just getting picky, set in my scrapbooking ways, I had know ideal that everyone else in the scrapbooking community felt that way. I really loved ck when I was a beginner scraper because it would showcase nobody's and that's exactly what I am a nobody. Was it the doodling like I think, or was it all about celebrity, or was it because there were so many adds. I would hate to see ck go under but it sounds like if they don't change there course they …

Jack Frost

Dose anyone remember watching a cartoon or a Rudolph like cartoon of Jack Frost? (I'm not talking about the one where Batman melts into a puddle) Any how I remember him well, his cartoon like story came on once a year just like Rudolph's. Every year around this time my mom would un pack a small little guy dressed elfin like. He had on a white suit and green trim, he completed his ensemble with a elf like cap that had a bell on the tip of it. Mom would hang him on the pull down light right over our dinner table. Mom called him "Jack" and he remarkably resembled the jack frost cartoon charter. As I look out at my back yard this morning I'm reminded of that memory of my mother. What a great memory, simple yet meaningless to others but meaning more to me than I can say. Memories like that are what we can keep alive through scrapbooking, not only can we keep them alive but we can pass them on.

I'm going to go curl up on the couch with a cuppa coca in my fuzzy robe …

I uh, oops!

So I uh updated this blog and kinda erased my comments so like next time I'll just write a new article mmk. So like if you want to see a totally cool scrapbooker comment on this past article I suggest going to

All rightie. The comments were important to me because Emily Adams (one of my former CKU teachers posted) so it's like very big deal to me.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry for erasing any posts!

Tore apart

My uh little tag project isn't going as well as I would have like. I have tore apart most of it and am again starting from my basic ideal the bo bunny pink and red paisley paper. I just cant seem to find a face for the front of the card that I like. What I did love was the ink I used every single drop washed off my hands. (and it was black ink!) I'm using brilliance- graphite. I am so in love with it for not staining my hands, so cool beans another great product.

I have added a new link to Emily Adams blog. She was one of my favorite teachers at CKU Nashville in 2005. Any who visit her blog I like it, I Hope you will too.

C U Soon Scrappers

Tag your it

So I've been wanting to make a tag book forever but still haven't gotten around to it if you know what I mean. Well I found the perfect tag last night at HL. The tag is part of a tag making kit for Christmas( I was so tempted to use the pre made for a tag swap this weekend but I did resist)its big and put out by making memories. I also took apart the library card type folder (in the mm kit)and traced it onto paper using it as a pattern for my upcoming tag swap. I so wanted to do pink and green for Christmas but could not find a bit of paper to do it with. I settled for pink red paisley and green and white accents. So far I have the pockets cut out and together but not the tags yet, I'll do them later today.

I'm so excited about our crop this weekend. For a short amount of time I didn't enjoy scrap booking because I had some experiences that weren't positive. Now that, that has been put behind me I look forward to creating and having a great time with my fellow s…

And the winner is....

My friend Betty is a frequent winner at giveaways and the like. She doesn't win every time but pretty darn close to it. So It's in my opinion that her winning streak has rubbed off on me. I have recently won a $50.00 gift card to Barns and Noble from Stephanie Feagans web site contest. She wrote a series of books on a charter named Whitney Ann Perl or Pink to those of you who have read about her. You can visit her site at

I'm off to go to Hobby lobby tonight, I would haven't earlier but my husband took my car to work and I don't know how to drive his (not an automatic, I think they used to call it stick shift but not sure about that) car. So Mr cinnamon and sugar gets to scout out a few every day errands along with scrapper shopping tonight.
blessings 2 u

Welcome to my scrap happy place

I have made this blog spot in hopes of sharing my life and favorite pass time with everyone. I intend to update frequent by that I mean about twice a week if not more. Share layouts with all. And from time to time have a good friend share a new technique or trend with us. I am hoping most of all it will be a enjoyable spot for scrappers to congregate and share our lives.