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hi I'm back

Ok all I'm back!
I have a few things to say while I was home my in laws have decided to come for a visit so ...... they are coming this weekend. Y'all will halfta tell me what time the stamp thing is if not I'll just send and order over sometime this weekend.
The next crop falls on the parade of home weekend, I'll be there some.
And the October 10th and eleventh I cant promise some personal issues going on that i cant talk about on the blog has to do with Clipie. Don't worry everything is fine, it's nothing to be concerned over.
I'll soon be hi-jacking the blog to show sis some baby shower invites.And yes they are different .


The Andy Griffith show is all about MayBerry and young Opie (spelling??) and Aunt Bee, I've never liked it but a few days ago it gave me something to think about. I was in the dentists office for a chipped tooth this week when the tec handed me a remote control. She said "Watch what ever you want" so the channel flipper that I am sat and continually scanned all the channels. I came across the Andy Griffith show, when I first moved to my new home 5 years ago it seemed like that's all that was on besides soaps. I have loathed it ,I thought it was a simpletons show that only really old people and very naive people watched. I had always thought the show lacked real life ness ( I know not a word but in my world it is). Maybe it was because I moved from a city that held more than a million people, maybe I was a bit of a cynic thinking this did not ever exist.I don't know but what made me stop and stare at the tv show was what I longed for. My "new" slow paced…

moving right along

well things are going well. Mom bought carpet (this morning) and it will be installed this next week. I hope I'll eventually work my way back home some then too. We have been working hard everyday and their has been no time for play or fun stuff except the occasional stolen moment in the evening and such. Pumpkin continues not to be friendly with B.B. so the separate quarters continue. She was overjoyed yesterday when I had a headache and took a nap with her mid day. Don't all cats love naps? Well I'm off to do more chores and stuff like it. Missing you all.

Missing home

Oh man I'm missing home about now and I haven't even been here for 1 day. Well really I'm missing Clipe more than anything. Ok I've gotta go lots to do get back with you all soon.

crop dates

Betty posted crop dates!
Sept. 5&6 (new)
Sept. 19&20
Oct. 10&11
Oct. 17&18 (new)
Nov. 7&8
Dec 12 &13

getting ready to go

I've been running around town the past few days, helping Clipie get new glasses, I helped Mom buy new phone (that i need to take to her), had to go down town to file some paper work, and in general just more stuff. I'm so thankful that its not as hot as it was I'm enjoying the cool down a great deal and it's helping me not sweat through three outfits a day (sometimes I wish I was one of those girls that just glisten). Tonight I cleaned off my desks and yesterday I packed my scrapbook bag. So I'm in gear to go, all I need to do is to wash clothing and pack and I'll be ready to go visit Mom for a while. I'm going to miss my Clipe so much, yet I'm going to enjoy being with Mom and Dad. I'm hoping as fall drawls near I'm going to get back to scrapbooking more than what I am now. I have a stack of thank you card to write and 2 separate party invitations to make, and a number a knitting projects in the works.

oh the photo I had seen this in a yard the …

dashing in to say

Happy Birthday to Chelle!

I almost forgot here is Terri's blog

I wanted to post this
Terri's blog
I also will add her to the side bar here in a bit!


Thank you D.W. for a great crop It was so nice of you to put up with all of our scraps. I'm off for a very busy day today and a to do list that is so long I know it all wont get done but I'm gonna try.
Thanks for asking about moms' clothing she loved all of them.

Today has been an interesting one like the kind that is long and drawn out and does not want to end. I'm tired an cranky and hot so there you go another reason not to behave myself. I must shout out a BIG Thank you to Debbie H who picked up my copic markers for me and saved me a trip. I also forgot to thank Betty for the past crop and Debbie w. for the upcoming one. As it sits today If I come it will be Saturday afternoon and maybe I'll pop in with crazy hats for us to parade around in late Friday night so we can make the neighbors that sniffing scrapbook glue is more fun than we let on : )

Well if your wondering

Well if your wondering why I had a fashion show on the blog it was for my mother. I had done some shopping for her and that was the result. In the photo of me below I look EXACTLY like my mother at the same age. It's a first not many times do I or her notice how much I look liker her. A few of my facial features are different but all in all I'm a genetic reproduction. We've had a long weekend here Clipie's taken a vacation day so he relaxing in lazy z boy at this very moment taking in birthday wishes from one of his brothers. And today Clipie is turning a year older. We started it off right by going to C.B. for breakfast. Here in a bit it'll be cake time so I'd better get going. DW I still don't have an answer for you this weekend maybe.

your look alike

yes I look like my mother in this photo