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crop for the cure

Crop for the cure will be February 10
it includes lunch and dinner
(I need to know how to sign up for this?)

So when is the next crop? And do I need to make hats for retreat?
what about clothing? blessings 2 u all A



Tuesday January 30,2007

I know I'm posting late in the day, I'm not yet back on track. I'm still unpacking putting up and beginning to re acquaint my self with my washer and dryer. Pumpkin on the other hand is indulging in very long naps and extreme stretching and yawning and indulging in occasional affection for her human. I'm still a bit tired and try to avoid a sinus infection from all my crying jags. What am i going to do today you ask? well it's real exciting I'm going to search for some watter ski's no just joking I need to return Clipie's shoes the size 13 was to small so I'm off to the big and tall shop. Also I have knitting class, I'm learning how to purl. Oh and I need to go to sptr and spend my key chain & certificate. I'll try to post a few pages later this week, clipe man needs to show me how to do that again. Blessings a

back home pics

a not so happy travling cat,

my letter of apology

To South Central. I really don't know how it happened translation ???? blink blink. I did not intend for the cold weather to follow me back but apparently it hitched a ride on our back bumper (without asking).We got back last night and It feels great to be back home again my friends. I'll post some photos here in a bit (no I wont post funeral photos!) got a few great shots. Wrap up if you half to go out of the house today and remember to carry a packet of hot chocolate so you can have it when you get there!

I again want to thank you for all your prayers. I only busted out crying once in the church hall yesterday while visiting with everyone. And it was to Mr Frailey who has known me all my life (his daughter is my age) so he under stands girls bursting out crying. So that was a Stepp in the right direction, at least it was only once (in public).

winding down

I have survived. The funeral is over and all but one thank you card is finished. (we cant find an address but will be able to when I get home). Mom and I held up pretty well during the service (must have been all of those prayers) meaning we did cry but didn't use the whole box of tissue.
The service was beautiful and some what short, I'll describe it more later. I very quickly made a 12 x 12 scrapbook of Aunt Jane it's 11 pages or so (I never actually had time to count the pages I did it in under 6 hours, most pages ever in one sitting). It was a great representation of her true self. Strong, Sassy, and many more things. Keep my mom's health in you prayers. I'll try to get back to posting very soon.

Thank you for you thoughts and prayers I truly believe they have helped. a


Wednesday Tomorrow morning we all are (clipie and b-i-l) leaving. It's supposed to he a HIGH of 30 and a low (at night) of 14 yikes! The funeral is Friday @1 (est). I hope to come home Sunday. I had to go get a suit today, I must say it really dose suck when you half to shop and aren't happy about it. One good thing I'll get to see some SNOW and my Mom and lots of family. Please keep me in your prayers this is so hard for me. a

I have very sad news

My Aunt passed away in the night, I have know the next week will hold so be patient with me. Please pray for my Mom and I (and family) that we can get through this gracefully.

our layouts


crop photos

photos from this past crop

ok continued

continued OK so I end my previous post abruptly so you may want to read it before you read this. Well Yesterday was a big day Clipie bought me a rebel! (all evening he kept saying were you born to be a rebel?) I could not squish his enthusiasm for this phrase and ask him why do you keep asking me that? Was it in a song? Was it an old phrase? An old advertising commercial/thing? I didn't have the heart to say anything I just smiled and acted like I knew what he was talking about. I figure it's one of those age difference things that creep up on us from time to time. So Click is my new pal (yes I named the camera) and I will undoubtedly be clicking click as much as possible this week so be ready this weekend! click

Yesterday my mom had a Dr appointment and they once again took more tests. We wont have any news for another week or so, keep her in your prayers.

Ok something is wrong

with me I woke up at 5am this morning and no it was not due to any type of (ahem "call"). Oh and for those of you wanting to know I lasted until 3 pm yesterday until i could go no more and took a very long nap. I spent the better part of yesterday doing some shopping . I currently have 2 gift cards left Macy's and Lane Bryant. Yesterday I went to Barns and Noble and bought a stack of books. photography, consumer reports buying guide, sweet potato queens, a handy dandy purse sized calender and a few others.


So yesterday i did nothing but go to church and sleep and eat. I was so tired form all that fun. news- I haven't got any other than my nice bought her wedding dress yesterday. I am now keeping my eye out for a good looking for (I'm the aunt of this beautiful girl dress. I'll post some photos from the crop later I've got a busy day today and tomorrow. blessings a


6:29 and I'm up, i dont know why but I am


( If i know some of my scrapper friends they will be wide awake and checking outblogs tonight)

Hi my name is Angie
(crowd mimes) Hi Angie
I have and addiction, I have an addiction to
good friends, good food, good fun and SCRAPBOOKING!
I had a great time even if i did confuse a vasectomy with a tracheotomy!
I know I'll never live that one down.

Blessings A

scrapper fix

yes it is time to get our scrapper fix, It's time to inhale spray glue,
get a paper cut, throw a mountain dew bottle, put on our crocks,
kick back share about our holidays, at a long awaited crop.
(tension and stress just draining from neck and shoulders now)
So 5 sound good?maybe a bit after? whOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

dream cameras

so I have just two things to say
I'm so ready to scrap tomorrow that I cant sit still and
what type of camera do you have? and What type of camera would you like to have?
I'll state the obvious I think I'm going to buy an slr I need advice.

I dont know what to title this

All of the sudden my brain doesn't know how to title whats up with that? it must be knitting overload. Any way I have a bit of family news My niece Bethany is going to get married hopefully in September! Plans aren't nailed down just yet but it's in the works stage so soon I will be doing some wedding related crafts.

As you may have noticed I have taken away a few links on the side bar Scrap it's blog and the honest scrapper blog (which was abandoned)and a couple of personal links as well. I have noticed a trend that some blogs are dieing out. So sad the death of a blog. I guess I have became addicted to blogging and it's hard for me to accept it when they go away. I added Hedi swap link she has a bunch of stuff links to products and a blog as well.

Yesterday I went to sptr and bought a scrapbook trends mag/book I do not like the mag, It has doodling in it, further more lots more advertisements than the card one. I was looking for a few ideals and was pretty su…


This is my 100th post wow. Thanks for listening to my moans groans opinions ect. So to keep this scrapper blog real I'll start with scrappin.

Like everyone else in the country I feel led to clean (mostly because all the organizational stuff is on sale). You know start the year with a resolution like "I want to be able to walk through my scrap space". So with that in mind I had to clean. I was again at the point that I could not walk through my room. With this "new year of clean" comes not being waste full so like any frugal scrapper I started with my scraps sorting into three sizes
6x6 or larger,
cricut sized papers(leftovers I can just slap on my sticky pad with out trimming) and
smaller- like small enough to fit into my Q/K.
amazingly enough I not only found myself trimming my scraps (you know your are officially going overboard when you do that by the way) but actually finding inspiration in those old used papers. I really did get rid of quite a bit so far.…

Crop for the Cure

Crop for the cure
will be February 10th.
The cost is $30.00 and it includes lunch and dinner.
dh is planning on attending anybody else up for some fun


Lets have a paper swap. what do you say every one bring 5 12x12's they don't want, have extra, leftovers, what ever. We will toss it on a table and swap paper.

Anybody know when is Pam shutting down her store? I need to take a shopping trip soon I just don't want to late.

I have know ideal what I'm going to bring to eat yet, but Kroger will probably be making it!
Blessing a

I hope y'all had a good weekend.

ding ding ding round 12 Trump vs.Rosie

check it out Trump finally gave reference to Ripa being I'll treated. He has been quite harsh but I still maintain he is defending Ripa.
check out the "he said she said" column scroll down a bit he talks about Kelly.


Crop Dates not to forget

January 19 and 20th
January 26 and 27th
A big Thanks to our "B" for taking the time to do this for us, WE APPRECIATE it
Three cheers for her!


EmilyAdams who was formerly with scrap works- you know the good glue. Is launching a new project with imagination project called Circus Rose It's a new line of paper due out at cha. The link below doesn't have a sample but if you visit often they said it would be out soon It'll be great to see some new stuff when it's released.

Karen Foster

does any body have one of those old Karen foster papers that was a dog house? I have the perfect picture to fit in it!

a good report

after Red lobster and 24 pink roses he lost all of his brownie points and his account balance is now empty. Yes Clipie man is in the dog house big time.

My mom is still having problems how ever we do know what is wrong- they did in fact find her uterus and found it to be thick also she had a nodule on her ovary- the doctor say it's indrometroosis (not sure how to spell that). So not Cancer I'm so thankful for that and happy it's not something worse. And My aunt had suddenly taken a turn for the better. She is making progress. So over all a great report today sorry for so few posts this week but Lot's going on.

This is whats it's all about

Today I have been married for 14 years. I'm thankful for that.

My beloved is mine and I am his.
Song of Solomon 2:16

breaking the barier

Thanks to all of you who have been taking part and viewing this blog. Today we will probably break the 1000mark. Having my page viewed that Manny times is anhonorand aprivilege.

Thanks to everyone!

blessings A


i was going to post some of the work i submitted and forgot
my list of 5 things were
my pumpkin page (all of you have seen it)
the page of me and clipe by the lake (seen this 2)
altered flower into napkin ring (posted above)
the penguin happy card
and a birthday card

I did it

For the first time I submitted some of my "work". It's hard to put your work out there. I know if I hold a page up (at a crop) y all say "ooh and ah" but that's cause were all scrappin buddy's and we love each other and our work. It's another thing to have some cricut person say "well it's not special enough" that leaves this scrapper in a vulnerable state, but I'm ready for what ever because I liked it no matter what. And in all that's what it should be, my work for me and my family. It's taken me a while to get to this spot, just being satisfied with my work. OK enough scrapper philosophizing.

I found a great great gallery from a scrapper named Joanna Bolike. She has been published a lot. I added her link to the side bar, check out her published pages (I love her enlarged photo l/o). Tell me what scrapper blogs do you follow? Let me know I'll put a link to them on the side bar.

On the side, please continue to pray …

scrappers block

Ever had it? I do I cant seem to do anything. Ugh . Maybe it's scrapper over load form the holidays. Oh I know it's because Regis and Kelly are all re-runs this week. Oh and my lute i showed of yesterday I should have said "see what you can do with a gift card"! Well i must go for now I'm having a sneeze attack.

No news on mom but your prayers are appreciated.

score card

when I visit 2 peas every person who posts has a ticker like thingie and it tells how many layouts they have posted. I'm thinking I want to make a score card page to keep track of how much I'm doing. like for example at the end of the year I'll know just how many cards I made and how many 1 or 2 page l/o i did. Have you guys ever thought of doing some thing like this? I'm thinking It would be cool re cap at Christmas party next year if we all did something like this

Also is anyone thinking about submitting for the cricut design team? I may if I do I'll show you what I submit. the dead line is tomorrow if you would like the link let me know I can forward you the details.

o o

Red letter journals

is the name of the local scrap book store back home. I found a few neat things
neat brads by imaginisce
neat embellishment thingise made out of brass called Aladdin's charms also by imaginisce
more great in k to add to my growing collection by dew drop?
lots of 7 gypsies
the mine, mine, mine, mine stamp
gaffer tape printed like a old fashioned quilter/dressmakers tape
cool tag w/a cool sleeve
the G is for grateful sticker sheet Old but I love it I had never seen g before
a huge round Christmas sticker by memories complete
paper by wild asparagus

I don't have any news on my mom, but I want to thank everyone for the prayers


Hay Lisa it was great to hear from you. Betty thanks for the scoop on scrap it. I have had a like to them for a while now on the side bar I guess I'll need to be changing that soon. On a very serious note my mom's health is not good. She needs lots of prayer. I don't want to go into a lot of detail about it but she had a rough doctors visit this morning. Sorry for this to be a not so happy post. I'll post more later today.


OK so try as I might I cant keep my mouth shut about this Trump thing. I have never been a particular big fan of him, however I am now. None of the media has said this so I'm going to say it(weather it's true or not I have no know ideal, but this should have been said before Christmas)
1. Trump shot back at the "other party" because he was being a gentleman and defending Miss USA! Yes I think that was his true motive he was being old fashioned and defending not only his decision but her reputation (at least for the time being).
2. Let me ask you this question. Who is one of his best friends? I know, I know. REGIS yep I think some where in D.T. mind he was more than a bit peeved at what "the view commentator" said about our beloved Pipa. I bet he likes Ripa, I bet he likes her enough to call that commentator the bully that she is.
So that's it that's me theory on DONALD TRUMP

scrapper ramblings

Well Christmas vacation is over (for us):( Sad but true, I hated to see Mr I leave for work today surprising enough I was not ready to to see him go which was unlike a lot of our long vacations.

So next subject why is it so warm? Like Saturday we were just about ready to turn the air and the high for today is 50+. Wow tropical Christmas who would have thought it?

So I need to thank my scrapper friends for those Christmas tags they really helped out. I used all but one of them (I didn't want to give them away so I put them on clipie's gifts) that was my favorite (I'm not telling I cant let my scrapper friends have scrapper envy).

So on to New Years Resolutions did you make any? I made the usual one's
I would like to weigh less,
scrap more
take a picture a day-which, I have already broken, maybe a picture a week (my camera is not un packed yet)
Blog more.

So like Miss B are you alive you have not posted for a very long time. I hope you are doing OK.I also hope you have some date…