Monday, April 30, 2007


Well after a 5 hour journey I'm glad to be here at home once again. This past weekend was a blur the things I remember are Saturday was way to long and on Sunday we had a family cookout before we left.

I had a bit of a surprise when I came home our neighbors have moved out of there home and it is empty, this means that both houses on both sides of us are for sale (or something) and 2 more on our street are for sale as well. Whats up? are we that bad as neighbors? I don't know I just wonder about things like that. Especially when you talk to them all the time and one day they just up and move, truly strange. Up north we have a saying about that (about not saying anything when you just up an leave without warning) " Don't let the door hit you in the butt" (as you leave).

Switching gears to my favorite subject Mr I has been hard at work finishing a bonus room upstairs. So hopefully before the fall I will have a new scrap room, I'm going up here in a bit to check out all the work he's been doing. He's been a busy bee while I've been gone.

Well that's it for now I'm going to putter around the house this morning and enjoy being home. Blessings A

When is t due to have her baby? and how is she?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

talk'in bout last night

Wasn't that a song by the traveling Wheel Berries or maybe the Georgia Satellites one of the two. Last night I had a great time I had a chance to go out with a few old friends of mine Candy and Laura. They still teach at the daycare center where I did (Kings Kids or KKDC) and are still the same sweet people they were when I left. We went to Smokey Bones if you haven't been It really is good they serve ribs, pulled pork (barbecue for you southerner's)turkey and chicken, I got the pulled pork It was great!. We got seated about 7 30 and didn't leave our booth till well after 9:30, and had the best waitress in the world I left her a big tip, I also drank 5 sweet tea's ( I know a lot). Talk about good times it was truly great to be there with them catching up on there lives and sharing the great camaraderie we have always felt towards one another. I could have stayed out till two just like we used to but Mr. I pulled into town about 10 so I cut the night short. All I have to say is one of my favorite sayings "Good food, Good friends, Good times" were had by all.

Friday, April 27, 2007

I wish I may I wish I might

have something new to write on this blog tonight.I have still been collecting my Aunts things. Today was just make lists and get general house keeping chores done. In a few hours I will get to see Mr I .
I'm so excited to go home but I will worry the hole time I am there about mom. It goes without saying that the weekends that I travel on make it hard to update the blog so with that I'll wish all of you a great weekend. And seeing that It's 1 :58 am est and I'm just ready to drop. I think I do much better with writing on the blog in the mornings don't you? Yeah I'm going home, boo I'll miss having breakfast every morning with Mom and Dad. blessings a

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A little bit of this and that

this morning I'm trying to blog while constantly being attacked by pumpkin. Love and cuddle attacking that is, she keeps jumping up into my lap and wanting to be held, and to top it off as soon as she jumps up she starts this really cute heavy purr like it's part of her every breath. The old cute and I'm cuddly with purring routine.

Yesterday was and emotional day for me and mom we cleaned out Aunt Jane's jewelry box and went through all of her photos. The photos took the longest, I would sort through then mom would sort through keeping some of my pictures and actually throwing some real bad ones away like weird landscapes, out of focus stuff and she wanted to throw away photos of old boyfriends and of course a few happy memories an tears in the mix. Which brings me to my story today. I had and uncle who I will not name (no Missy it is not your dad) (well I guess I did narrow it down a bit when I said that didn't I?) He was over seas during war time and he fell in love with a girl who was in his heart until he died. Out of respect for his family he would not marry her because she was foreign (a big issue back then) and he had a girl back home as well. When he came back he destroyed all his pictures of her when he married. One afternoon about 30 years later, we are going through mom's photo albums and she had a picture of her as well, my uncle asked if he could take it out and he did and he started to rip it up because he thought it was the best thing to do, and mom stopped him. The he told her it was not honourable to have the photo around and she still would not give in. By mom not giving in, (imagine that, she always gave in to her brothers and this was the only time in my life I had ever seen her tell one of them no) I saw a hole other side to my uncle, I saw a tenderness in his eyes and honor in him (honor for his wife) and a tender place in his heart where I had never imagined it. Here was this larger than life man who had done all sorts of interesting things in his life like, be a soldier, work for the government, tell you fantastic story's about ww2 and yet all thought my life I had never seen that tenderness in him. Through that photo I learned he was more loving than I ever thought, he had been loved by another, he loved another, and maybe they were lovers (I will never know he never said, he would have never dishonoured his wife) but through one photograph I learned more about him than in all the years I had known him.

With going through Jane's photo I wondered about each and every face we could not name. Who were they? I know that the better part of the people had passed on, but still who were they to her? A friend, her confidant, more than a friend? This is a lesson to be learnt.
Label your photos so your family wont wonder who people in you photos are.
Label your photos so your niece wont be making up possible scenarios with you and that person in the photo!
blessings A

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ding dong the wicked witch is dead

A fantastic announcement came out yesterday Rosie will not be on the view!!! Now i hopefully will be able to get back to watching it! yeah

In other news Betty has canceled the crop since nobody could attend
but Thanks so much for trying Betty.

I'm headed home this weekend and I'm so excited I cant wait to be back in my normal habitat. The last time I was home was April 5, so I'll will have been away for 20 + days. I wonder what my home looks like (shudder two men alone in my house scary)

Sometime tomorrow I'll tell y'all about clean out my aunt Jane's personal things jewelry box and sending her things to her son ect. But for now It's off to dream world for me it's almost 1 am time flies.
blessings A


Last night in my effort to stalk up the freezer with microwavable dinners I picked up the movie Queen. As in British Queen Elizabeth. It's all about and her family when (princess) Diana died. Let me just say that you must be a Diana fan to like the movie to start with, but Its one of the few I have wanted to re watch as soon as it was over. It's all dialog and all about the Queen and Tony Blair (I like him more after seeing the movie) and I like the royals quite a bit less after seeing the movie. The move begs me to ask a few questions
1 Can wealth and privilege really cause you to disassociate with your people, Can you really be put on such a high pedestal that it's hard to see the floor?
2 Why would someone mourn a family member like that? They took these boys deer hunting and she wasn't even cold yet!
3 Compassion where was it? As being a Christian where was her compassion?
4 It makes Americans look like golden retrievers, and gladly so, I would much rather be viewed as loyal as royal wouldn't you?
and last my conclusion

Diana could have never been a true part of there family. They did not understand her she was the golden retriever of that family only that she was living with lions not dogs (with a lioness at the head of the family). Who would think that you could confuse compassion and being able to show love towards other humans could be misconstrued by her royal family as impropriety and immoral behavior? Diana only wanted to be loved and to love others, it's clear that she wanted to be loved, after all why would she go so far as to look for it?

my royal rant

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sat. April 28
Fri. & Sat., May 11 & 12
Fri. & Sat., May 18 & 19
Fri. & Sat., June 15 & 16
and recipe page topics are
Salad and side
Drinks and Appetisers
Soups and Crock pot
and an "all about me" page is still in the works
And Again a big thank you to Betty for her arranging crop nights for us.


It must be overload or clipie withdraw I don't know, but I'm just drawing a blank when it comes to the blog lately. It may be that time is a precious commodity or could it be the exhaustion that hits me at the end of every day? What ever it is I'm waiting for it to pass soon. The intimate details of my life have been very depressing lately so I'm trying not to talk about me. I don't seem to to be able to dig from the trenches of my mind. It seems that my quirky bad spelling self is at a loss. So with that I will tell you I have been incredibly busy since Friday afternoon. I did get to see my Clipie but It broke my heart when he went home yesterday, making it extremely difficult to write about because even when I'm typing about him I start to act like an automatic water fall. In turn with watter I can't do that for long because I'm experiencing the second spring up north and all my allergy's need is a great sinus infection to carry them to the next level. So that leaves pumpkin, she is doing well she likes my moms squirrel's and birds (outside of course) she has became an avid window watcher. As well as she went out of charter and actually let my sister pet her last week. Whats up with the nice cat syndrome? I mean I would expect such niceness from a cat named Bart who lets children dress him in doll clothing, but niceness from the cat who has bit my mother in law three times? She has never shown any affection toward anyone but me so I guess she is getting nice in her old age (8). And to add to it she got in clipies lap , as soon as he got here on Friday, as if to say I missed you so very much. Here we go again the automatic waterfall system is officially at work.

I hope to come home sometime this weekend for at least two weeks maybe three
I'll post a reminder of our crop dates and recipe pages
How are you holding up Nurse Betty?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Clipie man returns...........

So my man he's coming to visit me tomorrow. We will have about 36 hrs together or so, needless to say I will probably neglect the blog. So if I don't update it I'm snuggling on the couch with Mr I. I hope you all have a good weekend and enjoy the great weather! Blessings A

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I just have

a few minutes to up date this. I'm just super busy today and a bit a stressed and a hole heap of tired (I had to take a nap today). So over look any attitude present.

OK last night I spoke to Betty and Bill is doing much better and home. However she is now in the role of "Nurse Betty" and y'all know she is not a nurse. She may need to cancel Saturday, so I'll check again later in the week with her. (I think that Dh is the only one who can come at this point) So As for me I will not be coming home Mom still needs me and I'm thinking at this point it will be next Sunday (not this coming) when I return home hopefully. I truly will need to take some sort of break by then I need to see Clipie I'm going out of my mind missing him. Never fear I'll try to send back at least two of my pages back with Carl this weekend, I've been working on them this week. I love ya all and miss my BG life like nuts

ps. pray for my Alaska cousin (Melissa) they had a house fire on Friday, and lost a big part of every thing they had but they saved all of there photos !!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have made the comment section so anyone can post. If I have bad comments or the like I'll need to change it but lets try this and see how it goes OK. So give me a trial run and we will see if it is any easier, If it's not i may need to move my blog to another spot. I want this to be fun not techno challenging.

Ok so

If you all are having trouble accessing the blog just e-mail me and I'll see if I can make some changes to make it easier for all of us. I want us to enjoy this, not be difficult. Let me know. Dh I'm sorry about all the snow but I've had my fair share last week. Today I was witness to the sunshining wow!

Today I also paid a visit back to the day care where I worked for ten years. It was great my boss Janette, she didn't recognise me with short hair. Apparently a lot of changes have happened to day care guidelines since I left home. When I arrived they were in lock down, as of January 1 st the whole center is locked down 24/7.( I had to be buzzed in) That was weird, security at the day care, just a concept that I never envisioned. I had a good time talking to my old boss(es) and another teacher. Most all of my close teacher friends have quit or got married or the like, however all but a few keep in touch. I sometimes miss being a teacher I miss things like constant smiles, the joy of discovery, spontaneous anything and everything, and there is some real silly stuff like lesson planing and decorating bulletin boards. Did I ever tell you I was the bulletin board queen? I had seven boards to keep up all but one or two had to be changed monthly. Most of all I miss the constant ebb and flow of activity, the kids, yes and even some of the parents. It was a great walk down memory lane today, I so enjoyed it.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

good morning

Just wanted to take time to say good morning to all of you. Things are good here, a bit slower than we expected however it's all good. I know I wont be able to crop this weekend and at this point I don't know about next, I may need to stay another week. If I do I'll send my pages home with clipe next weekend. So I hope all of you are fine and enjoying the sun today. Today was one of the few days when it made an appearance up here. A

Friday, April 13, 2007


Well Saturday is the day I'm going to get my hair cut. And how you ask? Shorter than usual I'm hoping it Will end up hanging just about two inches on my shoulders and pretty much the same cut I have, just shorter for the hot summer that is to come. My sister is also going short but she is going really short like Dw hair but she will need something that can stand up to lots of curl, she has a kinky small ringlet curl. I on the other hand have a more loose curl. So I'll definitely be taking some pictures of us tomorrow. also I'll be hopefully taking some engagement pictures of Beth and Mike so that should be total fun.

It has been four days since I have seen Clipe and I'm definitely having withdraw symptoms. So I'm going to post some pictures at least try to any how so bear with me.
blessings A

Thursday, April 12, 2007

it was a cold and dark night

When I tried to sell mom to the Russians. I and the family were in on a conspiracy to get some money out of her. I was in khoots with the nurses(Russians) and my dad was the only knight in shining armor. I mean he was the only one "with a pick up truck" who could handle her. Yep mom got the cancer out and one of those epic adventures/ vacations (like in the movie when Arnold Swarts-a-whoever goes to Mars he gets a brain implant that is "supposed to be a vacation";) out of pure kindness I will not share the rest of the conspiracy {story} while I will share that it continued on in the same setting. I will share that (I freely admit) I did not take any pictures of mom at the hospital {Half out of fear and half out of sympathy}. I know I would not want some one taking my picture while I was at my worst. I have not yet decided whether or not to scrap moms event, maybe a page with out pictures? I don't know It's a hard thing to scrap at this point. It's a decision for another day that's for sure.

It's almost 42 and dropping, we are currently expecting snow tonight. Last night here in Grove City we had a storm that blew out windows in several houses. Wild that's for sure. So tonight I'm off to go snuggle with my flannel (and pumpkin of course) and dream about spy games.
Blessings to all a


my mom had some morphine adventures while she was in the hospital. I was giving her away to the Russians and all the nurses were spy's. More on that later, I just wanted to say good morning to everyone. We have had some truly weird weather up here, from snow to hail that covert the ground last night. But everything is going good (I could stand a bit more rest) but everything is smooth sailing. blessings A
I'll try to post pics soon

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

hanging in there

hanging in there today mom did come home and was a good patient. She is still supper weak and tired. I do believe this is the best sleep she has had in a while, she is sleeping like a rock. Her doctor said her her tests came back positive for cancer- they got all of it and all of the surrounding tissue!!!! No chemo or anything we go back to see him in 4 to 6 weeks. That was the best news I've had for a long time. Everything has gone well, I did have a bit of a panic when her incision started to drain (because it didn't in the hospital) but after a call to the doc it's fine and all normal stuff (I promise not to be detailed oriented about fluids). So she is resting I'm playing mother hen. I'm very tired bordering on exhaustion so this is going to be short and sweet. I miss you all and Betty I'll be giving you a call. Lots Prayers for you and Bill

Monday, April 09, 2007

I hope you all had a great Easter

He had risen -- Indeed he has

I hope you all had a great holiday and had a chance to spend some of it with your family's. I did get to see most of my family and a large part of clipie's. Easter dinner (for me) was by my self in the hospitals Wendy's/ Tim Horten's dining room completed with french Fries, chicken nuggets (that sucked by the way) and a coke.
side note:My sis did want me to join her and offered to bring me Bob Evans but I didn't want to.
Later in the day I was privy to a plate of leftovers my mother in law fixed it for me. It was then followed by a 13 mile drive and I went to bed at 8 pm. woke up at 9 for a slice of apple pie that had lovingly been brought to me by clipie. By 10 I was fast asleep and in dream land.
That was my Easter however I had much to celebrate my Mom is doing well and hopefully coming home in the morning (assuming her bladder kidney infection is getting better).
I also had a minor oops moment I forgot to get clipie a card or gift. I did buy him a take five candy bar from Kroger. It wasn't our usual Anthony Thomas chocolate bunny but I'll get him one before I leave Columbus. Currently card will be placed in mail tomorrow morning and he will get one (pictures to follow later this week, it's a cute card I copied Dh's baskets and went for the scrap lift approach).

Well has anyone herd (is that right herd? I really am a nerd aren't I) anything about Betty and Bill? I have not if you know please send me off an e-mail. Well I'll up date you more later when it's not 1:14 am est.
My love to all of you

Friday, April 06, 2007


Well I've made it. It's currently 29 and no snow(yeah). The surgeon had only good things to say no tumor just bad tissue. We did have some pain management issues so sis is staying with her tonight to make sure that there aren't any more "issues" that come up. I'm going to head out early to see her in the morning and let sis go home. Thanks for your many prayers and comments. I'm hoping DH swings by this little town, so I can see one of our fellow scrappers tomorrow.
Blessings for us all
Happy Easter

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Mom did well and surgery went great! It went so good she may get to come home Sunday! Gotta go I'm a travel'in girl today!
thanks for all the prayers

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


it out the760 $$ page l/o made it into the cricut news letter link:

she tells how she made it

so i guess we all can have a pricey layout now

this is it

This is my last morning of sleeping in in my own bed for a while. Tomorrow I will embark on a 17 day journey up north. I don't mind the trip, I don't mind the stay but I will miss a few things. Clipie, my bed, fresh iced tea that clipe makes, warm weather, and those are just a few. I will love spending time with Mom and Dad. How many get to take time to spend with there parents? not many. I'll get to see my sis and her girls and hopefully take some engagement photos for oldest niece Bethany and some good shots of my younger niece Alicia who will graduate May 27. I also will be in search for a few things like a new camera lens, a new camera bag, and some a few books a t the used book store. Some things are just so much cheaper up there, so I wait and get my big purchases up north. I love being home It's where I spent 30 years of my life, I love being here too I feel this is where I started my adult life and had to "grow up" because we are on our own down here (kwim?). Hopefully I'll see the last of cold weather while I'm up there, I generally started wearing shorts the first weekend of May always nice and around 78/80. Down here I wear them year round! ahhhh to experience a second pollen season I mean spring. I can communicate through e-mail I just cant read stuff that has pictures attached like sbv e-mail because in all this time I've never figured out how to disable my mothers spy software.
Mom has surgery at 8 am or 9 am in the morning, yes there are risks, but there are even bigger risks if she does not have the surgery. So prayers for her, her heart, the surgeon and that he can get all the cancer. I goes with out saying that the blog will probably be slow going for the next few days. I'll post up dates as soon as I can. I may have time at night but then again I may not who knows. I am in the throws of packing everything from entertainment to clothing and of course pumpkin the cat who hates to travel, but tolerates it because she thinks she cant be with out me.
So happy trails and have a Blessed Easter ( Just in case I don't get to blog)

Monday, April 02, 2007

Crop dates from Betty

Sat., April 21
Sat. April 28

Fri. & Sat., May 11 & 12
Fri. & Sat., May 18 & 19

Fri. & Sat., June 15 & 16

recipe page topics are

Salad and side
Drinks and Appetisers
Soups and Crock pot

and a "all about me" page in the works when I get questions finished

Thnaks to Betty for her arranging crop nights for us.

Beading hearts

Beading alert this is as crafty as it gets today.