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earring retrieve

How to retrieve an earring from the drain........
first you must receive a very nice earring for your anniversary gift
then you must wear them
so that when you take them off over the sink one of them can bounce off of your boob and into the drain
then you must gasp
then your husband must say whats wrong
then your husband must say "i know you didn't drop that new earring down the drain"
then you must cry
then words must be said that we wont repeat from both husband and wife
husband will demand you not to touch earring that is hanging for life on the end of plunger that has a very small lip to hold said earring
you can see it with the l e d flash light
your scrapbboking grabbie thingie would grab it
you don't try because you don't want to make husband more mad if it were to fall into the p-trap
then husband might try to retrieve earring and you might hear it plop down into the p-trap
then you might be "directed" to clean out from under the sink
*note* you cant help …

Bettys play dates

Feb. 10 & 11 @CH - (I know this is a Franklin weekend retreat for a few of you....)

Feb. 18 - Crop for a Cure

March. 9 & 10 or March 23 & 24 @CH

March 9-11 - Barren River Retreat

April - TBA

May 4-6 @CH/NSD scrap weekend - will keep Sunday if enough interest

third time

So I've been trying to post but blogger hasn't been
very cooperative.... for the past two days.

So the cyst didn't get removed I'm sad to say, unfortunately I'll not be attending lot of those fun February play dates because of it. On the 26 i have it removed.
I was thinking I'd be fine a week later but the nurse has said otherwise telling me it will be more like a month.
yeah I'm so excited about that.

So here is some fun to detour our thoughts from that....


Snuffaluffagus is my name
blowing snot is my game

Happily let me say that again very happily my cold is leaving.

Friday I'm having a cyst removed from my back. So if you have extra prayers, pray I wont be all nervous in outpatient.

I'll be back to posting hopefully next week!



The Grind 2012

1. Drink more water
2. Gain no weight from what I weigh today
3. Eat more healthy
4. Scrapbook more
5. Love more
6. Let my friends know they are loved more
7. Send out my Christmas cards that never made it out.
8. Ohhhh and as with every year that passes
Waste less paper both scrap and everyday world.

Number eight has been ongoing for several years and some years are better than others but I've really really changed over a period of time with that one and probably the only resolution EVER for hubby to participate in as well.

Pictures and cards soon!

Blessings in this new year to you and your family!