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3 weeks later.........................

ah I still have some cards for show and tell. I wrote this post three weeks ago so that means I'm out of things to say! Be Safe enjoy your Labor Day Weekend. Be safe!

End of the season

Another Summer ends this weekend. In the back of my mind I'm thinking last weekend to wear white, it's almost time for apple picking, pumpkin picking, snezzy hay rides and bee's. Bee's always seem to be around the apple cider.  But not this year. Out here in north Texas as they call it we are gering up for the warmest days of the Sumer, that's right fall is not in sight, more around Thanksgiving. The weatherman said its our twenty first day of triple diget's. Fun, fun, fun. 
I hope you have as safe and cool Labor Day weekend.
Thought I'd share what's on my desk, the usual mess!

Monday, its baaaack!

Smile, isn't it pretty?

Two weeks

Two weeks ago I prepared this post. I'm looking at the calender and thinking what happened to August? Maybe this will help since the days are getting shorter and hopeful your mornings are getting cooler. Mine probably aren't yet but soon, soon the triple digits will retire for the winter.

Hump day

I'm fresh out of Camel so I hope this is better!

IT IS Monday

Early mornings are early
4:45 I'm up
If all goes well I'm on the road by 5:30
All I can say is its like driving with spider monkeys
Not to many people like spiders but when you combine them with monkeys all bets are off.
Its a new breed of crazy on the roads out here.

I hope this keeps the spider monkeys away today!


Remember the movie Ghost?

I have this little helper when I take photos meet Mr. Ghost. He is a perfect size to hold up, or insert, balance against, you name it he's a hard working part of the picture taking process.

Sometimes he wants to be seen, but for the most part he stays hidden in every shot.

pin : it

Just one of those Pined cards that inspire me.


This was made for Tripp Halstead!/TrippHalsteadUpdates?hc_location=stream

If your not familiar with his story you can follow him on Facebook
Its a sad story that right now is filled with the things hope is made of.

I know, I really do.

Its been to long, way to long since I v'e been on the blog.
How about this, yesterday I went outside set up a table and shot pictures of a bunch of cards. Am I making you smile yet?  How about if I add that I could smell dog poo? Or it was 95+ outside ? It was over an hours worth of (fun) work?

Ah well Clipie man's 53rd birthday has come and gone, like wise with summer. Summer is darn near perpetual out here in Texas. Its hot too, but the pay off comes in winter. No Snow, let me say that again, No. Snow. At least the leaves fall off the trees for a couple months, and I do actually need a light weight coat. That's enough winter for anyone right?

Our lovely home is still on the market. We have had well over 120 visitors all have liked the house but three couples. It is odd to have such positive feed back and still no takers. Three or four have came back for a second look but no cigar. One lease offer that unfortunately was about 400 bucks shy( a month) of this si…