Wednesday, October 31, 2007

a tribute to Joe

a tribute to Joe.....

I'm not sure when I met Joe and his wife Kathleen but it has most certainly been a while ago probably to the tune of about more than 15 years ago. Joe is my sister-in-law (Janet's) father, she is married to Clipie's oldest brother Rick. I don't remember the first time I met them but I do remember the last time I spent time with them. In July we went to Atlanta to their grandson's wedding and we shared a dinner table as well as one of the last dances of the night. Clipie and I and he and Katleen were the only couples dancing to the tune of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville.

Joe was always quick to remember me by name and greet me with a hug and kiss, even though we are not that related, I was always treated with lots of love and as a member of the family. He was always smiling and ready to tell a joke. He was the A typical "Dad like" figure. My memory is so odd sometimes, I can remember giving him our typical hug and kiss when they left the reception that night, but yet I don't remember telling other family members (who were at the wedding) good night. So here's to Joe, to his memory, to his great outgoing personality, he will be missed.

Remembering moments like these is why I scrapbook.


almost down to a week!
Well today is shaping up to be another busy day. So with that I'll wish you all a Happy and safe Halloween.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

joy challenge

joy challenge

paper is doodle charms

a punch was used for the diamonds

and the snowflakes were standouts and inked my me




9 days

buffet pricing (I called myself and spoke with Namoi (sp??))

Breakfast Monday -Saturday 6.95
Sunday 7.95

Lunch Monday- Saturday 7.95
Sunday 12.95

Dinner is 12.49 daily


Monday, October 29, 2007


Just 10 days!


Wow what a surprise waking up to 33 degrees on the back porch. I'm not complaining cause it's much better than a hot 100 that we had not much more than a month ago. I may need to pull out the old Columbia coat cause that's a bit chilly. And yes I'm up early this morning.

In other very sad news Porter Wagner has died, now if you will recall Clipie and I did see him at the Grand Ole Ory in August of this year. If you don't know who he was he was the one who invented the very flashy country and western sequined suit and back in the older days he would open up his suit jacket and it would say "Hi" or something like that.

And the weekend brought another scrapbooking scandal and yes again it centers around the Scrap Smack Blog, who have been the industry whistle blowers of late. According to one smacker the garden girls at 2 peas have a private message board to converse on, and these garden girls don't like scrap smack especially when they start telling the truth about things like pulling threads and the like. Well one anonymous smacker was doing a search and discovered if you search the right info that private board is not longer private. According to the smacker Pea 1 herself (the owner of 2 peas or past owner before she sold the company to Kaboose) was thinking about "outing" the now famous GUESS WHO (the anonymous person who runs the scrap smack blog) and along with that was not speaking very highly of her in the mix. Supposedly Pea 1 did a search and discovered who, guess who is, through her credit card purchases. Supposedly she was thinking about sharing her info with these garden girls and sharing this info is a tad bit illegal on many levels.
Now I don't know about you but I do like to visit 2 peas often, there are some great ideals over there. I have never loved the dramatics over there just a bit too much for me, but the controversy makes you think. Who wants to shop at a place of business who can't maintain the confidential records such at your credit card info? Your name is part of that information. I'm so glad I have not posted on 2 peas in years, I'm so glad my inner lurker takes over often. Due to all this controversy I'm taking down my 2 peas link. I'm really getting tired of seeing the very bad side of all these industry leaders, it makes me weary to think at someone could use my info because they didn't like me. I so wish people would get there act together, I'm tired of all the drama. Cant some company's put on there big girl panties and run a business like it is supposed to be ran? link

In other news I stared packing this weekend how may bags are you going to take?excluding your clothing bag.???


Sunday, October 28, 2007


Days from now we will be basking in retreat goodness. We will be safely tucked away in a secluded and remote area filled with scraphappyness. We will glance at the natural beauty around us as we use un recycled paper in the name of archiving and giggle when we spread the best glues hobby lobby has to offer. We will love the sound of the cricut and call it the best bug ever. We will rejoice in a scrap happy sisterhood and eat at lest three times a day. We will not shy away from Chocolate or sweet, or greasy snacks we will embrace them by chewing the love out of them. We will dress up and act silly and have a great time I'm looking forward to it!


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

more pj stuff

OK I may have found something

these pants I'm pretty sure they come big enough and should be packaged like t-shirts in the t-shirt section I'll check this weekend, If I find them you all may just get a phone call. I'll also take look at the scrubbs see if they fit at walmart.

In other news favorite colors
a pink
bak red I think
dw pink
dh green
and new m?

pleas leave me best guesses

I will have our poster done this weekend or Monday when it is finished I'll e-mail you the results but do to "keeping things a secret" I will not post it.

in the fish bowl of life

I find this very cute

Thursday, October 25, 2007


so since this is a scrap blog I thought we may want some scrapping on it

the Autumn card is alphalicious and the tree is zoo balloo

the city card I don't like at all it is covered in glitter and the font is plantin schoolbook?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

this just in

This afternoon I received our retreat letter......

I have a few things that I would like to bring up

1.first does anyone know the cost to eat at the lodge? the buffet
2. who is making the flag?
3. pj's - after reading the letter I think we clearly need pj's

I really didn't think it was to important until I read the letter.
I really don't know what to do at this point. Like I said early today I feel mostly responsible cause of my big behind. It would not be a problem for me to wear something different. And yes I have lost weight but I don't think it's enough. Also I'm not opposed to trying on anything or helping look. I think at this point you all should decide what to do? You all get matching pj's and I'll try to match them up as best I can or something, I'm really at a loss here. If you want me to help look just list where you have looked (including online) the prices and possibilities. That way we are not all looking in the same place. I'll post later where I have looked and what I have found.

Sound good?
again after the letter I think we should have pj's.

Moving on I'm going to go ahead and order my t-shirt, so I can wear it.

And what is your favorite color?

(I'll group all questions together so it will be easy )

buffet price ?
the flag? dw?
pj's ??????
favorite color?

did i say

lands end, wal mart, are other places I have checked they have nothing on line.....
kmart did have lands end soft stretchy pants that look like pj's for 9, bucks online I can go to the store and see if they fit, not a problem.

I do think the fashion bug pj's are just to high in price

You know if you all want to go ahead and do the stripe pants that's ok. (I'm not opposed to wearing somthing diffrent). I feel bad at this point and I feel like I'm mostly to blame cause my butt is so darn big. a

how about

for the slender

for the fluffly

it is only fate that is has a pink bow. yes I know we would need to hide it I'm just sayin its pink it could be fated to be with me cause it's pink and that's how I roll. pink

and the rain continues

I'm not excited to tell you that fashion bug does have black pj bottoms but they arr 28 bucks a pair, what is up with that? Looks like fashion bug is pretending to be Dillard's. So I was thinking by the weekend if we could check Goody's and K-mart, I really can't think of any other store we haven't looked at.

That's it for now
blessings a

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We have finally received some rain!
Yesterday and today it's been wet and when you get wet you actually get cold. Now cold is something we have not had the pleasure to feel all summer long and I'm so lovin our rain filled days. (you get wet and cold when you step out on to your patio to put your mums in the rain so they will keep living and do not need to use the city watter to keep them alive. You sacrifice getting wet and cold b/c you are trying to conserve watter and be kind to your environment, seeing that your in a drought and don't want to become the city of Atlanta and not have drinking watter and all ) And News flash my mums have lived through several week in my care and I am amazed at this fact I have kept plaint life alive my grandma would have been some what proud. Ok moving on

How about glue? yesterday I did go get some sale glue there were only 4 packs of glue star herma left and there were bunches on Saturday. So we all must be stocking up for retreat or it could be the fact that it's the first time in a while it's been on sale. I am officially ready glue wise, I just need to get everything else ready.

Don't forget tonight is a fund raiser for Chelle's son at Arby's


Monday, October 22, 2007

paper dolls

take a look at what this scrapper did with her paper dolls cartridge.

more updates

First lets thank Betty for once again getting the club house for us.

Second let me know if i need to go to old navy

Third adhesive is on sale at hl go get some for retreat soon

Fourth retreat is officially 19 days away!

Fifth OK so about Grey's it was on tonight after the local news. I have and update if you want it. Do you? I would not want to spoil it for anyone and yes it was great.

Sixth sorry no posts over the weekend I just have had a busy weekend

Seventh that's a nice number isn't it?

Eighth I hope everyone had a great weekend I did and I just cant wait until retreat.

also if you have been reading the message boards they have been saying that un do is no longer available try Lowe's so I'm told

and another thank you to dh's hubby for taking care of the bug for us.
Blessings a

Friday, October 19, 2007

happy birthday to the blog

blog birthday

While I have been working on many things yesterday (my home has been a flurry of activity of late) my blog anniversary slipped away from me. As of the 17 my blog is a year old, can you believe it? It in no way seems like a year, since then I've had more than 7,500 page viewings. Wow that's a lot. So I just want to say thanks to my best friends and family for stopping by and participating and in truth it's that participation that makes this blog interesting. Y'all give me ideals and topics to wright about and always coming up with something new to say or share. So here is a big fat Thank You from me to all of you for reading, participating, overlooking my creative spelling as well as crazy posts.

just a few things
chelle would be proud..... I have cleaned one whole bin of stuff out of my sbr closet, as well as put paper on the shelves in there. Also the back bedroom is some what looking better.

I'm also bringing some tags and stuff to get rid of I hope y'all will take a few things
off of my hands

I can't think of anything else right now I'm off to pack for tonight.....


Thursday, October 18, 2007

ok this is neet

The Trippiest Optical Illusions on the 'Net
Posted Oct 15th 2007 3:31PM by Terrence O'Brien

This silhouette wins the award for coolest thing we've seen all day -- and it's not just because the tiny dancer above is in the buff. This is a little test that will tell you whether the left or right hemisphere of your brain is more dominant.Instead of concentrating on her chest, concentrate on the woman's movement. If you see her spinning clockwise, that means you're using the right side, or more creative side of your brain. If she appears to be moving counter-clockwise, then that means the left side, or more logical side of your think muscle is superior. At the Switched office, some of us see her going clockwise, others see her spinning counter-clockwise. At least one of us claims to see both, while another one of us opened this animation in Adobe ImageReady in order to isolate the frames to see if there's any direction-changing funny business going on. There isn't. Take the test for yourself. Then, if you have time for a 50-question survey, compare these instant results to a more thorough diagnosis.From Gizmo Watch


Well this is my second attempt to blog this morning my electric has been going on and off all morning and it's only 6:30 am! It all started when poor clipies back up alarm went off at the wrong time ugh I felt bad for him cause he is moving to a new job (same place of work just moving him) and had to go in early today. Well he got in the car and the electric came back on
so he had to get back out and fix the garage door for me (making him about a whole 1 minute early for work). Then all was fine until I was sitting where I'm sitting now and the lights went out. yep me by my self sitting at my computer still typing and its dark. I'm so thankfully God let some very smart brain event cell phones cause the come in handy epically when you don't have a flash light. So my house smells pretty this morning a mix of different scented candles and the hum of the computer and swirl of the cling fan.

Now that my smeller, humming and swirling is going on I can get my geek on with doing my blog thing. Ah I forgot to add my glass of sweet tea, cold sweet tea.

I know moving on I'm still cleaning my back bedroom ugh so not fun. Wishing I had a maid or someone like that to take care of it for me while I clean. so far I have my paper stacks and packs of same paper(thank you Big Lots) now in my sbr closet. Last night clipie carried some more paper in here for me I just need to go through it and get it on the shelf. So I'm off to sort through paper and do various exciting things like wash clothes and work on a couple of l/o I don't have done.

see you all tomorrow I'm so excited

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Since I went home this (past) weekend and didn't get back until late Monday I feel like I'm behind in the week. For example I only have 2 1/2 days till our crop on Friday, I haven't even began to think about what I'm going to do. I wanted to assemble kits for the retreat but I'm not sure that there is time to print up pictures and from what the news is saying I'm not spending the money in gas (I haven't been out this morning seeing that it's close to 6:30 am) to go see. So today I'll be project hunting and thinking up things to do. I did sign up for an on line swap so I need to get started on that soon.

I also need to say that Saturday morning I'll be late (i think) I'm supposed to take my sister out to breakfast cause she is coming down for a visit. I may leave early each night but I'm still going to crop, after all it will be my last chance until retreat. And speaking of retreat we are 3 weeks away as of this Thursday.
So it looks like I will have a flurry of cleaning out the back bedroom this morning , I may just start cleaning my rooms a bit Moore soon than I thought, my nice will need that bedroom (if she comes with her mom).

oh and the purple tote (this is really silly) I wanted to post a pic of it on a message board and I did not know how to cut and paste (until yesterday when dh taught me how) so I was going to post it then take it down but by the time I got back to the blog y'all were getting down right talkie. so now you know about the purple tote post.

blessings a

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

its in the bag

toot toot

so I did post my cricut l/o on the cricut message board
The prime reason I haven't posted anything before was i could not figure out how to make my file small enough to fit on there pg but found a way as of last night that involved cutting and pasting, I hope I can remember how i did it cause I want to do it again.

right now I'm working on a city snow scape. if it turns out I'll post it too but later after things settle down a bit. I have laundry to do at the moment so I'm off with a date with the washer and dryer (oh joy)

blessings a

Monday, October 15, 2007


I used Animal kingdom 3 inch owl

Christmas cheer for the house

George for the fence (number symbols)

Georgie circle for the moon

and the grass I did with scissors

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I hope everyone had a great weekend
I wanted to remind everyone that the crop is Friday and Saturday @ the Club House
Also seeing that we are 4 weeks from retreat, this weekend (and this will be our last crop until retreat) would be a good time to get everything in order for it. So if you think of anything we need to bring let me know and I'll get the word out.

Also we will be planning a clean and crop/ Christmas party for my house on Friday and Saturday November30 and December 1st. White elephant gift $5.00 (same as last year?) sounds good? let's decide Friday and Saturday so you all will have time to think about it.If it's OK with you I'd like to do the Christmas fun stuff Friday and Saturday the clean and organize. To those of you who haven't read my blog long I have a great really wonderful set of Friends who happen to be scrappers and they are going to help me re organize my dysfunctional and unclean scrapbook room. See federal disaster area (I mean my messy scrapbook room below) be for warned the pictures are real and real messy. Unfortunately it took me about two days to get it that clean. uh yep I know I should not be that honest.

Friday, October 12, 2007


I must give another shout out to the or aka GUESS WHO for linking over to me about the Creating Keepsakes HOF sweepstakes violations. I as I said in an previous post. (link: ) Her blog brings many fine points to this whole huge mess. I also think she has done a great job with hooking up scrappers with links to express there concerned scrapper voice's. As I mentions in a previous post I entered a page contest at cku m and did wonder why some of the top ten landed in that pile of winners. Not all of them were bad mind you, there were pages much better than mine (I did not place and in reality I probably would have not been in the top 50). What this blog bring to light is a multitude of other scrappers asking lots of questions like Was any ck contest ever fair? I've been left thinking I'll never know where I really stood in that contest, but it's for sure I'll wonder for the rest of my life. Pay scrap smack another visit, in the past few days just about 3000 scrappers have commented on the issue and of course they have dished up food for thought.

Welcome if your a visitor,
Just know I'm not the best speller in the word.

In case you were wondering No I don't have a subscription to ck or do I visit there message boards.


I forgot one thing
4 weeks until RETREAT


I know I did this picture on a l/o before however the pick I had on it I was not happy with. But I wanted to post it so I am.
In other news well .... there is not much other news right now other than I seem to be addicted to this smack blog thing.
Only other things is my knitting and I don't think any of you are really excited about my knitting.

blessings a

Thursday, October 11, 2007

cave of clutter

ok after about 2 days of cleaning her is what my room looks like this afternoon.

The last pic is of the spare bedroom beside my room that has also been taken over by scrapboooking supplies.
Soon we will have before and after pictures
So November 30th and December 1st my place for Christmas party and cleaning we will work out the details later.
Thanks for coming over. I needed to hear that I had a messy room and that I need to clean it up and in order to do that I can't keep everything that's in there now. And I really do need to be able to see my carpet.
and blessings

top of the morning to ya

On Saturday my good friend was telling me about one of the many blogs she reads one of them just happened to be the scrap smack blog
Apparently most of the content is controversial or just plain nosey but they have brought and issue with Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame contest (HOF) to light. Makes me feel a bit squirmy cause I did enter the page contest when I went to cku masters and didn't to agree at all with some of the pages picked. So it does make me wonder was I judged on a level playing field? Who knows it was 2 years ago and you just cant go back and change the results now. But do go over some of them should get an a + in creative writing ; )

Moving on last night I did go buy a few totes and need to know what time are you coming over? And yes I have tried to clean some but I don't think it helped much. I may continue to try to clean until y'all get here.

And lastly It's is finally cold outside! I'm not sure I know how to act. Yeah this is the second day in a row I'm not taking shower because I'm dripping with sweat and my mums have survived for 2 weeks! 2 weeks I have kept plant life alive this is monumental. Stay cool enjoy the weather before it goes back up to 90 again.
blessings a

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hi all I know I'm supper late with today's post but what can I say it's been a busy morning. Yesterday I finally lost 5 pounds with ww yep does not sound like much but pick up a 5 pound bag of sugar then it makes you smile (as my mom pointed out). So as of this week I guess I'm going to stick with ww for a bit longer and see what happens (other things have happened but not something I can tell you on the blog : ) just plain to personal.

In my quest for scrap happiness daily I ran across my weekly cricut e-mail and you will never guess who popped up! Yes dh is featured on a message board highlight and here it is take a look for your self. Happy Holidays is her's
: )
message board's highlighted threads are:
Fall Layout for my class
Happy Holidays
Baby Boy ABC Abulm
Pigtail Cutie
reste toujours toi-même
Halloween Paperbag BIA alb um
Halloween using Cricut
Birthday card
Inspired by Regina

so I have requested a formal blog interview when she returns to southern comfort (not the drink) and we will fix her up a big "t do".

In other news tomorrow is the day that I will be showing off my room of mess. Yes I'm ready for you all to come over and survey the damage, oh and ask me how did it really get this bad. um I have no answers only questions, I am young messy grasshopper.

Have a great day see most of you tomorrow.
blessings a

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

good morning

How is everybody? Doing good I hope
Today I find my self a bit tired,(probably cause I haven't woke up yet) happy that we are getting some sprinkles of rain and happy that the temperature is not sweltering for the first day since March. Did I say I was thankful for not sweating through my clothing before 7 am? Oh my just now it has started poring rain here at my house yeah! I don't need to go out and watter my mums and that is a pain this early in the morning let me tell you.

Moving on Rod's dad got to go home last night, he is doing better but still needs check ups and is much more comfortable at home. He is on high doses of meds but very happy to be back in his lazy boy chair. Yesterday My sweet sister went to see him while he was still at the hospital and didn't know what his name was. I have always called him Joe so that's all she knew to call him was Joe. Joe's real name is Leo, I don't know when where or how he found Joe but his real name is Leo (yes like Leo the lion only more originally cause he came along first).
I really don't have a nick name but lots do in my family. Take my uncle Dick his names is Herman Lee how he got the other even my dad does not know. I could go on and on with my family seeing that we are a southern family we have plenty of colorful ways for naming people. Like my Aunts Dott, Floor, and my step grand mother Morning (but you would have said Mornin' in southernese). All examples of names have passed on (except for uncle Dick and Joe) love ya Uncle Dick, (I love Joe too but he wont be reading) I would not want to hurt any feelings seeing that lots of family read the blog, and it is a great possibility that he could be reading he is of the older generation but un afraid of computers. Yep he is in his 70 and techno friendly like my Mom and Dad.

I have a knitting project calling my name today and a date with totes at wal mart.
blessings a

Monday, October 08, 2007

scrap happy girl again

You want room pictures? maybe later I'll need to clean first yes it really is that bad ummm dont know what else to say, other than its bad. It's worse now than when dw looked at it.

And I would like to thank my computer for being a pain. I was trying to post the 7 day forecast on my blog and it refuses to do so, so I will just say it is forested for later in the week to be 68. It will be so nice after our 93 degree yesterday (and hot today high of 92 and yes we broke a weather record) I'll be so glad when the hot leaves with the leaves at this point, we are all ready for winter forget fall we just want some relief.

And as most of you know Christmas did come early here at my house I did purchase the big bug
(cricut expression) this past Friday. And no I still do not know how to work the thing but that's what today is for!

blessings a

PS. Rods dad is making some progress he is still in the hospital.

Friday, October 05, 2007

scrap happy girl

So who is packed and ready?
I'm not I've got to do that this morning as well as print off some pictures for this weekend. Oh and find my glasses anybody know where I left them and my keys? (that have been missing since August). All jokes aside I've got to go put some stuff together for tonight and decide what I'm going to bring to eat tomorrow.

ps, Rod's dad (Joe)was admitted to the hospital yesterday we don't have all the details yet but it's in part due to an infection remember him in prayer.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'd like salt and pepper with that

Ok so if you have not read the posts below chelle has offed to bring us dinner Friday night so come hungry! And a Great big thank you to her for putting that together for us mmm good.

Also I would like to highlight dh today (no I did not tell her about this so surprise dh) but any who dh did us up a page a while back peach tea page. I was a very nice page with little peaches on it and cute (see example page). We all know she is a crafty girl and can put some if the cutest things together, so I wanted to showcase this and point it out. In the November issue of paper crafts magazine there is a very similar l/o that look almost like dh's and while this nice, I like (dh's) better, the peaches she added are to cute. Michele Boyer designed the paper crafts l/o.
And Just so you know we are officially
5 weeks away form retreat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Scrap Happy Girl

I have a few great announcements
our niece Raven
(Rod's side of the family the one who got married in July)
Is going to make us a Great Aunt and Uncle (again, his niece Tiffany has had two children already but I'm happy to play the part again)

And it looks like Rod job is very stable for the next 8 years
I have been sweating that one out for a while, his union contracts are not settled (yet) I'm thinking after yesterdays announcement we should be fine.

So good news all around

And knitting classes are starting up again so I'm excited about that
I know none of you knit but you understand the concept of had made products hard and challenging but rewarding in the end. A lot like life don't you think?

blessings a

Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday updates

just a few things today.......................

Crop an the club house this Friday and Saturday
(box o wine & Dixie cups optional)

Striped pants... the fabric was there but now it's gone ...can't seem to find the fabric,(a disappearing act in other words) it was at the west wally but now it is gone we will need to decide this weekend if we still have time for a hunt.

All about me project now that recipes are done I would still like to this, I'm going to make an example and post it soon. It will be un complicated and quick to do and not to big and no more than 1 sheet per person (I hope). I intend to post it before the end of the week and bring it with me this weekend.

And the recipe book is over and all my pages are done but one! I have them with me this weekend.

And as of this Thursday RETREAT is 5 WEEKS away!

Four weeks.

Today marks four weeks since my Mom has passed. I miss her I know I always will. I have Thank you cards to send out but its extremely diffic...