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Well I'm back on line my service has been in and out so I'm back.
I'll see y'alltomorrow!

2 days!!!!!

here we are
2 days

I have forgot to add Lisa's blog oops sorry Lisa! here you go you will be on the side bar forever more! Angie

just threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Just3 icy days until fun!
Stay safe y'all

4 dayzzzzzzzzz

Wow just like y'all I'm excited. I hoping that the weather clears before we get out of dodge for the weekend. I'm in throws of packing and regular stuff as well. My desk is piled with sbpaper at the moment I'm going to dig into here in just a few. Stay warm, stay safe on the roads!




I know a few of you are doing 365 projects, just what exactly are y'all doing? I found a Susan Branch planner in my stash that I've been sifting through and I've decide to write a bit each day if I'm able. I want to throw in some wrappers and product tags and the like maybe eventually pictures. I'm not sure what I'll do with it but I want to find some way to commemorate the year. I'm off for a busy day!


Yes I know I'm a huge slacker. Life has been busy more so than usual with hubby home. We have painted the bedroom and bath and I've been cleaning and putting together page kits for our retreat. I keep hunting for curtains, trying to find snow white in the dead of winter is like trying to find a temperature above 30 these days. We drove down to Franklin after the meeting and Gas was 1.69 at the Maco (?) station on 31, just a few blocks up it was 1.79 at the Marathon station at about 4:30 pm. Stay warm and start packing.

weekend goodness

Y'all I had the best time on Saturday it was truly what I needed (in fact I need more). I know I wanted to go to the church thing this weekend and if I get a chance I'll go I will be very late. I'm sure it would be after 12:30 or 1. I have a HOA meeting (home owner association) that I did not know about until Saturday when they posted a sign. Ugh I'm not in love with the hoa, we have butted heads a few times and well to me they are a pain in the butt because they are not going about good neighboring the are all about how bad we are.
On a new front we have been working very hard in the house we have bought bamboo flooring for the scrap room, so we are ready to let it sit (did you know hard wood needs to sit before you lay it?) and be and shrink or whatever it does. We are ready for drywall (someone please help me! this is the worst part) and have doors. The past week we have painted our bedroom and it is done as of last night (we have the bathroom and closet to go). I…

Well today is the day!


Clipie and I have a 16 wedding anniversary tomorrow!

Don't forget Barb's place Saturday!
10 till ??? Could someone please bring a stamp book? I've lost mine.Thanks!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Well after almost two weeks of family time I'm back into the swing of things. Its going to take a few days to get my mind off of those sweet babies and all the family I'm missing today. It's a bit different having hubby home though, I hoping he is back to work soon.
I broke down and bought a new trimmer, I know, I know, I know the evils of Fiskars but I had to do something, anything. I've not yet put it to the test but will soon will and then spill. It's the one that is sold at Sam's club and on the package it says things like Titanium, soft grip, two blades included. I must say I've never had a long standing dependable trimmer other than my Provo craft one and have had disappointment all the way around when it comes to the quality of them. So 'm off on another paper trimmer adventure.

I went to our wal mart to buy the Christmas Martha Stewart stamps and they were gone, (mikes back home were gone as well) the clerk said some lady came in and bought all of…