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10 days until retreat

First I must say Happy birthday to my Aunt Audrey (who probably will never read this but none the less) Happy 78 ish birth day to her.

So like in local news I hear that another scrapbook store is biting the dust. I personally only visited the store once. It was ok I didn't hate it and I know a lot of scrappers round here visited it frequently. It is so sad to loose a scrapbook store. It does make you come to the realization you do need to sport your local favorite store. With only two left I sure hope that they both can keep afloat.

Well to day is a busy day for me so this wont be long because not only of trick or treating but my b-I-l is due to return home tonight. And that means need to organize a dinner of some sort. And did I mention I need to clean a bit, my house looks like a disaster area. I have let everything go for a couple of days and well it looks like something exploded in here. No I'm not talking about the scrapbook room witch usually looks that way.

So enjoy giving…

here is half of a lay out

I cant seem to get the full thing on the page ugh please bear with me.


11 days!
R u ready? I'm not in fact I haven't scrapped all day I've been lazy today. I'm trying to perfect a relationship with my couch. You know when you have a leather couch you half to sit on it to break it in, so it will be molded to your body "specifications". My couch is only four years old so you know it's in it's toddler years yet (I hope) it needs pampering.
All fun aside I would like to give a shout out to my friend who works for C.B. As I was at church this morning they had a little slide presentation and guess who popped up on the screen her son (who I had never seen) How do I know it was her son you ask? Well I'll put it real nicely he was standing by some Notre Dame fan I know. (See I was nice I capitalized N.D.) Well I must go I know I'm posting on Sunday but I think all of you get up way before me so you'll have something new to read in the morning. I have became addicted to surfing and it's one of the first things I do i…


So you may ask what is this? Well it's two cards I recently made and the picture is sideways but any way they are a test run for photos. I intend to "Play" this week so that when we come back from retreat we can post some pics and eventually layouts, so bear with me while I experiment with a few things.

Happy, happy, happy, joy, joy, happy, happy, joy, joy,
12 more day's until retreat gobblers!
I had a great time scrapping this weekend with y'all. I was really happy to see some scrappers return that hadn't been there in a while. Cropping (like we did this weekend) is what makes scrapbooking so special to me. And I must thank my older "sister" for helping with a great breakfast. And I must say that thanks to my clip wearing man, we got a huge laugh at his expense, isn't he just wonderful, chip clips will never be the same again. What are you going to do with your extra chip clip D.W.? Oh and I cant forget to mention the spinach dip was wonderful, an…

It's to hot to be a Queen

I had the most perfect costume ideal I was going to be queen of the crop. But seeing that the dress was 100 percent polyester that would not work when it was 61 outside. So that's where my little girl costume came in to play. Speaking of playing I'm so excited I plan to try to get ready for retreat so I'll be playing with my scrapbook supplies today. I need to start counting down so lets see it's (not including today) 13 days until retreat!

Scrappin, Clipie man, and a Queen

What do they all have in common? Me and this weekend. I'm going to scrap with my favorite scrappin buddies this weekend we are gearing up for retreat so this should be the most fun since......Last week. And of course my favorite subject on the planet my Clipie man, yes that hunka hunka burning love is going to be alone with me this weekend (which would be even better if Aunt Flow wasn't here). But I'll settle for cuddling on the couch. And Queen what is that you ask? I'll let those of you who know me figure that out tonight or tomorrow. So have a good weekend and watch out for those trick or treaters!
blessings 2 u


So as usual I was surfing the scrapbook sites and ended up on 2 peas this morning. My favorite "article" was about how one lady nixed her ck magazine. I have recently ended my subscription to ck and was curious why this other pea did too. Apparently there is not a whole lotta ck love out there anymore. I got fed up with the doodling, I cant stand it ( I guess it's the toddler quality of doodling that turns me off). I was really shocked to see how many people had quit getting there ck magazines, I really thought I was just getting picky, set in my scrapbooking ways, I had know ideal that everyone else in the scrapbooking community felt that way. I really loved ck when I was a beginner scraper because it would showcase nobody's and that's exactly what I am a nobody. Was it the doodling like I think, or was it all about celebrity, or was it because there were so many adds. I would hate to see ck go under but it sounds like if they don't change there course they …

Jack Frost

Dose anyone remember watching a cartoon or a Rudolph like cartoon of Jack Frost? (I'm not talking about the one where Batman melts into a puddle) Any how I remember him well, his cartoon like story came on once a year just like Rudolph's. Every year around this time my mom would un pack a small little guy dressed elfin like. He had on a white suit and green trim, he completed his ensemble with a elf like cap that had a bell on the tip of it. Mom would hang him on the pull down light right over our dinner table. Mom called him "Jack" and he remarkably resembled the jack frost cartoon charter. As I look out at my back yard this morning I'm reminded of that memory of my mother. What a great memory, simple yet meaningless to others but meaning more to me than I can say. Memories like that are what we can keep alive through scrapbooking, not only can we keep them alive but we can pass them on.

I'm going to go curl up on the couch with a cuppa coca in my fuzzy robe …

I uh, oops!

So I uh updated this blog and kinda erased my comments so like next time I'll just write a new article mmk. So like if you want to see a totally cool scrapbooker comment on this past article I suggest going to

All rightie. The comments were important to me because Emily Adams (one of my former CKU teachers posted) so it's like very big deal to me.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry for erasing any posts!

Tore apart

My uh little tag project isn't going as well as I would have like. I have tore apart most of it and am again starting from my basic ideal the bo bunny pink and red paisley paper. I just cant seem to find a face for the front of the card that I like. What I did love was the ink I used every single drop washed off my hands. (and it was black ink!) I'm using brilliance- graphite. I am so in love with it for not staining my hands, so cool beans another great product.

I have added a new link to Emily Adams blog. She was one of my favorite teachers at CKU Nashville in 2005. Any who visit her blog I like it, I Hope you will too.

C U Soon Scrappers

Tag your it

So I've been wanting to make a tag book forever but still haven't gotten around to it if you know what I mean. Well I found the perfect tag last night at HL. The tag is part of a tag making kit for Christmas( I was so tempted to use the pre made for a tag swap this weekend but I did resist)its big and put out by making memories. I also took apart the library card type folder (in the mm kit)and traced it onto paper using it as a pattern for my upcoming tag swap. I so wanted to do pink and green for Christmas but could not find a bit of paper to do it with. I settled for pink red paisley and green and white accents. So far I have the pockets cut out and together but not the tags yet, I'll do them later today.

I'm so excited about our crop this weekend. For a short amount of time I didn't enjoy scrap booking because I had some experiences that weren't positive. Now that, that has been put behind me I look forward to creating and having a great time with my fellow s…

And the winner is....

My friend Betty is a frequent winner at giveaways and the like. She doesn't win every time but pretty darn close to it. So It's in my opinion that her winning streak has rubbed off on me. I have recently won a $50.00 gift card to Barns and Noble from Stephanie Feagans web site contest. She wrote a series of books on a charter named Whitney Ann Perl or Pink to those of you who have read about her. You can visit her site at

I'm off to go to Hobby lobby tonight, I would haven't earlier but my husband took my car to work and I don't know how to drive his (not an automatic, I think they used to call it stick shift but not sure about that) car. So Mr cinnamon and sugar gets to scout out a few every day errands along with scrapper shopping tonight.
blessings 2 u

Welcome to my scrap happy place

I have made this blog spot in hopes of sharing my life and favorite pass time with everyone. I intend to update frequent by that I mean about twice a week if not more. Share layouts with all. And from time to time have a good friend share a new technique or trend with us. I am hoping most of all it will be a enjoyable spot for scrappers to congregate and share our lives.