Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year 2 u

Make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the other gold....

should Auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?
should Auld acquaintance be forgot and days of Auld Lang Syne
for Auld Lang Syne my dear, for Auld Lang Syne;
well take a cup of kindness yet for Auld Lang Ayne
And here's a hand my trusty friend, and give a hand o'thine;
We'll take a cup o kindness yet for Auld Lang Syne

For Auld Lang Syne my dear, for Auld Lang Syne,
will take a cup of kindness yet for Auld Land Syne
Auld Lang Syne by: Robert Burns

Happy New Year to my silver and gold (my friends and family new and old)
May God bless you as this New Year falls upon you

Happy New Year

Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'm ready to scrap

So with tomorrow being New Years Eve I'm ready to start the new year off right. Who else is ready to scrap. B do you have any dates lined up? If not lets plan one for my my house soon!
Many blessing to you in the New Year, A

Happy New Year
Hugs and Kisses

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A project

Cracker Barrel Gift card
so I took the ideal from Pam's gift card
I cut the cylinder shape on my "George cartridge" it looks like a barrel
l cut thin strips of paper to imitate the banding around the barrel and
placed brads in the strips to imitate those round thingies that hold the bands together
then i cut three octagon 1 an 1/2 inch in light brown and placed 5 brads so that they
would look like crackers
I made a place to slide card into behind the barrel by folding a piece of scrap paper in half and glued it to the barrel and card stalk

what did santa bring you?

So tell me what did the guy with a white beard bring you?
He was really good to me I received a 15 ' carl trimmer and a huge ott light along with my bug, my sister was way to great she got me a Cuttle bug! I'll try to again soon I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas!

So as you all know this time of year is extremely busy for all of us. So I wanted to take a few minutes now to say Merry Christmas to each and every one of you and your family's.
Where ever you spend Christmas may you Days be merry and bright.
May you rejoice with me as we all celebrate Jesus light.
May Hope, Peace, Joy and Love be with you through the up coming year.
And I hope we can scrap together even more next year!

Christmas Blessings to you!
Much Love

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

some place to remember


If you didn't get to see it Pam was on W.B.K.O. today. She did a great card holder that was too cute. I'm sorry I don't have a direct link to the craft but I'm sure she will or W.B.K.O. will. check it out I love it. I suggest making it with stars and reindeer antlers for a "Star Bucks" gift holder.

another item of note I'm going to be changing the blog a bit. I went to a different format so if you see some different back grounds or something that doesn't look familiar know it's more than likely OK for now. And the biggest news is that i have finally figured out how to add contributors to my blog so it wont be long until we should have more than me giving out scrapper info and so forth. I'd better go get wrapping! Blessings A

Monday, December 18, 2006

The rock'in Rockettes

Ok The rockettes were so much easer to get to no bad traffic and not a horrible parking spot. At least it didn't cost twenty dollars to park this time. It was at the grand ole oppry house and it wasn't real packed because they didn't use the side wings very much. What supprised me first off was the age of the crowd they were like my Mom and Dad's age. I know I saw more canes that night than ever before, and they weren't white with red stripes, they were the kind that whack you over the head when you do something wrong. We definitely were the younger age group. We scored great seats, 8th row so we were pretty close to the stage. Ok so I admit I did have some pre conceived notions as to how the show would go. Well I was wrong on most counts. It was very much what I would expect out of a Broadway play. The Rockette's didn't make there entrance until a few scenes in. It was like the musicals I used to be in in High school but this was good and it had an intermission (I think that was so cool). They had eleven acts in all. They opened the show with a great song called" We need a little Christmas". The ensemble singers danced and sang impeccably, I believe it was the best thing I have ever seen (as far as shows go). The Rockettes did what you would expect them to do a lot of tap, a lotta leg, a whole lotta fancy foot work. The whole show was a "positive" spoof of all traditional Christmas fan fair. The Nut cracker was dancing bears, so cute I have know ideal how they danced in such huge costumes but it was supper. The Rockets dressed as wooden shoulders. There pants were starched so strait that it seemed as though the fabric in the pants would crack if they moved the wrong way. They had some remarkable maneuvers and at the end of that scene they all fell like wooden solders. Other scenes featured, holiday time in new York, Santa's workshop (where the Rockettes were dressed as rag dolls) and like a double finale. The first was pretty much to the song "Carol of the bells" and the last and longest scene was the Living Nativity. They had real animals real sheep and not one not two but three real camel's! I think a donkey but I was pretty fixated with the camel's so I may have missed an animal or too. I know it was the first time I had ever seen one that close (other than the zoo). A narrator told the standard version of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, what was not standard were the elaborate costumes in this particular scene. They were elaborate and decadent, glittery and shimmer. Over all the best show I've ever been to.

I want to say hi to Dw and Barb who I ran into at Hobby Lobby on Saturday. Well I have about 12 addresses to track down this morning so I gotta get going. Blessing 2 u all A

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Back to Nashville part two

I first must apologize for being such a bad blogger and taking so long to tell my adventure. What can I say other than it's the Christmas season and I'm running out of steam every day, b/c well if I could manage to stay awake all 24 hrs then there may be a slight possibility I could get everything done. But alas I'm human hear me whine ( If you offer me cheese I prefer sharp cheddar to American). Off I go part two of the tie went on

I greatly enjoyed the concert while we were there she dedicated a song to our service men. They asked if all the service people would stand up we had three service people at our table. To make this short (and not make you cry because I did) I'm going to say that when I was done talking with the people at our table I held Mr Incredible's hand just a bit tighter and gave an extra prayer of thanks to Jesus for what I have. A couple beside us were getting ready to part, he is getting ready to take his third tour to Iraq, they have only been married for 4 years. The other thing that also hit home was there was a formal Ball for Air force and Marine's (? spelling?)(at least those were the only two types of uniforms I saw) that night. All the service men were young (real young) like I'm probable not old enough to drink the cold beers that they deserve after living in what was described to me as hell on earth. You should have seen some of the gowns these young women had on, they were absolutely gorgeous. Here I am thinking all these somewhat noble thought and my escort for the evening says " wow I bet some one's getting some action tonight" I was so ready to slug him but love him for lightening my mood(which had became pretty somber).

Well it's eleven 15 and I've got to run to the post office before midnight and get my Christmas cards out! I'll tell yall about the leg party tomorrow morning. Blessings a

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The tie went on

Congratulations to Dw with her new SUV! And thanks so much for updating us on pregnant gobbler I hope she has a wonderful vacation. Dh we need to know that you are still ok, so let us know! I forgot the other day to say hi to a few more lurkers L and I think gobbler T. If I left anyone out I'm sorry you'll just need to speak up and tell me. Now for the second installment of A's Holiday adventure.

Let's start with the tie. Well My tall and handsome dose not like to wear the one true male accessory the tie. And since he did snag the blazer he thought he could do without the tie because we all know "all the country and western stars don't wear'm". At least that was the argument, but in the end he wore it. Tim McGraw was the example used. We left for Nashville at least two and a half hours early, feeling confident that the traffic could not be ever be that bad. You know one thing I constantly learn over and over in my life is that I never quit learning. Self confidence can be a real joke at times, just when you think you know something you don't. Like we throughout that we would have plenty of time, we never imagined sitting in traffic for oh say more than two hours. Life just kinda likes to bite you in the butt like that some times. So we sat and sat and sat and my pretty teal skirt wrinkled an wrinkled more in the car. And after 1 and a half hours we made it (not including the time to drive down) we were officially late so I was in a state of "we are late, I cant believe we are late". So when we pulled into the Gaylord entrance you had to pick do want you to park out in Egypt? And Egypt was oh conservatively about 2 miles from the show, so I begged for him to valet park and yes it cost 20 bucks to park our car for four freakin hours. However it was ten if you chose to hike. $10 extra $ = a no brain'er, especially when you are in a skirt. So I'm in panic mode flying through the hotel at break neck speed, we eventually made our trek back to the delta (where cku was) an lo and behold the big guy up stairs smiled on us. Apparently we were one of he many hundreds late for the shows. The first show had been delayed because of traffic and so was the second one! I was so happy! We were in the back of the line but we were not late! 20 minutes later we were setting down having chicken, stuffed pork, butternut squash (total yuck) yummy sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and green bean casserole (different). Pam sang 4 of her biggest hits Shake the sugar tree, Queen of De nial, and two more I can't remember at the moment, all of the rest were Christmas oriented. She was beautiful and sweet and we had decent seats (but had to turn our chairs around) no biggie. Dessert was something that heaven created out of cheesecake and a too sweet cherry chocolate moose. I could have taken pictures however every one I took did not turn out:( The stage decorations were Christmas trees that flickered with her lighting scheme and changed colors from blue to white to multi. She wore the most amazing white suit. Its had a small amount of Porter Wagner glitter on it. And If you don't know what that means I really don't know how else to describe it, sorry. She also had the most sparklely red (I bet it cost a bank roll and a half) I would bet at least five grand -it was a beautiful gown not a dress.

much more I'll continue in the morning to tired to go any more. A

Mean while back at the ranch

First off Dh are you ok? (read her post below)did you call poison control? Did they have poison control here? Give us and update on you some time soon. And Dw how are your reindeer? And how's the Pregnant gobbler . So how is everyone else? Doing good I hope. As you may guess this is going to be as short as I can make it my eyes are still tender and I have strict instructions to stay of computer as much as possible until my specks are here (hopefully early next week_ so no surfing for me :(
Ok so Hello everyone I'm up this morning at 8 am because I received so much sleep last night that well I'm not tired. So like that Dr did not tell me my eyes would be this sensitive I'm still typing with sunglasses they are still are just not right. I have wore glasses on and off my hole life so not a huge biggie but not what I wanted to hear either. So Since I'm kinda backed up on my blog ill make it short as possible I'll tell you only the bare facts (I know that's a joke)so lets start with Friday it was wonderful but a bit Harry
So like any good hubby he took me out to breakfast and shopping . Total pause I'm having a sneeze attack. And I asked him to get a haircut no biggie since he got it cut a the mall before and it looked very good. So after a good amount of begging (he likes it long, I like it short) he gave in to my nagging and got one of the worst hair cuts of his life. I know what your thinking did you get pictures? No I did not it was that bad. So I still feel about an inch big even a few days after. I didn't' notice anything was really really wrong until we were having lunch at Sam's Club and then I said lets go home. I immediately called the girl at sun suites who has been doing my hair and long story short a nice lady named May did as much of a repair as she could on him and it looks tons better than it did. I know I will not nag him for a very long time to get his hair cut poor guy. Tomorrow Pam Tillis, the Gaylord hotel lights, valet parking, and traffic from he double hockey sticks. Blessings A

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

a new year change

I'm not very talkie b/c I went to the eye doctor and he dilated my eyes today so I'm literal typing with my eyes closed and wearing sunglasses ugh. With the new year I'll be sporting a new pair of specks, yuck, but yeah less headaches! Until tomorrow blessings to you.
Good vacation a
almost done Christmas shopping a
outside Christmas lights up and blinking a
yep It's been a few good days
I'll post more tomorrow sorry I'm outta time tonight

blessings A

Monday, December 11, 2006


^ .. ^

Merry Christmas Everyone

Well all I need to say is I'm so in the Christmas mood. I have two more days of vacation with Mr incredible and well so far it has been great. Our trips to Nashville have been so great they are really hard to describe. One thing I can describe is we have used every minute of every day and we are both sooooo tired so I'm off to bed for tonight. Tomorrow is Decorate the out side for Christmas (just a bit) so I'll make sure to take some pictures and post them later this week. Speaking of pictures well I must say we took a few this weekend I'll download them later and see what we end up with.

Only 14 days until Christmas!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Scrapbooking links

On the side bar I've added a few new scrapbooking links and separated my personal links. My only hesitation is you will quit reading my blog when you see how good some of these others are (I know that's an insecure statement) however some of the links are really great. Check out the Honest Scrapper she is great at bringing scrapper subjects to life and follows through with a compelling reason to keep you reading about each subject she posts on. Enjoy the new links and if you have any good links let me know I'll check them out and add them, you never know where the next great ideal will come from.
And with that I want to wish DH best wishes on her class tonight. And have a great crop, one of these days I'll join you all out there. Blessings A

ps if you see Angie High could you get her e-mail for me? I have lost it and had promised to give her the link to our scrap page. I would greatly appreciate it.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


It's so quiet I can hear the cricut's chirping.

The scrappers protestests

Almost famous way to funny. I loved your post. Hope u found your Christmas cheer, little ones have a way of helping with that sometimes. Did you go to basil park ( I have no ideal how to spell basil) If you did you were extremely close to DW and my self. We haven't went this year but will probably go sometime this weekend.

I see that the doctors would like a check up. Lets see my bp is 140/78 and I have a normal temp. I was two weeks late last time. Of course you know that's normal with p/c/o/s. Oh the plan, what was that again? Get dressed by 4:30 and leave the house at lest once a week. Ok check. I'm fine you 2 worry warts. I did not make it on the 11 am thing yesterday (or any other day this week) because I didn't want to lay down with my clothes on. I wanted to cuddle& huddle in flannel. But I did get dressed and out of the house because we had to go pick up our pictures . I'm feeling much better this morning and promise to be dressed before 1pm and promise to not to report in much this weekend. You know Mr incredible and I will be sleeping in the next few days. I can't wait it's been to long since we haven't traveled on vacation. I'm so excited about it and as a bonus we will put up the rest of the Christmas decorations inside and out.

So like anybody working on anything cool or new. I have an advent page and an ideal about a page about different perfumes I've used over the years. I'll have Clipie man show me how to scan in once again and try to post the advent page some time in the next week. After my Christmas cards are done (which I haven't even started on). Maybe I should make that an after Christmas challenge. hummmm Blessings to you all A

ps. Do any of you knit? Willing to show me how? I think I'd like to give it a try.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ugh I think I got a bug

And it's not green. It's a sore throat and hot and cold and achey, general yuckieness. Hopefully this will pass. I have high hopes of that because I'm feeling better than I did earlier today. So why am I on the computer well I must confess I'm now addicted to my blog. And I had a few things to say. I know that I have some new lurkers (lurkers are people who read but don't comment) (and that's ok by the way) So let me give the family lurkers a big shout out today so Hay to my MoM and DaD who are new to my blog. And my other lurkers (that would be) Missy, Sis, probably Mary Beth, Bethany Ann and maybe Susan. I'm sorry if I left any lurkers out No need to speak up I know you are here. So that's it for today blessings 2 all of u

How do I know I have lurkers? Check out my ticker at the bottom of the blog I have officially had people view my blog over 500 times!

The scrapbookers adventure, yesterday and this morning

Well from Dh's post I looks like my testosterone sensor was right on not to drop by ( I had no ideal I was that close to you Sunday). It also appears I was being a very bad speller again (not that, that's unusual) but just for the record I'm going to see the Rockett's not the rockets. Yesterday was a shop till you absolutely drop day. Lets just say after a few stores I have one great no make that supper great (dark teal, floor length satin skirt and velvet jacket to match) outfit for this weekend. And in the mix I have bought a few Christmas gifts for that clipie person. Along with the adorable Hallmark snowman who is currently singing his own rendition of "Rock'in around the Christmas tree". Despite my best efforts I only achieved half my goal. I never made it to wal mart so that and another visit to J C Penneys and the store we all dearly love Hobby Lobby and I should be done for the now not the latter.
All that great fun shopping triggered my allergies to go into high gear and I find myself reaching for the zyrtec this morning along with another mid morning nap. I cant stay awake any longer, I went to bed at 11 and have been up since six (yeah I know it's only an hour) but you forget I'm addicted to sleep and my fuzzy slippers (not fizzy the kind you drink). I dub tomorrow sleep in late and "do not" as much as I have done the past two days day.

Monday, December 04, 2006


You ask how did I get Clipie man to go see the Rockets well It's elementary my dear friends it's all about legs to him. To me it's about choreography, dancing and glittered girlie costumes. And with Pam Tillis it's about the food for him the Christmas songs for me. My one and only obstacle left is the tie and sport coat. I'm thinking of buying him a leather blazer and giving it to him as an early gift. Leather is much easer to handle than suit and tie. Don know what I'm going to do just yet but I will figure it out tomorrow now I need to sleep. I got up early and have ran out of steam. Thank goodness dinner was out not in or I would be in bed all ready. Blessings 2 u all A

Ok scrappers

Sorry for the grumpy post I'm not real good real early so now that I feel more human after my mid morning nap that fur ball and I took, we promise to be happy Christmas campers. So like I wanted to go on vacation next weekend right? Well I'm not going to be staying south of the border, the price was so high I thought I was putting a down payment on the hotel it's self. So we are going to drive down and see a couple shows instead. The radio City Rockets and dinner with Pam Tillis. I've never been either so I'm hoping it will be fun. So that = some shopping for real nice Christmas clothing today except it's freakin cold out so it sucks some of the fun out of shopping. I'm going to head out soon while the sun is out. I wanted to mention that yesterday we went for a drive Carl wanted to check out this town called AlvTON so we looked at this house that was up for auction it's a real small community out in the sticks and I say that because surly the trees out number the people 9999/1 (or more). Just joking It's pretty, a bit far, but pretty. If DH's hubby wasn't building a barn I would have tried to locate her but I must keep the men away from the barn. When they look at a barn there eyes glaze over and it makes me shudder, because I know what they are dreaming about. Plus I'm out numbered you cant argue with two of them over the age of 45 they know the argument to well. I don't know if I was really close to Lebanon or not was I? I was on old scotsville beside the fire station. Well I'm burning daylight so I must go.

I must say I had a wonderful time this weekend

I'm up

It's seven thirty four, what more do you people want on a 15 degree morning?

Friday, December 01, 2006


Well I believe with all my heart this weekend is like the official start to scrapbook season. With that gust of cold air that has blown in you know we will all be staying inside. Well It's here and I find myself very ready to get out of the house and scrap with y'all. I'll show up about six (clipie man and Carl took my car because carol's would not start. You know as soon as it gets cold if you have a bad battery it spells instant death to the battery. It all worked out for the best I wont get griped at for lifting my bags. I need to make a run to Pam's and buy some of those green sticky mat's (I have no ideal what the real name is for them) I only have one and if I'm going to use that thing I'd better start stalking up for winter. Well I'll see ya later! Did I mention I don't half to cook for the next two days Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Four weeks.

Today marks four weeks since my Mom has passed. I miss her I know I always will. I have Thank you cards to send out but its extremely diffic...