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I know, I know
I'm not at Bonnie's today, truthfully I thought I would go see my Mom this weekend however being that things have been so eventfully around here I thought it would be best to stick close to home. I had been planning a trip home for a while but with all the other excitement the plan went down like a sinking ship. Which leaves me with nothing to do until 3 pm. Well i mean there are things to do like clean but who wants to do that? I think today may be a great day to organize paper so I can start getting in gear for retreat(which is a little under 6 weeks away). And yes there is a clear difference between cleaning and organizing cleaning involves my whole home while the organizing just involves just the scrapbooking area ; )

I don't know what I'm going to do toady but I do know I'm going to enjoy these much more nice days and hope that a huge rain will come and wash away all the pollen so I can enjoy it even more.

slow day

OK so it's a slow day not much to tell other than I'm cleaning and and and and Bord out of my mind which equals I'm missing Rod after spending a few days with him.

I guess I'll slink off and watch "Bones" season 2 so
blessings a

mood ???

ok so I went to a store closing sale (a local scrapbook store that is going out of business) to check out some of the "sale" items
here is what I found

Susan branch stamps at least 3 years old for $1.00 a piece

paper racks that were $75.00 and up

being the shopper I am I found these racks on the net

30 Slot Paper Rack, 12" x 12", White
Code: 21702Price: $58.95 Quantity in Basket: none

I'm not saying anything bad just informing you all that you can buy old used stuff for more money. And what you can buy it for brand new.


So now that fall has arrived I have this set of mind of wanting to cook roasts and cover the patio furniture and plant chrysanthemums. I want to re set the light timers (outside) and sweep leaves of the walk with a real broom. Except there are a few problems
number one it's to hot to cook or eat a roast.
Number two no use in covering the patio furniture when I sit on it every day.
Three I will plant some flowers and set the light timers.
Sweep the leaves? First off no leaves to rake for one (I actually miss that part of our old house) and it's to hot to do things like that. Rod and I would go out side about 11 every day and get on the yard tractor and hitch up the old lawn broom and go over our almost acre yard at least every other day in the fall. The first time we raked leaves at the house we didn't even own it (it was in contract, vacant and closing date was like a week away) I wanted to rake the leaves up in the front courtyard so we would not track all of them in when we…

5 am

Yes the strike is over
at 12:30 we went to bed cause we had news that they had just about reached an agreement. so at 5 am we got the call that it was over. Praise the Lord and Amen! Thanks again for all those prayers.a


I just wanted to thank all of you for you comments
it really means a lot. While I'm not trying to wave
the union flag and say we are 100% right (because
words like that tend to bite you back).
I appreciate you all supporting me.
thanks again for the love and the prayers


ok so here are some pics

ok strike picks
I'm going to post these few then move on
not that i don't support my husbands union
I just need to keep it in a different place
A girl must have a happy place in times like these
please keep praying for us and remember BAK has extended family on strike as well

some of my comforts are

when times are stress full I have I few stress busters
prayer is my first stress buster
humor of sorts and then I have 2 really good friends I call on
we have known one another for quite some time
and my friends names are
Ben and Jerry
and they offer a brand of comfort called

oh my

Well if you have been listening to the news
I have not so good news to say
unfortunately the UAW (Rod's work union)
has decided on a nation wide strike at of 10 am this morning
This means my husband has no job at the moment
and no what so ever medical benefits
be praying for us and the 73,000 other American workers

with the Corvette plant on strike the company loses
3 million a day just at this plant
It is the first nation wide strikeduringnegations since
the late 70's (I think 78)
GM is going to loose billions a week

The workers stand to lose everything they have,
and everything they have worked for.

Pray for all of us


oh my

All I can say is
Lawdy some scrapper lives in a big house
and let not the big house be confused with the "BIGg house" that OJ and Paris know
So ok as most of you know I love the parade of homes
I love to look at homes and wonder about the color choices and wander who will clean the large things cause I can't keep my own clean and most of the houses in the parade are much larger than mine.

Over in my and dw neck of the wood there tends to be a lot of parade homes and with that comes in all shapes in sizes but this ultimate scrapper house is huge. I'm guessing it's at least close to 5000 square feet or more. Three levels basement main and up, the master, den, family, and dining & kitchen are on the main floor and the rec, exercise, monster tv and second kitchen are in the basement and up is where we find the room of all scrapbook rooms. This room has got to be about the width of the house it crossed 3 garage bays and more so lets figure at least close to 40 feet lon…


Thanks to everyone for getting back with me so soon about the pants the project. IT is a go so soon we will be all giving Terri our measurements soon! And a huge thank you to her for even thinking about taking on such a great big project (at lest my rear is great big) any how Thanks to everyone involved!



hot pants!
(did that get your attention?)

Terri had discovered a pattern at hl for $1 for simple draw string pants

she also discovered the striped kind of material at a local wally world
(the kind of stripe we are looking for)

the pants would cost about 7 per person if she did it

the material needed would be about 3 yards give or take on material @ $2.00 a yard

I like
b likes it
t likes it
how about the rest of you?

I need a very quick reply on this so she can get the material early. It's seasonal fabric (halloween) and we are afraid it might go quick.

And for those of you cropping at The Club house this weekend we are going to start about 9 am. see ya soon!

my southernese is working

Ok y'all know my Mom and Dad are from the great sate of Kentucky so I have a good knowledge of all things southern. But yesterday I encounterd a few things that I didn't understand like

gravey on cantalope
(came up in a conversation at the knitting store and you eat it for breakfast)

it's raining frogs and fish
(a conversation with Rod and Carl)

Now I'm not offended by gravy or cantaloupe but I have never dreamed about putting them together. And the "it's raining frogs and fish" sounds biblical and scary if you ask me. Now I'm not going to shy away I'm fully aware of the southern ideals about pickling things pickled beats, pickled eggs, pickled pigs feet, pickled beans, and of course pickled bologna and I'm sure some of you could add to my pickled list (and for the record I love pickled beets). One or two people replied "Maybe that's just an Alabama thing" or " Don't you think some things are just passed down" but me bei…

my favorite movie

Is probably You've Got Mail
(I say that because it my favorite movie made in the past 20 years)
my favorite line
something about loving fall in new york and a bouquet of sharpened pencils
(which smell like school to me)
i remember that smell, I remember that the pencil led made my hands dirty and I hated being dirty. I also remember discovering the plastic pencils that have the led in them that you rotate when you use the led up and those did not make you as messy. Not to log ago on my birthday my best buddy gave me one of those pencils and I was so happy to have it. It made memories come rushing back of being a young girl and all the struggles that go with it. Every year about this time I think back to my childhood and have those school flash backs, and older generation would call it reminiscing, I think my generation just like all others and say I remember when. Wow I'm to the point in my life when I'm saying 20 years ago....... ugh I'm doing what my mom did when I was …

Garage sale and more

What a weekend I have had I"m tired achy, have a few more green backs in my pocket, a bit sunburn and thinking about everything.

Of course garage sales are not my favorite. Its hard working (maybe that's why I don't like it?)going through everything you own and letting part of it go, not to mention all the dust bunny and strange and funky things you encounter while you are doing it. And of course all the cleaning involved ugh I'm tired for all that not just the garage sale it's self, we had been going through things for days (mostly in the late evening) and it involved the attic, and lots of showers from the itchy dusty state of an unfinished area of the house. On Saturday we had very little sleep and had to be up early 6:15 (ouch) and we wanted to have things rolling before 7 am no problem when you went to bed at 1:15 am right? Before he could put up all the signs I had a full scaled garage sale on my hands and only half of it out of my garage and all before 7 am.…

garage sale

Ok I'm tired and achy and getting ready for a garage sale tomorrow. I'm not a huge fan of garage sales but Rod desperately wants one. I has a love for these sales who knows why so if your out in my are stop buy and please buy my junk so that i will not need to have another garage sale.

have a great weekend

back to life

OK so I'm posting rather late it's ten til one AM so this will be short and sweet today. I'm beginning to get back in the swing of things like starting back knitting classes today and also going to ww today and also trying to hopefully stop at wally world in the mix of things. Oh you all may wonder why I'm up at 1 am I've been going through garage sale stuff tonight and man I've done well letting go of a lot of junk. I intend to price low so I don't need to deal with it later. I also intend to go take an allergy pill cause I'm I'm itching all over from the dust and stuff in the attic I feel hive ish yuck.

I had intended to start working on my recipe pages (earlier today) but still have not gotten on board with the program yet. when I get started I'll give you all a sneak peak : ) but in the mean time I need to go shower some dust off and get rid of the itches cause they are driving me nuts'o.
later scrapper

bethany and mike

the h is not really so far apart from the y and c my software that glues my pages together just makes it look like that.
I working on a wedding l/o this morning it is slow going I'm thinking to myself when was the last time I did a 12 x 12 page and put a picture on it? Then I go on to think I have a yearning for a smaller page, wait one minute I'm yearning for a smaller page? If I am then that means I have found the appeal of the small page hmmmmm what do you think?

Also are we cropping this weekend?

And has anyone been to the closing sale? (no not I)

And who is going to the crop for a cure at Bonnie's?

that's all for now

where were you?

I did this remembrance page quite a while ago in honor of this day
I was asleep and my mom called to wake me up and tell me. I turned on the tv in my bedroom and watched what had happened. I hung up the phone with my mom and called Rod he was at work unaware to what was going on he was the first in his department/ work area to know.
a while later I called my best friend Junita and checked on her and her grand kids then I called my sister and we arranged for my mom to go pick up my nice Alicia, Bethany was in collage at OSU the time so she would drive herself home. I called my work to ask if we were still open and we were so I got ready to go in. On my way to work a plane passed over (I had my sunroof open it was one of those blue sky puffy cloud days we get in Ohio it was a beautiful day) I was thinking about the rogueplanes (little did I know that one rogue plane was so close to my home). All the teachers were quite and we had taken turns letting teachers go watch a few minutes of tv …



Yes today was Bethany's day she is now Mrs instead of Miss. The hardest work is over and the it time to begin the rest, Lots of rest. Here are just a few pictures for you to see. I've got to get some so this will be short. The song below Enough by Jeremy Camp it is typically a church song but it's "there song". There could have not been a better fit for them.

Enough by Jeremy Camp

You are my supply, My breath of life, Still more awesome than I know.
You are my reward, Worth living for, Still more awesome than I know.
And all of you, Is more than enough for, all of me
For every thirst and every need
You satisfy me, with your love
And all I have in you is more than enough
You’re my sacrifice, Of greatest price, Still more awesome than I know.
You’re my coming King, You’re my everything, Still more awesome than I know.
And all of you Is more than enough for, All of me
For every thirst and every need
You satisfy me with your love
And all I have in you is more than enough
You are …


I literal have three pare seconds I just wanted to say good moring and things are moving along nicely
I'm a bit groggy cause I was up way past my bed time so see you soon
blessings a

just in case

Terri did you say your birthday was the 14th?
if it's not Happy birthday

also I'm running on very little sleep and very little food so if I get crazed at any point in the next few days over look it. I almost got 5 hrs of sleep last night, ha ha. I also had the worst fish sandwich of my life at mc donalds some one poured salt in a mound on my sandwich it was nasty. On a much more scary not today i go to the dentist be praying for me, It's not fun for me there.

Flower arranging and lists call my name this morning, a hot glue gun and foam are waiting to be used. So I must go
I dont know when I'll have time to post again so bear the blogging drought of september.

bangs or no bangs

I've been contemplating bangs or no bangs for quite some time. Like since March and I still cant make up my mind. Of course there is the obvious answer if you don't like the bangs you are stuck with wearing barrettes on your head for about a year. Maybe I'll do a supper small bang you know the wispy type. So later today I'll be talking this over with Nikki my hair lady.

On a more disturbing note, on Labor day we drove out to Franklin and back and saw hunters close to our house. I'm not quite sure what they were doing but several men were "poised" on a property about a 1/2 mile from the house. They were sitting in a field of freshly cut corn waiting for something. Weather they were having trouble with coyotes or wild dogs (there are both here I'm pretty sure) or if it was something different like Bambi, I'm still not comfortable with it taking place so close to the house. Rod has not went hunting since we got married so the issue has never really co…

so the busy week begins

Yes this will be a long week as well as short cause when you need every hour in every day the week tends to fly by.

I want to thank you for coming to crop at the house it was great and we will do it again...soon
I hope all of you that traveled had good trips and light traffic (ha ha) Who ever heard of light traffic on LD weekend?
In ode to the last of official summer I'm listening to a light blue ishcd tonight my way of saying good bye summer, I'll miss you but not your heat and I'm ready to see you autumn, I'm ready for falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and shorter days. (Not that the leaves aren't already falling cause the trees are so water deprived) I'm really looking forward to retreat that's one thing and just having a chance to get away is another, and of course scrap. As the summer closes our recipe books are just about finished, I'll get a list and post it who did what, and who is going to do what. I'll try to get that list early next wee…