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Shower fun!

The shower went well as you can see.


I posted this a while back it was not long after I had lost my Aunt Jane for me the poem just some how helps me remember the good times not the bad. This is for Terri and her Mother.

The tide goes out, but leaves behind bright seashells on the sand;
The sun goes down, but gentle warmth still lingers on the land;
The music stops, but yet it echoes on in sweet refrains;
For every joy that passes something beautiful remains.

Terri I hope you can hold on the the beautiful moments and I hope they will help bring you through this time. I"m sending you my thoughts and prayer's. May God be with you.

At the moment I cant remember the author but I'll look it up and post that soon. I"m having a baby shower for my Niece this weekend so I'll get back with y'all when things settle down.

Love y'all and take care


link to the story

I don't ever remember a gas shortage in my life tame although Clipie says I should. According to the article most of the area should receive gas sometime sometime soon. next weekend. This is some scary stuff. So fill up when you can and never let your tank get below half!
It was good to see y'all I wish I could have stayed and scrapped some I haven't scrapped in a long time.
please remember Terri in your thoughts and prayers.

Yes I'm alive

I'm alive I hurt my back over the weekend... So sitting at the computer is well painful. I hope to see you all Friday night and Saturday afternoon this weekend. not much going on but couch sitting and book reading. I'm enjoying another Nelson De Mille's book called WILD FIRE it's a mystery suspense/ FBI kinda book.Any how I hope you all are well.

I'm done and they are on the way HIJACK

OK so the top has changed like I told you. I just could not get the small feet and rings to lay down flat enough to ship in a standard envelope. The package left here a bit ago they will take it over to Mom's and you can pick it up. The small card on the top is for at label for the family. I hope you and Beth like them since I mad all the changes.


Ok here it is
the only thing that will be different is the lettering and I'm going to take the rings off the feet because of mailing. It's not the best example but very close. The purple /green/ stuff behind the card is not part of it.


This is funny and scrap related

and I also found this little gem scrapbooking for guys

scrap rap

The French Open ( Classic ) of scrapping