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Well the bad news is my iphone pics wont up load or i cant get them to you pick.
Getting ready for the candy grabbers tonight and now I must find something to fix for dinner. Hmmmmmm
Still don't have the scrap room up and running but it is better than ever. I spent the weekend with the twins they turned THREE. Yes they did and we also had some other things to do like see Karen Rod sister, keep her in her prayers her surgery is tomorrow.

In our travels I had a Peppermint hot chocolate from Mc Donald's and well I'm in love.
So I'm off to make a grocery list and pick up another peppermint treat!

Boo I've tried to post for two days in a row and the computer isn't computing!!!

Dear scrapper girls,

yes this will be in letter form....

Dear Scrapper girls,

You know I'm excited to crop when I show up at Betty's a week early.
That is all. More later. Maybe.

Much Love,

Ps. I have a costume so be ready for some giggles!

as the week turns

As the third week home has began, I'm down to the scrapbook room (three boxes to go)! I believe one final box in the bedroom! I've been recycling boxes like a mad woman. I take them to u-haul and donate them to the share a box pile. Today is grocery shopping. Rather than just go to the store and go wild I've been building up groceries slowly and really trying to do more of the coupon whats on sale thing.

While cleaning out the attic I found lots of papers from school so at some point I'm going to do a school album (one for Rod one for myself). Next year my big thing will be doing our wedding album since Jan 2013 will be our 20th anniversary I want to have it done and ready for that.

ahhh I must go I need to help Rod in the yard. Then to the store then to work in the scrap book room so I will have something to do this weekend!

Loved the shirts Melissa!

more updates

It is sooooooooooooooo good to be back home!!!

most everything is unpacked (except the scrapbook room) and the den needs some furniture re arrangement and a clutter counter top here and there and I'm just about done with boxes.

So Rod has worked one full week at corvette then he got laid off for two....
The first week was a planned thing but the second week happened when a parts plant had a major explosion leaving them with not enough parts to finish the day up. So I guess they are scrambling tyring to get a new part for the car. So he's been really helping out with the un packing and that a great help.

Espically since he shared his germs with me. So I'm almost over my "shared" virus and now we are working on the largest garage sale that we have ever had. It's more easy than ever to throw away however its time consuming. So I'm going to start pricing things today (aka I'll be covered in little price stickers till the end of the week).

I must go attend to t…