Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm a Great Aunt AGAIN!!!!!!!

Jonathan Micheal 3 pnds : 13 oz
Mathew Lucas 4:00 pnds
were born this morning!
Everyone is doing well babies are in NICU they are great!.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I know your going to ask

Did any of y'all see snow last night?

OK I know y'all have probably seen the news. Yes he will have layoff (again)for one week. They are calling a few they laid off back (he found out yesterday)! Seems that they are short handed and had a few more people retire than expected. Clipie will have a larger cushion! Yeah! He will be eligible for a 10 year retirement at the end of December giving us an out if needed.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Christmas solutions review

Over the next few Weeks I intend to "review" the better part of my cartridges. I hope you enjoy it.

1.The first thing that is odd about the Christmas cartridge is (as Rhonda said at the crop) it has no info booklet. And that does make it difficult if you have glasses or need them. I suggest bookmarking the info page on the cricut library site. (hint you can enlarge screen on site look at the top menu bar)
2.The second is more peculiar that odd. When you have inserted the cartridge and start the actually cutting process when it's done it cuts the image again making it a double cut.
3.The next is intricate cuts. I could not get textured (dcwv) paper to cut well. No I did not check my blade because it's not that old and yes i did make pressure and other adjustments to the blade its self. It ended up cutting best on smooth texture paper (American Crafts) and all the examples shown are cut on that paper.
4.It does take away the massive layering process like the Disney Princess cartridges. I can find few images that take more than four cuts and the images ends up pretty intricate.
5.I must give a shout out to Provo Craft for including a Cross: side note the "Cross" is called a star when the image pops up on the expression screen. You make your own mind up, call it what you want, this is just my view). Other than the manger scene on paper dolls and making it yourself on design studio your hard pressed to find anything relative when it comes to Christian symbols.
6.I really like the cartridge over all. All of the images are very traditional, and exactly what you would from a Christmas cartridge. It did leave me wanting more (because it was so nice) I feel like it still should be loaded down like Zooballo . You will find the left hand side bar is mostly blacked out except for shadow, blackout, paper saver, real dial size, shift, and shift lock, most all cartridges have those features so it is a bit stripped down compared to most. They call it a solutions cartridge and I still wonder why when it's so short on potential?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Final count down.

OK so here y'all lets get down to business first thing, well I guess we could say second thing I slept in for the first time in a while and it felt good (I was up late last night).

{ taken from Betty's blog}
Total cost per night per cabin is $93.65 this does include tax. Total amount billed to my CC $187.30,for the first night reservation. Nine of us are committed so that breaks down to $20.81 per person per night.........I emailed Michelle H my address and for everyone else I'll meet up with you some time next week, or the week after, etc.Just a suggestion - but how about we work out the other logistics (food, etc) at a later time.We can discuss at Card Class or in Dec. at our Christmas crop.

GIRLS I'M SO EXCITED I can't wait!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Retreat Road (another update)

84.95 a cabin = 169.90 (for two cabins 1 night) + taxes (10%= 16.99) + 186.89 divided by 8 = $23.37 (if you divide that by nine its $20.78) for the first night (and I'm taking it for granted that Betty wont need the other money until the event it's self) . So with 8 the total cost for lodging would be $ 46.74 plus food (for 9 it would be $ 41. 56 + food) and you'd be able to stretch that out, half now, half later. I hope I've helped more than hurt with info.

We have nine responses Betty will need to know who is who. I don't see why all of us could not go we could bring a blow up bed or the like. I'm taking it for granted that y'all know we will be double bunking in beds (at least that's the way I understand it and if not I need clarification, if I'm wrong) OK so if you haven't please respond to Betty soon as you are able. She will let me know when the time is right to move forward and start making plans about food and such. I'll put a sign in sheet on the side bar but Betty needs to know your down with the money matter.

Just a few things I added
Lisa's etsy store (go visit it's nice)to the side bar and it's in the scrapbook links section. The section has just been pushed down the page a bit but its still there.
I also listed Barbs event on the side bar. Remember if there is a month when we need to use my home for a crop or stamping party just say the word. If y'all would like a New Years Day crop at my place I'm game sounds like fun if you ask me.
Also I've started a stamp page when I'm ready I'll have y'all bombard me with the stamp images but give me a bit to get the sucker up and running.

I had a busy day yesterday and today as well I'll check in late tonight.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

RETREAT January?Updates in Orange

Updates in Orange

OK Scrappers a new adventure is on the horizon. In all our scrap happy ness we were discussing a retreat of our own.

Where: Barren River

When: January:Friday the 30th, Saturday 31, and Sunday February 1st!

Cost: 84. 95 a night (per cabin) more later.

How long? Friday morning till Sunday checkout 11 am (Super Bowl Sunday)

Who? Well so far, Chelle, dw, dh, Betty, Me,

WE Really need one more person but would love to have three more. 4 people to a cabin, 2 cabins.

Food: We would probably need more input on this but I think it was agreed that we would cook some and go out some. Maybe make a brunch at the cabin and out to eat for dinner ( I personally don't want to spend the weekend cooking) or very simple meals like crockpot or a pan of frozen Lasagna but simple not lots of food prep.

OK so I've posted on the side bar for y'all to chime in !

Betty will need the money soon because to make the room reservation she needs to pay for one night in each cabin up font. I'm currently finding out when she will want this money before or after she makes the reservation.

As well I think we will push the need to know back a few days. I'll get "back" with y'all in a bit on that.

Rooms are hard to book that's the rush

Thursday, October 16, 2008


So at the moment things are back to normal (as of Monday). We are back to our usual weekly groove. Clipie's dad is doing OK he is home and needs to exercise much more but he is doing better. Clipe spent a few nights with his parents, while I stayed with them the first night and went back to Moms all the other nights. No rest at all the first night so around 5 am I headed to my mom's for some real rest and discovered I would need to do that each night if I wanted any sleep. It was the first time Clipie had spent that much time with his parents since we married 16 years ago. Visiting did have some huge advantages, I did get to hold Alia and Leo (twins) and Talon all of them helped me rack up Great Aunt Angie status. Clippie had his baby freak on as well getting to hold and cuddle all of them. It's not every day people will had over a baby to a man who is 6'2, 48 and has no baby experience what so ever. The baby's were definitely the highlight of the stay. We also had a chance to see more family, friends, and some of clipie's childhood neighbors.

Don't forget Crop at Betty's this weekend.
I'm so excited it's been a while.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Oh Martha! Your products have landed at BIG LOTS!

Oh Martha! Your products have landed at BIG LOTS!

With all the horrible financial news and Presidential stuff going on I've decided not to bring it up in my post which takes out most current evens like wall mart shopping going up to sky high prices. I have forgot to say that I had a chance to get some extra $1 stamps while back up north. I have yet to go through them cause I've been swamped with lots of other stuff going on but next time I crop (and that's looking like the 17 & 18th) I'll bring them. I also wanted to say a few Martha Stewart things have landed at Big Lots. Can you say Bwhahahahahaaha Martha, we told you so! It was summer themed items like Boats and Popsicles, glitter alphas and two different Christmas card kits with lot of glitter included.

In other news My father in law Joe had total knee replacement yesterday so you can figure out what I'm going to do in the next day or two. I'm happy Clipie will be able to help his Mom and Dad for a few days. I must say even thought Clipie is on lay off it has been wonderful to wake up and him here. And the timing could not have been more perfect it has been a "stay cation" of sorts for us. I'm sure it's been a while since we have spent 4 days together (in fact I cant remember the last time) and I'm loving every minute of it and thankfully it's only one week of lay off at the same time.


Friday, October 03, 2008

C.A.T.S. System

The C.A.T.S. System
Is a complex system of alertness. It combines several natural or "organic" ways of communication. Just some of the scientific measuring devices used in this sensitive operation are, hair, cold, whiskers, a poking device, and a God given intuition. What I'm referring to is my cat Pumpkin. Back in May when we had an earthquake she was acting funny (a few days before) then on the day o,f she was as normal as sweet tea. This morning she woke me up about 5:30 and insisted on rubbing not only my arm with her wet nose but my face and any other part of my body that was sticking out of the warm covers I was under. When that did not work she tried walking all over me and asking for a treat and that is unusual. After "we" got up she would not eat her regular morning treat of Fancy Feast and to be truthful I've often wondered who does she love the most. And add to that the strange behavior of not wanting to come in the scrap room and sit beside me while I type and we have a round one winner of weird cat warning system this morning. On the short side of the story I'm trying to say Is she an earthquake detector? Time will tell. So maybe this is a heads up for all you non cat owners and a time to chime in if you are a cat owner.



Thursday, October 02, 2008

In a fall state of mind

After my trip back home It's put me in a fall mood. Leaves are starting to change, well whats left of the leaves after IKE and drought. I'm pretty sure Mom had a very dry summer and usually that amounts up to a wet winter. This cool air the past few days is not only greatly appreciated but I makes me long for that cool air of fall. i do belive this is the most fall like it's ever been since I've lived here. It makes me want to have a home in the country so I could sit and watch the color on the trees change. Oh hum I guess I'll settle for my fire bush changing and a walk in the park, actually the walk is better than sitting on my rear all the time. It seems quiet of late but I'm going to chalk it up to some form of loneliness, it's been for ever since I've cropped with y'all. I called Betty and I thought the crop was this weekend but it's next and next week. Rod will be laid off (for one week only) next week and we were going to visit his Dad who is having a full knee replacement. Surgery is always risky, but with diabetes and a few other factors he has a bit higher risks so we wanted to there. Another big reason is Joe's a big guy and I know it would be hard for my mil to handle him the first couple of days. Rod is also the strong, tall and young one with time off. His younger sister will help but she also needs to work. ho hum, fiddle dee dee I'm not happy, I want to get scrappy.OK I know that enough rhyming for one morning.


Four weeks.

Today marks four weeks since my Mom has passed. I miss her I know I always will. I have Thank you cards to send out but its extremely diffic...