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ho hmmmm

Its a hot boring long day....
OK you got me its not hot it humid and feels like a sauna. I'm sad that summer has again passed so quickly however I will welcome fall's cool temperatures with open arms. The weather man said that next month (here) we sill loose 73 minutes of daylight in September. I will miss that as well. Blessings A

I'm Baaaaaaaack

OK the long awaited layout is here
(I'm sure y'all have been counting the hours and biting your fingernails)

Ta Dah!!!!!!

Should I tell you that the tree was a very tough cut? Yes it was worth it. Bazzil made it much more easy, and that goes for the pumpkin cut as well. The owl and everything else was easy. The fence is from Heritage, the house is My Community and everything else is from October 31 or Pumpkin Carving. The open parts of the page will be dedicated to photos as well as a small area in the tree.
I made black triangle on the upper part of the roof removable so later if I want to put a photo in I'm able. I also made the two upper outside windows the exact size of my "Whale of a Punch) square so I'm able to slide small photos in place of the two windows.

This was my previous page, I thought the two pages were fine if they stood alone however I didn't feel that they matched each other. So the odd couple just sit for now.

This is Tarah our niece she was in…

I almost forgot.......

Link to this article

Two moons on 27 August - Greatest Event on Earth

**Two moons on 27 August* 11 pm CST (12 pm EST) in USA.

You may be interested. Show two moons to children. Mark the date on your calendar. Let us hope the sky is not cloudy. This time translates to 11 pm CST (12 pm EST) in USA.Please pass it on. Let’s not miss this spectacle!!**Two moon on 27 August*

*27th August the Whole World is waiting for.............* Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August.It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will cultivate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within 34.65M miles of earth. Be sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am IST. It will look like the earth has 2 moons.

The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287.Share this with your friends as NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it again.

day off

OK guys I'm taking the day off. Family is in town so I've gotta clean the apartment.....
Have a great weekend!

another day

Today I went for a walk a very long walk and I may have seen......

A very empty, lonely pool This weirdo thought she would go swimming but it was way to cold.

Well that my que to go the ducks need some privacy so I'll see y'all the morning after, Whoops! I meant tomorrow. Later! A

little guy

I'm cute how about you? That's what this adorable little crab is saying to me. I found this stamp at Jo Ann's early this spring. He's studio g. I was just playing and came up with this............

Today I did not successfully mail anything because I needed a better box, so I went on a box hunt this afternoon and struck gold. Card making continues. The weather was cloudy but the temperatures are perfect, way to cold to swim but perfect for a walk around the ponds.

Look under Mom she has some chicks stashed under her.BlessingsA
OK so not much is going on. Its boring. Yesterday I mailed a package and went out for our usual Monday night wings ymmmmm (leftovers in the frig). I need to make some cards today and mail another package. This is a Muskrat. He lives in the pond below us and I really really thought he was a rat until one of the neighbors said some thing about him. No hes not a rat he's more of a beaver, in fact he looks like a beaver all but his rat like tail. Muskrats have been used like mink to make coats. The have big scary teeth. OK that's it for Angie Geographic today.
Later Dudes!A


The Pioneer Mother Located near

The Sana Fe Trail, Organ Trail and California Trail

Penn Vally Park, Kansas City

Sunday, Aug 22

Howard Vanderslice was some wealthy dude(about 100 years ago) who donated lots money to Kansas City and this statue. This statue "portrays" his Grandparents and his Father and the difficult life they led. The Penn Vally Park (see statue above) is located on the Sana Fe Trail. The Sana Fe is one of the great big wagon trails the led to....I'm guessin Sana Fe, New Mexico? I suppose. You cant see it well in my pictures but in the statue is engraved "Whither Thou Goest". To tell you truthfully Jesus, Rod and I had a moment together while staring at this lady. I'm very very thankful my journey across the Mississippi wasn't in a canoe, covered wagon, stage coach or train. No it was in a SUV that had heat, and air, cruise control and a Garmin.

"And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following af…

Its all

Visual today.Mostly. This is it. I'm stuck on the other page.
From the lingerie boutique la scrap happy girl.One pink old lady night gown.

One very tired, hot Rod taking a nap on the couch after work.

Our shower/bath tub

The floor. Where I fell on my big white fat arse after my shower. also my unusual quirkiness of life continues. Today I had left the apartment to go get Clipie I had taken him to work because he was running late. (parking is an issue here at this plant, a story for later) So he could walk in and not take eleventy hundred hours to walk a mile back to his job. So as I approached the exit ramp a teenage (high school) boy waved me down. Yes I took precautions but he was way young and I'm worried something is way wrong, it was 2:20 pm. He asked me if I could give him a lift to the high school. I'm assuming it was local, I think I know the name of the local high school. I didn't respond right away, I really didn't know what to do. I told him no, your under…

its not done

Yep you guessed it the pages still aren't done. What have I been doing? Why reading and celebrating. Bo turned 45 yesterday (my Kansas friend) and well we did indeed celebrate. Last night she rode the saddle at the Texas something-or-other steak house and today we went shopping. I found three darling nightgowns.

Ok ok so I didn't get that exact gown but you know I'm keeping it kid friendly. Really they were nothing to show you. In fact I'd take a picture of them right now if my camera didn't need charged but do y'all really want to see my nightgowns? Nah I dint think so..So I've been reading this crazy wonderful blog I really think you all would love it. The Pioneer Woman. a city slicker who went country.
Black heels and Tractor wheels is awesome
geat recipes and all that nonsense.

OK tomorrow back to the page I'm going to complete my first two page twelve by twelve this year and I'm going to make myself. I will. I will. I will.

Blessings A


This was made for a friends birthday. K& Co paper.
My "spooky" page is slowly coming together. Its much more tedious that I thought and some things didn't work out exactly how I had planned but no harm in the end. I had planed to post the fall layout today but I'll probably be on break tomorrow, so it wont make it up until Wednesday or so. I'm updating my Gypsy finally, Mr. B-Day Boy had the computer almost all weekend playing with his ipod and downloads, I had to wait until he went to work to use the computer. I love him he needed to chill for the weekend this was his only Saturday off this month. (no news yet, news comes on Thursdays or Fridays, hopefully soon) Blessings A

A Scrap Happy Girl Welcome to You

Was cut entirely from Life's a Beach. I used the pineapple drink cup (bottom only) and the top was on the cart as well. If you recreate this make sure you cut the "green stuff" for the top of the pineapple VERY large.Unfortunately I didn't and had to make a few extra laves my self. The font is from lab as well.

Ps. Did you know that the pineapple was the international symbol for the word "Welcome"?

The FedX guy brought me this (this morning)!!!!!

I think I'll make a two page fall lay out between now and Monday. But in the next 20 minutes I'm headed to the pool (because the water is cool in the mornings and that's how I like it!). I hope y'all have a great weekend. I miss y'all soooo much!

bob, cat, page

First off Happy Birthday (one day late) Chelle!I hope you had a great day. I know I'm late,I'm sorry my brain is so small, if its any consultation I did remember at 11:30 last night while in bed. More wildlife I don't know if you know but..... bobcats are common (here) out west. They sorta look like domestic cats and can be close in size especially when young. Bobcat, not a cat named "Bob". Not all that scary looking however not that friendly. They top my Pumpkins ornery temper. Even with her "not so cute, I'm not amused look" she doesn't compare to the temperament of the bobs. see? No wait that's to big......... (random cow {or is it a bull?}at Western University farm Hmm I'm looking for fur not feathers........(my two favorite white ducks that live in the ponds in Mo) OK I've got the fur right but the reproduction cycle is off. (this would be the back yard bully that eats everything green) That's it my baby! OK so "Bob" of the…

the crossing at the watter and wild, wildlife

The duckie details. The wildlife cart (Walmart) is a bit of a pain and I'll explain. The ducks featured are three inches (on the Gypsy) If you cut more small ducks, (the family duck image) you really cant work the detail of the chick heads. Even at three inches I had to whisk and twiddle and finesse the tiny parts. It's going to make a nice card for a male birthday but man the ducks were sooo much work. When I cut the ducks I cut the figures in coordinating shades so I wouldn't waste tons of paper and in the end I have one brown duck with green trim set aside for a later card.
The grass is from Gypsy wanderings.

Doesn't everyone love a Gecko?
Flower Power

Ok so I loved my umbrella but hated my raindrops and wave thingies so I started all over and ended up with a girl at a desk (sentimentals)

The party in the heat continues. Yesterday I went to the Post office and I also had my usual Monday night wings (4 and yes they were good). and salad. I also have been trying to be a good neighbors. My feathered friends have been drooping poo on the patio below so I've quit feeding from the balcony and every evening I walk out to them. Until last night. It was like any other feeding frenzy except they were very hungry and wanted more than I had. So i just started to walk off but they had other ideals. They perused me, yes my feather flock followed the inferior leader. I ended up taking a long walk so I could escape the foul fowl. So I'm a duck escape artist. Jill of many trades I am, master of none : ) Blessings A

its, maybe

Possibly this could be me in a pool. However I would never ever post a pool picture. Would I?
I just want to keep you guessing. I was woke this morning by A FURRY PAW on my eyelid at 5 am. I love her I really really do. She is challenging me when she messes with my sleep. So I've been to Walmart and back and now have posted on the blog all before 8 am. I know we must commit this day to history.
Stay cool kids. It was 100 yesterday (four degrees warmer to Los Vegas).

b day boy

inside it will say: I thought you need some help keeping the rain away.
Inside: All of us cats back home are thinking of you.

This is very very funny. I was covering "ROD" in chipboard letters so he could hang them in the garage or man cave or whatever. I have no scrapbook room here in Mo so whatever I'm working on can be seen in the open. He just happened to get a glimpse of the "O" and thought it was for his card. He said "Is that for me? Is it an eye? Will it say eye love U?" So not wanting to disappoint him I made it happen. He he he. It really was the "O" in his name. Oh yes I am that sneaky!

The raised heart ideal came form the Valentines day cart (cant remember the name) it has a special cut for a dimensional shape (can you say interactive Betty?)! So I thought it turned out cute.

The b-day boys table!!! more b-day pics later next week.