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So I'll be away for just a bit over two weeks then I'll be back!!!!!!

Ok I'm excited to day is crop day! I cant wait to see all of you!!!!

The winner is......

Pink I bought all pink boots! OK not really

I bought him! OK not really but love the pointy boots!

This is it, the boot of the year. Now I only need Scotchguard!


as the boot turns.....

As we all know I HATE BOOTS! But living in Kansas City makes them a complete necessity so here is my boot search enjoy!

crazy boot
nice but wayyyyyyy to expensive boot
still expensive, its ok good traction but its a tennis shoe boot!

getting better but i want warmer
um no just no
groovy 1960 boots but not practical or attractive
the bad boot
and I'm not talking about Micheal Jackson bad
fellin Duckie? we always called these ducks or wellies
getting better warmer but i'm not a construction worker or rapper.....

I'll be backkkkk!

Bo's cards


So whats uuuuuuup?

Ahhh this week is almost over so glad of that it makes next week more close!

So this week I....
completed approximately 40 cards that Bo wanted for her birthday mostly all plain some not
Celebrated Bo's birthday with her friends and her winning her disability claim she had been fighting five years for.
Today was general lazing around
Tomorrow I have no clue.
I cant scrapbook because my corner of the room is currently being invaded by aunts. Not things I'm related to but the kind that crawl and are very small.
This weekend will probably be the air show and lots of list making.

i'm on a roll



still some summer left!

my steam punk


No I tell you it is not missing

No I've not abandoned my bog or have I lost passion for scrapbooking I've just been super busy the last few weeks. I expect this to continue until mid September but for your viewing pleasure I offer these.

oh and NEWS soo I'll be taking the blog to facebook so no need to visit here every day you'll see a very small portion of work on the fb page so you'll know when to hop over. Give me a few weeks to get the gears all turning in the same direction.

Blessings to you and your family

And remember Crop at my house Sept 26 and 27th cant wait to see all of you again.