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busy busy busy
me and my life
ww went well 4.4 and yes I'm drinking more watter less tea.
Betty it's looking like thoseCapri's are just about ready for some summer fun.

hi all

I know no posts and it's Tuesday! Can you tell I've lots going on? I'll give y'all an up date later today that may be at midnight and it may be at twelve noon who knows. I just wanted everyone to know I haven't forgot about my beloved bloggers. enjoy the baby invites .

drum roll please

I'm not totally satisfied with the purse however
it's getting their. I may change the shape of it but for now tell me what you think.
I did change the back ground because you really could not see her(the shadow frame) the way I wanted. I hope you like it

baby hi jack

ok this is a the sneek peak this is part of it

it's all relevant

Well it seem as though I have a small conflict on Saturday (nsbd) Clipie wants to have a garage sale because it's a community one, that means lots more people. Clipie is seeing $$ in his garage sale dreams. It's 7 to 11 so not so bad and I'm not going to stay for the whole thing. The bad part is he wants my tables akh! I said I would divide them in half if he would get me one more. So I will bring 2 5ft tables (Friday night and all weekend) so we will need more tables. I can bring other two after he is done with them, but it will probably be to late at that point.... So for the next few days I get to clean and purge, oh joy, maybe I'll find another table.

In other news My Niece Beth (who is expecting) got to hear the Babbie's hart beat for the first time yesterday. And yes their are Babbie's not a baby! Clipies nephew's wife is also pregnant with twins. Twins run in my mothers family my Grandmother had twins my uncles (sadly they have passed on) Dexter and…

Green day (only a day late)

So this is my ode to Green Day, a day late.
Yes I will talk a bit about my Greenness and no it wont last forever

Am I green?
um no
Do I strive to be a whole foods shopper and be "green"
do I do a few things for our environment

Last year my only new years resolution was to use less paper, (as in white not acid free paper nothing scrapbook related) and I did keep it, I used considerable less amounts of paper last year. I printed two hl coupons a sheet and things like that, re printing on the back side of the paper, (I have even tried to use my scrapbooking scraps more)never wasting a sheet if need be. This year it's not been going very well but I expect that when my household settles down it will get better.

I do recycle my grocery bags and would drowned in them if I did not

I'm not a huge fan of watter so I don't use to many plastic bottles that will eventually become the "tires of the future" so I'm not contributing to that. (no I have not had my wat…

its melting away

This page is out of a free pack of paper I received when I went to Archivere's back in March. It was so nice to get a freebie I tell you it's mm paper and stickers came form hl (where else?). It's an 8x8 and the blue is not part of the page it's just background for the scanner.
I am still amazed at how quickly spring melts into summer here. Poof spring is gone and summer is in full swing. It's not even May and I have shorts on this morning, although it is a bit chilly, it's supposed to warm up later to about 80. Back home you would be lucky to be wearing shorts by mid May.Yes that much difference between here and home. My short wearing strategy is funny (so Clipe says) I don't start wearing them until it hits 80, and well today is the day. I will not be wearing them out in public (I could never show off my cellulite) but I love to wear them around the house. So I'm so loving the weather last night we did mulch and we chatted up with the neighbors for a b…


I found this quite interesting
It's a EARTHQUAKE ALARM just like a smoke alarm you can be woke up in the middle of the night to change the batterie.

The Quake Alarm can wake you up and alert you the moment the quake starts, giving you more time to take cover or tend to other family members. During extensive "live" earthquake testing, the patented Quake Alarm consistently outperformed research and development laboratory results. The Quake Alarm can eliminate confusion, save critical seconds and provide peace of mind.
Only $22.99

check it out go the the site

the continuance of the shaking

Well while I was fast asleep last night we again had another aftershock around 12:30 ush. (I slept right thought it) but my sis and the lamp shade we up shaking. Anybody else?

Last night Rod helped me plant a very small flower bed in the back yard
he did the digging and grass removal (the hard part)and I did the planting and raking (the easy part) In the flower bed I planted gladiolas, elephant ears, and something called White Christmas and ,Cannes in which back home we call them cannons. And tonight will be so exciting, we will mulch the new flower bed.

As far as projects I have nothing to show you maybe tomorrow or later today. My comments are still being moderated. And I'm sorry about that I'm still having a spammer so until spammy goes away it will be this way.

Betty thanks again for this weekend and I hope your party went well yesterday.


shake rattle and roll @4:48

well I woke up with a start this morning. Did any of you feel the earthquake? I'm sure you did it was about 4:48 am here and the funny thing is what woke me was a sound not the feeling the eq but my window shades were rattling and vibrating like....we had and earth quake. This is my third eq in my life and the smallest one I have felt. So it is no biggie. It felt like a train you know how a train shakes the ground from a distance when it has a heavy load? It was much like that but it lasted much longer, more shake than roll.I counted about 6 long seconds while I was awake. My sister and b-i-l (who were sleeping up stairs) said it was a a bit more intense than that, they said everything that could shake did. The weatherman said if you live above a cave you would feel the shake of the quake more, than if on dirt. I had never thought about that fact, anybody on top of a cave? Well I'll see you all at the crop tonight I've got to go find something to do tonight.
Everybody have…

I forgot

The pumpkin sleeps

here in despirate house wife co

Here in my very own"not" desperatehouse wife life things happen

the Dandelions grow

The Sister texts her pregnant daughter waiting for baby news

the bird poo is less

Thanks to some old balloons But still the robin sits in the yard, in waiting to poo on my beloved swing.

dollar store finds

Ok lets talk cheep cheap today. Yesterday I found a boat load of stuff at the dollar store scrapbooking wise. These are all at Mighty Dollar. top a little Davis flower a paper PACK 8 1/2 by 11 like you buy at hl for 1 buck 3 sheets another paper Pack 8 x 8 cute pink patterned paper 2nd down glittered paper 2 for 1 3rd down all my memories paper flowers, k&Company metal brads, cute chalks and ribbon, and little Davis bottle caps. 4th down more glitter paper, and a Huge 6 inch clip (like a clothes pin) like they sell at Hl 5 down a self healing mat great for exactoknife projects, and a brad holder some of this stuff was just a great price I could not believe the brad holder and self healing mat, but they had lots. Also Hl had cuttle bug folders and dies on sale for 30% off. They also have the newer folders in stock. I have more later......... blessings a


your up 2
Ok well it was not as bad as I thought. You know during this sick business I had quite a few days on the predzoine. So much so that I was a bit worried to get back in the grove of the ww side of life. The last time I had a ww visit I gained 1.02 pounds I had expected it but still it stings, so when I went back this time she said "your up 2" so I thought she meant 2 pounds I never bothered to look at my card after that. When I got home much later Clipie asked me how was it, I had told him I knew I had gained weight and he was just wanting to know how the meeting went , then he asked me how much, he asked me how much I weigh! Panic I don't usually tell him! So I said I didn't know cause I don't remember (and I didn't) with all the gain. Not that I really wanted to tell him what I weighed but he had made me curious with his question so later in the evening I looked at my book. I was up .02 not two pounds! So my total weight gain for the predizoine time …

180 seconds

I'm just going to say good morning to all of you cause that's all I have time to do basically. I have good news to share they have moved my thirty days of jury duty to June. yeah!!!!!! OK so not much going on other than I'm working on a totally cut page here it is I'll get back with you all later! blessings a

normal day but cold

so for the first time in a long while I'm feeling normal and all I have to say is it's about time.With all this normal stuff going around I'm going to celebrate by scrapping something special I'm going to scrap here for a while today. Yes I have plenty of other things to do but today (well for the next 2 hrs actually) I'm going to scrap.
I hope you all had a great weekend!
Stay warm!

do you chew?

So when was the last time you chewed a piece of gum? Has it been a while or has it been a life long habit? Are you addicted to the bubble or the chew? It's all about flavor for myself, I have a favorite brand and that I enjoy on occasion so yes I do chew gum. Like this past Friday, it was a gum chewing day. I was going out to eat (yes Clipe takes me out to eat frequently) and I had had tuna earlier in the day so for the sake of the journey I popped in a stick to eradicate the dreaded tuna breath. Everything was typical about my gum chewing experience except the end part. It tasted good, the flavor lasted all that (and yes I'm really talking about gum chewing for those of you thinking other wise). We had chose to go to Ryan's, it's a good place to eat when your not on weight watchers. We arrived there and did all the usual things like stand in line, get a table, get some sweet tea, ask for roll and maybe just maybe I may end up swallowing my gum.

Now I don't …

shake rattle and roll

shake rattle and roll.

So the weather report is we are supposed to shake rattle and roll the next few days. Oh yeah I left out swim.
here are my favorite weather links

ok here it is

All I want to do is to title an journal

now what

I'm going to complain, as I often do I want no sympathy,
I just want to complain.
It seems now that the cough has almost died away that my throat has decided to get a huge blister on it preventing me from yet talking. Yes I have been chatty on the blog because for a month I've been battling the cough to talk. Now my throat has a blister on it and it's more than a talkie girl can take I tell you. It's not looking like strep but still (no fever, no rash just. one blister in a crucial spot)and it's just driving me insane.

the Juror
As some of you know I was called for jury duty this past Saturday. I WAS CALLED FOR 30 DAYS!!!!!! Back home it was two Weeks THIRTY FREAKING DAYS! I have asked for it to be changed to June weather they will or not I have no ideal. But I'm hoping they change it to June.
I wanted to go visit some family but I guess it's not happening for a while now big bummer.

Here is my rotten Robbin lay out...Any ideals for a title?

for the birds

On my lovely back patio there is bird droppings (ok lets be real,

the stupid bird is shitting all over my back porch)all over my

back porch and my beloved swing: ( If you had the chance to go

to retreat with me you may remember I did a bird l/o of the

little .... Robbin (I'll look for it if I find it I'll post it{in the

morning}, it still needs a title maybe some of you could help).

And this particular Robbin has decided to inhabit my back porch

once again this year, oh joy. Of late I have been investing some

time here on the old Internet surf board trying to find a solution

to my roosting Robbin problem. It's a much scaled back version

of the famous Boston/pear tree robins, I should have taken a

picture I know but I have already cleaned off the patio with

clipie's help so I am picture-less. And lets face it who wants to

see a picture of bird droppings? If anybody has any home

remedies please let me know, all the on line stuff is expensive

and well I'm not willing to spend 60 bu…

me and jack

As I sit here and relax with my friend Jack who is a down home punch sorta fella. He and I have been doing some thinkin.......Why does he make me quit coughing and other things don't? is it his pretty pink peach color, is it his $6.00 price tag, is it is silver and black label or is it the alcohol..hmmm I think Jack and i are going to go watch a James Bond movie tonight with Clipie. Casino Royal, I think. Last night it was the incredible Peirce Brosnan aka Remington Steele how's that for ya. yep Remington and Holly Berry and it was good for a bond movie.

I did forget to mention Clipie poor Clipie last week On Monday he had to start cutting the grass. poor guy it's early for that this year. He probably wont be able to stop until Thanksgiving or a few weeks before Christmas. He has been so great to me I just cant tell you how good. So in light of that fact I made him a special dinner of salmon, green beans, tgif loaded baked potatoes, and a sorta cherry cobbler. I've trie…

How Tetley got his name......

Warning this post may be sad, I warn you now to go get a box of tissues.

On Friday Tetley the family dog was put to sleep. Tetley was originally my dog for the first three years of his life then my parents claimed him and then he became theirs. HE was half Shepard half black lab. He was all black except for a small white patch on his chest. He usually weighed around 116 when he was healthy and was 14. He did a lot for me I have always been very afraid of dogs until him, I was bit as a child so that's why. He was a wonder dog his personality was nothing but sweet. Clipie and I could not decide what to name him and the, naming game had dragged on for a bit, one afternoon we were getting ready to go to the store and i had a coupon for tea, Tetley Tea and that is how he got is name from the brand of tea. Fitting for a dog who's spirit was just as sweet at the tea we drink.

Since I was un able to be with him( i was was devastated about that) my sis went home to be with Mom and Dad a…

paisley love

Ok this all came about last week when I bought these stamps 1/2 off at hl. Yesterday day I wanted to use my new stamps but could not find my fiscars (sp?) stamp board(the big one I bought for the devil stamps that have been scraps sale fodder). So my question was could I do it? Could I stamp the whole thing with out a block? Yes I did! Was it easy? No, not so much but I am happy with the end result.

1. I fit the stamp to the page leaving them on their original cling sheet.

2. I got inkie with it, and inked up the stamps.

3. I put them down on the sheet where I wanted them to go and took my stamp block and pressed each stamp.

4. I actually worked!

5.I colored in some areas with markers.

I'm in love. Why so stampie you may ask? I have no ideal! I it has just hit me I guess.

it's stamp day

here at scrap happy girl house we are avoiding the rain today so we are thinking it is the perfect stamp day here we go.

I have this stamp it's a frame stamp, I had never used it before yesterday. (you can see it in my previous post as well, it's the frame around the words "for you") it was a three step process for me. I had bought this stamp at sbv some of you may have it.
1. I stamped it
2. I picked a stamp, to stamp inside the frame (the 1 dollar studio g stamps are perfect for this)of (frame) stamp.
3. (is on the card) Cut it out, I just trimmed around the frame and when placed I added a pop dot to make it stand out more. Easy. please ignore the fact my ribbon came loose when this was scanned. more to come in a bit a


So a few days ago I was on the hunt for outdoor cushions for the swing and djw recommended a place called Roses. I had never heard of it, it sounded interesting so I set out on an exploring expedition. WOW is all I need to say, you need to go is my recommendation. My two best finds were night gowns $5 EACH and socks 3 for 3, and 3 tanks for 10. Yep no lie it was great so if you have not been GO. And a big thank you to djw for the find. I ended up buying my mom (who is a lover of house coats) a few things and I'm sending them to her today. Which is why there is a housecoat on the card, it was inspired by my shopping trip. Oh and they have jellies you know the lovable squishy shoes from our childhood? they have the jelly shoe, I never thought they would return epically after the invention of the crock much more comfy but the jelly back who would have thought about it making it back to store shelves. blessings a

Ohio fun

My cardinal had to be pushed to the side so you could see the tail, it will be turned and square in the corner when finished.

I did this using the 50 stats cart
I cant remember the font for Ohio but I think it was base camp or plantin school book.
the patterned paper was from a lss back home.