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After Cyber day

So what did you get for Cyber day?
What I meant was how was your Black Thanksgiving?
Oops perhaps we have lost the holiday?
Yes Virginia we have Lost Thanksgiving to Shopping because we all know its more important to camp out at Best Buy than have dinner with family and friends.

OK So I've lost my love of Black Friday when most places were open Thanksgiving Day.
We slept in for the first time in years then we went to Sears and Sams Cub and El mazatalan.

Thanksgiving was good, We had dinner at a friends house here and it was home made pasta, ham and champagne (I lost count after the third bottle was opened). Just joking.

Christmas shopping is done all but the Dads and small stuff like service people and neighbors ect...
I'm off to hunt down ornament and card ideals. I cant wait until Friday!

mish mash hash

Today's topics

blogger blues, I can see the floor, wreath heaven or well you pick, and pictures found.

My blogging has been sporadic at best in part due to the fact that I cant access the blog from the computer downstairs. This means the only computer that is blog friendly is upstairs, in my scrap room, that is not yet set up but I have good news!

I can actually see the floor of my scrap room with my own two eyes! ha! I have some logistical problems with the room.
1. My paper storage ideals aren't working out
2. I need a stamping/ cuttlebug area
3. I don't know where to put my cricut

I submitted and asked to join penintrest but for some reason they don't want me. They have yet to reply or anything... while I write this I'm wondering if my invite was sent to spam hmmmm I must go check

So in Celebration (of our our return to B.G.) I wanted to get a Christmas wreath for the front door. I knew what I wanted but getting it put my inner most die hard shopper skills to a test. Pi…