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Feeling fine as frog hair! Now to get Miss Pumpkin on the mend, who has been hair ball hacking for five days. My poor girl! We'll I'm off to photograph some cards. I hope you all are well!

Red tips on trees

Every fall or I should say at the end of every summer you spot trees or bushes with red tips. The red signifies the end of one season, the beginning of another. Fall is usually welcome it's hopefully that cooling off period. Crisp morning air, shorter days, harvest moons. Some things stay with you forever like the beauty of nature. Even though we live smack dab in a concrete jungle of six plus million people I still get to see signs of fall. I whole heartily miss the green fields that fade to wheat brown and then turns burnt red when the farmers plows over the ground.

Every season is an adjustment and this season is no different. I'm hoping soon I'll be able to shake off this three week fight with asthma and allergies so I can go exploring and find fall in the city. No cards to share till I'm back on my feet I'm very sad to say. The past three days have been the best of the three weeks so I'm hoping and praying that I continue the up swing. It's driving me …


Meet Pete who is a repeat. I know corny right? Well it is corny but its fall time for the harvest of crops. Corn, Indian corn, see that an undercurrent of of really eye role worthy commentary.

sea ya!

Round and Round

Round Spellbinders, Hobby Lobby embossing folder, KinderStampO flowers. Now that i look at the picture, I see some sparkles have fallen off the card! Ooops! Well Id better go find my sparkle. Ha!

Sunshine on a sunny day.

The sun is Always out here, one of the things we really enjoy about Texas.
Ive got sun shine, on... every day.
I know dorky lets hope it was lovable :)

September goodness

Feeling like a city slicker now that's Ive been out west for more than a year.

Weed oh how ragged you are!

So Asthma is kicking my rear end. I'm doing the "roids" dude. I was able to have a shot instead of the pills this round so that's a good thing.  The gaining weight thing not so much fun but its better than an alternative. How does that song go "That's life" and to quote and ancient bluegrass song (yes shocking) " Keep On the sunny Side (of life) " I shall carry on.

 Ahh ragweed take a hike will ya? Dust mites you too, out the door with you!

I hope all is well
I'm asking that you keep Betty and her Mom and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Me to.

Love you all miss you all!

I'm planning on being at home for Christmas or just after if the house doesn't sell. I'm assuming its not going anywhere before Christmas at this point. Id like to have a scrappy meet sometime  between December 20th and Jan 20th if possible. Maybe two just so everyone gets a chance to visit, have fun and food.

So with that I give you a taste of Christm…

Tim timeing

I think this was a Tim Holtz stamp but I'm not sure, I do know its Martha ( my products will never go on sale) Stewart and M. S. butterfly punch as well.