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Royal tiles

Royal tiles is the name of a game on my mom's computer and I love the game. I have been addicted to the game and have been known to sit and play it for literal hours wee into the night. This past weekend my Clipe man beat my high score :( So it's really been bothering the heck outta me that he comes in on the computer and with just a short amount of time beasts my hard worked for score in about and hour. So this week it has been my goal to beat his high score of 12600. But alas my dear friends this horrible speller has not accomplished her goal. The clock is ticking he should be here in about 48 hrs or more I only have that precious 48 to knock him to the bottom of the score board. I will now commit myself to a late night of royal tiles in hopes of beating the heck out of him before he gets here. Tomorrow the saga continues.

Butt necked

That's right I said Butt Necked. Thats the name of my latest adventure with clipe (yes it's G rated) for those of you who were thinking otherwise. My adventure started on Sunday when clipie left to go back home for the week. According to "him" he asked me "Would you have enough clothing to do you the rest of the week if I took your clothes home and washed them?" According to certain source I said "Yes". Fast forward to Sunday night about 10 pm est. Clipie gets a call
"Hi honey do you remember my clothing pile on the floor? Where did it go? I want to wash my clothes (since I didn't have any clean ones left).
(clipie) I have them.
(me) What do you mean you have them? (panicky)
(clipie) I have them they are with me, I brought them home to wash them

Pause: Doesn't every one love a man who is willing to help with laundry?

(So I thought he was taking his clothing home to wash not mine)
So what am I supposed to wear?
You mean you don't have enou…


scrapbooking is my art just like painters or fashion designers it all comes down to art. For my last photography class I had to take some artsy fartsy photos. OK so mine weren't that artsy and according to my teacher most of them were on the fartsy side. My nice Alica said to me this week end that art is subjective, who cares if anyone else likes it as long as you like that's what matters. After all your the one who is going to stare at your own art piece right? which led me to think about scrapbooking and the way I scrap. A long time ago I was told that I was "just a beginner" or another statement was" you have so much to learn", or my favorite was "as long as you like it". All somewhat stinging statements if you are really putting lots of effort into your page. Believe it or not that last one was my favorite "as long as you like it" that's right "as long as I like it". I should do each page to get approval from only one…

Happy-B Day

Since I cant be at the crop this is special for my dear friend Dw here is a special tune 4 her
Happy birthday to Dw happy birthday to her
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday to her.
Happy cropping to you
Happy cropping to you
Happy cropping, Happy cropping
Happy cropping to u (on your birthday)

She is home

Well at 7 pm yesterday my mom got to come home (her tests were great). She had a great nights sleep and we are just waking up and starting our day of rest for her and fun for me cause I'm with her. Clipie man has been good to me he even brought a chair into mom's living room so I could sit with her. On the down side Clipie will be alone this week (my b-i-l will be at the house with him but still) I'm attached to him so I'll miss him. So by the end of the week I should be able to show you a couple of scarves because the weather is so butt kickin cold I know I wont be poking my head outside! Thanks for you prayers! Blessing to u all A

all is well

Mom made it through surgery. She had an arrhythmia during the procedure and they have kept her overnight. In the morning she will have an electrocardiogram.(And y'all thought my spelling was bad with normal words) They have been monitoring her hear since surgery and she has not skipped a beat so and all her vitals are well. Hopefully she will be home with us tomorrow. I cant stand to stay at home with her not here it's so weird. So I'll be up and at it EARLY tomorrow (eastern standard time ugh) so I've got to get to bed. Thanks for your prayers and keep them coming! blessings A

On the road again

in the morning my mom is having surgery. In was on then it was off now it's back on again. Please pray for her and my family I've had a rough time lately (I'll explain next time we are together It's just to personal to put on the blog) I do want to say that if i didn't have friends like you I'd never make it through the rough patch in my life. I'm gonna need lots of scrappin when things slow down. You know scrappin = sanity. Well I'm off to take lots of pictures and make sure a few of them are with snow!
blessings to you A


Yeah the sun is out I'm so glad it decided to show up. Yesterday I found the neatest thing I found a table in my ding room. Of course it had been covered with scrap stuff and left over Christmas decorations that missed getting in there proper tote but I found a flat place in my home to scrap on. My scrap room is starting to resemble it's former self like. At the current moment I only have patches of carpet not a carpeted floor. And to add to the mess I have not yet taken down my scrapbook room large Christmas tree, ( not the pink one I keep up all year round) I enjoy my pink lights way to much to be 34 yrs old. Sigh I have just admitted I have a tree up. Sigh I have just admitted I am a poor house keeper because I have not been able to see my dinning room table since some time last year(before November yikes). (I truly hope mom dose not read this post or I'll be getting a phone call) Well fellow scrappers have a bright sun shiny happy scrappy day today and remember if you …

Hot or cold

Yes the early morning minutes pass by slowly when you don't want them to. I did notice something remarkable the sun is out, Chris Allen the weather man has a new partner in and he also has a cold. Other items to note I'm hungry, thirsty, and it's a given that I'm sleepy. And would like a hostess chocolate cake with the creamy filling removed (cream, yuck). Seeing that I'm not going to get dressed just yet I know for a fact that I'm not going to get that king dong, because I don't need it, and I'm also going to take care of the hunger with a bowl of cereal or oatmeal, warm or cold that is the question do I have hot cereal or cold?

Snow and Tow

And interesting story thanks to my sister. So everyone knows there is lots of snow up north. my sister has been stuck at home since Tuesday. This morning she went to get out of her drive (gravel which is part of the reason it has not been scraped off) and got her cute little white Saturn ion stuck in the snow. No problem calls triple A they say they will be out before 4:30 pm. Not a huge problem her boss is a super kind of guy so she doesn't worry about it at all. Well the wrecker gets there about 2:30 (her quitting time at work) and proceeds to pull her car out. At least that was the original plan, only the truck gets stuck. So not only is her car stuck but a wrecker is stuck in her drive. They call in the big guns they call ODOT, which is the county's snow removal, salt truck. Apparently Sis knows how to get stuck just right. The city so kindly un stuck both of them. Isn't that heart warming. THE CITY UN STUCK THEM! Can you imagine the city doing something for a citizen …

More info

OK so the surgery is not until Thursday so I'm not going to take off as planned. Minor mix up in the days. Part of the fact is SNOW they are supposed to get a bit more so it will be best if we wait. So I won't miss photo class but will miss Dw's birthday :(

way up north in ice land

I have news my mother is having surgery on Tuesday. She is having a DNC if all goes well if not, she will have a hysterectomy. The surgery is a bit risky she is told because of her heart. She had tests at the cardiologist yesterday so as long as the results are not bad Tuesday's surgery is on. Which mean that I am very emotional at the moment. The big debate she does not want me to come up (weather/and 100 other reasons). I want to go be with her except I don't want to make her mad and worried at a time when she doesn't need to be mad or worried. I'll let you know what I'm gonna do tomorrow. While I would hate to miss DW crop and birthday, my last photo class, and I would miss my roses Clipie bought me, my mother is more important. Yet if I go, I will tick her off (in a small way). Oh the decisions. I'll post tomorrow love you all A

Page to do list

So I've tried this year to wright down all my page ideals and my list is growing. Here is my ideal
Aunt May's hankie page
Grandmas quit page
experiencing Mass
my hands/ mom's hands
pink page
pink(the book page)
my new glasses
in luv w/a bug (cricut)
Christmas gifts
gifts given page

I would love to make all of those pages however I don't know that I will. You all know how list making goes. You make the list, your read the list, you post the list on your computer so you don't forget about the list, and all the sudden you have lost or forgotten the list....................

Slower posting

Despite the fact that I have been very busy I have had a sinus infection that has been driving me nuts so that's why so few posts. I have a z-pack that I'm taking, on the bright side I'm on day two and feeling much better, on the down side I can't seem to sleep well and I'm tired and have been grumpy about lack of sleep thing (not to obvious?)

So I had a good Valentines day, how about you? Good? Bad? What did you and your special someone do to make the holiday special? Any one receive a hand made card they would like to share? I made several cards for family members yesterday and lost all but one of them. So my morning mission will be to find those cards I lost. Gurr I hate it when I do stuff like that. I hope all is well with all of you and will post back soon. Blessings A

Flower tragedy narrowly adverted

My sis (the only sibling I have) as most of you know is now living alone back home (alone/with a 17 yr old) in buckeye country. If you haven't been living under a rock you know that the mid west has been slammed by a huge snow storm. 10 inches yesterday with 3 inches of sleet last night. Here is how bad it is: they CLOSED OSU! Yep gotta be death warmed over bad when they close the university. The tragedy was carefully averted by me this morning when I started calling the florist that were supposed to deliver her Valentines day flowers. At about 6 est (yep had to get up early to stop it). Now this getting flower thing may be a regular activity but for many but for my sis, oh lets say it's probably the first Valentines roses she has ever had in her life. They were to be delivered to her work and of course she is snowed in her home with her electric blanket. There is no way she is going to get her flowers today so I did eventually get the florist to say they would deliver t…

I had a good time

So I'm not a size 8 or 12 or 14 or well you get the ideal.
And my spelling sucks, write?
but ya love me anyway, I had a great time this weekend
(as always) and I'm really looking forward to doing it again
on the 24th.

what makes the world go round

I saw in the new this morning that Anna Nicole Smith died. Such a tragic life, her life was like reading a list of bad experiences. I'm so thankful that my life is so different. She was only 39 that's six years older than me. I'm so thankful for a hobby/addiction where I can share my day to day life. If I would die tomorrow you would know more about me than than what they are reporting about her. This I think is one of the many reasons I'm drawn into scrapbooking. It also reminds me I need to scrapbook my self a bit more than I do.

So week in review
Monday - ordinary
Tuesday- we found out we are pbj
Wednesday - I don't remember we day
Thursday - cleaning day I could actually see my computer desk
Saturday -CROP TIME

So Crop list update

5 till?

8ish to 9pm


March 6 B becomes a Grandma again

March 9,10,11,

peanut butter crackers

So for breakfast I'm having peanut butter crackers. i seem to be having mental blocks when it comes to the blogging this week. I think it's in part to the fact that I'm worried about my class, I don't handle pressure well and I tend to blow it out of proportion. I stress over the smallest assignment and the big things don't phase me. Just another quirk I suppose. So lets talk about the cancer crop we all are going to get there around 8 and were gong to have lunch and dinner together I take it. Should we bring a mini cooler with drinks? Or leave a cooler in the car? And I must ask who's going to be there? Is there a usual crowd? I know it's 100 scrappers. Or just a mix n match of people we don't know? OK I'll stop with the questions. Just curious. Should we bring a snack? See I'm just gonna hang out with the "cool scrapers" while I'm there cause ya'll are the "coolest ever" in town. Yep chalk all that up to nervous…

peanut butter and jelly

we laughed all the way home. Tonight we had our first photography class and it (like all things in my life) was memorable. It never ceases to amaze me that most couples aren't like Clipie and I. What is normal on my radar is well, what most people would defined as a little "stifling". Yes we are supper close and we do practically everything together, including a lot of grocery shopping. Well not much changes of course we are taking our class together and I guess we may have looked a bit (justa hint) like a couple. Our teacher was giving us home work directions and telling us we could not cheat on our home work by "helping" each other and we could not share the same memory card when he refereed to us as Peanut butter and Jelly. Can you guess who the Jelly is? Yep the one who has a passion for pink. He wants to be Chunky Jiff, and I am black raspberry (like the kind they serve at Cracker Barrel). So Peanut butter and I are just about done for the day (too much la…

ok I'm enabling

enabling; telling other scrappers there is a sale

OK so earlier today I stoped by sptr in search of a hall of fame book (which I did not find) and I ran into a few hot buys
some paper packs 4.99 I was so tempted I may go back tomorrow
little Davis 50 off
some Karen foster 50 off
I got a travel sized ott lite 50 off and bag 37 total -- sorry i took last light
page keepers for my black thing that you put embellishments in 2/$1
she had a few punches
lots of Laura Ashly albums
a few Disney sticker
and of course
the basement
no new sales on that

by the way I need some magic scraps glue anyone going to be out at sbv soon?
if not I'm going to half to take a trip anyone want to come?

quirk/ something you dont know about me

Do you know that I use old fashioned hankies? betyadidn't, I love handkerchiefs. I started collecting them when I was young (not purposely) but by accident. Of course like all good things they seem to enter you life with out knowing it at first. I had a Great Grand Parent pass away I was probably in school first grade (judging by the hair cut not the memory). Her name was (I think) Sarah cant remember for sure or not but moving on with the story my Aunt May took me and two of my cousins in her bedroom opened her night stand drawer and gave us all one of her hankies. My Aunt was saying you girls are too young to remember her but you will remember this. My Aunt started crying and went to the bathroom I followed her (by my self) and knocked on the door and was shooed away by some relative. I took the hankie to my Mom who cooed and said you Aunt is so thoughtfully and she explained that she was up set and that I should leave her alone and go out and play with with Teresa & Kenny (…

I'm posting late so you can read it early!

OK so I'm sorry about the snow thing I only asked for it once and we got it twice. Check on that I'll stop with the snow prayers. OK so I have a busy couple of days ahead of me Monday lots of running around including dropping off the check for the cancer crop, having lunch with clipie, ordering a gift for Bethany (for the wedding of course), of course how could I leave out a trip to wally world. Tuesday knitting, and a new photography class w/clipie this one is scary. he (the teacher Jim ????) evaluates your photos. I have vowed to take pictures of things I do not love or care for. If he would say one of my pics of pumpkin sucks I just might cry, ( I'm so not in the mood to do more crying). I'll take all of the personal elements out of my home work thankyouverymuch. Plus Clipie will be with me I'd like to see him get real verbal with a hulky hubby over his shoulder. So my plate is full the next day or two Blessings to you A

these boot were made 4 walk'in

and that's what I'll do

ok like i'm more excited than a kid

Fine little fluffy flakes fall down form heaven. I know shameless but there is not a lot and at least it happened on a Friday right? I'm like so happy, can you tell? My tulips are going to be so pretty this spring! Let me explain, the colder the better for them, they do better in very cold climate than in warm, that's why Narcissus/white and yellow flower, dose better down here, for the tulip it all about the freeze.

OK moving on Last night I took a class at shutter bug
"Choosing and using a digital camera" 19.95 (and they did not charge extra for clipie) it was too basic. I learned a bit but I really want to take a
"Basic photography class" which is tomorrow (they are going to try to squeeze us in the class) it is full, next one is March 3rd (Beth's, my nice b-day) and its 39.99 a person., 9am (so early ugh)to 5:30 w/a one hour lunch.
There are other classes
"Intermediate photography" 59.95a three part series class w/ home work. and
"Taking cu…


I so want it to snow. I wanted to play in snow, take pictures of the snow, sleep in b/c of the snow and with about 4 or more inches we could all be home until Monday! Then we could chat on a message board some where or we could CROP. You see I'm addict not to only scrapbooking but to Cracker Barrel breakfasts, good food, good friends, and good times. and I really liked that I never game - although some of you were way to quite ; ) And that my dear friend makes me wonder Am I really that inexperienced in life?

Well on to the next subject I'm taking a photography class tonight w/Clipie. (I hope we can share the camera) I'm so tired of some photos are good and 200 of them suck. all though i will say that the faster (I mean more fast) shutter is helping some. but I have yet to take a picture that is three star. (my new one as well as my old one has stars to indicate how good your picture is)

One more item of excitement for me tomorrow my Cousin Melissa (aka the Alaska cousin) wi…

Crops again

Crop for the cure is Febuary 10
@ holy spirit catholic church (beside living hope if you dont know already)
30.00 Lunch and dinner
for moreinfo see post in article below
Debbie W's crop will be Feb 24th (oops I had forgot about that)

Retreat is March 9, 10,11!
how's that for info

oh don't for get Betty is set to be a
Grandma again on March 6th

Any birthdays? (besides Dh in March)
Isn't it Dw turn soon?