Friday, September 09, 2011


Lets go to the hop
o baby
lets go to the hop
o baby

Danny and the Juniors sing that...I think

I'd like to Thank everyone for stopping in and apologise for my goof of not publishing on time. I have no ideal what happened, I had it scheduled to publish at 6:30pm cst. It just didn't launch regardless (excuses are useless), I'm responsible for it.

Now I get to suck up to everyone for the rest of the year! So I'll be keeping a lookout on every ones blogs and I'll be directing some traffic your way when you have neat project.

I'll be making a top tab for Kinder StampO so I'll be posting your link on it for the next year. I'll get that up soon for y'all.

Soooo I have no craft for today of as of yet today regardless of the fact I need a sympathy card before 4 pm today I still don't have it done!

well what else ohhh that thing
the card set
the winners are..........

Quilt for fun (I have your e-mail)

Scrapfaire (need your e-mail)

Card Maker (need your e-mail)

and Bobbi Jo will get some kind of paper flowers because I apologise yet again.

emal them to


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