Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Peeking Pumpkin
So as the saga continues peeking Pumpkin has made more progress as of this morning. She actually stayed out of her room for more than 5 min. Napoleon sill continues the campaign against The Great Pumpkin. Last night the dictator thought that is was necessary to paw at our bedroom door for 20 min. I'm sure the dictator thought that this would instill new type of terror in the fluffy one, when in reality all it did was piss off the humans. Who are a much larger adversary I might add.
This morning I find myself worrying that Pumpkin will turn Farrel. I also find myself dreading cleaning the basement as well. I went to the dentist yesterday, no it was not fun, I had work done and I had gas and little pink pills that did not calm me so much. But (thankfully) it's over and done with for now. I'm off to go clean........

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