Thursday, August 14, 2008

getting ready to go

I've been running around town the past few days, helping Clipie get new glasses, I helped Mom buy new phone (that i need to take to her), had to go down town to file some paper work, and in general just more stuff. I'm so thankful that its not as hot as it was I'm enjoying the cool down a great deal and it's helping me not sweat through three outfits a day (sometimes I wish I was one of those girls that just glisten). Tonight I cleaned off my desks and yesterday I packed my scrapbook bag. So I'm in gear to go, all I need to do is to wash clothing and pack and I'll be ready to go visit Mom for a while. I'm going to miss my Clipe so much, yet I'm going to enjoy being with Mom and Dad. I'm hoping as fall drawls near I'm going to get back to scrapbooking more than what I am now. I have a stack of thank you card to write and 2 separate party invitations to make, and a number a knitting projects in the works.

oh the photo I had seen this in a yard the other day, I just found it interesting it was in a very nice neighborhood.

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