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The Andy Griffith show is all about MayBerry and young Opie (spelling??) and Aunt Bee, I've never liked it but a few days ago it gave me something to think about. I was in the dentists office for a chipped tooth this week when the tec handed me a remote control. She said "Watch what ever you want" so the channel flipper that I am sat and continually scanned all the channels. I came across the Andy Griffith show, when I first moved to my new home 5 years ago it seemed like that's all that was on besides soaps. I have loathed it ,I thought it was a simpletons show that only really old people and very naive people watched. I had always thought the show lacked real life ness ( I know not a word but in my world it is). Maybe it was because I moved from a city that held more than a million people, maybe I was a bit of a cynic thinking this did not ever exist.I don't know but what made me stop and stare at the tv show was what I longed for. My "new" slow paced community, people actually not running you over in the parking lot, holding doors open for one another, a place that did not have home invasion's all that often, no fifth street wrecking crew or M13. In a few seconds I was very home sick not only did I miss Clipie but my way of life, and that darn show just had to remind me of it. It left me with a taste of home.

I'm ready to ditch all the bad drivers rude and ignorant people and ready to leave monument (tombstone) buying behind (I'll explain later). I have no ideal when I'll be back, hopefully with in the next 5 days.

let me know how Terri and her family are thoughts and prayers to her.


Debbie H said…
I was always an Andy Griffin fan. Wayne and I always joke that we have moved to Maybury, and you know, I really like it. Slowing down the pace and some common courtesy go a long way! Hope you make it home soon. Check out Terri's blog, she has updated about her mom.

Deb H

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