End of Summer update

In my mind Summer starts Memorial Day weekend and ends Labor Day weekend. Regardless of the temperature, regardless if the pool is still open, regardless if the kids are in school or out. That train of thought sticks in my mind. I'm sad summer is over. Its been a cool, nice, pleasant summer. All of the summers we have experienced here (the past 6 years)have been hot and harsh, dry to the extreme except this one. I really hope we wont be barreling into fall without an Indian summer. I love leaving the doors open, with screens in, I enjoy the breeze that blows across the house. I love grilling out on the patio sitting at the picnic table and having dinner, breathing in the heavy air that has the "backyard grill smell".
Have a Good Weekend y'all! I know its been forever since I've updated the blog sorry I took so long.



Betty said…
We have been fortunate to enjoy some awesome weather right now!

Looking forward to FALL my favorite season!!!!

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