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News can be fickle. It can be very good, it can be bad, it can be bittersweet.
I'll go with the last one.
The wonderful news is is that my husband has a job again yeah! It pays a bit more than his last job because it's third shift. After living on unemployment since March we can use it, has been rough let me tell ya.
The bad news is that his job is in Kansas City Kansas. It starts November 2.
Yes we have relocated once before and I' m familiar with the process but it doesn't make it easy. We moved here for a variety of reasons. The plant back home was failing, Bowling Green was hiring cause and effect. Similar situation they keep laying off, Kansas is hiring 900.
Yesterday afternoon we signed our life away in paperwork. We took the option to transfer out in 6 months if we want to. This means if the plant here ever goes back and expands we could transfer back also that we could transfer to wherever in six months if we don't like Kansas City.
It was a very somber day, Rod wanted me to go with him I didn't want to (I was really afraid be doing my best waterfall impersonation). When we got into the cooperate office everyone peaked out of his/her office to say goodbye and wish us well and congratulations. It was hard to nod, (fake) smile and shake hands) apparently he will be missed. I know hes a wonderful man I just had a glimpse of of him in his own light it was good to see. When everything was over their was about 6 or 7 waiting in the lobby to repeat our process. Apparently others brought spouses with them as well so I didn't feel so out of place.He had been the eleventh person to sign, we were told about 17 family's will be leaving BG. Before we left a sweet baby boy caught my eye his mother and I struck up a conversation. It helped immensely they had went to Kansas over the weekend(brave with a baby if you ask me). Apparently our husbands work together, his eyes were red rimmed so that made me feel better ( I know selfish thought but its good to see I'm not the only slobbering mess still). I actually for once in my life sucked it up and wore my big girl panties. I didn't cry (tearing up doesn't count)I made it to the car parking. See big girl panties I told ya.
I'm off to the liquor store to get boxes, hey they are free and will hold lots of weight. I'm skipping my weight watchers class and knitting. I have about a hundred phone calls email and text message to return as well as to make.
As the upcoming months began to get really crazy please remember I love you all. You all have became a HUGE part of my life. Keep me in the loop. We are going to need to have a Margaretta night soon.
I LOVE y'all


Debbie H said…
Angie, your post is beautifully written and made me a little teary eyed, too. It brings back memories of our move 4 years ago, and yes it is so hard. Keep us posted on your progress, and let me know what you need help with. I am guessing you will stay here for awhile waiting for the house to sell? November 2 is right around the corner, gosh, it's so fast! Everything will be OK, everything happens for a reason, there are no coincidences.

Deb H

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