Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Weed oh how ragged you are!

So Asthma is kicking my rear end. I'm doing the "roids" dude. I was able to have a shot instead of the pills this round so that's a good thing.  The gaining weight thing not so much fun but its better than an alternative. How does that song go "That's life" and to quote and ancient bluegrass song (yes shocking) " Keep On the sunny Side (of life) " I shall carry on.

 Ahh ragweed take a hike will ya? Dust mites you too, out the door with you!

I hope all is well
I'm asking that you keep Betty and her Mom and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Me to.

Love you all miss you all!

I'm planning on being at home for Christmas or just after if the house doesn't sell. I'm assuming its not going anywhere before Christmas at this point. Id like to have a scrappy meet sometime  between December 20th and Jan 20th if possible. Maybe two just so everyone gets a chance to visit, have fun and food.

So with that I give you a taste of Christmas.

MM Christmas paper, Spellbinders fancy frames, and spellbinders trees they are actually pennants not trees. Shhhhh don't tell.

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