Sunday, October 20, 2013

Red tips on trees

Every fall or I should say at the end of every summer you spot trees or bushes with red tips. The red signifies the end of one season, the beginning of another. Fall is usually welcome it's hopefully that cooling off period. Crisp morning air, shorter days, harvest moons. Some things stay with you forever like the beauty of nature. Even though we live smack dab in a concrete jungle of six plus million people I still get to see signs of fall. I whole heartily miss the green fields that fade to wheat brown and then turns burnt red when the farmers plows over the ground.

Every season is an adjustment and this season is no different. I'm hoping soon I'll be able to shake off this three week fight with asthma and allergies so I can go exploring and find fall in the city. No cards to share till I'm back on my feet I'm very sad to say. The past three days have been the best of the three weeks so I'm hoping and praying that I continue the up swing. It's driving me nuts being a sniffy, wheezing, dripping human.

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