Ahh so I know no updates of late. A most lazy poster am I. I ve been not liking the current upload system for my pictures so that why I don't post often. Life is ok. We are still in Fort Worth. Traffic boggles my imagination daily I spend about an hour on the road everyday and its only 6 miles to hubby's work and back. Bright lights, big city, crappy traffic.

Do we like it? It's not the worst place we have lived. You'll find original Texans are friendly, problem is not many are around. Of course the possibility could be maybe I'm not that likable. I doubt I'll ever be able to answer that.

We have never bought a house for many reasons the main being ours in B.G. never sold. It sits after price reductions and after every real estate analysis you could think of. 30k plus under market value and yes I've had a recent estimate. The other is taxes. Taxes are about 6000 on a .25 acre lot here . so even if you buy a little house you have a horrid bill. In Arlington that is. Sure you can live out of the city and pay cheaper taxes if your willing to buy a new car every few years and pay all your money to oil people. So we rent. For now.

What's next? I don't know. Life, it's ever changing from one day to the next.

Be blessed


Betty said…
Aww, I hate that the housing market is not being kind right now.... Hang in there and I know things will work out. Miss ya!
fairfield girl said…

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