It's once again Friday

Well I've actually had a day this week to do something for myself. Yesterday I did a very small amount of shopping for clothing yesterday. Some of my summer tops just don't fit anymore. I had to buy a strapless bra and well lets just say It was 2 sizes smaller all the way round. I thought I was going to scream when I discovered I went down both in shirt size (for the second time) and bra size. As for the rear well it's a a bit ......behind smaller yes but not a size (yet). I'm not proportioned well. Oh in my shopping adventures I went to Beverly hills yesterday and they had those purses that Chellie is so nuts for, they were a bit pricey on clothes I thought. Ps the Vera's were all 13 and up.

(I have been trying to stay away from HL although I would love to have the acrylic sheets)

Mr Clipie gave blood yesterday and was feeling a bit woozy after so it's been all about him for the past 24. He is fine he had not ate or drank and he just need some rest and a good meal.

And the Party Was bittersweet, fun to be together but very sad it was probably our last time together.


Debbie H said…
Good to hear from you Angie, I was getting worried! Also glad to hear you are going down in clothing sizes, that is the best feeling ever. I haven't had that feeling in several years, but I remember it was great! Hope you have a good weekend.

Deb H

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