Monday, June 30, 2008

Napoleon Bonaparte xxiiv

The Pumpkin from the south
Napoleon he was the kinda guy you remember from the history books. Napoleon did it "his way" and only his way no debating about it he was a stand alone man. IT seems as though we have a "little Napoleon" situation here at Chez Momola and Da. BB (short for Black Berry) does not take lightly to the invasion (from the south) of the Pumpkin. In fact ll'e Nat wants nothing to do with the great fur from the south.Now I ask you this why does a two pound cat think it can tell and eighteen pound one what to do? I have not ideal why BB thinks that Pumpkin will not harm her. Pumpkin has never participated in a cat fight so she lacks experience,however I think her numbers are in her favor. BB on the other hand has the "go get'm" attitude meaning yesterday when she saw Pumpkin for the first time she tried to climb the glass sliding door to get to her. Yes my friends I am involved in a real live cat fight. I will post a casualty report later.


Debbie H said...

Who is BB and where did he come from? Does he have a home or is he just hanging out there? He is cute, looks like a little spit fire!

Deb H

scrap happy girl said...

bb is mom's new kitty she is 2 years old a girl and is sorta replacement pet for Tetley who was put to sleep not long ago. my niece found her half dead and braught her back to a plesant state. she is supper sweet toward all humans it's just cats she has a problem with.

Debbie H said...

I get it now! I didn't remember you were visiting your folks, duh. BB is very cute. Sounds a lot like my Bart, great with humans, but despises other animals! Hope they work it out.

Deb H

Betty said...

I sure hope they work out their differences. BB does look a bit menacing. Hope you have a great visit with family.

Chelle said...

Since its BB's house I'd say pumpkins gotta go. HOpe they learn to get along

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